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How To Stop A Cat From Being In Heat

Should I Let My Cat Have An Estrus Cycle Or A Litter Of Kittens Before Spaying Her

How to Calm a Cat in HEAT – Top Tips!

There are no valid reasons for letting a cat have an estrous cycle or have a litter of kittens before being spayed. Cats can become pregnant on their very first estrous cycle, increasing the chance that an accidental breeding may occur. Cats are indiscriminate, so a brother cat may breed with its sister, a father may breed with his daughter, and a son may breed with his mother.

A common myth is that female cats will become more friendly and sociable if they are allowed to have a litter of kittens. This is not true, and only serves to contribute further to the serious problem of cat overpopulation.

Contributors: Ryan Llera, BSc, DVM Cheryl Yuill, DVM, MSc, CVH

When Will My Cat Go Into Heat

Unspayed female cats may have their first heat cycle as young as four months of age, though the average age is five to nine months for most cats. If you have a kitten and wish to prevent her from going into heat, it’s best to have her spayed as early as your vet thinks is safe. This is generally no later than four to six months of age, but it may be as early as six to twelve weeks of age.

How To Avoid Heat Stroke

Ensure your cat has access to plenty of shade both indoors and outside. If you have an indoor cat, make sure it has access to a cool area keeping blinds and curtains closed can help.

Always ensure your kitty has enough fresh water to drink provide your cat with ice cubes for it to lick on hot days.

Never leave your cat in a parked car even in the cooler months. This is particularly essential in the spring and summer. Try to keep your cat away from greenhouses, sheds and garages, too.

If you have concerns about your cats exposure to high temperatures or need urgent medical attention, dont hesitate to get in touch with our experienced head vet, Stefan Radermacher, and the team.

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How To Stop The Meowing When Cat Is In Heat

Love-is-pet346786 over a year ago

Good day. Its me again 🙂 I forgot to ask you something about my cat because I am focused mostly on my dogs now :/

Well I think that my cat is in heat. I have a lot of pets and I was sure that I spayed her but I guess that I am wrong. I will do that but after the heat.

Now she is meowing too much. She woke me up last night and she woke up all my other pets. She is sitting on the window and meowing whole day and I dont know how to stop it.

Do you know?

DS991346765 over a year ago

Hello. It is very hard to stop the meowing when your cat is in heat. She is crying or meowing because she is feeling miserable and she is going to be like this until she is spayed. You need to know that some cats are in heat every other week and that is pretty much stressful for both of you. Being in heat constantly is not good for your cat. So I think that the only way to stop the meowing is to spay her. As soon as possible. You can spay her while she is in heat or you can wait.

CarlaNdNick348958 over a year ago

Guest over a year ago

JessayVenom over a year ago

over a year ago

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Dealing With Her Behavior

16+ Surprising Will My Cat Stop Spraying After Being ...
  • 1Calm her loud meowing. When a cat’s in heat, she advertises the fact to increase her chances of finding a boyfriend and having kittens. One way she does this is by vocalizing incredibly loudly and constantly. To an inexperienced owner, it may seem like she’s in pain, but this is perfectly normal behavior. You can either choose to deal with the extra noise, or try to calm her down.
  • Try plugging in a Feliway diffuser before your cat comes into heat. This synthetic feline pheromone surrounds her with safe, familiar scents.XResearch source Pheromones are chemical messengers a similar idea to the pheromones a female gives off to advertise she is in heat. But the ones in Feliway might have a calming, soothing effect on her.
  • It doesn’t work immediately, but the pheromones build up the cat’s sense of well-being over a couple of weeks. As such, it’s best to plug the diffuser in early and leave it running constantly in the background, so she gets the benefit by the time she comes into heat.
  • 2Deal with scent marking. Not all female cats do this, but some mark their territory with urine. Urine has potent scent markers that she uses to attract mates. Again, there’s nothing you can do to stop this behavior without getting her spayed, so you just have to make do. A few things you can do to make life a little easier include:
  • Making sure she has a clean litter box at all times. Hopefully her house training will lead her to use the box instead of marking in the house.
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    Reasons To Prevent Heat In Pet Cats

    As soon as your kitten has her first heat, she will be able to get pregnant. The hormones in her system make her eager to find a mate. She will likely cry out in a way that sounds like agony. She may roll around on the ground and rub on everything in sight. Most importantly, if she in indoor-only, she may try to escape your home in search of a mate. Not only is it dangerous for her to be outside where she may get lost or injured it’s also unsafe for her to become pregnant at such a young age. Her body is not done growing, so pregnancy may be harmful to both her and the kittens.

    If your cat does not get out of the house to mate during her first heat, she will continue to go through a heat cycle every few weeks until she becomes pregnant or is spayed. This may make it seem like she is constantly in heat. Over time, this may be stressful and unhealthy for your cat. She may lose weight, begin overgrooming, and even develop behavior issues.

    If you allow your cat to get pregnant, you are adding to the world’s pet overpopulation problem. There are countless cats and kittens waiting in shelters for homes. Even if you find homes for your cat’s kittens, you have to consider that the kittens are taking the place of shelter cats that might have been able to find homes. Unless you have a pedigree cat and are prepared to partner with a cat breeder for responsible breeding, you should make sure your female kitten is spayed as soon as possible.

    Why Do Female Cats Spray When In Heat

    Spraying is a known behavior among cats during the estrous period. The estrous cycle is the reproductive period of female cats, also known as the heat cycle. Most cats will start undergoing the estrous cycle once it reaches six months old. Some cats may take longer before reaching sexual maturity, depending on the breed and unique characteristics.

    Within an estrous cycle, your cat will experience several estrus or heat stages. This stage is when your cat is sexually receptive and the time when spraying is done by female felines.

    Each estrus stage will usually last for up to six days, but, again, it will vary on each cat. If your female cat isnt mated on the first estrus stage, the kitty will go out of heat for a short period.

    How long does a cat stay in heat? Overall, the on and off estrus cycle will make the estrous cycle last for up to six weeks. Some cats will end their reproductive cycle in three weeks.

    But why do female cats spray in heat but doesnt bleed? Remember that when a cat is in heat, bleeding isnt usually observable. Unlike female humans, cats can be in the reproductive stage even without signs of menstruation. Whats notable during the estrous period is the behavioral changes in your cat. Youll usually observe the following:

    Excessively affectionate

    Spraying and marking

    Becoming more vocal

    Urge to wander

    Rubbing or humping

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    Keep Her Warm And Fuzzy

    Provide your cat the ideal temperature with something warm to sit on, this will help her the most. You can provide her something warm to sit on which can be a wet towel or heat pad. It also helps to keep her still. Also, an electric heat pad and blanket can work for your cat. Clean her litter and keep the scent mark away to avoid her from going crazy.

    Make Sure Your Cat Stays Away From Male Cats

    Helping your cat in heat

    Do not allow your cat to go out while she is in the heat to prevent cat pregnancy. Keep her calm and prevent her from going out as it will result in mating with male cats. She will try and escape if she finds out the presence of any male cat nearby and can even attract it towards her. So, it will be a proper way to put on the blinders and shut down the doors and windows to protect her from mating.

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    How Can I Stop My Cat From Being In Heat

    Here are our tips on how to soothe your cat and make her feel comfortable during the heat cycle:

  • Isolate her from male cats.
  • Give your cat something warm to sit on.
  • Use a synthetic cat pheromone diffuser.
  • Keep your cats litter box clean.
  • Consider herbal remedies to soothe your cat in heat.
  • Spay your cat.
  • . Just so, why is my cat constantly in heat?

    Her body is not done growing, so pregnancy may be harmful to both her and the kittens. If your cat does not get out of the house to mate during her first heat, she will continue to go through a heat cycle every few weeks until she becomes pregnant or is spayed. This may make it seem like she is constantly in heat.

    Secondly, are cats in pain when in heat? No one can say with any accuracy that heat cycles are painful to cats however from the calling and other symptoms they exhibit, it would appear that they are very uncomfortable. And remember, that once a female cat has her first heat, it will happen again and again, until she either mates or is spayed.

    Also Know, do cats ever stop going into heat?

    DEAR RUBY: Cats do not undergo menopause, and a cat that has not been spayed will continue to be fertile and produce kittens throughout her life. Likewise, she will continue to have estrous cycles known as going into heat for her entire life. Most cats are capable of becoming mothers around the age of 6 months.

    How long does cat heat last?

    Should You Let Your Cat Go Into Heat Before Spaying

    There is no reason to let a female cat go into heat before spaying her. There is no evidence that a heat cycle affects the cats temperament or health.

    Cats can become pregnant during their first heat cycle. While some cats have undeniable signs that they are in heat, others do not. It can be challenging to know when you should start quarantining your feline away from males.

    It is relatively easy for cats to become pregnant before they show any apparent symptoms.

    Furthermore, if you have male cats in your house, they can indiscriminately mate with the female whether they are related or not. This can lead to inbreeding problems and overpopulation issues. Many kittens end up in shelters due to accidental breedings that occur when their mothers are very young.

    Having a litter of kittens does not make a female more friendly or pleasant. It also doesnt improve her health. Having a litter can be very trying on a females body, potentially leading to all sorts of problems later down the road.

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    How To Stop A Cats Heat Cycle

    There is no such thing as a cat in heat remedy. No pills, supplements, or herbal treatments will end the sequence. Only two things will end your cats heat cycle mating or spaying!

    Companion Animal recommends spaying before a cat enters puberty. The Journal of the American Veterinary Association agrees, claiming that early spaying provides some health benefits.

    Keeping your cat inside, ideally in a room with limited light, delays the onset of estrus temporarily. This is good practice for keeping your cat in while shes in heat, too. Its not a sustainable, long-term solution.

    Circadian rhythms govern the feline heat cycle, and your cats body will detect the onset of Spring due to prolonged spells of natural light. This will encourage her to enter heat. Outdoor cats see more sunshine and will enter estrus earlier than indoor pets.

    You can spay a cat that is in heat. Many vets prefer not to and will advise you to wait out the cycle. A cat in heat has a swollen, enlarged uterus. This makes surgery more difficult and increases the risk of complications.

    Spaying And Other Long

    16+ Surprising Will My Cat Stop Spraying After Being Spayed
  • 1Spay the cat. Spaying a cat removes her ovaries and prevents the heat cycle from occurring. It prevents her from getting pregnant, and reduces the risk of certain cancers and other diseases.XResearch source
  • If you can’t afford the surgery, look for low-cost spay services. Many clinics offer this service at a reduced price because it reduces the population of stray cats.
  • Look up your area in the databases listed on the USDA website.
  • There is a small chance of leftover ovarian tissue sending the cat into heat even after the surgery. If this occurs, consult a veterinarian.
  • 2Consider waiting until after the heat is over before spaying. A vet can perform the spaying procedure at any point in your cat’s hormonal cycle even when she’s in heat. However, there’s a risk of increased blood loss at that time. The procedure is possible, but consult an experienced veterinarian for advice.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
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    What Are The Signs Of A Cat In Heat

    There are a few symptoms to look for to determine whether or not your cat is in heat.

    • Caterwauling or wailing. One of the most evident indicators of being in heat is caterwauling. When cats are in agony, they may also do this. The wailing functions as a mating call in this case.
    • Increased affection. Another sign is your cat wrapping her tail around your legs or purring against you. She might also be rubbing herself against things to leave a fragrance trail.
    • Excessive grooming. You may notice your cat licking herself more than usual, especially in her crotch area. This is because female cat genitals may swell and become unpleasant during this period.
    • A need to flee. She is in desperate need of a partner, and she wants one fast! Your cat may try dashing out of open doors in the hopes of mating with a tomcat.

    Prevention Of Always In Heat

    The only way to prevent your cat from going into heat is to have her spayed. Although it may be difficult to prevent an ovarian tumor or cyst, keeping your cat& rsquo s regular veterinary checkups is crucial. During these visits, your veterinarian will perform a complete examination on your cat, and if your cat is showing symptoms of any pain from an ovarian tumor or cyst, such as abdominal pain, even if your cat going into heat repeatedly is not an issue, your veterinarian will be able to diagnose the condition early.

    As soon as you notice your cat continues to go into heat, it will be very important to make an appointment with your medical professional. Catching a tumor early, especially a cancerous tumor, can cause your cat to have a much better prognosis. Finding an ovarian cyst in the early stages can prevent the cyst from rupturing, which can cause more health problems.

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    Her Tail Tells A Tale

    Your cat may stick her buttocks in the air and move her tail to one side, which is the mating position.

    A cat in heat will require some extra work and attention from you. Plus, theres always the possibility of a female cat becoming pregnant and having kittens. If you dont want to breed your cat, you should have her spayed by your vet to avoid this cycle and the risk of an unwanted or unexpected litter.

    What Happens When Cats Go Into Heat

    Female Cat In Heat (Calm Your Cat In Heat) Cat In Heat Remedy – Part 2

    Heat cycles occur when a cat’s body is hormonally ready and receptive to becoming pregnant. During the cycle, your cat may be more vocal in the evening if she smells potential mates outside and wants to go out to them. Vahrenwald says she might also be more willing to have her rear end petted and may even rub it on her owners.

    Some cats who are in heat will urinate more often or spray it onto vertical obstacles. This is because their pee contains hormones and pheromones that actually help attract male cats. Feline dating habits are weird, but effective. You might even see unfamiliar male cats start appearing in your yard.

    Outside of the strange bathroom habits and the presence of tomcats, Vahrenwald says it might be hard to tell if your cat is in heat.

    “It’s not super obvious,” Vahrenwald says.

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