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Why Does My Cat Randomly Meow

The Long Meow Of Angry Warning

Why do my cat meow?

Youve heard your cat get mad. And its not what youd call melodious music either. Long, loud, and very direct, an angry meow can sound like your cat might be auditioning for a scream band and often dissolves into growling and hissing. Cats usually make such a meow when someone is invading their territory. One of the most common scenarios behind this sound-off occurs when a cat spots a stranger outside the window. Be it another cat or some other animal your cat feels this critter doesnt belong and has no problem telling the invader to get off their lawn!

Should You Answer Your Cats Call

Loud excessive meowing, especially in late hours can become tiresome, but ignoring your kitty shouldnt be the answer. Unless of course, youre completely sure that your cat is healthy and well looked after, and the only reason theyre meowing is to get what they want.

By creating a routine and sticking to your rules you could teach your kitty not to cry in another room. If its a nighttime habit, you could use an automatic food feeder to give them nighttime snacks. Make their sleeping space comfortable with a good bed and loads of toys hidden around their space to keep them occupied. Even in keeping your cat away from your bedroom, love is the correct tactic!

Remember, try not to answer their call immediately, but when theyve become quiet instead. Give them a treat and congratulate them on being quiet. Mikel Delgado, a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis states that any attention could be viewed as rewarding.

Dont shout at them and as we always advise, positive reinforcement is the only way to instill into your cat the idea that they shouldnt cry when youre sleeping. But if you simply have a chatty cat that loves to meow when theyre playing then perhaps its you who should accept their quirky little habits and meow back at them.

What Causes Excessive Vocalization

The most common cause of excessive vocalization is attention-seeking, a learned behavior. Many cats learn to meow to signal their wish to go outside or be fed. This technique is especially effective early in the morning or at night when you are tired. To stop the offending noise, you may give in to your cats demands. Once cats expect your attention, they continue to vocalize even if you attempt to ignore their behavior. As you probably are aware, most cats will outlast you, and you may eventually give in.

Excessive vocalization may also indicate the presence of a medical or more serious behavior problem. Cats may meow excessively when they are in pain or have neurological problems or sensory deficits such as hearing or vision loss. Anxiety, aggression, frustration, cognitive dysfunction or other behavioral problems can also cause cats to vocalize repeatedly.

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How Do Cats Act When They Are In Heat

A rush of hormones initiates several changes in a cat in heat. At the outset, the felines become highly anxious to mate as a result of a hormonal surge. Besides the basic urges for mating, you may notice your cat take on a more attentive and affectionate temperament, in general.

During the heat cycles in cats, the physical affinity intensifies, resulting in the cats stroking, nuzzling as well as rubbing up against furniture, walls, and their favorite humans.

The felines in heat are likely to rub their hindquarters in particular and will likely undertake the mating posture with their hindquarters and tail elevated regularly. Other noticeable signs will be a loss of appetite along with increased grooming.

She may lick her genitals a lot and sprays to mark her territory. Vocalization and spraying are the most challenging aspects of heat for an owner. To entice a male to mate, cats in heat vocalize loudly and frequently.

They may also use strong-smelling spray on walls or furnishings. In an attempt to express their availability to available males, they may also spray walls or furniture with strong-smelling urine.

She could also make a desperate attempt to flee the room to locate a partner, scratching on windows and doors to escape. All of this is typical during heat periods.

Get Your Cat Spayed Or Neutered

Veterinary Practice: Why Is My Cat Meowing At Me

If you have a cat that is reproductively active and it is constantly meowing to go out, you can stop it by getting them spayed or neutered. When a female cat is spayed, it will undergo an operation that removes its ovaries and uterus. On the other hand, males are neutered through an operation that removes their testicles.

This is the most effective way to stop cats from meowing if theyre searching for a mate. Females will come into heat every 2-4 weeks through the breeding season, and if there is a female searching for a mate nearby there is no way to reliably prevent a male cat from sensing this. Besides, it can also help protect female cats that roam around outdoors from accidentally falling pregnant.

If you want to get this surgical procedure done, talk to your vet and they will be able to book it in for you. It will set you back around $100, but it is a one-time procedure and worthwhile for any cat to have if you arent planning on breeding.

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Read Your Cats Mind: Why Is My Cat Meowing

Cats are mysterious creatures. One of the chief delights of having a cat is watching it find new ways to be silly and weird. Kitties can also be very vocal. Chances are, youve heard your cat being quite noisy and wondered, Why is my cat meowing? There are lots of reasons for why cats meow. Some cats are chatty kitties and may meow for anything from hunger to simply saying hello, while other felines may be more the strong, silent type but its important to pay attention to these seemingly random noises as meows can tell you a lot about your cats health.

Though the reason your cat may be meowing can vary greatly, its important to know that when cats do meow its to communicate with YOU. While dogs are pack animals who depend on communication to interact with each other, cats are solitary animals and developed vocalizing largely to communicate with humans . So what are they saying? Here are a few reasons your cat may be meowing.

Just A Cat Meowing Hello

Upon entering a room, your cat might announce her presence with a charming meow that sounds like shes actually saying hello or hi. Brilliant beings that they are, cats learn to mimic some of our speech when we spend time talking with them. And the greeting you use upon seeing them tends to be one of the words they learn to emulate.

When you return home or enter a room where your cat is lounging, you may be greeted with a short, cutesy meow. If you hear several of these sweet meows in a row, bathe in the glow of knowing your cat is very excited to see you. Could cats be any cuter?

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When Cat Meowing Indicates A Medical Problem

Generally, meowing is not a cause for concern. “Some cats, notably Siamese, meow more than others,” says Dr. Jeff Levy, a Manhattan-based veterinarian and certified veterinary acupuncturist. “And it’s likely your feline will also use meowing to train you to do his bidding in the middle of the night like mine has.”

Cats use meowing to communicate with both humans and other cats. If your cat is always talkative, then that’s probably just his nature and nothing to worry about. However, changes in your cat’s intensity, type, or frequency of meowing can actually be a sign that something is amiss. It’s up to you to read those signals and notice changes that might be telling you it’s time for a vet visit.

How To Make The Howling Stop

My Cat Can’t Meow

There are a few ways to curb your cats nighttime antics.

Actively engaging in playful activity during the day makes it easier for them to sleep at night. Its easier said than done, but try to ignore your kittys demands for nightly snacks or cuddles. Giving in reinforces the behavior and will end up keeping you up at all hours of the night.

Despite what some people think, cats dont like being alone a lot. Cats often meow to initiate play, petting, or to get you to talk to them. If you want to cut down on attention-seeking meows, stop responding when it happens. Only give them attention when they are quiet. If they start to meow again, look or walk away.

Spend quality time each day with them, playing, grooming, and talking to them. A tired pet is a quieter pet.

Wait until they are quiet to put down food, and dont give them treats when they meow. If this doesnt work, get an automatic feeder that opens at set times. Now kitty will meow at the feeder and not you.

Many cats meow when their people come home, or even when they just meet them in the house. They are lonely. If your pet spends too many hours a day alone, think about getting a pet sitter to enrich your pets life. Put a bird feeder outside a window they can watch. Leave foraging toys out with food inside. Get them a kitty condo and rotate different toys that you leave out for play.

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How Do You Tell Your Cat You Love Them

Slow Eye Blink at Her. Cats slow eye blink at each other and at their humans when theyre feeling relaxed and loving. Use Interactive Toys to Play with Her. Give Her Comfortable Beds and Plenty of Them. Provide Great Cat Scratching Posts. Give Her a Hiding Spot. Snuggle Her. Give Her Whiskers a Break.

Reasons Why Your Cat May Suddenly Become Hyper Vocal

  • Heat — Is your cat ? If not, they could be looking for love. These cries will go far beyond, feed me, Im hungry meows, and instead will sound more like the howls. The answer to this is to adhere to your veterinarians recommended spay/neuter schedule prior to these raging hormones.
  • Boredom — If your cat is bored, hell let you know by meowing all the time. Make sure to rotate through interesting toys, and truly devote some time to play and exercise each day. You can also about preparing to adopt a kitty friend!
  • Old Age — There are so many health issues that can arise , including losing hearing and eyesight. Watch your cat carefully. Is he bumping into things? Seeming more hesitant about jumping? If so, its time to to see whats wrong.
  • Sickness — Kidney problems are common in elderly cats. If your cat is advancing in years, we recommend twice yearly . You certainly dont want your cat to be sick!
  • Pain — Cats who are meowing a lot are trying to tell you something, and it may be that they are in . Since they cant tell you exactly where it hurts, youll have to watch for clues. Does your kitty seem to have a problem using the litter box all of a sudden? For example, signs of a urinary tract infection include unusually frequent use of the litter box.
  • When cats are healthy, and theyve always been vocal, they may be saying hello or asking for affection.

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    Excessive Cat Meowing Could Signal Hyperthyroidism

    Typically found in older cats, hyperthyroidism displays a number of symptoms, including weight loss despite ravenous hunger, excessive activity and excessive vocalization. If your cat is showing these symptoms and your cat wont stop meowing, take her to the vet right away for a checkup and blood test.

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    It Could Signify Cognitive Dysfunction

    Your cat just approached you with an urgent look on its ...

    If your cat is older, cognitive dysfunction could be behind all those cat yowling sounds. Your vet can examine your cat to determine if this might be the cause. They start to not really understand whats going on and then they start to vocalize, Dr. Karsten says. A lot of times, the yowling seems to happen at nighttime. Try feeding them a highly digestible meal before bed so theyre not hungry, create a relaxing area for them at night, and increase environmental enrichment throughout the day so theyre tired at night.

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    How Do You Treat Excessive Vocalization

    Treatment for excessive vocalization depends on the underlying problem. If you have a cat who is vocalizing excessively, take her to a veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist so a primary medical or behavioral diagnosis can be made.

    If your vet determines that the cause isnt medical, consider why your cat is asking for more attention. Many cats turn to vocalization because they are bored and arent receiving enough stimulation. Increasing your cats mental and physical enrichment may eliminate the problem. For more information, read Cat Enrichment and Enrichment Ideas for Cats.

    If you are providing proper enrichment and your cat is still demanding attention by vocalizing , you must consistently ignore your cats vocalization, refusing to respond to any request for attention until the cat is quiet. Typically, cats will initially vocalize more and for longer periods of time before they finally give up. During this time, you must continue to ignore the cat. If you give in, your cat will learn that louder and longer vocalization is the only way to reliably get your attention.

    In addition to ignoring the attention-seeking behavior, reward your cat for performing a more appropriate behavior. This behavior could be sitting quietly in front of you, touching you to ask for something or simply being quiet. For more information about behavior modification, read Cat Behavior Modification: Desensitization and Counter-conditioning.

    Why Your Cat Keeps Meowing For No Reason

    Ive observed the difference between my cats and in each of my cat over time when it comes to meowing. Charlie, on one hand, is a very vocal fella. He will let you know when hes hungry, he will let you know when he missed you, he will talk back to you when you call him. Nala, on the other hand, doesnt meow much but she will when she wants fresh water from the tap, when the litter box is dirty and when she sees prey.

    There are many reasons why your cat might be meowing non stop, including serious reasons that might mean you should take your cat to the vet or silly reasons. The short answer is, your cat will meow for no reason if he/she is sick, bored and wants to play, hungry or thirsty, stressed, or just wants to converse with you.

    Read the reasons below as to why your cat might be meowing and try to gauge whether its serious or your cat is just being a cat. If its serious, you should take your cat to the vet. Read on to determine why your cat might be meowing.

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    They Are Suffering From Cognitive Dysfunction

    As cats age, their functions start to decline. This includes physical abilities such as not being able to jump and run around like they used to, but also mental capabilities and cognitive function. Feline cognitive dysfunction is actually extremely common in senior cats and affects over 55% of cats over the age of 11 years old, and 80% of cats over the age of 16.

    Feline cognitive dysfunction can manifest in many ways, but all the symptoms are caused by a decline in the ability to recall information, learn new skills, and understand the world around them. This can cause cats to become extremely disorientated and confused. Cats can forget where things are and what their normal routine looks like, and they often suffer from anxiety as a result.

    Senior cats with cognitive dysfunction often keep meowing at closed doors, and become more vocal in general, especially during the night. They often need more reassurance and attention because theyre stressed and so could be calling for help. They could also have forgotten what is behind the door, or not understand that its night-time and youve gone to bed.

    If cognitive dysfunction is the reason your cat wont stop meowing at night, it will also be accompanied by other symptoms. Your cat could seem very disorientated, stop grooming as much, and eat less. They could also forget how to use their litter box or be unable to recognize people. If your cat shows any of these signs and symptoms, take them to the vet.

    If Your Cat Wont Stop Meowing She Could Have Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

    My cat keeps meowing, find out why in this video

    A cat with this condition will sometimes get wild-eyed and just go nuts, almost as if shes hallucinating. Shell cry and yowl loudly, may have bizarre mood swings, her skin may ripple as if even the air hurts her, and she might have sudden fits of grooming herself like crazy, even leading to hair loss.

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    Your Cat Is Going Through Changes

    If your female cat isnt spayed, one of the most obvious reasons why she might be meowing for no reason is that she is in heat. She will act more affectionate than usual, pacing around, and rubbing her back on the floor. And she will meow or yowl for no apparent reason. Female cats are in heat generally from beginning of the year until Fall, every few weeks for anywhere from 1 to 7 days each time. Similar to a human menstrual cycle Male cats do not go into heat.

    One time when I visited a vet while living in the Valley in California, the vet told me about her cat changing her personality completely after a month apart when the vet was on vacation. She said its normal to find cats change their personality over time as they mature or as they experience different circumstances. So, ask yourself has there been a significant event that occurred which could have triggered a change in personality in your cat?

    Sadly, another reason why your cat is meowing for no apparent reason might because of old age. Just like humans, when they become senior cats, they might also get cognitive dysfunction. And unfortunately, theres nothing you can do about that.


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