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How To Stop My Cat From Pooping On The Floor

Put The Litter Box In The Right Place

How To Stop Your Cat From Pooping Outside The Litter Box

Getting the placement of a litter tray right is relatively simple; it just takes a bit of common sense. Most people wouldn’t want to eat sitting anywhere near the toilet, no surprise there! Neither does a clean creature such as a cat. So, for an easy life, just make sure you put the litter box as far away from the cat’s food and water bowls as possible. Somewhere away from human food is a good idea, too. If you have a utility room, storeroom or a hallway, that is a great place to put the tray. Just make sure that the cat can find it easily and that it is readily accessibleit’s no good hiding the tray in an awkward corner .

If your cat repeatedly goes to the toilet somewhere in your house, then place the littler tray there and leave it for a couple of days. Clean up any mess on the surface or the floor, but don’t do a deep clean until the cat has used the tray at least twice.

How Do You Get An Older Cat To Use The Litter Box

Try to convert her to litter by sprinkling it over the carpet, gradually adding more if she doesnt object. If your cats eliminating on slick, smooth surfaces, try giving her an empty box or putting a very thin layer of litter at one end of the box. Leave the other end bare, and put the box on a hard floor.

Why Is My Cat Pooping Randomly

Cats may poop on the floor because of a medical condition, stress, or because the litter box is dirty. If the behavior started suddenly, have a vet rule out a medical problem first and then take note if anything significant has happened in the cats life, such as a new pet entering the home or the loss of a companion.

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Can You Retrain A Cat To Use The Litter Box

Cats are relatively easy to potty train. The most important thing to remember is the importance of accessibility. If the cat can reach the litter box then they will most likely prefer to use it over any other spot in your home.

If you already trained your cat but they have fallen back into old, undesirable habits, you may want to switch things up and try a new approach. Here are 3 important tips that may help increase your chances of success.

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My Cat Is Pooping On The Floor

You can create a routine for when you leave and return for the day. Before work, hide treats around your home for your cat to hunt. When you return home, get your cat active with a fun play session. Both of these ideas can prevent boredom which will help prevent behavioral issues as well.

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Check The Condition Of The Cat Box

If you arent cleaning the litter box enough, your cat wont want to use it. As mentioned above, cats are clean animals. They prefer the place that they do their business to be clean. The problem could also be with the litter. Some cats are very picky about their litter. If you are using a rock litter, try switching to sand.

Finally, check the litter box itself. If it is too small for your growing cat, he wont want to use it. If the litter box has a cover, try taking it off. There are some cats who dont like to feel closed in when they do their business.

Why Does My Cat Poop Outside The Box

Homeยป Why does my cat poop outside the box?

A common, frustrating problem many cat owners experience is inappropriate elimination particularly pooping outside of the litterbox.

There can be many reasons a cat may stop using the litterbox. Some reasons are medical cats with diarrhea or constipation may not have time to get to the box. Some arthritic cats may have difficulty entering the box. A visit to the vet is in order if your cat has been pooping outside of the box to help rule out medical causes.

In many instances, behavioural causes lead cats to poop in inappropriate locations. These can be because they dislike their box or they like their alternative location better.

To ensure your cat likes the box as much as possible, here are a few pointers:

You can also take measures to make the area your cat is defecating less attractive:

  • Clean the area thoroughly using an enzyme based cleaner such as this one.; Enzyme based cleansers break down the scent markers, which should help prevent your cat from returning to the scene of the crime
  • Place tin foil or double-sided sticky tape over the area your pet is eliminating. Cats generally dislike the feeling on their paws.
  • Motion detecting sprays can be placed near the area of inappropriate elimination. These products emit a harmless spray to startle a cat when they walk by and should help prevent them from eliminating in this area.

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Tips To Get Your Cats To Cover Their Poop

If your cat doesn’t cover her poop, what can you do? It can be frustrating if you find uncovered poop waiting in the litter box. Just remember: your cat isn’t doing this to be mean. If she’s not covering her poop, it could be because of nervousness, competition with other cats, health issues, or other reasons. You can encourage your cat to cover her poop by trying different litter and litter boxes, calming products, and decreasing the stress in her life.

Reduce Their Space And Restrict Favoured Areas

Why Cats Poop on the Floor

Depending on where they are pooping, a starting solution would be to block off the areas they are regularly using. Directing them into a small area where the litter box is located can help with their litter box habits.

Since cats are clean creatures they prefer to ‘go’ in appropriate areas. Blocking off inappropriate areas can help train your cat to ‘go’ in the desired area.

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How To Stop A Cat From Pooping On The Carpet

While we may get used to our cats bringing us the odd present from their outdoor ventures, pooping outside of their litterbox is a habit wed rather not encourage. The occasional litter tray accident shouldnt be too much of a problem but if it starts happening suddenly or more frequently, it could be a sign somethings up. We take a look at why your kit may be preferring the floor to their litterbox and suggest some practical ways to stop a cat from pooping on the carpet.

The Vet Files: Why Is My Cat Suddenly Peeing On The Floor

Dr. Phil Zeltzman is a traveling, board-certified surgeon in Allentown, PA. His website is He is the co-author of Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound .

Kelly Serfas, a Certified Veterinary Technician in Bethlehem, PA, contributed to this article.

A friend and cat lover recalls: “My cat, Catnip, peed on the floor! At first, I was so mad at him. I locked him up in the basement with his litter box, food and water. The urine looked a little red, but I was convinced he was fine since he was acting normally otherwise. Just being a bad boy not using his litter box!”Two days later, my friend woke up and noticed that Catnip had gone in and out of his litter box multiple times.; She assumed that he was either getting diarrhea, or that he was constipated–both assumptions are common but wrong.; Because she had to go to work, Catnip went back to the basement.Ten hours later, when she got home from work, there was nothing in the litter box! She looked around the basement for Catnip and found him hiding under an old armchair. When she pulled him out, he wasn’t fighting as he usually does.; He was clearly in pain.; He seemed quite depressed and cried a weaker meow than usual. I told her to rush Catnip to the emergency vet;hospital where they confirmed my suspicion: Catnip was “blocked.”

If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call your veterinarian they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.;

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Cats Not Using The Litter Box As A Sign Of Illness

Going outside the litter box can also be a sign that your cat is sick. In particular, frequent urination, especially outside of the litter box, can signal a urinary tract infection or feline interstitial cystitis . If your cat continues to go outside the litter box, especially if you see them urinating frequently, its time for a visit to the veterinarian.

To prevent urinary tract troubles, make sure your cat has plenty of water to drink at all times. Also, consider giving them wet food once a day. In the wild, cats get almost all of their needed moisture out of their prey, but todays kibbled dry food doesnt provide the same amount.

The good news is that litter box troubles are usually temporary. Once you discover the underlying issue, you will be able to get your cat back on track. Whether its changing to a new type of litter or litter box, moving the box to a new location, keeping it more clean for fastidious felines, or treating a urinary tract infection, youll soon be back to a routine with your kitty.

Your cat is telling you that something is wrong when they go outside the box. Once that trouble is addressed, itll be back to pets, purrs, and playtime, without worry about poop time.

Why Do Cats Poop On Rugs

Why Is My Cat Pooping In The House

Out of all the places in a home, it seems that rugs are popular targets for inappropriate elimination. There’s something about the fabric that attracts cats. Perhaps it’s the fact that rugs are easy to knead and paw at like litter, or maybe it’s the scent. The absorbancy is likely a factor as well. You may never know for sure why your cat seems to prefer the rug, but many cat owners report this same issue.

Cats are often mysterious, so getting to the bottom of the problem will take careful observation. You’ll need to eliminate the potential causes one at a time.

No matter where your cat is pooping, if it’s outside the litter box, there are a few possible explanations for it.

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Five Ways To Stop A Cat From Pooping On The Floor

  • Put the Litter Box in the Right Place: Put the litter box away from the cat’s food and water, and if the cat keeps going in a specific area in the house, try moving the litter box to that area.
  • Establish a Reward System for Good Behaviour: Encourage your cat with a quiet, calm voice when it uses the litter tray properly, and move it to the litter tray after firmly saying “no” if you find it pooping elsewhere.
  • Keep the Litter Tray Clean: Cats are clean by nature, so they won’t want to use a dirty litter box.
  • Rule Out Medical Conditions: If the other techniques listed in this article don’t work, take your cat to the vet to rule out any medical conditions that may prevent it from making it to the litter tray in time.
  • Choose an Appropriate Litter Box: Larger cats need a larger litter box, some cats with mobility issues may not be able to get into litter boxes with high sides and having multiple cats may necessitate multiple litter boxes.
  • Consider A Jumbo Litter Box

    There are a lot of larger litter tray designs on the market. These jumbo litter boxes are big enough for two cats to share comfortably. But make sure you keep on top of the cleaning.

    Also keep in mind that cats will probably not use the litter box at the same time. So, even if you get a jumbo litter box, you should still have multiple options for a multi-cat household.

    This will help them feel more comfortable and less stressed.

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    Contacting The Owners And Authorities

  • 1Check on leash laws in your areas. Most cities won’t let animals be outside without leashes on. Once you know the laws, it gives you the authority to do something about the cats roaming in your garden.XResearch source
  • 2Find the owner. Check the cat collars, if possible, to find the owner, as many collars include a phone for the cat’s home or, at the very least, the cat’s vet office. You can also watch to see where the cat goes when she leaves your garden.XResearch source
  • 3Talk to the owner. If it’s a neighbor’s cat, talk to the neighbor about the problem. Inform him or her of the leash laws, and ask the owner to keep the cat inside. You can threaten to call animal control if the cat continues to come over.XResearch source
  • 4 If the cat is a stray or if a neighbor’s cat continues to come over, you can call animal control to pick up the animal.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • Clean The Box Properly

    Cat Poops on Floor!!

    This task must be carried out frequently and thoroughly. Firstly, with a scooper, regularly remove the dirty clumps from the box and deep clean the box once daily.

    A deep clean includes removing the old litter and scrubbing the box with warm and soapy water. You must then rinse it with clean water, let it naturally dry and pour in a fresh supply of litter. Steer clear of scented kitty-litter as some cats do not like the scents and will not use it.;

    When cleaning the boxes always use rubber gloves and a face mask. These protect against microscopic bugs and litter dust.

    Pregnancy warning – If you are pregnant please do not clean your cats litter box. Leave this to somebody else as this will reduce the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis.

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    The Litter Box Needs To Be Relocated

    The location of the litter box can be an issue for some kitties. Many times, litter boxes are located in areas that are convenient for humans to access or in places we find more acceptable . While thats great for us, it might not be so great for our cats. Read up on the places cats may find more acceptable in our blog post for ideas on the whys of the wheres of litter box placement.

    Add Cat Attract To The Litterboxes

    This little product is made to help remind cats to use their box. Theres frustratingly little information about whats in Cat Attract or why it works. The website just says that its natural, they tested it, it works, buy it. Id be skeptical, but we use it at the shelter and I know several people who swear it makes a difference. Cant hurt to try.

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    Help My Cats Peeing Or Pooping All Over The Place

    This is a cry we often here from our clients. There is nothing as objectionable as cat urine or faeces where its not meant to be! Its not nice for you or your cat. But dont despair! There is always a reason for kittys inappropriate behaviour and there is always a solution.

    But WHY?

    One common misconception is that cats soil in inappropriate places for revenge. It is tempting to conclude, He defecated on the living room carpet to punish me for leaving him for the weekend. But cats dont think like this and do not in fact find their urine or faeces as distasteful as we do. Your cat is behaving this way for a reason, but its not because you went away and had a fabulous time without him. So why do cats urinate or defecate on your bed or carpet?

    Medical problems are one possibility. Your cat may just not be able to hold on long enough to get to the tray or they may be experiencing pain when toileting and have learnt to avoid the litter box of doom because it hurts to use it! They may be unable to climb in or out if they are old or stiff, making using the tray just all too hard.

    My cat is not using the litter box reliably. What should I do?

    First, address the problem promptly. The longer the behaviour persists, the more likely it is to become habit. If you have more than one cat, you may need to separate them until you can identify the responsible party. We can suggest some simple tricks to work out who is urinating and defecating where.

    Why Is My Cat Pooping On The Floor 4 Reasons For This Behavior

    Veterinary Practice: Old Cat Pooping Everywhere

    Cats are fun, frisky, and usually clean. They wash themselves with their tongue, and they are careful not to frequent muddy or dirty spaces in general. They also do not typically enjoy leaving urine or feces just anywhere, which is why they are so easy to litter train. However, sometimes a cat might poop on the floor. It makes sense why a kitten might poop on the floor, especially if they have not been fully litter trained yet. But why would an adult cat do this? The following are possible reasons that a cat would poop on the floor and what can be done about it.

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