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How To Be A Cat Sitter

How To Choose A Great Cat Sitter

A Day in the Life CAT SITTING | What it’s like to be a cat sitter

We cat lovers would be happy to have our feline friends with us whenever we leave the house. Unfortunately, we cant always take our cats wherever we go. Thats where a cat sitter comes in!

Entrusting your cats to a sitter while you leave town can be very stressful and may not always go perfectly. But you can take steps that will help you find the best pet sitter possible.

Here are a few things you should know about choosing a cat sitter.

Check Out Our Top 13 List Of Things To Leave Readily Accessible To Help You Cat Sitter For The Visits

  • Purchase more food than your cat needs while you will be away so you wont run out if your travel plans get extended.
  • Leave out a can opener, utensils, and additional serving plates or bowls, if needed.
  • Make sure you have plenty of litter and deodorizer to top of the litter box daily as well as enough for a full clean up, if needed, with a new liner.
  • Leave a clear list of your cats medications and additional medication to last not only while you are away but in case your trip gets extended.
  • Provide a scooper and plenty of bags for cleaning the litter box daily.
  • Leave out a Dustbuster, vacuum, and/or broom with a dustpan so your cat sitter can keep the area around the litter box neat and tidy.
  • In the event of an emergency, leave out a cat carrier.
  • Place your cats favorite toys and treats somewhere easy to find.
  • If your cat enjoys being brushed, leave one out.
  • Supply additional paper towels to clean up any messes including vomit, if your cat is susceptible to throwing up.
  • Post a copy of your itinerary in your home, including your contact information and contact information for your emergency contacts.
  • If a mail key is needed to bring in the mail, leave one out for your cat sitter.
  • Provide a collar and leash, if your cat likes to go on walks.
  • How Much Time Does It Take For A Sitter To Give My Cat A Pill

    Giving a cat a pill can take anywhere from 1 15 minutes depending on how well your cat takes pills. If pill pockets are not an option and we have to pill your cat, it takes a few minutes for a cat that is good with pills and 15-minutes or more for a cat that does not like pills. Whenever possible we will use the soft Salmon Flavored Whisker Lickin treats as a pill pocket. These work great because it makes administering a pill basically stress-free for your cat. Most of the time we will not even have to take a shy cat out of its hiding spot to give a pill if we use the Whisker Lickin method. We just smush the Whisker Lickin treat around the pill, toss it to the cat, and in a few minutes the treat is usually gobbled up!

    If your cat is shy, it might take 5-10 minutes just to find your cat and then a few minutes to confirm your cat ate the pill pocket. So for shy cats be sure to book enough time. Its amazing all of the hiding spots cats can find!

    For really shy cats that need pills, you might want to set up a kitty room and we will try to keep your cat in one room with food water and a litter box. This will minimize the number of hiding spaces and your cat might actually feel more comfortable being in a smaller room while you are away.

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    Become A Litter Box Extraordinaire

    Litter box maintenance is a subject dear to the hearts of cat owners and a clean litter box equals a happy cat-owning client. Besides cleaning the litter box, make sure to always sweep up litter from the floor around the box so that it does not get tracked around the house. Also make sure that litter is removed from under and shaken out of any rug that may be under or around the litter box. While it is a common practice to leave the home as clean as you found it, leaving the litter box areas cleaner than you found them is sure to please clients and generate word-of-mouth referrals!

    Educate your cat-owning clients on litter box basics that can simplify your visits and ensure their cats can maintain happy and healthy bathroom habits. Ensure that your clients have one litter box per cat, plus one additional box . Also be sure that your clients have placed their litter boxes in areas that feel safe to their catsaway from loud washing machines and dryers, for example, that could deter cats from using the box. Also impress upon your clients the importance of regular litter box cleaning. Not only does this prevent you from having a mess to clean up on the first-day of a pet-sitting assignment, it helps their cat maintain health litter box practices.

    How To Find A Cat Sitter On Petcloud

    Hiring a Cat Sitter: Guide to Cat Sitting in Chico
  • Sign Up for Free: Sign up and create an account. Make sure you select what you want to do – Find pet care service, Offer pet care service or both.
  • Complete Your Profile & Pet Profile: Complete your profile & pet profie.
  • Search via suburb and service: Type in your suburb and search for sitters. You can also refine the search by clicking the refine search button.
  • Make a Booking: Click make contact to make a pre-authorised payment to reserve the sitter. Your booking is confirmed when the booking request is accepted by the cat sitter.
  • Don’t have time to contact sitters? Post a job ad and let Cat Sitters get in touch with you!

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    Learn More About Making Money While Cat Sitting

    These are only a few tips that can help you make money while cat sitting and starting your own business.

    The bottom line is to make sure you know how to run a business, advertise effectively, and have fun while youre doing it.

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    How To Choose A Cat Sitter

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    When you need to leave town and you have a cat, it’s important to get a responsible cat sitter to watch it. This person will not only care for your cat while you are away, they will be in and out of your home while you are gone. Choosing the right cat sitter requires that you do some research into cat sitters in your area, review the references and experiences of local cat sitters you are considering, and then pick the cat sitter that fits your needs the best. With some research and due diligence, you can pick a cat sitter that is responsible with your home and great with your cat while you are away.

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    Should I Get A Pet Sitters Certificate

    You absolutely do not need a certificate to show that you are a proper pet sitter. But obviously, having one will help credibility in getting your first clients.

    The annual membership for a pet sitter certificate from Pet Sitters International is $140/year.

    I wouldnt go out and spend $140 just yet.

    If you think that youll benefit from putting yourself through a structured studying habit to take the certificate exam, then by all means, go for it.

    If you are having a hard time getting your first clients because the local market in your area is saturated with cat sitters, then getting a certificate could certainly help.

    But why not try starting your business without spending $140 for now and then see what happens? You can always go and spend $140 later, but you cant get back the $140 if you spend it now.

    Questions To Ask Your Potential Pet Sitter

    A Day in the Life CAT SITTING | What it’s like to be a cat sitter

    Here are some questions that we recommend you prepare ahead of time before interviewing your potential cat sitter.

    • Ask the cat sitter if she is bonded and carries liability insurance.
    • Ask how long she has been in business and what experience with animals she has beyond pet sitting.
    • Get a written list of references.
    • Ask what the pet sitter likes about being a pet sitter.
    • What services are provided with your pet sitters rates and what services would be extra or not provided?
    • Will they be the one handling your pet while youâre on vacation? This question should be asked if youâre interviewing a service provider as opposed to an individual care provider.
    • What will their procedure be in the case of an emergency, such as your cat becoming ill.
    • What form of communication will the cat sitter be using to reach you
    • How frequently cat you expect updates on your cat?
    • What form will the updates be coming in? Emailed report cards, daily pictures, daily videos?

    But wait, this conversation should be twofold. Here are some questions that a good cat sitter will ask you during your interview.

    • Your potential cat sitter should ask you about your catâs diet.
    • Feeding schedule.
    • Games your cat likes to play.
    • Usual habits your cat has.
    • Your catâs sleeping habits.
    • Where you keep the cat food.
    • Where the litter box and supplies are.

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    Discover Cat Sitting Stories

    Wondering what its like to be a cat sitter? Reading stories from real life members is a great way to find out. From a solo sitter who says it has changed her life to a pet-loving family of four who cant think of a better way to travel, TrustedHousesitters is full of happy tales.

    Whilst sitting, Ive had the most extraordinary experiences in communities that Id not have done otherwise. I’ve found that house/pet sitting offers me the opportunity to become acquainted with a place and its people in unique and authentic ways.

    We like traveling and living like locals, we like caring for animals, and we enjoy the responsibilities our family takes on as caretakers. We also appreciate the fact that we are helping someone else out who may be in a jam and just wants to make sure those things they hold precious are safe. Imagine what wed be missing out on if we had never applied for a house sit?

    If you want more information or would like guidance relating to your own cat sitting journey, please get in touch with our Membership Services team. Each one is a pet-loving member with first-hand experience as a house and pet sitter who could be better to answer your cat sitting questions and help you get started?

    Meet Clients In Person

    Lastly, you should try and meet clients in person if possible.

    Cats can be like children to owners, and they want to make sure they can trust you.

    When you meet them in person, you get a chance to connect with them and make a good first impression. Its a good opportunity to show just how much you care about their cats.

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    Family Friends And Neighbors

    One of the simplest and more cost-effective options is to ask a good friend, family member, or even a neighbor to look after your cat in your home. Depending on your cats needs and personality, you could have someone come by two or three times a day to feed your cat, give medications, clean the litter box, and play with your cat. You could also ask the caregiver to stay in your home and spend the night so your cat has someone around for company. As a bonus, your family member, friend or neighbor can bring in your mail, water your plants, and take care of other light household chores.

    Having a familiar person look after your cat in your home is a great option for shy cats who might become stressed if you were to take them to a boarding facility. Its also a low-cost optionsome good friends or family might watch your cat for free, or you might offer to pay a nominal amount for their help. Taking care of a cat is also a great opportunity for an older, responsible neighbor child looking to earn a little money. If your cat is OK with changes to routine, you could also bring your cat and all of its things to your family member or friends home.

    What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Cat Sitter

    Cat and DOG Chat With Caren: How to Make Money Cat Sitting
    • Cat care can take place before and after normal working hours. So it will not likely interfere with your day job.
    • As a cat sitter you are able to set your own rates and availability.
    • If the cat you are going to take care of is familiar with children, with the owners permission, you may be able to bring your child with you.
    • If you have a child they may get the opportunity to learn how to interact with new pets. Helping them understand the responsibility of caring for them.
    • You will get to know families within your neighbourhood and have the chance to forge great lifelong bonds with their cats.
    • And of course the supplementary income might be a nice top-up to your household earnings.

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    Playtime With The Cat Sitter

    Cats love to hunt its in their nature. As carnivores, cats have been hunting their prey since before the Egyptians constructed the Great Sphinx. Thats why the feather on the end of a string is so enticing. That stimulation is immensely beneficial for your kitty. She is able to expel energy, create a goal , and accomplish it.

    A post shared by Kerry Cat on Feb 14, 2018 at 9:28am PST

    Even if its not intentional , your cat can destroy houseplants, picture frames, dishes, or any other breakable item left on a high shelf. If a cat Im watching seems extra rambunctious, Ill do my best to get him to expel that energy in a healthy game. On the off chance he still manages to break something, Ill check to ensure that he isnt hurt, alert you, and clean up the mess.

    Business License Insurance Receipts Taxes

    Pet sitting doesnt require a business license, but there are benefits to having a business license.

    The government provides a helpful guide on starting a business and takes you through how to register a business license and how to file taxes.

    For my American friends, visit the US governments guide to starting a business. You can skip the business plan and market research part and go straight to Step 7. Registering a business in the US.

    For my Canadian friends, the Canadian government also has a useful guide on starting a business. Again, you can skip the business name and business plan and go straight to Step 3. Registering a business in Canada.

    Insurance is also not required, but because your clients cats life is in your care during your visit, it may be prudent to get one.

    If youre strictly on Rover, you dont need a separate insurance, because Rover has an insurance for all their Rover users. But if youre striking out on your own, then you can look into several pet sitting insurance .

    Some reputable pet sitting bond companies are Surety1 and Petcare Insurance.

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    So What Exactly Do Cat Sitters Do

    As mentioned above, cat sitting by its very nature is care of a cat in its home, usually by scheduled drop-in visits. At those visits, the sitter performs all of the care duties you as the client have instructed them to do that maintains the consistency in care which ensures your cats physical and mental wellbeing and keeps them happy and healthy despite your absence.

    The following are typical care duties performed by the sitter:

    Know Your Cats Special Needs

    How To Be A Pet-sitter

    Most cats thrive in quiet environments where they can be independent. A boarding facility can put stress on your cat and expose him to contagious diseases. Consider your cats personality do you think that hed be better off in his own home, where hes comfortable and with a person that hes familiar with? If so, forego the boarding facility and reach out to a professional pet sitting company.

    Does your cat have any medical conditions or anxiety issues? A cat sitter is better suited to provide the one-on-one attention your cat may require to stay healthy. Its also much easier to check in with a cat sitter to see how your cat is doing. You may even be able to get text or email updates throughout the day with photos and video.

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    Check With Your City Government

    Before you start your own cat-sitting business, you should check with the government first. Some cities and states require that you have insurance and licensure, but this will vary by state and city.

    However, more often than not, youll need some kind of licensing. While there may not be anything specific for cat-sitters, you may still need a license to operate your own business.


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