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Why Do Some Cats Purr Louder Than Others

Why Is My Cat Purring Loudly While Sleeping

Why do cats purr?

Your cat is most likely purring loudly while they sleep because they are finally getting some good rest. Usually, purring at night is not a sign of distress or discomfort. It is usually their way of unwinding and getting comfortable for bed.

They are probably so excited to cuddle up next to you that their purrs are louder than normal. They want you to know how happy they are to be near you.

It is also their way of indicating how comfortable they are around you. If they are purring as they fall asleep, their purr will most likely get lighter and quiet after they doze off. If their purr stays loud the entire time they sleep, this is just what their purr sounds like.

They may naturally have a loud purr that keeps going even once they are asleep.;

Why Do Cats Purr And Bite You

You may wonder why your cat will suddenly purr and bite you when just moments ago you were happily playing with her. These are the probable reasons why she is acting that way:

  • you may have accidentally overstimulated her;
  • you may have switched to another activity that she dislikes;
  • she may have mistook it for a toy;

Continued Although Contentment Does Appear To Produce Purring Cats Also Purr When Frightened Or Threatened One Way To Think About This Is To Equate Purring With Smiling Says Kelly Morgan Dvm Clinical Instructor At The Chicago Center For Veterinary Medicine Of The University Of Illinois At Urbana

Why do kittens purr louder than cats. Some cats purr when it’s mealtime. British researchers studied the sounds that house cats make when they’re hungry and when food isn’t on their minds. The purrs don’t sound the same. When cats purr for food, they combine their normal purr with an unpleasant cry or mew, a bit like a human baby’s cry. The purr of a cat. It’s the most mesmerizing sound. It’s the sound that makes you smile and think all is right in his world. That gentle sound relaxes and even mystifies you, but just how much do you really know about why and how your cat purrs? Some facts may surprise you. The purr serves more than one purpose so if you were under the impression, as so many people are, that cats only purr. One litter of my aunt’s kittens was purring as soon as they saw me. The other litter, not so much. My kittens purr a lot. My house cat usually only purrs at night. Why do some cats seem to purr at the first sign of happiness, and others seem happy but don’t purr often? I guess it’s just because they have different personalities.

Why Do Cats Purr When Petted?. Cats learn to purr from an early age. Within a day or two of birth, kittens start to purr. This is a form of communication. The kitten is notifying its mother that it is close and safe.. the cry embedded within the purr. This purr will be louder, more dramatic and less pleasant to the ear. It will.

10 Surprising Signs That Your Cat Maybe Sick Why do cats

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Your Cat May Have A Tooth Infection

Some cats that were seen by vets because they were swallowing hard when purring had tartar and infected teeth.; Like humans, cats also accumulate plaque and if left untreated it hardens and becomes tartar that irritates the gums, causes gingivitis, tooth infection as well as tooth loss. To correct it, teeth cleaning should be done and by giving your cats some chew toys that scrape plaque from cats teeth.

Is It True That Purring Has A Healing Power For Cats

Why do Some Cats Purr Louder than Others

When cats purr loud, they use that vibration to heal themselves and relieve their pain, because purring helps the cats body to release endorphins that help with the pain. Cats purr within a range of 20 to 140 Herts of frequency, and it is constructive for everyone within that range. A cats purr does benefit not only the cat itself but also humans around it. Cats are known to be extraordinary mental support animals, and pet therapy has been becoming more influential these past years. It is a commonly shared belief that pet owners live longer, so here are some benefits of cats purring on humans:

  • Lowering stress
  • Lowering the chances of having a heart attack
  • remarkable decrease in the symptoms of Dyspnea
  • Strengthening of bones

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Your Cat Is Trying To Soothe You

Besides communicating their contentment, purrs can also be used as a way to soothe others. Cats will often lay on each other and purr to help calm down their littermates. Or if they sense one of their littermates is feeling sick, they will do this as a way to heal them.

This behavior extends past their littermates and has become a way in which they try to heal those around them. If you are feeling particularly anxious, your cat may start purring near you louder than they usually do in an attempt to help you relax.

Studies have shown that a cats purr can help to reduce blood pressure and promote healing in illness or injury. The frequency of a cats purr can encourage bone regrowth if there is a fracture.;

Do Cats Have A Favorite Person

The best cat-human relationships are ones in which the human adapts to the cats preferred style of communication. A cats favorite person may be the one who makes them feel comfortable and safe just by being in the same room with them. Over time, you and your cat will learn how to best communicate with each other.

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It May Be Because Of Your Cats Breed

Some cats are naturally more louder and vocal compared to other cats because of their breed. Siamese cats are known to be vocal and they tend to purr and meow in a loud and low-pitched voice also called meezer. Other cat breeds that purr louder than the others include the Burmese, Maine Coon, Peterbald, Sphynx, and the Oriental Shorthair which has been described to have a loud purr that is comparable to the sound of a truck rumbling by! On the other hand there are some cats that do not purr at all.

They Have Grown And Gotten Older

Why Do Cats Purr? – Cat Facts!

A cats purr will change with its size. Kittens tend to start purring a couple of days after being born to communicate with their mother and littermates.

Their vocal cords have not fully developed at this point, and since their bodies are still small, their purrs are going to sound much softer and higher pitched. As the cat grows, they develop the ability and space within themselves to create a louder purr.

Their body will continue to change as they age, so, understandably, their purr would too. This is something you might notice over time unless there has been a considerable about of time between you seeing a cat as a kitten and then as an adult cat.

If your cat gains weight, its purr will likely get a little louder, too, because its size is changing.;

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They Are Trying To Heal Themselves

When a cat purrs, it releases endorphins within them that have a pain-killing and stress-relieving effect. The release of endorphins helps them to relax and reduces the pain levels they may be experiencing.

Purring also helps them to relax their muscles to promote healing where they are injured. They also may be dealing with an illness and trying to use purring as a way to heal themselves.

Their purr may seem louder than usual because they are experiencing a respiratory illness that affects their purrs sound. Or they could be in distress and purring loudly to try and heal their illness.

Why Doesnt My Cat Purr 10 Reasons Behind Invisible Worry And How To Make Them Purr Again

You might have noticed sometimes your cat making some pleasant sounds and sometimes not. These sounds are referred to as purr. Does your cat not purr or stopped purring now? Is it making you worry all the time? If you want to know answers for why doesn’t my cat purr, read further below!

My cat Lousie used to purr all the time and on a sudden, she just stopped doing this and this got me worried for a while. Then, I look for answers regarding the same and now, sharing my experience with you all. It is not a thing to worry about. Phew!


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Other Symptoms That Show Your Cat Is Anxious:

  • Loud Purring
  • Hiding
  • Following you or other people around

Identifying the reasons for your cats anxiousness are very important because it might be a symptom of another underlying health condition. Checking with your veterinarian would help rule out any diseases, and he would prescribe some medications for your cat to help with its anxiety.

Your Cat May Be Suffering From A Health Condition

Cat Purring Louder than Normal

Your cat may be harboring a respiratory ailment such as cough or colds which could change the pitch and volume of her purrs.; By purring loudly, your cat may also be doing some self-soothing to ease her pain or condition. Some studies attest that their purrs can help heal their bones, ease breathing, lessen pain and swelling, and repair tendons.;

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Why Do Cats Vibrate

Cats vibrate because of their purring which results in vibrations. Here is how the process works:; the purr begins in the cats brain when a repetitive neural oscillator sends messages to the laryngeal muscles. These muscles are responsible for the opening and closing of the space between the vocal cords called the glottis. The muscles quiver at a rate of 25 to 150 vibrations per second. This causes the vocal cords to separate when the cat breathes, thus, producing a purr.;;

Needless to say, not all cats can purr and only domestic cats and few wild cats can produce soothing vibrations due to their purring. Cats that purr cannot roar and vice versa and the difference lies in the small bone found inside their vocal cords.; In roaring cats, it is a flexible bone while in domestic cats, this bone is completely hardened and can only allow air vibrations during the breathing process.;

Why Do Cats Purr So Loud When They Mate

When cats mate, they bawl and produce very loud purring sounds. Female cats usually make louder purring sounds during mating, and they can become aggressive as well, during or after mating with male cats. Loud purring can also be due to pain for female cats. Male cats penis is thorny, i.e., it has thorns on it, and it can be very painful for female cats, which causes them to purr very loudly, and become aggressive at times.

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What Does It Mean When A Cat Purrs Really Loud

Purring is usually a sign of contentment, although it doesnt always indicate happiness. A cat that is ill or anxious will sometimes purr as a comfort. However, most of the time if your kitten is rubbing against you and purring loudly, its a sign of affection or shes asking for something, such as food.

Why Do Some Cats Purr Louder Than Others

Why Do Cats Purr? (Explained)

Purring is something that all cats do and to a pet parent it can be one of the most pleasant sounds you will hear from your cat. A cat’s purr can have a sound similar to a soft buzzing or it can be a loud grumbling. Even the same cat can have more than one type of purr.;

Have you ever wondered why some cats purr louder than others? There can be a number of reasons for a cat to have a louder purr. These reasons range from the type of breed, to their level of happiness and comfort to health issues, such as; a cough or cold that can affect the pitch of your cat’s purr.;


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It May Be Due To Hairballs

Hairballs may develop since cats are very particular when it comes to grooming themselves. When cats groom, the tiny hook-like structures in their tongues catch dead and loose fur which they tend to swallow and form into hairballs. If you suspect that your cat has hairballs, look for these symptoms as well: gagging, retching or vomiting, constipation, lethargy, loss of appetite and diarrhea. Treatment may include Laxatone, Petro Malt and Cat Lax hairball laxatives. You should also groom your cat regularly, feed her a hairball formula cat food and discourage excessive grooming.

Why Is My Cat Aggressively Purring

Cats purr whenever theyre happy, even while theyre eating. Sometimes, however, a cat may purr when theyre anxious or sick, using their purr to comfort themselves, like a child sucking their thumb. Growling, hissing or spitting indicates a cat who is annoyed, frightened, angry or aggressive. Leave this cat alone.

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Why Do Cats Purr

These are the common reasons why cats purr:

  • cats purr when they are in a good mood
  • they purr when they are relaxed and comfortable
  • cats purr when they are contented;
  • to express affection;
  • they may be hungry or wants something;
  • to soothe themselves especially when in pain
  • it can also promote healing to; other animals and humans;

Your Cat May Have Feline Herpes

Why Do Cats Purr And Then Bite You? All You Need To Know!

Feline herpes or feline viral rhinotracheitis is caused by feline herpes virus type-1 which causes infections in domestic and wild cats of all ages. FVR is the major cause of upper respiratory disease among cats and also causes conjunctivitis or inflammation of tissues surrounding the eye area. The common symptoms may include nasal congestion, excessive blinking, squinting, fever, lethargy, poor appetite and sneezing.;

Cats may experience a discharge from the eyes and nose that is clear and watery or may also contain pus. Treatment may include antibiotics and hospitalization where your cat will be given intravenous fluids and other supportive treatment.;

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Why Does My Cat Purr So Loud

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Whether while petting them, or watching them sleep, we would usually hear a soft sound that our cats are making. Our little paw friends purr for many reasons, at times you could feel them sending our small waves of love towards you. Sometimes, we would notice a purring from our cats when they are asleep, hungry, happy, feeling some discomfort, or other factors.

And purring can be too loud or abnormal sometimes Purring is a way of communication, if your cat is purring at you, it is trying to tell you something. Cats usually make that sound more often than other sounds such as meowing or growling. Unfortunately, purring too loud does not always mean your cat is very comfortable when napping, or it is having some pleasant time. At times, the loud purr is a sign for another condition.

So why Does My Cat Purr So Loud? And what are the possible reasons that could make it do so?

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Cat Swallowing Hard When Purring

Cats have distinct personalities and temperaments. They also vary when it comes to being vocal and while some tend to purr louder than the others, some will rarely meow or purr at all. However, if you notice that your cat not only purrs but also swallows hard, take special note. It may be telling you that something is wrong with your kitty.;

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Cat Purring Loudly At Night

A cat who purrs loudly at night is unlikely to be expressing discomfort or stress. Its much more likely that shes simply expressing her pleasure at getting to curl up happily on the end of your warm bed and snuggle with you as you go to sleep. This is usually a pleasant time, with the restful purr of a happy cat helping to send you off to sleep. If you have one of those cats who seems to be equipped with their own personal jet engine, however, it may be less than ideal.

If her purring is loud enough to bother you, theres not really much you can do about it other than oust her from the room. Cats cant really be taught to purr more quietly; they have their own internal volume settings that arent really amenable to change. I would recommend simply investing in a pair of good ear-plugs or making your cat sleep outside your bedroom at night.

Your Cat May Just Be Swallowing Excess Saliva


Some cat owners observe that their cats are swallowing hard when purring because of the excess saliva in their mouth. This usually happens when the purring is accompanied by kneading.; Your cat may swallow hard and with a gulping sound when they knead and drool excessively. If your cat does this, it is not something that you should be worried about.;

Cat experts note that kneading is an instinctive trait among felines and they often knead on a blanket, soft surfaces, other cats and humans. Cats find it relaxing and soothing especially because it reminds them of when they were still kittens and they knead their moms tummy when they nurse. It is usually accompanied by purring contentedly while some drift off to sleep.

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