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Why Does My Cat Spill His Water

Solution #5: Bowls In Stands

Why Does My Cat … Paw at Her Water Bowl?

There are many varieties of stands made to hold bowls off the floor. The great thing about these is they’re not easy for cats to tip over and harder for a cat to push around. Using a bowl stand makes it much less likely that your cat will spill water.

A secondary benefit is that some of the pet bowl stands are decorative which is nice for the pet owners.

Best Cat Water Bowls That Wont Tip Over Buyers Guide And Faq

Drinking water is extremely important for your cats health but instead of drinking some cats prefer to splish, splash, and flip their water bowl. That certainly doesnt help when you consider that many cats already drink enough water!;

There are a lot of water bowls on the market already. More than enough to leave a cat owner feeling confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Not to mention that if youre looking for something spill proof or less likely to be tipped over youve got double the research to do!;

Weve got you covered! You can refer to our selections above which will show you the best water bowls that wont tip over. But if want to do more research on your own weve put together a complete buyers guide and FAQ that will help you not only find the best spill proof cat water bowl but also understand what makes it great.;

Here are a few things you need to consider.

Pawzone Cat Water Dispenser

Another possible solution to bad water bowl behavior is to try weighing the dish down in another way, such as from the top. This gravity water dispenser holds a gallon and a half of water, so not only will it provide fresh water daily, its also heavy enough that your cat shouldnt be able to tip it over.

To maintain the heft, Id recommend keeping the jug full at all times. The water is easy to refill, as one reviewer states, For the water pop off the bottle, unscrew the cap, fill, replace cap, then pop it into place. The water will drip into the dish and air bubbles will release inside, kinda like an office water cooler.

The Pawzone cat water dispenser comes with a free pet mat to further keep the bowl in place.

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Home Of Boutique Non Spill Silicone Mat With Bowls

This is style, mentioned before, where the pet bowl is enclosed in a silicone base that extends out to become an entire mat. Its a great solution both for preventing the water bowl from tipping over, and for keeping the area nice and tidy.

Again, we have a two bowl design, but if you put water in both sides, this could actually further help with your cats irritating water bowl behavior because of the extra wide size. Who knows, maybe it also might please your cat to have the option of which side she wants to drink out of that day!

The bowls are made out of stainless steel and they can be popped out of their slots for easy cleaning. Check out the glowing reviews and read more about this popular option here.

How To Stop My Cat From Spilling Their Water Bowl

Why does my cat put his paws in the water bowl

Cat owners know cats do some weird things sometimes. It makes them intriguing and cute characters to have around and sometimes infuriating!

Cats often engage in behaviors or habits that their owners cant immediately explain. Its normal for any new cat owners to have a lot of questions and even people who have been cat owners for years might suddenly notice that their cat is doing something strange or unusual every now and then.

Some of the strange things cats might do include sleeping at the foot of the bed, clawing at their food, or fighting with other cats they were friends with only minutes before!;

Domestic feline behavior can sometimes be explained by redundant instincts developed over thousands of years living in the wild . These instincts were there to protect them and improve their odds of survival, but now, in a domestic environment, they are not so critical to survival.

Cats have a bunch of these survival instincts and behaviors that display when they are around water. Some cats do weird stuff around water. Have you seen your cat spilling its water bowl? Once is fine, but several times is weird! What is going on here and how do you stop them from making this mess?

Spilling their water bowl can happen to kittens and might also happen to older cats. Sometimes its a behavior that cats will display only while they are small, but they might also suddenly start-up with this habit seemingly out of nowhere later during their lives.

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Stop My Cat From Knocking Over Cups

Whenever my cat sees a cup, he has to go inspect it and knock it over even if there is no liquid in it. He really likes drinking the water out of these cups too if there is any in it. I cannot ever leave any cup unattended around him without it being knocked over and the liquid spilt everywhere.

Is there any reason he always does this and are there any suggestions on how to stop it? He gets quite a bit of attention so I know that is not the reason.

  • Perhaps a cup contained milk once long ago, and he’s been dreaming of rediscovering the milk cup ever since…

There are several possible reasons that your cat could be exhibiting this behavior. What you do about it depends on why he is doing it.

Your water is fresh and clean. Perhaps his water is old or his bowl is dirty. You could try cleaning his bowl, refreshing his water more often, or installing a fountain to keep his water fresh.

Your water is near you while his water is far away. You could try making sure he has water near each place you hang out .

He’s bored. You say he gets plenty of attention, but petting and affection isn’t the same thing as hunting with an interactive toy. You should make sure that he gets plenty of stimulating play toy with a feather wand or fishing lure type toy each day. At the end of the play session, feed him his dinner or a small treat to stimulate the natural hunt-eat-groom-sleep cycle.

Sadly you are going to have to change your behavior:

I employ all three strategies.

Why Does My Cat Spill Their Water Bowl

Kittens and young cats often spill their water because they are still learning to drink. After they have been weaned, the action of drinking might be confusing to kittens for a couple of days .

Mature cats might spill their water when they are dissatisfied with the contents of the bowl it might be dusty, stale or the flavor might be odd. Spilling the water could indicate that they are flat out rejecting the water as contaminated and it can even extend to cats knocking the bowl over several times in a row. Change the water source, clean the bowl and see if the behavior stops if you suspect this is the case.

Cats could also spill their water bowl on occasion if it is the wrong type of bowl. Some bowls are either too deep or not deep enough.;

A deep bowl might irritate a cats whiskers if they are sensitive. They may spill the water to drink the water from the floor without messing with their whiskers!;

If the bowl is too shallow they might not be able to see the water clearly and end up spilling the bowl to double-check the water is even there!

The bowl might just be an odd shape meaning the cat has to change the way they reach in to get to the water, which leads to accidental spills. Its not fun for them, either!;

Change their type of water bowl and see if this changes the problem.

Should none of these issues seem appropriate for the behavior that your cat is displaying , keep reading. You might find the right answer in one of the following questions.

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Paw Stars Heavy Polyresin Pet Bowl

From Paw Stars comes another unique take to the non spill water bowl. This one is made out of polyresin, which is a synthetic material that has a good weight to it. It starts in liquid form and can be poured into a mold to create any shape. The makers of this bowl took advantage of the pourable property to add cute little figurines to this design. How cute would the goldfish style be for a cat water dish??

At 2.3 lbs, this dish is heavy enough that cat shouldnt be able to topple it over, and it comes with non slip feet to further stabilize it. The bowl measures 8.3 x 8.3 x 3.2 large enough to hold a good amount of water without having to fill to the brim. BPA free and dishwasher safe, find out what reviewers are saying about this polyresin pet bowl here.

Why Does My Cat Play With His Water

No Spill Water Bowl For Pets! DIY

If its dispensed from a sink in a tub or other sources its something to behold. Kittens and cats up to about 2 years of age are still full of wonder and playfulness.

Why Does My Cat Dip Her Paw In The Water Bowl

My Cat Bucket Sits In The Tub Every Night Waiting For Me To Turn

Why Do Some Cats Dip Their Paws In The Water Bowl

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Your Cat Prefers Running Water

Finally, one of the main reasons cats end up spilling over their water bowl is simply because they dont like standing water. Some cats prefer to drink running water, like their ancestors and wild siblings do, from rivers and streams!

One quirky thing Ive noticed about my cat is that he LOVES drinking from the sink. Every time I start to run the faucet, he jumps up on the counter and dips his entire head in the sink before lapping up the water as it flows out of the faucet.

If your cat is like mine, they will tap at their water bowl in an effort to get the water moving around for them to drink. This obviously leads to quite a mess.

One solution to help with this habit and eliminate the mess it creates is to purchase a water fountain for your cat. There are several cat fountain options available for your kitty, so make sure to purchase one that is the right size for your cat.

Solution #3: Heavy Bottom Weighted Non

A heavy-bottomed bowl works well because the bottoms are weighted, which helps prevent a cat from easily tipping the bowl.

I have a ceramic bowl with straight walls, no rubber bottom and heavy, weighted bottom and it works good most of the time. I have one cat that will actually drag the bowl though, so having a rubber bottom would be helpful.

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Smells Cats Hate Vs Smells Cats Like

Our cats may have tiny, adorable noses, but dont be fooled. Their sense of smell is mighty. Seriously, their little heads are packed full of structures and organs that support their incredible olfactory senses! Plus they get an extra scent organ in their mouths. Where we humans must get by with a mere five million or so olfactory receptors for navigating lifes good smells and bad, our cats are on that next level: flaunting their 45 to 80 million receptors and smelling the roses from, like, two blocks away.

When cats love a smell, they love a smell and may spend a while excited and roll around in it. Or napping with it. Or chewing on it. Smells they dislike, on the other hand? Theres going to be some sneering and shunning the inconsiderate area.

Okay, but what smells fall into each category? Each cat is unique, we all know that, so their personal reactions may vary but here are some smells likely to fall under the average cats YES GOOD and BOO HISS lists.

This Is Why Your Cat Moves Their Water Dish Before Drinking

Why does my cat spill her kibble out of the bowl and onto ...

Its one of those little niggles that often pesters you at the back of your mind but youve never really looked into just why does your cat insist on moving their water dish across the floor before taking a drink?

Not every cat does this, granted, but many feline owners will notice the quirky habit of their beloved pet. It doesnt seem to matter where you place the dish or how clean it is, they will drag it across the floor a bit before dipping their head in. And, more often than not, they will make a mess while doing it!

There is a perfectly good reason they do this it isnt just to make you have something to clean up. The close up vision of cats is much weaker than their long distance vision and so, when they are right at their water dish, they cant see the water level.

In order to check where the water starts or if there is even any water in the dish they will move it to cause the water to ripple and splash. Once they are satisfied they know where the water is, then they will commence their drinking.

There are a number of other reasons why your cat might splash about in their water too, according to Webvet.

Meanwhile, heres a cat drinking in super slow motion just because:

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Your Thoughts On Cats Spilling Water

Have you ever had a cat spill water out of his or her water bowl?

What type of spilling did he or she do? Why did you think they did it? Did you ever solve the issue or did the cat continue to spill water?

Did I forget to list any ways cats spill and/or splash water? Can you think up another explanation for why a cat might engage in spilling or splashing their water?

What would you advise pet parents to do if theyre dealing with this issue?

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Elises Favourite Tip

One of the most frustrating problems Ive had to deal with as a pet parent is staying on top of my cats desire to play. While this is typically hard to do, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves make the job one heck of a lot easier.

The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, &kick sticks. I have a slew scattered around the house, so when my cats get bored, even if Im busy or not even home, my furries are able to actively play.

Whisker Fatigue Can Be Uncomfortable Or Painful

Perhaps the biggest reason cats engage in the behavior of drinking water off their paws instead of directly from the bowl and pulling kibble out of the bowl to eat it on the floor is whisker fatigue. When cats eat or drink out of deep, narrow bowls, it pushes their highly sensitive whiskers backward. That can be extremely uncomfortable or even painful, especially over time, and the kitty will try to avoid it by getting the contents out of the bowls before consuming them.

If you believe your cat might be having whisker fatigue pain, try a shallow, wide bowl like Dr. Catsby’s Whisker Relief Bowl, which is excellent for dry kibble, or Dr. Catsby’s Stainless Steel Water Bowl, which is even wider and a tiny bit deeper, making it better for wet cat food and water.

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Why Do Kittens Splash In Water

As a general rule, kittens are playful and have a natural impulse to manipulate things with their paws. This could be why they might play with, or in, water. Cats groom themselves by licking their fur so it’s unlikely they are using their water bowls for a bathtub. Kittens that play with water are most likely doing so as a way to learn about their environment.

Some cats do like water. Certain breeds tend to be more tolerable of water and if a young kitten was exposed to a lot of water play or baths, it might tolerate bathing and getting wet as it ages. Note, there is debate as to whether cats need to be bathed and how frequently this should occur. Finally, some cats just truly prefer freshwater and don’t like to drink stagnant water in their bowls. They may be playing with the water to recreate the rippling effect of freshwater.

Why Does My Maine Coon Dig Around His Water Before Drinking

Why Does My Cat Dunk His Toys in Water?

My Maine Coon digs around his water dish before drinking. Is this something that’s common with Maine Coons?

Why does he do this?

  • 1Do you have any reference or evidence that suggests that Maine Coon “dig around their water”? I’ve never seen mine do that nor his “brothers”.Apr 10 ’14 at 12:53
  • 1Mine doesn’t either, but my tabby does. I think it’s more of a think with certain cats rather than maine coons. This isn’t a duplicate but there might be some insight here:;SpidercatApr 10 ’14 at 13:24
  • I’ve said ‘all’, because all Maine Coons that I saw was done such things. And it was only Maine Coons. It looks like first 3 second of this video: 10 ’14 at 15:48
  • 1Your link to another question and edit is wrong, because I saw several Maine Coons, doing such things, and they do not wash their paws. They’re digging. Also, here is question about Maine Coon that doesn’t gives clear answer: 10 ’14 at 15:51
  • 1

Since we can’t know what moves inside a cat’s head, it will all be a theory only.

And theories there is, several of them. Actually the proper word should be ‘speculation’. I believe there is no right answer to this question, and quite possibly there isn’t ONE correct explanation either. However, let’s try a few:

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