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Why Would The Cat Talk Rick And Morty

Rick Saw Something Terrible When He Looked Into The Cats Mind

Rick & Morty: What the Talking Cat Really Means

For most of the episode, the cat just seemed to be a cute little side story. He had some fun times with Jerry and just wanted to go to Florida, party, and get away from it all. But he also didnt want to talk about why he could talk, and kept changing the subject when asked about his vocal abilities.

Of course, Rick would have none of that. So he read the cats mind, and then Jerry did so right after him. Whatever they saw was so terrible that Jerry threw up and Rick almost killed himself. He didnt kill the cat, though. Instead, he shooed the cat away and took away Jerrys memory of what he saw.

Later, in the after credits scene, the cat met the dragon and they were going to bond and then go to Florida to party. The cat said he was ashamed of his past. It seems like really does just want to forget about his past and move on.

Of course, this could also be like;Total Rickall;where the most innocent looking creatures end up being evil.

Theory 6: The Cat Eats Old People

Others think the cat used to eat old people, and thats why Jerry made the comment about his parents. But still, this wouldnt explain why Rick wouldnt just kill the cat.

Some fans think this is all going to play out later in the season, maybe in the finale since Rick made a joke about the finale during the episode. Since the cat and the dragon bonded and were headed to Florida, it seems possible that this might all come to play again in another episode some day down the line.

Nobody else concerned about what actually managed to terrify Rick about that cat? Just me? K. #RickandMorty


Whatever it was, it was a pretty big deal. Rick rarely gets scared and for him to be that disturbed, it had to be something truly awful. And yet, it still wasnt awful enough for him to kill the cat, which is intriguing.

What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You

Viewed in light of this impressive storytelling sleight-of-hand, a full explanation of the cat’s origins and motives would actually undermine the theme of the episode. That last scene where Jerry and Rick are tormented by their glimpse into the talking cat’s tragic past serves to underscore the dangers of asking too many geeky questions. Consider each storyline’s relative conclusion: Rick, Morty, and Summer have to let go and live in the moment to enjoy their romp through the fantasy world of orgiastic dragons. On the flip side: Jerry and the cat’s spring break is going just fine, until the cat party fouls by asking way too many questions. Then, Rick shows up, and they both get punished for digging too deeply for answers.;

In storytelling, as in life, there’s such a thing as too much information. In the mystery lies much of the fun… which makes this article a sort of meta-commentary on fandom’s compulsive need to overanalyze minutiae and explain away every last scrap of a fantastical story’s mystique. If you find yourself disappointed by the explanation, maybe you can borrow Rick’s brainalyzer and restore yourself to ignorant bliss.

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Rick And Morty: Jerry Smith Reveals He Is Getting Into Beekeeping

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Rick and Morty took a midseason hiatus after returning to our screens last year. The cartoon was away from Adult Swim and E4 for several months before returning to air the second half of its fourth series a few weeks ago. One of the show’s stars has recently spoken out about a mystery which featured in the fourth episode of the latest season.

One Of The Dragon’s Treasures Is A Dan Harmon Funko Pop

Rick and Morty: Why The Talking Cat Can Talk

The dragons rare treasures werent all Hi-C Ecto Coolers and Star Wars Spin Pops. If you looked closely there was also a reference to treasures that would only be valuable to Harmon devotees. Last year Starburns Industries, Dan Harmons production company which is behind Rick and Morty, launched a campaign for a comic on Kickstarter. The anthology comic book featured stories from Patton Oswalt, Paul Scheer, Sara Benincasa, Jackie Kashian, and more as well as animation from Robert Hack, Tania Del Rio, and Sarah Burrini.

Sounds awesome, right? And guess what one of the prizes for donating to this campaign were? A custom Dan Harmon Funko Pop. If thats not equivalent to an issue of the very first Superman comic, we dont know what is.

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The Rick And Morty Season 4 Gag That Was Inspired By A Disney Classic

Rick and Morty is a series that explores outlandish science fiction scenarios in every episode. Naturally, many of these mysteries have led to fans positing some interesting theories about their deeper meaning. For example, what’s the deal with the clock in Rick’s garage laboratory? It remains to be seen if all of the big questions will be answered. However, fans can rest assured knowing that one of the Adult Swim series’ most perplexing conundrums can finally be scratched off the list.

Per Digital Spy, Talking Cat‘s speaking abilities have intrigued viewers since the feline first appeared in “Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty.” In the episode, Jerry finds the kitty in his house and wonders why it’s there. When he learns that it can talk, he assumes that it’s one of Rick’s experiments, but that’s not the case at all. As the story progresses, the characters keep asking the animal how it’s able to speak fluent human, but Talking Cat keeps changing the subject. At the end of the episode, Rick uses fancy technology to find out the truth, but he’s shocked and appalled by what he discovers.

The episode doesn’t share the information that Rick learns with fans, but Reddit users have tried to fill in the gaps. For those seeking more concrete information, though, there’s a simple answer.

What Did The Cat Do In Rick And Morty

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Rick and Morty season 4, episode 4

The fourth episode of Rick and Morty featured a number of creatures when it aired on Adult Swim this week.

This included a talking cat who spent the majority of the episode accompanying Mortys dad Jerry .

He was discovered by the character in his bedroom before the cat revealed it wanted to go to Florida for some partying and volleyball.

However, Rick is suspicious and decided to scan the cats mind to work out what his real motives were.

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‘rick And Morty’ Season 4 Theory Links Talking Cat Origins To This Villain

Is this cat connected to Fascist Morty?

Either the Rick and Morty Season 4 writers want everyone to stop asking so many questions and just have fun, or theyâre dropping serious hints about the origin of a mysterious new character. Episode 4 introduced a talking cat with a sketchy backstory, but a convincing new fan theory could explain how the catâs secret origin story connects to another new villain from Rick and Morty Season 4.

Speculative spoilers for Rick and Morty Season 4 below.

Ok, so hear us out on this one. Could the talking cat be connected in some way to Fascist Morty?

âClaw and Hoarder: Special Ricktimâs Mortyâ â Season 4, Episode 4 â may have focused on Rick, Summer, and Morty in an adventure to a magical realm of wizards and âslut dragons,â but the B-plot follows Jerry on a trip to Florida at the behest of a curious talking cat. Towards the episodeâs end, however, this catâs origins are revealed as some kind of violent, traumatic series of events that we can hear but not see.

Rick scans the catâs brain and then streams the memory into a pair of goggles attached to a contraption stored in his car. We only hear sounds of violence and destruction, but whatever Rick and Jerry see through the goggles causes Jerry to vomit and weep. Rick almost kills himself before wiping Jerryâs memory of it with Mind Blower technology.

Rick and Morty Season 4 airs Sundays on Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m. Eastern.

Theory 1: Morty Turned Into A Monster Who Turned Into The Cat

Truth about the Talking Cat – Rick and Morty

This one seems far-fetched, but the idea is that Morty turned into some kind of terrible monster and then subsequently the cat we see now. This would explain why Rick couldnt bring himself to kill the cat, since he typically doesnt have a problem with killing threats.

One Redditor, u/girlfriendpleaser, wrote about the theory: I think it was morty turning into a monster and then committing terrible acts.. Rick let him go cause he cant kill him and wanted to commit suicide because he may have caused it and doesnt want to see that ever happen.. jerry freaks out cause its his kid. And it ends with morty bonding with the dragon like he wanted to in the beginning dont be surprised if they become a duo opposite to rick and morty as well.

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Rick And Morty: What Did The Talking Cat See Star Speaks Out

Rick and Morty took a midseason hiatus after returning to our screens last year. The cartoon was away from Adult Swim and E4 for several months before returning to air the second half of its fourth series a few weeks ago. One of the shows stars has recently spoken out about a mystery which featured in the fourth episode of the latest season.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Rick and Morty season 4.

Rick and Morty fans are used to seeing weird and unexplained goings-on in the comedy so a cat who could mysteriously talk didnt feel completely out of the blue for the show.

In season fours episode four Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktims Morty, Rick Sanchez and Jerry Smith came across The Talking Cat who accompanied them on a trip in the spacecraft.

When they asked why he was able to talk, the cat just replied it was because he was from space, hoping this would stop them answering questions.

But this only made the pair even more curious to find out the truth.

The Talking Cat Is A Reference To The Cat From Outer Space

Even Rick and Mortys craziest plots can be traced back to often-forgotten pieces of pop culture. , Jerrys adventure with the talking cat seems shockingly similar to the 1978 sci-fi comedy The Cat from Outer Space. Starring Ken Berry, the movie follows a khaki-wearing scientist who befriends a mysterious talking cat that just wants to go home.

Much like in Rick and Morty, the cat explains its ability to talk by saying its from outer space. But whereas that nonsense explanation can fly in a Disney movie it doesnt in Adult Swims warped sci-fi show. The talking cat could be a nod to this forgotten and bizarre family movie and nothing more.

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Game Of Thrones Actor Liam Cunningham Made A Perfect Fantasy Cameo

Speaking of perfect casting, Rick and Mortys leading fantasy character Balthremar the dragon has a connection to one of the biggest fantasy series around. Balthremar was voiced by Liam Cunningham, best known for playing former smuggler and House Stark loyalist Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones.;In addition to Game of Thrones Cunningham has also starred in Hunger, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, and Clash of the Titans.

The Cat Is A Lovecraftian Monster Which Is A Tease For An Upcoming Cthulhu Episode

Why Can the Cat Talk in

Sure, we didnt get to see exactly why the cat can talk, but we did get to hear the device Rick and Jerry were using to scan the animal. And it sounded terrible. This has caused some fans to speculate that the talking cat is actually some type of Lovecraftian monster who destroyed and brutalized a world. That would explain why Jerry threw up out of horror and Rick shooed the cat away rather than killing him. The cat could be a monster so horrifying not even Rick wants to chance fighting him.

But one fan took the Lovecraft connection one step further. Reddit user u/SeeYouInHellCandyBoy mentioned that this horror-producing cat could be teasing an episode about Cthulhu. Fans have long thought there is going to be an episode about The Great Old One since the monster that chases Rick, Morty, and Summer in Rick and Mortys opening credits looks an awful lot like H.P. Lovecrafts most famous creation. Perhaps the talking cat and his soul bond with Balthromaw the dragon are the gateway to this upcoming episode.

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Coronation Street: Maria Hears Garys Big Secret

Their marriage hits the rocks.When Craig reveals that they had to let Gary go as there wasnt enough evidence to arrest him, Sarah is furious. Sarah calls at the salon flat and rails at Gary, accusing him of moving Ricks body to save his own skin. When Gary suggests shes just trying to cover her own tracks, Sarah is incandescent.

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Coronation Street: Nick has sad news for Sam .How will the youngster react?

Who Voices The Cat

The cat is voiced by accomplished actor Matthew Broderick.

Broderick has starred in such films as War Games, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Biloxi Blues, Glory, The Cable Guy, Election, and The Producers.

He has been married to fellow actor Sarah Jessica Parker for 23 years.

“I don’t know the secret at all, but I, you know, but I’m very grateful and I love her and, it’s amazing,” he told the Radio Andy Show on Sirius XM radio.

“I mean, I can’t believe that it’s been that long. It doesn’t feel like it.”

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Rick And Morty Season 5: Release Date Speculation First Footage And Story Details

Heres your first look at Rick and Morty season 5But bringing all that together would take, roughly, one game of Roy: A Life Well Lived. So, weve put together a little shortcut of a guide for what you should expect from season 5. By hopping into infinite dimensions and even snagging a couple of exclusive interviews, were here to bring you the complete picture of Rick and Morty season 5 so far: when we should expect it, why it wont take as long this time, and even a very brief taste of what story shockers are in store for the Adult Swim series.

Naturally, this left viewers wondering what on earth Rick and Jerry actually saw in the cats brain. Given all the messed up stuff Rick has done over the years, it must have been something monumentally disturbing.

Immediately after the episode aired, Reddit did its thing, theorising what could be going on with the Talking Cat. Some of the most plausible yet still insane possibilities included the following:

  • The cat is actually a Morty.
  • The cat is a cosmic entity of unspeakable evil.
  • The cat is a reference to that horrifying Garfield meme Im Sorry Jon.
  • The cat was a victim of unspeakable violence.

While speaking to Jerry voice actor Chris Parnell, we asked what he thought Rick and Jerry might have seen in the Talking Cats mind, to which he replied:

Rick And Morty Season 4 Finale May Bring Back This Mysterious Villain

Rick and Morty: What Was The Talking Cats Dark Secret?

This could explain how the first part of Season 4 set up an epic finale.

Rick and Morty dropped a neutrino bomb on fans with the release of its epic Season 4 Part 2 trailer. Titled, The Other Five, this glorious teaser confirms the return of multiple iconic villains, from Evil Morty to the super-intelligent dog. However, theres one familiar antagonist that Rick and Morty fans might have missed, and it could reveal how a previous Season 4 episode set up an epic season finale showdown.

One scene from the new Rick and Morty Season 4 trailer shows Snuffles in his old mech-suit fighting a cat in a mech suit of its own. Thats a pretty epic battle , but it could be even more important than you think.

Remember back in Rick and Morty Season 4s Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode when Jerry and a talking cat went on an adventure to Florida? No? To be fair, it was a pretty minor B plot that didnt amount to much. At least, thats what we thought at the time.

Each time someone asked why the cat could talk it replied, . This cat was all about having fun, not explaining why it could talk. Later in the episode, Rick and Jerry both find out the cats backstory, but its so horrible they cant repeat it. So clearly this cat is evil, but we dont know why.

In the earlier episode, when Rick finds out about Jerrys cat issues he makes a typical fourth-wall-breaking joke. I better check on him, he says. Big season finale right there, you know?â

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