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My Cat Has One Eye Closed

Goopy Eyes/discharge In Cats

This cat nearly lost both his eyes. We managed to save one of them. After correct treatment now .

A small amount of cat eye discharge in the corner closest to your cats nose is normal as long as it is a minimal amount. Its usually brown in color, and only slightly moist or dried.

Often, this is confused with dried blood. However, there may be a problem if there is a larger amount of discharge in your cats eyes and it is thick, creamy, or coming from areas other than the corner. This is particularly true if there are other signs of eye disease, such as squinting, inflammation, or pain.

Cat eye discharge should be examined within a day or two by a vetsooner if it comes with any additional symptoms.

How To Administer Cat Eye Drops And Ointment

Cat Eye drops:

  • Clean eye with a soft damp tissue to remove any discharge.
  • Hold your cat on your lap firmly you may have to have a second person to help.
  • Support your cats head and tip it back slightly
  • Gently hold open the eye to stop your cat closing it.
  • Put the drops on the center of the eye, remember do not touch the eye itself.


  • Follow the first three steps as above
  • Gently pull down the lower eyelids
  • Squeeze ointment onto the edge of the lower eyelid

Your cat will blink which will spread the ointment of the eye.

Do Cat Eye Infections Go Away On Their Own

Cat eye infections sometimes occur repeatedly and are most commonly caused by viruses. Infections often wax and wane over time, appearing to improve or go away, only to come back again later. Although they may appear to go away on their own, infections should always be conclusively diagnosed and appropriately treated by your veterinarian.

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What Changes Should I Look For In Appetite Or Thirst

Since sick cats may eat less or eat more, or may have more or less thirst than usual, any change in appetite or thirst may be of concern. Cats with dental disease may seem to be picky about their food. Cats that have some metabolic diseases such as hyperthyroidism or diabetes mellitus may have a hearty appetite and increased thirst. Cats with liver or kidney problems often lose their appetite, but usually have increased thirst.

“If your cat has not eaten properly for 24 hours, seek immediate veterinary attention.”

If your cat has not eaten properly for 24 hours, seek immediate veterinary attention. Cats that have not eaten are prone to developing a condition called hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver disease , in which the cats appetite becomes completely suppressed for weeks. If fatty liver syndrome develops, your cat will require extensive medical management for several weeks to months before things get back to normal.

Your Cat Has A Scratched Eye

My cats eye wont dilate, has a film on it, and is goopy. She seems a ...

Its pretty common for cats to have their eyes scratched from time to time. This happens a lot with our cat Watson whenever he roughhouses our dog, Sherlock.

If you have more than one cat or pet at home, its possible that your kittys eye got scratched during playtime. Most of the time, this minor injury will clear up on its own within a day or two.

Take note that a cats dewclaw can accidentally scratch its eye during grooming. In this case, you should bandage your pets dewclaw in the meantime as you wait for its eye to heal.

In case the affected eye develops an infection, the vet can provide a saline solution or eye drop to help clear it up.

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What Does It Mean If A Cats Eyes Are Watering

There are a lot of reasons your kittys eyes may be weeping, and while some reasons are harmless, its always important to find out why this is happening to your pets eyes in case there is a more sinister underlying cause.

A cats eyes should be bright and clear. You should be able to clearly see their pupil and iris parts.

If you notice the occasional clear-colored, watery discharge from your pets eye it may not be anything to worry about but if it recurs regularly, persists, or if the discharge becomes yellow or sticky then there may be a cause for concern. Other signs that your cats eyes may be bothering them include cloudiness to their eye, pawing at their face, or excessively blinking or squinting.

Treatment Of Eye Discharge In Cats

Treatment of eye discharge in your cat will depend on the cause of the symptoms and the underlying condition. In the case of conjunctivitis, your vet may prescribe prescription drops or eye ointment to help fight off infection. They may also prescribe oral medications to help support your cat and fight system-wide infection.

Eye Flushes may also be performed at your vets office to clear the eye of any debris or foreign material. In many cases, this procedure can be done while your cat is awake and alert. Depending on the location and severity of any foreign bodies, sedation may be required in order to completely eliminate the material from your cats eyes.

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First What Is Cat Eye Discharge

Tears are produced constantly throughout the day and normally drain at the corner of the eye without spilling over, says Beth Kimmitt, D.V.M., resident of ophthalmology at Purdue Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine in West Lafayette, Indiana. If something causes irritation to the eye, more tears are produced. Irritation to the eye or blockage of the normal drainage pathway may lead to tears that spill over onto the face.

Why Does My Cat Sleep With One Eye Open

Why Do Cats Close Their Eyes When They Look At You?

As naturally cautious animals, cats feel vulnerable while they sleep. Your cat may appear to sleep with one eye open. This is not the case. Cats have a transparent third eyelid, known as the nictating membrane. This is located in the corner of your cats eye, resting below the conjunctiva.

This eyelid closes while your cat is sleeping. This helps your cat doze while remaining alert to potential danger. If your cat catches sight of movement, it can quickly react.

Your cat may not be sleeping. Experimental Neurology explains that the eyelids of a sleeping cat will twitch, implying that it has entered REM sleep.

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Allergies: If Your Cat Is Sneezing This Could Be Why

Cats get allergies just like dogs and humans do. Allergies can come from many sources and need a vets diagnosis to confirm them.

Common allergens:

  • Ear mites and other parasites


  • Excessive itching or scratching flea allergies can happen with a single bite
  • Watery or runny eyes or nose
  • Sudden snoring when the back of the throat gets inflamed

Diagnosis & Treatment:

  • Blood or urine tests to rule out bacteria or parasites
  • Cultures or allergen tests to determine the type of allergy
  • Eye drops or ointments may be prescribed to decrease inflammation and heal the infection

When To Contact Your Vet

Make an appointment with your vet ASAP if you notice your cat blinking more than usual or think they may have painful eyes. Left untreated, the problem could become much worse. You know your cat best – contact your vet if youre concerned.

Consider insuring your dog as soon as you get them, before any signs of illness start. This will ensure you have all the support you need to care for them.

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Optimize Their Home Environment

You can also make things better for your cat by optimizing their home environment.

If you have more than one cat, be sure to isolate this cat from the rest of the cats in your home to start with. Firstly, if your cat is closing one eye because of an infection such as conjunctivitis, it is contagious. Unless you want all your cats ending up with the condition, it is best to keep them separated. Also, when your cats are playing together, there is more chance that the injury could be knocked and cause further damage.

You should also be sure to keep your lighting dimmed low and remove any bright lights from the room. Bright lights can cause severe pain to cats with eye conditions. If severely distressed, you could also keep the curtains and blinds closed until your feline has recovered.

Your Cat May Have Corneal Ulcers

This cats weirdly splotchy eyes : mildlyinteresting

Corneal ulcers may occur when corneal layers are depleted and it may be caused by trauma or infection. The symptoms may include a clear film over the eye, excessive discharge, cloudiness in the affected area, redness and sensitivity to light. Your vet may prescribe antibiotic eye drops but if the ulcer is deep down the eye, surgery may be required for its removal.

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Recovery Of Eye Injuries In Cats

Following surgery, monitor your cat to ensure the injury is healing properly. Note any changes to the eye, and contact your veterinarian if you believe the wound isnt healing. If your cat has suffered vision loss due to the injury, you will have to help your pet cope with its new disability.

Most eye injuries in cats heal completely, allowing the cat to resume its normal activities. Recovery time largely depends on the type of injury and its severity. Be sure to administer all medications that your vet recommends, and remove any potential eye irritants from the cats reach.

Eye injuries in cats can be expensive to treat. If you suspect your cat is at risk of developing an eye injury, start searching for pet insurance today. Brought to you by Pet Insurer, Wag! Wellness lets pet parents compare insurance plans from leading companies like PetPlan and Embrace. Find the pawfect plan for your pet in just a few clicks!

Why Is My Cat Squinting One Eye

Cats squint one eye because of inflammation or conjunctivitis. It might also be a sign of blepharospasm or corneal ulcers. Cats squinting one eye can be caused by anisocoria, glaucoma, and other eye problems.

Cats eyes are incredibly expressive. A happy, healthy cat will have eyes that are the same size.

A cat with an eye condition would frequently claw and paw at its eye. As a result, you will detect redness around the eyes.

Your cat may be squinting one eye for one of five causes. Its possible that your cats eyes are irritated or infected. Conjunctivitis and blepharospasm may also be present in your cat.

Squinting, on the other hand, can suggest eye problems such as anisocoria, corneal ulcers, or glaucoma.

Because of eye inflammation, your cat is squinting one eye. Several irritants, such as dust, strong scents, or smoke, might irritate your cats eyes and cause pain.

Furthermore, any foreign body that enters your cats eye inadvertently might cause discomfort. As a result, your cat may squint or rub its eye excessively, indicating discomfort and suffering.

Conjunctivitis, sometimes known as pink eye, is a common cause of squinting in cats. Its a contagious condition that affects cats and can be caused by viral or bacterial infections in the eyes.

An upper respiratory infection can induce conjunctivitis in cats in many circumstances. A runny eye with grey, yellow, or green discharge may appear in your cat.

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Recovery Of Eye Discharge In Cats

Depending on the underlying condition, the prognosis for recovery from eye discharge is usually very good. Your cat will need supportive home care in order to alleviate symptoms as they heal. Regular cleaning of the eyes should also be performed in order to eliminate as much of the eye discharge as possible and help your cat be more comfortable. In cases of infection, it will be important to closely follow all veterinary instructions regarding drops or ointments as these conditions may recur if not completely healed.

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Eye Discharge Average Cost

Why Is My Cats Eye Half Closed

Cat’s Eyes swollen and watery: Cat Conjunctivitis Treatment

For a variety of causes, your cats eye may be half-closed. Due to illnesses in the upper respiratory system, your cat may have eye discomfort or conjunctivitis.

Squinting in cats can also be caused by blepharospasm.

Furthermore, owing to eye-related disorders such as symblepharon, anisocoria, corneal ulcers, and glaucoma, your cat may continually half-close its eye.

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What Can You Do For A Cats Irritated Eye

Irritated eyes should always be examined by a veterinarian, but while you are waiting for your appointment, it is usually safe to gently flush your cats eyes with a saline solution and wipe away any discharge.

Keeping your cat in a reasonably dark area will likely also help to keep their eye more comfortable. If your cat is pawing at their eye, put an Elizabethan collar on them, if you have one, to help prevent more damage from being done.

As a rule of thumb, however, cat eye problems should be seen by a veterinarian sooner rather than later because they can quickly worsen and become difficult to reverse.

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How To Help A Kitten That Only Has One Eye Opened

Kittens are born with their eyes closed. At this stage, they are very helpless, and as they are also unable to hear, they use their powerful sense of smell to navigate the world. Most kittens open their eyes within eight days of being born, while some kittens take as long as two weeks. While a kitten who has not opened its eyes at all within two weeks should be taken to the veterinarian, you can help a kitten that has one eye open but not the other.

Inspect the closed eye. If there is yellow pus oozing from the eye, take the kitten to the veterinarian.

Dampen a cotton ball with warm water.

Wipe at the kitten’s eye very gently with the wet cotton ball. This helps remove anything sticky that may be keeping the eye closed.

Take the kitten to the veterinarian if the eye does not open with gentle washing.

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Causes Of Cat Eye Discharge

While an occasional eye discharge is usually not something to worry about, chronic discharge certainly is. Again, cat eye discharge in itself is not a disease, but rather a sign of a condition that may need professional treatment.

Several of the ailments that we are about to discuss can result in blindness. Furthermore, it is entirely possible for an eye infection to spread and affect other parts of the body.

It is imperative that as a cat owner, you remain aware of the normal amount of eye discharge, so in cases of abnormalities, you are able to act accordingly.

It May Be Due To Glaucoma

My Cat Is Squinting One Eye

Another reason why your cat may be keeping one eye closed could be glaucoma which happens when an eye infection is left untreated. Other causes may include inflammation, anatomical abnormalities, trauma and tumors. Pressure builds up when fluid is not drained through the tear ducts and this may cause pain. As a result, your cat wont be able to open the affected eye, become agitated and may yowl and hide.

The symptoms may include dilated pupils, thin and watery discharge, cloudy and discolored iris, clawing or pawing at the eye and visible swelling in the eye. Your vet may prescribe steroidal eye drops to reduce swelling and manage pain. At the earliest symptoms, bring your cat to the vet at once since if left untreated your cat may eventually lose her eye.

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How Is Conjunctivitis Diagnosed

A tentative diagnosis of conjunctivitis is made after your veterinarian rules out conditions such as a foreign body in the eye, a blocked tear duct preventing normal drainage of tears, a corneal ulcer, or other injury to the eye.

Since secondary bacterial infections cause many of the signs of conjunctivitis, and because there is a need to reduce the immediate pain and inflammation, treatment is usually started based on this tentative diagnosis of infectious conjunctivitis. Most bacterial and viral infections will resolve within five to fourteen days. In cases that are not improving or where are other pets at risk of infection, further testing will be performed to reach a definitive diagnosis.

“Specific tests will be performed based on the medical history and results of an examination of the eye and surrounding tissues.”

Specific tests will be performed based on the medical history and results of an examination of the eye and surrounding tissues. Your veterinarian may measure the tear production and intraocular pressure for each eye. The cornea may be stained with fluorescein dye to look for underlying corneal injuries or ulcers, and conjunctival scrapings or biopsies may be obtained and sent to a diagnostic laboratory for specialized testing. The nasolacrimal or tear ducts may be flushed to ensure proper drainage. Blood tests will be performed to determine if the conjunctivitis is related to a systemic condition.

Do Cats Squint When In Pain

When your feline companion is in pain or distress, it may squint one eye.

Squinting for an extended period of time can be caused by eye-related conditions such as irritation, conjunctivitis, blepharospasm, and corneal ulcers.

When your feline pal is in discomfort, its pupils might constrict or dilate.

It would be beneficial if you scheduled an appointment with your veterinarian to properly identify and treat this issue.

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