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Low Dust Cat Litter Reviews

Consider The Granule Size:

Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter | Chewy

Generally, you should opt for a cat litter that contains larger granules and not one that as fine particles.

This is because with larger granule particles, the dust remittance is also likely to be less compared to a cat litter box with fine particles. This is so even when you are using the traditional clay cat litters.

The Best Litter Scoop: Duranimals Durascoop Original Cat Litter Scoop

Out of five scoops we used to scoop litter at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe, the DurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop was the only one that didnt end up with a crust of pee and litter on the edge, or bits of litter stuck in the mesh.

This scoop is deeper and wider than the competition, making it simple to scoop up a large clump or to rake through the litter to pick up any bits youve missed. Its sturdy edge allows you to easily remove any clumps that may have gotten stuck to the pans edge or bottom.

The DuraScoops inventor, Chuck Firthaka the poop scoop guy, as he signs his emailssaid he invented this scoop in 2003 because he was tired of using plastic scoops that bent easily. The DuraScoop lives up to his intent, and its rubber handle is easy to grip and wont bend or dig into your hand.

Overall, the DuraScoop makes an unpleasant chore as simple as possible, a fact reflected by the scoops impressive, 4.8-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer says, 30 years, 4 cats, and countless plastic scoops later, I bought the metal DuraScoop. What a relief. Says another, I cant believe Im in love with a litter scoop! Its also a firm staff favorite at Wirecutter.

The DuraScoop is more expensive than the competition, though we think that about $13 is still a small price to pay for something that makes it easy to clean out your pets litter box.

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites In 2022

Features: Odor Control, clumping action, flushable

This is the best overall dust-free cat litter for a variety of reasons. First, it is made of all-natural ingredients, which means your family and your cat will not be exposed to toxins and contaminants as time goes on. Second, this litter is flushable, so there is no messy cleanup or need for garbage bags.

It can also be thrown in the compost pile in your yard or tossed in the trash. This litter is made of corn, so it is virtually dust-free. The unscented formula clumps too, so no wet litter needs to be scraped up from the bottom of the litter box. Another great thing about this cat litter is that it is lightweight, which makes transporting a full litter box easier and more convenient.

Features: Multi-cat, unscented, low tracking

Dr. Elseys Precious Cat Ultra Unscented Clumping Clay is the best dust-free cat litter for the money because it is affordable yet it performs as well as the highest quality and most expensive brands on the market. As a 99% dust-free formula, this clumping litter soaks up moisture quickly and prevents it from puddling up on the base of the litter pan.

Features: Unscented, flushable, eco-friendly
Features: Multi-cat, low tracking, odor control
Features: Odor control, clumping action, dust-free, multi-cat
Features: Multi-cat, clumping, low tracking
Features: Scented, odor, and dust control
Features: Unscented, low tracking, multi-cat
Features: Clumping, multi-cat, low tracking

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Choosing The Right Clumping Cat Litter

There are a multitude of factors that should be taken into account when choosing a cat litter. Finding the best clumping cat litter for your cat requires some careful considerations. We did our best to rank the products above with all of the following in mind:


Putting this first as its usually the biggest deciding factor in which cat litter brand you end up buying. Theres no point having the best cat litter if its costing you a fortune.

The price of clumping cat litter can vary significantly depending on the quality and brand name. Weve made our choices with the best value for money in mind.

Buying in litter in larger quantities is usually the best way to get cheap cat litter. Most brands sell a small and large version of any litter, and more often than not you will find that the best value for money lies in the bigger bag.

Scent and Odor Control

You can purchase clumping cat litter in both scented and unscented variants. Scented is the best choice providing your cat has no allergies that will cause irritation.

Masking the smell of cat urine is a real task, but scented cat litter does a lot to help. Some even pair up with well known fragrance battlers like Glade for that added bit of protection against nasty smells.

Odor control is slightly different. This term refers to the litters ability to lock in ammonia smells quickly. Even some unscented litters are so good at this that no smell escapes from the litter box at all.



Components To Look For In A Lightweight Cat Litter


If youre interested in trying out a lightweight cat litter for your feline family, look into these components before making your purchase.

  • Weight reduction: Lightweight cat litters can range anywhere from 25-50% lighter than standard clay. There is a considerably noticeable difference between standard litter and one which weighs 50% less!
  • Scent: You can purchase a scented or unscented lightweight kitten litter. You can choose based on preference or your cats allergy sensitivities. Some lightweight kitty litters have a very faint scent, which is great if you dont want anything too overpowering.
  • Activated carbon: Some lightweight cat litters have granules which have been infused with properties to destroy bacteria which causes ammonia smell. Carbon granules are activated when they come in contact with moisture, and its actually a very helpful and underestimated benefit when it comes to odor control.
  • Clumping: You will need to choose a clumping or non-clumping formula, which comes down to every cat parents preference. Clumping litter will be easier to scoop and maintain, while non-clumping litter may potentially absorb more moisture and odor.
  • Material: The best lightweight kitty litters are clay-based. If you want to avoid using a clay cat litter, a lightweight option may not be available.
  • Its time for our lightweight cat litter recommendations!

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    Dr Elseys Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    Dr. Elsey makes its second appearance with their respiratory relief cat litter to help control cats respiratory diseases with its low in dust and hypoallergenic litter. There are no perfumes, deodorants, or plant proteins and are replaced with natural essences. The natural essences reduce stress, which is important in reducing respiratory disease in cats.

    Like other Dr. Elsey litters, this one works well with mechanical/sifting litter boxes. The litter is unscented with superior odor control to eliminate unwanted smells if you have people over your house. The clay helps with clumping and unwanted breaking of clumps when trying to empty. You can find Dr. Elsey products on chewy.com.

    Best For Allergies Low Dust Cat Litter: Dr Elseys Clumping Clay Cat Litter

    This litter can is specially designed for pet owners who are hypersensitive to allergens. It is designed using a hypoallergenic formula, making it 99.9% dust-free, protecting you from allergic reactions. Being dust-free keeps your pets and households neat.

    It has a superior odor control system that keeps your home smelling fresh day in and day out. The litter can is ideal for both kittens and fully matured cats. The grain clay makes hard lumps that dont break down, making scoop and cleaning the box easier. Hard clumps help to prevent moisture which may cause a bad smell.

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    Buyers Guide: Finding The Best Low Dust Cat Litter

    There are a surprising number of factors to consider when looking into buying the best dust-free cat litter for your cat. Even once all of these have been thought of and carefully accounted for, it still doesnt even mean that your cat will like it! However, it is best to give it your best shot instead of having bags of litter stack up around you and your feline friends. Here are the top six aspects to take into account when choosing a new litter.

    Weruva It’s A Tea Potty Wood Litter

    OurPets Switchgrass Natural Cat Litter with BioChar | Chewy

    For a fresh-smelling home with a scent of nature, Weruva’s Natural Quick Clumping Cat Litter is the perfect fit.

    Made with Hinoki wood and natural green tea, this special quick-clumping formula is effective in stopping odor and bacterial growth in your homes.

    Hinoki wood has humidity-resisting properties that can prevent molds in the litter box, while green tea has catechins, which are antimicrobial agents that fight the growth of bacteria.

    This clean-smelling cat litter may be the closest thing to a stress-free home. Lastly, this product is both clay-free and grain-free plus has a low-dust formula.

    Material: Hinoki Wood

    Positive Reviews:

    • This litter has little to no dust, pleasant smell. Smaller-sized pellets make it easy to scoop.
    • Large pellets stay in the litter box, and out of my bed.
    • Safe for my newly born kittens. Good for the environment too.

    Negative Reviews:

    • This litter didnt clump well.

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    Boxiecat Clumping Clay Clumping Litter Best Scent Free Litter

    99.9% dust free and completely natural, Boxiecat is the go-to choice for cat owners looking for the best value for money.

    It forms really hard clumps which is great for easy clean up. The clumps are a reasonable size, not as small as The Worlds Best, but this makes them easier to catch with litter scoops. Despite being unscented, actually does a really good job of covering up the smell of urine.

    We really like that its scent free, though thats something that comes down to personal preference so it doesnt affect its rating. Quite a few cat owners find that scented clumping litters often exaggerate the smell of urine and cause it to linger around the house.

    They sell in 16lb and 28lb bags, and at the time of writing the 28lb bag costs only a few dollars more, so wed recommend stocking up while you can.

    The larger bag tends to last around a month even if you have more than one cat.

    We were extremely happy with the quality of this cat litter, and it really is hard to argue with the value for money it provides. If youre on a tight budget, this ones for you.

    Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal Multi

    Arm & Hammer calls themselves the odor elimination expert, so you know that you are getting an odor-free litter when you see their brand. Along with that, you also have low dust that allows strong clumping to allow better clean up. The ultra-low dust allows you and your cat to breathe better.

    The clumping clay makes clumps solid as a rock to allow easy cleanup and create less tracking. Arm & Hammer also offers a seven-day odor-free guarantee. Each size litter comes in a solid box for sturdiness. A blend of moisture-activated micro granules seals in the odor to give you a house free of urine and feces smells.

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    Why Should You Trust Us

    Over the last two years, weve on over a dozen of the most popular cat litter brands and more than 50 litter products.

    Our litter testing team has spent hundreds of hours testing these products dust production, clumping ability, odor control, tendency to track and scatter, and more.

    Based on extensive research and hands-on testing, weve selected the following 10 cat litter products as the best you can put in your cats box.

    Arm & Hammer Litter Platinum Cloud Control

    (Promo) Nature Calls  White Bentonite Clumping Cat Litter  40L (4x10L ...

    We all hate the dust storm inside our living room. So better to arm up with Arm & Hammer Litter Platinum Cloud Control Clumping Cat Litter.

    This dust-free formula has Dander Shield Technology, which vows to wipe out dust from cat litter apart from serving that hammer clump.

    To sweeten the deal, it also has a hypoallergenic formula for smooth breathing at home for yourself and your feline friend.

    Of course, this baking soda-supplied clumping litter is also well-known for its odor protection function. Baking soda traps odors.

    This dust-free kitty litter is an upgrade from the more popular Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal dust-free formula.

    Material: Clay

    • No more cloud of dust.
    • Great for my asthmatic cat.
    • This litter clumps hard and completely neutralize order.

    Negative Reviews:

    • This litters perfume smell is horrendous.
    • The packaging is a cardboard box that is difficult to open and hard to pour especially when it’s full.

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    Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight Cat Litter

    Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight Clumping Cat Litter is one of the best lightweight cat litters due to its feather-like consistency and quick clumping action which is also suitable for multi-cat households.

    The lightweight offers more amount of litter for the same price meaning, it is cost-efficient and convenient to clean as well. It forms no dust clouds, making it easy to clean and pour into the box. The ammonia blocker technology prevents odor for up to 2 weeks.


    • 50% lighter than regular litter
    • Comes with clear springs scent

    The glade clear springs fragrance also keeps your cats litter box area smelling pleasant and works on tough ammonia odor effectively. It is 50% lighter than any other regular litter.

    To conclude, we think this is the best light weight cat litter.

    • Strong odor control for multiple cats
    • Easy to store and pour due to lightweight consistency
    • Prevents ammonia odor for up to 2 weeks
    • Strong clumping action
    • The litter is very dusty

    Worlds Best Clumping Cat Litter Best Biodegradable Litter

    Its a bold move naming your brand the Worlds Best, but they arent far off being right.

    This dust free clumping cat litter comes in at a close second place on our best cat litter list. The clumps it creates are nice and small and as such is super easy to clean up. This also means that you dont end up wasting half the box every time you clean it, so it lasts a fairly long time.

    Our only gripe is that it doesnt protect from odor as well as the Arm & Hammer cat litter. However, if youre willing to sacrifice the odor protection for convenience, then this may be the best clumping cat litter for you.

    Its biodegradable so it can be flushed down the toilet which is ridiculously convenient. Clean up doesnt get easier than that.

    We did notice that it can be a bit hard to remove from the bottom of the box, though this is a credit to its outstanding clumping abilities. The best way to combat this is to fill up the box with about 3 or 4 inches of litter. This serves to stop urine making its way all the way through to the bottom of the box.

    All in all, its a solid contender for the number one spot, we just value odor protection too highly to place it above Arm & Hammer.

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    What Are The Best Cat Litter For Asthmatic Cats Or Cat Owners


    When it comes to purchasing cat litter, it can be difficult to know where to start. With endless options online or in-store, how do you know which brands live up to the hype? From best-selling options to budget picks thatll give you all the value you need, weve got in-depth reviews of the best dust free cat litter asthma around.

    Key Features:

    • Made of super-absorbent, lightweight silica gel.
    • Less clumping alleviates heavy bags when emptying, and urine and odor are absorbed, leaving only solid waste to empty.
    • Pretty Litter reacts to urinary elements turning it a certain color that will indicate if your cat has a particular issue.
    • Odor elimination lets you keep your litter box in small areas, and the typical smell that comes out of a litter box will be almost nonexistent.
    • Sold on the Pretty Litter website as a subscription, not available in stores.

    Best Smelling Pretty Litter is a top of the line litter that gives you everything you are looking for in a dust-free cat litter. The silica gel crystals provide a way for the urine and odor to be absorbed and not clump like other litters. As a result, the urine and odor get trapped inside the crystals, and the water can evaporate.

    The dust-free product is a friend to all furry felines and also their owners. The long-lasting litter will last up to a month per bag. Its long-lasting quality is especially great for busy owners that dont always have the time to change litter multiple times a week.



    Purina Yesterdays News Unscented Soft Texture Cat Litter

    Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter | Chewy
    • No added fragrance
    • Softer texture

    You will often come across clay litters, but this one from PURINA Yesterdays News is a paper based litter. We like it because the texture is much softer, and there is no added fragrance as well. Overall, it is one of the best no clay cat litter because we have it on our list. In one pack, you get 13.23 pounds of debris, which goes well for a few weeks. The soft pellets made from paper are designed to deliver effective odor control and low tracking. Your pets taking on the contents of their debris out of it will be a rare scenario because of what the pellets have to offer. The low tracking factor makes cleaning much easier while reducing the effort required.

    An amazing aspect of this best non tracking cat litter is that it absorbs three times more than your clay litter. Theres hardly any dust content as well since the cat debris comes from paper. Given everything, we appreciate how the unscented cat litter can deliver effective odor control. Since it is a non-clumping formula, you can also be sure that no harmful chemicals are present. The entire product is very eco-friendly, and 99.9% dust-free since the pellets are from recycled paper. With every feature, we understood that it is an environmentally friendly cat litter for use at home.

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