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Male Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box

Male Cat Peeing Outside Of Litter Box

How to Stop Male Cats From Urinating Outside of the Litter Box
  • Male – long haired cat – 16 lbs
  • Neutered & declawed
  • Indoor only, but we have a screened in deck that he occasionally has access to. Has never peed outside.
  • approx. 13 years old
  • Our 2nd cat is his sister and they have always been together.
  • 3 story home, cats primarily on main level and basement – one box on main level, two in basement
  • litter scooped once a day
  • House is mostly carpeted, basement is unfinished
  • Vet checked for UTI and/or any kidney issues during late July / early August 2018 and all was cleared – no medical issues per the Vet
  • All spots are cleaned with an odor neutralizer when we see them
  • Not consistently peeing in one spot
  • He will pee in front of us. If we notice he is wondering looking for a spot, we can get him to use the box if we pick him up, carry him to the litter box, physically place him in the box and stand with him.
  • Diet is a mix of dry food and wet food
  • Moved into this home in July 2017, behavior has been on and off since about January 2018, but has gotten worse in the past 4-6 months.
  • We are currently pregnant and due within the next 2 weeks. At the advise of the Vet, we have given him daily “special” attention to sit and pet him / play with him to try and ease any anxiety that could be related to this change.
  • His sister had a treatment for thyroid issues and was at a facility for 3-4 days in July 2018. His behavior became worse when she came back home.

How Can I Tell What My Cat Would Prefer

To determine the most suitable litter for your cat, first determine what type of litter your cat seems to be avoiding and what type of surface your cat prefers to use. Then set up two or more boxes that are identical and fill the boxes with two different types of litter . Some cats may prefer a clumping litter, cedar shavings, recycled newspaper, or plastic pearls. For cats that prefer solid or hard surfaces, an empty litter box, or one with minimal litter might do. A carpeted ledge around the box, artificial turf or some discarded or shredded carpet might help to increase the appeal for cats that prefer to eliminate on carpets, while some potting soil or a mixture of sand and soil, may be preferable for cats that eliminate in plants or soil. Making a good choice may require a little imagination and should be based on the type of surfaces in the home on which the cat is eliminating. If you prefer scented brands of litters, make sure this is also acceptable to your cat by comparing to an unscented brand. In your preference testing, if you find one litter type that is a clear favorite, discard the second type and continue your testing with other products. There are also commercial litter box attractants that might be useful.

“Making a good choice may require a little imagination and should be based on the type of surfaces in the home on which the cat is eliminating.”

Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside Of The Litter Box

Is your cat having difficulty using the litter box these days? Find out why, and how to get your cat back to doing their business as usual.

If your cat suddenly starts peeing outside of the litter box and urinating all over the house, it might just put the bond between you and your adorable furball to the test as well as your patience! But whats causing this out-of-the-ordinary behavior? And what can you do about it? Read on to find out. Or read more cat-friendly articles on the Tractive blog.

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How To Deal With A Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box

It is no surprise that cats are the most popular companion animal in America. There are approximately 30 million felines living as family members. Dismally, around 3.2 million cats enter the shelter system each year. More alarming, approximately 860,000 of them are dying in the shelters, as reported by the ASPCA. Litter box issues are often cited among the reasons for owner relinquishment of cats to shelters. Lets explore how to deal with a cat peeing outside the litter box its an issue that can often be easily remedied and keep families together!

The Bottom Line On What To Do About A Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box

Why Your Cat is Peeing Outside of the Litter Box AND ...

While a cat peeing outside the litter box could signal a single problem, it could also indicate a combination of issues. Being patient, observant and diligent is paramount in stopping a cat from peeing outside the litter box! Of course, for new cats, prevention is best, so introduce litter box training the right way from the start.

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Make Sure Your Cats Litter Boxes Are The Right Size

Trays should be at least 1.5xthe length of your catsbody .Litter depth preference of most cats is about 1.5 inches.

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Litter locations should be discreet and away from busy thoroughfares, the tray should be cleaned daily and the litter should reflect the cats natural desire to use a sand-like substance . Soiled litter must be removed daily while litter trays should be washed and disinfected once weekly or fortnightly. Do NOT move the litter trays as it may confuse your cat and they may try to eliminate in the previous spot.

Litter Box Styles For Cats With Elevator Butt

When you need to learn how to stop your cat from peeing over the edge of the litter box its the style that matters. If the cat stands to pee or raises up while going, you cant train them to squat down. Its not going to happen. The only thing you can do is switch to a seamless litter box when the cat pees over the side of the litter box. A covered seamless litter box is ideal for high peeing cats and those with a chronic case of elevator butt. It works because the entire base is sealed and super tall.

The flat area on top gives kitty another place to sit or nap. No, its not as cheap as an ordinary bin, but it works much better. Thats because the textured top catches loose litter. Best of all, the material is antimicrobial.

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Provide More Litter Boxes

If youve determined that your cat is urinating inappropriately rather than spraying, its time to take a close look at your litter box.

First, how many do you have? One litter box is often just not enough. The general rule of thumb is one box per cat, plus an extra one.

Cats can be very picky about using a box that already contains urine or feces, particularly if that urine or feces is not their own. The more litter boxes you have, the more likely your cat is to find one that suits his needs.

Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere Suddenly

How to Stop a Cat From Peeing Outside the Litter Box

All cats soiling outside of the litter box should undergo a medical and behavioural evaluation.

There could be several reasons your cat is peeing everywhere.

Causes include medical problems, aversion to the litter and litterbox, marking behaviours, poor house-training, and social and environmental stressors. Lets go into more detail.

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Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside Her Litter Box

Contributions from Petfinder.coms FurKeeps Kickoff Ask the Experts Forum and Janice Fenichel, D.V.M

House soiling, or urinating outside the litter box, is very common. Non-medical causes, often inaccurately labeled behavioral problems, usually are perfectly normal feline responses to an environmental stimulus and can be subdivided into urine-marking and normal voiding outside the litter box. The latter, which is the most common cause of feline house soiling, includes cases where cats may stop using the litter box because they dont like the type of litter or the location of the box. These aversions may arise over pain from a medical problem, fear after being startled or attacked by another cat while in the box, or odor due to infrequent cleaning. A behavioral specialist can help sort out why a cat has stopped using his litter box and suggest ways to get him back to it.

In contrast, cats urine-mark objects to define territory, compete with one another and announce sexual availability. Marking is seen more in unneutered felines, in males more than in females, and in overcrowded households.

Thoroughly Clean Up The Mess

Whether your vet determines that the problem is medical or behavioral, be sure to thoroughly clean all areas where your cat has peed outside the box. You want to be sure youve eliminated the odor, not just for your own sake, but also so the smell doesnt draw your cat back to that same spot.

You can use a black light and your nose to identify all the problem areas.

If you are dealing with fresh urine, first blot up as much as possible with paper or cloth towels. Next , pick the best cleaning method based on what has been soiled:

  • Bedding, clothing, towels, etc.: You can clean these in the washing machine using a cold cycle, and then hang them outside to dry.

  • Floors and other hard surfaces: Thoroughly clean with your favorite household cleaning solution or a pet stain and odor remover solution.

  • Rugs, carpets, mattresses and upholstery: These are best cleaned with an enzymatic or bacterial cleaner like Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Stain and Odor Remover, but make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions to maximize the effectiveness.

Image:Olesya Kuznetsova/Shutterstock

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Let Your Cat Pick The Type Of Litter

Heavily perfumed cat litter may seem to be the better choice , but cats tend to disagree.

Their noses are more sensitive than ours, so what seems pleasant to us can be overpowering to them.

They also like to stick with whats familiar, so a cat may urinate outside the litter box if you suddenly switch to a new type of litter.

Studies have shown that among cats, the all-around favorite litter type is an unscented, clumping clay litter containing activated charcoal.

If you want to try a new type of litter, make sure you have at least one box in the house that contains the old type of litter just in case. If your cat rejects the new litter, dont use it.

Attraction To Another Location

Why is My Cat Urinating Outside the Litter Box

As mentioned previously, cats like to toilet in places that are easily accessible, quiet, and have specific odors, and if the litter box is not meeting their needs, they often will find somewhere else that is more preferable. Additionally, when a cat has marked an area, it is essential to do a deep cleaning of that spot as soon as possible, as cat urine can soak through to the padding of the carpet, making it almost impossible to fully eliminate, and will continue to attract them to use this location. Using enzymatic cleaners such as Natures Miracle helps to naturally break down the components of urine to eliminate the smell. You should always avoid harsh chemicals or those with intense scents, as this may cause your kitty to want to mark over it.

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When Cats Are Peeing Blood They Tend To Start Peeing Outside The Litter Box

You may start discovering blood spots on your rugs, furniture or a pile of clothes.

We know of a cat that had a bladder infection for a few days. It jumped up and peed in the sink while the family was doing dishes!

If you cat is peeing blood and youre finding spots around the house, its time to get your cat checked.

Common Symptoms Of A Uti

  • Urinating outside of the litter box, especially if there have been no problems with using the box before.
  • Frequent or painful urination. If your cat is peeing often and seems to be in pain or is only going a little at a time, she likely has a UTI.
  • Excessive grooming of the genitals. Cats are clean creatures, and a UTI can cause temporary incontinence, meaning little dribbles of pee will frequently soil their otherwise pristine fur. Your cat may also start to smell like urine.
  • Strong-smelling urine. A cat with a UTI will often have very strong-smelling urine .
  • Increased thirst. Cats drink water, but if your cat is drinking like hes been in a desert for the past 24 hours, its very likely he has a UTI.

If your cat is showing any of these symptoms, get him into the vet ASAP for a urinalysis. If he does have a UTI, it can be treated with antibiotics that you administer or a one-time shot that lasts for two weeks. You can also request pain medication to help ease the discomfort of urinating until the antibiotics have been able to do their job. Once the treatment is complete, its a good idea to take your cat back in for a follow-up urinalysis to make sure the infection is completely clear.

As my vet Clanton-Malphus-Hodges explained to me, urinary tract infections are actually a common ailment in cats, particularly males. They are also at higher risk than female cats to develop urethral blockages, so its all the more important to treat UTIs as soon as possible.

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Clean Up The Evidence

Start by making sure to thoroughly clean the areas where your cat has pooped. If you’re unable to get the area clean enough, your cat will continue to be attracted to the spot. Launder any items that can go in the washing machine. If your cat has pooped on a bathmat or inexpensive rug, you might just need to get rid of the item. For best results, use a high-quality enzymatic cleaner for pet messes.

How To Stop Inappropriate Litter Box Behavior

Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside Its Litter Box?

Perhaps the most common reason cats urinate inappropriately is that they dislike the litter box. If your cat is peeing everywhere and you’ve ruled out medical issues, then it’s time to reassess your litter boxes.

In general, the key to stopping inappropriate urination in cats or avoiding it altogether is as simple as being a responsible, attentive cat owner. Keep your cat healthy and visit the vet for routine care and as soon as issues crop up. Minimize stress in your cat’s environment and try to keep a cat-friendly, low-stress home.

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Eliminating Traces Of Urine Scent That Attract Your Cat

Clean any cat pee that may be hanging around. Really clean it so the cat cant smell it and be attracted to it. If theres a scent of pee there, your cat is likely to go there againand againand again. Its safe to give your carpets and furniture a good spray down with some high-quality carpet/furniture cleaner if you suspect there have been accidents.

Cat Box Cleanliness Is Crucial

The litter, which should be between two and four inches deep, should be scooped daily and replenished several times a week, and the box should be cleaned thoroughly with a mild detergent not with bleach or other harsh-smelling chemicals. It is also important for the owner to thoroughly and immediately clean up any areas near the litter box or elsewhere in the house where the cat has urinated.

Position the litter boxes strategically throughout the home at least one box for every level of the house in low-traffic areas where the cat will not be disturbed midstream. Avoid placing the boxes in dark, damp, inconvenient cellars or near furnaces, washing machines or other noisy appliances. And make sure that the sides of the box are low enough so that the cat can get into and out of it easily.

In addition, Dr. Dodman points out, individual cats may have certain idiosyncratic tastes. Some dont like hooded litter boxes others dont like the box to be lined with newspaper or to be placed on a sheet of plastic. Such matters of taste should be taken into consideration.

Litter box problems are actually quite easy to recognize and address, says Dr. Dodman. And if the owner pays attention to these guidelines, the success rate should be close to 100 percent, usually without the use of medications. But remember that if an underlying medical condition is present, it needs to be addressed. No litter box shell game is going to solve the problem.

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Say Goodbye To The Cat Pee In The Carpet And Say Hello To A Healthy Happy Feline

There are many reasons why your cat may pee outside of the litter box, but it isnt the end of the world. You and your cat can continue to have a happy, harmonious life together in the same house. Seek a veterinarians help as soon as you notice your cat peeing where they arent supposed to.

At PetWellClinic, we excel at helping cat owners find the underlying issue for their cats litter box issues. We do everything in our power to diagnose the cause and find the best way to treat it with you. We also offer a variety of cat wellness packages to make life a little easier for both you and your cat, and theres no need to call to make an appointment. All of our locations offer convenient walk-in visits. Our goal is to make every visit to PetWellClinic as stress-free as possible for both you and your pet. Stop by and visit one of our locations when its most convenient for you.



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