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What Do Cats Like To Watch On Tv

What Tv Looks Like To Dogs And Cats

What TV Looks Like to Dogs and Cats

Have you ever wondered why fluffy doesn’t like to watch “Doctor Who” or “Game of Thrones”?Why don’t our pets have a favorite TV show like we do? Well, to put it simply… TV shows and movies don’t make any sense to them.Pets can’t visually make sense of the programs we love. To them, everything looks like one big blur — but dogs and cats see different things.Grumpy Cat hates TV because, well, Grumpy Cat hates everything:

According to scientists from Trinity College Dublin, dogs see in slow motion. That’s what makes them so good at chasing rabbits and fetching balls, but it also means those pretty graphics on a TV just smear together.For them, it’d be like watching like that one slow motion scene from “Inception” over and over and over again.Cats, on the other hand, process visual information much faster than we do … which is why you may have a clumsy cat that constantly dashes into things. (Can you blame them? It’s a lot harder to dodge things if they’re moving super fast.To a cat, a show literally just looks like never-ending, mind numbing flickers of light.Some pets do like to watch these weird, garbled images, though. If you’ve got a couch potato pooch, check out services like DogTV. DogTV creates special shows made for your pets because they tweak the frame rate and color spectrum.More from

Do Cats Understand Tv

Cats dont have the mental capabilities to understand what a TV is. They see colors and movements, but most cats cant distinguish whats on the screen from real life. Cats that have never been around TVs before will find it even more difficult.

Because of this confusion, some cats lash out at the TV screen. They may also see their reflections in the glass, mistakenly believing theres another cat in the room.

Cats are also confused by the sound of the TV. Their hearings designed to pinpoint where their preys located, so the sounds are likely to stress them out if they cant see where theyre coming from.

Entertainment For Cats: 5 Ways To Keep Kitty Happy

With their natural litheness and inquisitiveness, it seems cats are born for play. But, unfortunately, after kittenhood many pet parents tend to think of their cats as stodgy old souls who prefer napping in the sun to romping around the living room.


On the contrary, cats like having things to do, according to Kristen Collins, CPDT, ASPCA animal trainer.; And without constructive activities to fall back on, they may entertain themselves in undesirable ways, such as excessive meowing, peeing outside the litter box and furniture scratching. Giving your cat brain-stimulating activities from a young age has also been shown to help prevent or delay the onset of cognitive dysfunction syndrome. So to keep your feline family member happy and active, consider entertaining her in the following ways:

1. Provide opportunities for exploration. As mentioned by W.R Shaw in Keeping Cats from Getting Bored, Cats love discovering new places and objects. Take advantage of this trait by leaving out things your kitty can explore. Paper shopping bags and cardboard boxes are simple, everyday things you can use. You might want to also invest in a cat condo or a few well-placed scratching posts for her.

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Why Are Some Cats Particularly Interested In Big Cats On Tv

All of the different species of the cat family that are around today have evolved from one common ancestor, and although our domestic moggies split from their lion and tiger cousins a long time ago they may still be able to recognise their feline outline or facial features on screen. However, even if they can identify other cats on television, the majority of cats are unlikely to feel threatened by them as they would a neighbours cat, because they cannot detect their scent or other cues that tell them it is a real cat. It could also be that owners are more likely to pick up on their cats watching other cats on television because of their own associations when actually their cat watches TV at other times too.

Find out more about cats and their behaviour.;

Is Too Much Tv Bad For Cats

Finally You Can Watch a 24

Regular television viewing is fine as long as your cat gets plenty of exercise by going outside or playing with toys and games. If watching TV is all your cat does, you have a problem, and youll need to mentally and physically stimulate your cat by turning off the television and interacting with it as much as possible.

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Cant I Just Torrent/download Everything I Want To Watch For Free

Technically, perhaps. But there are at least two very good reasons not to do this:

  • Its illegal, and it could get you in trouble. Sure, a lot of people do it without legal consequences, but why take the risk when there are so many excellent, cheap and LEGAL options out there?
  • If you like to watch a lot of telly, its only right that you;support the folks who create your favourite;programmes. When you go to a restaurant, you pay for your food, because the chef had to buy the ingredients, he had to learn how to prepare your meal, and he had to stand there all day and actually make it for you so you dont have any problem with paying him. So why would you not want to pay the people involved with creating the TV programmes youre watching?
  • Understanding What Your Cat Sees On The Tv

    There are a few things that can change how your cat interacts with the TV. One of the most important is what your cat can see on the TV. That depends on how old your TV is, and your cats ability to perceive depth and color.

    Cats Love Newer TVs

    Newer TVs have a much higher refresh rate on screen. That means that the image on the screen changes faster, creating the illusion of movement.

    While it might look like your TV is presenting a real moving image, the truth is that the image is continually refreshing between a series of still images. Your brain cant process the individual images before a new image appears, which is what makes them appear seamless, and makes movement look smooth.

    But cats can perceive individual images much faster than humans can. So on an older TV with a slower refresh rate, it probably looks more like a series of flickering stills to your cat, not movement.

    As TVs increase their refresh rate, real movement looks more convincing to your cat, which can increase their interest and understanding of what they are seeing.

    Color and Depth Perception For Cats

    If your cat has a normal vision, they have excellent depth perception and can see yellow, green, and blue colors. That means that, while they dont see in technicolor, the actual images your cat sees are relatively similar to the images you see.

    Comparatively, dogs have poorer depth and color perception, which might be why your cat is more likely to be interested in the TV than your dog.

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    Why Do Some Dogs Watch Tv

    Have you ever seen a dog watch television? Whether or not dogs show interest in the TV comes down to their individual personalities and breed mixes.

    According to;Nicholas Dodman, a veterinary behaviorist at Tufts University, dogs can definitely perceive images and sounds coming from the television. How they react to them is another matter!

    Why You Should Never Leave Your Cat Watching Tv Unsupervised

    Videos for Cats to Watch – 8 Hour Bird Bonanza

    As you can see from the image, my cat Alfie was getting very involved with the weather forecast! Luckily, I had a close eye on him as he was getting so excited! Flat screen TVs can be knocked over if theyre not close to a wall. As a result, the weight of an excited heavy kitty launching itself at the TV could spell disaster!

    Fortunately, many people nowadays mount flat screen TVs onto a wall, but be mindful if yours is free standing. The danger is greater if your kitty has a strong prey drive, as she may decide to pounce on the bird or mouse! Though your cat may not distinguish the bird as being real, shes still attracted to the moving image.

    Scientists believe cats are able to recognise outlines and patterns on TV images, however no cat has spoken about what they really see! No one truly knows if a cat sees a mouse shown on screen to be a mouse or just a random moving object.

    Theres nothing funnier than watching a cat following a tennis match on TV. Cats are drawn to motion, and the flickering images of a moving object such as a ball have huge entertainment value. As you can see in the video below, these cute kitties are big tennis fans!

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    The Weird Wonderful World Of Cat Tv

    Cats are very visual creatures. They love visual stimulation, and many of them will spend great amounts of time posted up on a windowsill watching the action happening just outside their human companions home. And as you might have correctly assumed, some cats will even respond to visual images on the television.

    This phenomenon has lead to the creation of Cat TV namely, videos and television programs that are specifically designed to entertain cats, and even to enrich their little kitty lives. Some research has even shown that cats confined to a room without a window can show signs of improved well being if given a television that plays cat videos for them to watch. Sound unbelievable? Read on for details.

    The League Of Gentlemen

    What the deal is: A sketch comedy show that centers around the ongoings of a small, countryside town in England. The cast of three transforms into dozens of unique, quirky characters, and covers a grittier version of the UK than most Americans are used to.

    Where Americans can watch it:Hulu

    Suggested by Kayla Elizabeth Mowbray, Facebook.

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    Streaming Shows To Entertain Your Cat

    Its great when your cat hangs out with you while you binge watch through the latest must-see TV series, but there are also a bunch of shows and videos created with the sole intention of entertaining your cat.

    Heres a round up of five streaming shows you can screen for your feline right now.

    If You Just Want More Cheerleading Stuff:

    Does your cat like watching TV?

    Dare Me


    If youre looking for a coach who could rival Monica Aldama, look no further than Collette on Dare Me. She sure has a lot more drama to deal with. The USA Network program about high school squad is honestly kind of terrifying. Glamours review describes the new series as Bring It On meets Spring Breakers, which should tell you all you need to know. Watch on Hulu.

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


    The tagline for part three of Chilling Adventures of Sabrinaeveryones favorite satanic witch dramais literally cheerleader by dayqueen of hell by night. Enough said. Watch on Netflix.

    Cheer Squad


    Cheer Squad is Freeform’s bubbly version of Cheer, and you dont even need to click out of Netflix to watch it. Watch on Netflix.

    Cheerleader U


    If you want to watch another team on the road to nationals, look no further. Cheerleader U follows the University of Kentucky’s squad as they fight to bring home the title in 2007. Only this time you even get to see the tryouts. .

    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team


    If you dont care how many times LaDarius and Co. say the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are more showgirls than cheerleaders, this series is for you. Plus, there are 14 seasons, so there might be a new season of Cheer before you even finish. Watch on Netflix.

    Emily Tannenbaum is a writer based in New York City who watches way too much TV.

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    Why Some Cats Take To The Tv

    A study of shelter cats exposed to TV found that some felines without access to windows might benefit from having a TV as a possible form of enrichment.

    The cats in the study were shown a variety of images, and the most popular programs depicted birds, rodents and fish natural prey for felines.

    According to Dr. Orlando, there are several possible reasons why some kitties are more devoted fans than others. For one, television-watching cats may have a higher prey drive, and are more likely to be attracted to the quick movements of objects across the screen, says Dr. Orlando.

    The TV screen may also just appeal to a cat who’s bored. Be sure that you have plenty of toys and window perches for your cat to choose from, says Dr. Orlando.

    Things Your Cat Loves

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    Because cats are such smart, sentient creatures, they can have a long list of likes ;In most cases, the things your cat loves are the very same things you lovelike fresh, tasty food, long naps in cozy spots, and plenty of fun activities, to name a few.

    Just like us humans, the things cats find interesting, fun, or exciting can change as they ageyour cat may love her toy with feathers one day, but find it boring the next. As a kitty parent, it’s your job to recognize when your cats’ interests change, so you can keep her happy, healthy, and engaged. Although likes can vary from cat to cat, these eight;kitty “likes” are a great place to start.;;

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    meowbox / Instagram

    It’s no secret that cats love to sleep. In fact, the average kitty sleeps for a whopping 12 to 16 hours per day! Because cats are nocturnal creatures, they snooze most of the day awayand who can blame them? Everyone loves a nice, long nap in a cozy, comfy spot.;

    Keep in mind, kittens and senior cats will spend more time sleeping than, say, an adolescent cat. But if you’re worried that your cat is sleeping too muchor too littletalk to your vet about what’s normal for his breed, age, activity level, and size.;

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    What You Need To Watch For When Your Kitty Watches Tv

    It wont hurt your kittys eyes, so you dont have to tell Fluffy not to sit too close to the TV, says Dr. Orlando.

    But if your cat becomes too engrossed in the plot and tries to go after a critter on the telly, your kitty or your flat-screen TV could get hurt.

    If your cat is really intent on ‘hunting’ the television, dont let her watch the TV unsupervised. And if you have a large flat screen, mount it to the wall, in case kitty decides to take the leap, warns Dr. Orlando.

    It’s also a good idea to interact with a cat who’s focused on a show, especially since felines may become frustrated when their instincts to catch prey are thwarted.

    Try to distract your kitty by giving her a toy before trying to catch things on screen, says Dr. Orlando. You definitely dont want to encourage the kitty to go after the mouse on television, as cute as it may be.

    Bring Some Excitement Into Your Pets Life With These Videos For Cats Including The All

    CATS TV – Catch the REAL grey stink bug (Video Game for Cats)

    No doubt your kitty is delighted to have found a safe and comfortable haven in your home. There is plenty of food, warmth and, fortunately, not a lot of danger lurking around the corner of the living room. But the bliss of a sheltered lifestyle has a downside for your cat there is just not as much exciting stuff to meow about.

    Luckily you can recreate the thrill of the outdoors without leaving the couch with a few well-picked videos for cats. All you need is a device connected to the internet and a screen protector to keep it scratch-free in case your cat gets too excited.

    From mice, squirrels and birds just minding their business in the big outdoors to silly interactive games, weve put together a cat filmography that will keep whiskers glued to the screen for hours.

    But before we delve into the fun world of bird videos for cats and other feline entertainment, you may be wondering what cats make of the digital world before their eyes.

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    Beware Of Your Cats Hunting Instinct

    Cats seem to vary in their desire to hunt. Though your cat may be well fed she still maintains her basic hunting instinct. My cat has a fairly strong prey drive, with occasional evidence to prove it! However, some kitties seem to enjoy a quieter life, especially as they get older.

    The danger of your cat trying to jump on the TV is very real. If youre watching a program featuring rodents or other feline prey, have some toys to hand. Watch your cats reaction and if you feel shes getting ready to chase the mouse on screen, distract her with a toy one instead.

    Is The Tv Just A Big Window To Your Cat

    We all know how cats love to sit on window sills. Whether outside looking in, or inside gazing outside at the wildlife. It helps stimulate the brain and stops boredom. In fact a high perch near a window is the perfect lounging spot for your kitty.

    Does your cat see the TV screen as a window? After all, she gets excited at looking at wildlife programs. Again, the answer is, no one really knows unless cats can talk. However, the prospect of a cat speaking English would be daunting to most owners!

    Get my dinner now!! or Do you seriously expect me to watch that rubbish?, would be common phrases! Some cats may even demand their own TV!

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