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Is Wet Or Dry Food Better For Cats

Whats The Difference Between Dry And Wet Dog Food

Cat Food: WET vs DRY – What Is Better? | Facts About Cats

As a result, wet food has a much higher moisture content than dry food. You can see the percentage of maximum moisture on the label, under the Guaranteed Analysis section. A dry food might have around 10% moisture while a wet food might have something like 78% moisture .

Always Consult Your Veterinarian

Your cats diet and nutrition are an important aspect of his or her general health and are part of a complete annual wellness exam. For the best advice on feeding your feline, be sure to consult your veterinarian.


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Why Cats Need Wet Food

Whether a docile darling, rambunctious rascal, or feisty furball, your cats primal nature remains unchanged. Just like lions, tigers, and leopards, domestic cats are true carnivores, requiring a protein-rich, meat-based diet to thrive. While quality dry cat foods are more than capable of meeting these nutritional needs, they can’t compete with wet foods in terms of moisture content.

Why does this matter? Because cats are biologically hardwired to obtain vital moisture from the organs and muscles of prey, they tend to have a lower thirst drive. This means cats typically won’t drink water as readily as other household pets might. For some cats, this can lead to dehydration and may even cause serious urinary tract problems. While most dry cat foods have a moisture content of approximately 10% or less, wet cat foods can contain up to 78% moisture, making it easier for cats to fulfil their daily water requirements.

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What Type Of Cat Food Bowl Is Best

Stainless steel or ceramic bowls are usually preferred, as unlike plastic bowls, these are not likely to get scratched or worn. Bacteria is harboured in these scratches, and odours tend to sit in plastic bowls.

Any plastic bowl that looks visibly scratched or worn should definitely be replaced, and all bowls – of any material – should be washed daily. Ensure you provide clean, fresh water in a large bowl, this will help to keep the kidneys healthy, and reduce the risk of Urinary infections.

Cats usually favour shallow bowls so that their whiskers do not brush against the sides of the bowl, so this is definitely an important consideration to make when choosing a bowl.

It’s also crucial to bear in mind that separate bowls are usually preferable over ‘double’ bowls – cats dislike having their water next to their food bowl as it can become contaminated with bits of food.

It is worth bearing in mind there are also cat feeders available which can be ideal for multi-cat households or for encouraging your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

Commercial Raw Cat Food

Is Wet Food Or Dry Food Better For Cats

Commercially prepared raw cat foods take a lot of the guesswork out of feeding raw. Reputable manufacturers follow the guidelines put forth by the Association of American Feed Control Officials .

Make sure that you can find an AAFCO statement of nutritional adequacy like one of these on the label of any cat food you might purchase:

  • Brand X Cat Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for adult maintenance, growth and reproduction, or all life stages.

  • Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that Brand X Cat Food provides complete and balanced nutrition for adult maintenance, growth and reproduction, or all life stages.

You can be confident that any cat food, raw or not, that conforms to AAFCO standards will at the very least provide your cat with the basics of good feline nutrition.

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How To Choose The Right Canned Food For Your Cat

Highest quality is not always related to price or how pretty the label looks. In that respect, it’s like wine. I mean HELLO, have you met my very good friends Charles Shaw and Jim Beam?

The goal is to find what your cat thrives on. What diet gives them energy, makes their coat shine, gives them healthy poops, and doesn’t make them vomit? All of this is very important, and just like humans, every cat is different and has their own preferences.

When your cat has their lab work done every year, or every other year, check out the results! How do their kidneys look? What are their liver values? All of these things come into play.

Unfortunately when it comes to comparing wet food and dry food nutritional makeup, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. What you have to do is convert the percentages in the canned food, , to dry matter.

And then you can compare the macronutrients to find out if you’re getting the correct 50-60% protein, 30-40% fat, under 10% carb ratios.

Did your brain just explode, because mine certainly did. Math is hard.

Need help figuring out how to transition your cat from dry food to wet food? Check out this cool video from Jackson Galaxy .

Thanks again for reading and listening. Got a topic you’d like us to cover? !

Use Separate Bowls / Feeders

Its a matter of cleanliness and hygiene. In the same way that cats dont like to have water next to food , they wont eat different foods from one bowl too.

Also, if you dont have too much free time, you can benefit from automatic cat feeders. However, you should use two different feeders: a feeder for kibble and a feeder for wet cats food because these are two different classes of devices.

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Wet Cat Food Storage Tips

Unlike kibble, we cat food cannot be left out for cats to graze on all day long. If wet cat food is left out for too long it may cause a stomach upset for your cat due to bacterial growth, and it also wont be very appetizing once it has been left to dry up, says Garner.

After opening a can, Dr. Carroll says that any remaining food should be stored in the fridge and served laterwithin 1-2 days of opening. This storage issue can be avoided by opting for smaller sized cans, she adds.

If youre considering putting the wet food in the freezer, make sure to check the label beforehand. Some wet cat foods can be frozen, but make sure to check the packaging first, says Garner.

When serving already-opened wet cat food, you can add a bit of warm water to the mix to refresh it and add moisture.

Is Sugar In Wet Cat Food Causing Dental Issues

Ask a Cat Lady: Is Wet Food or Dry Food Better for Cats?

Another school of thought that Ive heard of personally from one of my vets is that dry cat foods are much better for a cats teeth specifically because of their low-in-sugar composition compared to many wet cat foods. He insisted that high levels of sugar were the main culprit of dental issues for cats just the same as they are for humans.

But if youre buying high quality wet foods, those added sugars should be fairly low, so here, I feel the issue becomes whether youre feeding your cat high or low quality cat food. Feed your cat good food, and it looks like the field is level again between dry and wet cat food in terms of dental health.

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Do Cats Need Wet Food Or Is Dry Cat Food Enough

See files for Cats

An adult cat’s diet needs to be in careful balance for them to receive proper nutrition. A kitten’s diet is even more delicate than that of an adult due their their vulnerability and development. A balanced diet not only allows a cat to survive, but to thrive. When we adopt a cat, it is our responsibility to best ensure the state of health and well-being they deserve. While animal nutritionists generally agree upon what nutrients felines need, these nutrients come in various forms. Wet food, dry food, homemade food, raw diets and more have the potential to feed our cat properly.

There is a general sense that wet food is the best type of cat food, but then why do so many people only feed their cats dry food? Do cats need wet food or is dry cat food enough? AnimalWised looks at the diet schedule of adult cats and kittens to best answer these questions.

  • What if my cat will not eat any dry food?
  • There Are Many Factors To Consider When Choosing One Or The Other

    Among the timeless questions debated endlessly from generation to generation, such as What is the meaning of life? and Does the refrigerator light go off when the door is closed?, is one veterinarians and cat owners are particularly familiar with: Is feeding canned or dry food better for cats? Cat loversand many veterinariansoften have strong and absolute opinions on this question, and disagreements on the subject tend to be about as amicable as those on politics and religion.

    The most widely held belief seems to be that canned foods are healthier for cats than dry diets. This is predicated on two key arguments:

    1) As obligate carnivores, cats cannot thrive on dietary carbohydrates, and canned diets are low-carb compared with kibble. Therefore, dry diets are more likely to lead to obesity and diabetes mellitus , two common and important feline health problems.15

    2) Cats eating dry food dont drink enough water, and this increases the risk of chronic kidney disease and lower urinary tract diseases, such as feline interstitial cystitis and urolithiasis. Feeding canned foods maintains better hydration and promotes dilute urine, reducing the risk of these diseases.4,6,7

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    Is Wet Food Bad For Cats Teeth

    The oft-told theory that dry food is better for a cats teeth than wet food is mostly untrue. Dry cat food cleans a cats teeth no better than crackers or cereal clean a humans teeth. Feeding a cat only wet food is not bad for the teeth. However, special dental diets that contain the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal have been proven to support dental health and keep the teeth cleaner. All cats should have their teeth brushed daily, or at least several times a week, with a pet-safe toothpaste and cleaned professionally by the veterinarian at least once a year.

    Best Wet Cat Food Formulas Of 2021

    Wet vs Dry Cat Food Pros and Cons: Which food is better ...

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    All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, Great Pet Care may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

    When you bring a new cat home, one of the first decisions you have to make as a new pet parent is what type of cat food to feed your feline. And while there are hundreds of foods and cat food brands on the market, most cat owners will choose between two types of formulationswet cat food and dry cat food.

    While there are benefits and drawbacks to both, wet cat food can offer a variety of benefits to our feline friends. In general, wet food tends to be higher in fat and protein and lower in carbohydrates compared to dry food, says Dr. Ericka Carroll, a San Francisco-based veterinarian who works for Hello Ralphie, a telehealth platform. Wet food also has significantly high moisture content compared to dry food.

    Finding the best wet cat food for your four-legged companion will come down to your cats individual needs and preferences. But this guide will provide information about what to look for and consider when shopping for wet cat food and which brands and formulas you should consider for optimum nutrition.

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    Dry Vs Wet Food For Cats: Which Is Better

    Do you feed your cat dry or wet food?

    If youve got a cat, youve probably wondered what the difference is, and whether one is better than the other for your cat. Many pet owners dont understand the significant role that diet can play in their pets health, and theyll reach for the cheapest option to save some money.

    If youre wondering if wet food or dry food is best for your feline companion, keep reading our article. Well go over the benefits and drawbacks of each food, and which one is overall best for your cats health.

    Introducing Dry Food Into A Wet Food Diet

    Many cat owners find a mixture of wet food and dry food creates the perfect balance for their beloved pet. If you’re introducing dry food to your cat’s diet, it is recommended that you:

    • Get them accustomed to their new food by starting off hand-feeding them a small amount
    • Gradually introduce the change by swapping a small percentage of wet food for dry food

    The reason for the steady introduction of dry food is that sudden changes can upset your cats stomach, which may put them off the new food. That’s why it’s recommended that you should slowly increase the amount of dry food over the course of at least one week

    You can discover more guidance for changing your cat’s diet in the guide to what to feed cats.

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    Is Dry Food Better For Cats Teeth

    For many years, a predominant school of thought held that dry food was better for cats teeth. The theory was that the chewing involved in consuming dry food helped to clean debris off the teeth and reduce the severity of dental disease.

    If you feed your cat kibble, please try the following experiment. Go barefoot in the house for several weeks. When you step in cat vomit in the middle of the night, turn on the light and inspect it. Ill wager that most of the kibbles will be unchewed. Cats dont naturally chew their food they tear, shred, and swallow whole. Most of the veterinary dental experts I know believe that genetics and oral chemistry have a far greater impact on dental health than does diet. Tooth brushing no doubt can make a big difference, but it appears food does not.

    Whats The Difference Between Canned And Dry Cat Food

    Should Cats Eat Wet Or Dry Food?

    Moisture Levels The main difference between dry and canned cat food is the amount of water that the food contains. Dry cat food contains approximately 10% of water, and the other 90% consists of dry matter such as carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. Canned food contains much more waterapproximately 70%compared to dry matter.

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    Should I Feed My Cat Wet Or Dry Food

    12 August 2021
    Blog Post
    26 July 2021
    Wondering whether you should feed your cat wet or dry food? We discuss the advantages of wet and dry food and which you should feed your cat.

    Like all animals, your cat needs a diet that’s properly balanced and contains all the required nutrients in correct quantities. These nutrients are water, protein, fats and oils, carbohydrate, minerals, and vitamins. Any manufactured pet food should provide your cat with this basic nutritional balance. The choice of serving canned or dry, or a mixture of the two, is really a matter of personal preference between you and your cat.

    While some cat owners swear by wet food, others insist that dry is the best. However, both sides have benefits and if feeding a ‘complete’ diet, they’ll both deliver all the nutrients your cat needs in his daily diet.

    Recent developments in pet nutrition mean there is now a wide range of commercially produced cat foods designed to match more accurately your cat’s specific needs. If your cat spends most of his time indoors, for example, he may benefit from a special indoor formula, while less-active cats require less fat, so feeding a ‘light’ formula could help to avoid weight gain.

    Safety Considerations For Raw Cat Food Diets

    While some raw cat foods may provide cats with excellent nutrition, they are still not without their drawbacks.

    Studies reveal that commercially prepared raw pet foods suffer from increased levels of contamination with potential pathogens like Salmonella, Listeria, and E. Coli in comparison to regular pet foods.

    The situation isnt any better for raw diets prepared at home. USDA estimates show that approximately one-quarter of raw chicken parts in human food-production facilities are contaminated with Salmonella and/or Campylobacter bacteria. Toxoplasma gondii and other parasites can also be spread through raw cat foods.

    You may have heard that healthy adult cats have innate resistance to foodborne pathogens. While this may be true in some cases, reports of cats developing and even dying from diseases contracted from raw cat food do exist.

    People living with a cat who eat raw foods can also be exposed to these pathogens from handling contaminated foods or coming into contact with pathogens in the cats feces. The risks posed by raw foods are greatest for people and cats who are very young, very old, or immunocompromised.

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