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Purina Beyond Grain Free Kitten Food

Purina Beyond Cat Food Review Summary

Purina Beyond Regions Cat Food | Chewy

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  • Overall CatFoodDB has reviewed 21 Purina Beyond cat food products.Together they average 6 / 10 paws,which makes Purina Beyond an average overall cat food brandwhen compared to all the other brands in our database.
  • The 14 reviewed wet foods scored on average 6.3 / 10 paws,making Purina Beyonda below average wet cat food brandwhen compared against all other wet food manufacturer’s products.
  • The 7 reviewed dry foods scored on average 5.3 / 10 paws,making Purina Beyondan average dry cat food brandwhen compared against all other dry food manufacturer’s products.

At CatFoodDB, we calculate two scores for each product, each represented from 1 – 5 paws.The first score represents the quality of the ingredients in the product.The second score represents our analysis of the product’s published nutritional information.The 2 ratings are then added together to give each product a final score between 2-10 paws.For more information on our cat food analysis techniques, please .

Dry Cat Food Recipe Review: Purina Beyond Salmon & Whole Brown Rice Recipe

This Beyond Salmon & Whole Brown Rice recipe is made with real, recognizable, and natural ingredients in a kibble that is loaded with natural flavor. This formula is carefully formulated for nutritional balance and it features real salmon as the number-one ingredient. Other quality ingredients include whole brown rice, fresh cranberries, and spinach. This recipe contains 36% crude protein and 15% fat, so you can rest assured knowing that it will do more than just meet your cats minimum nutritional requirements it will exceed them. Best of all, it is free from artificial additives.

As promised, the first ingredient in this Beyond Salmon & Whole Brown Rice recipe is fresh salmon and it is followed by chicken meal and dried egg product. Fresh salmon is a great ingredient but it contains as much as 70% moisture by volume. This usually means that the final volume of protein provided by this ingredient could be much lower after cooking. That wont be a problem for this recipe, however, because the second ingredient is a highly-concentrated source of animal protein chicken meal. Meat meals like chicken meal have already been cooked to remove moisture so their volume doesnt change as much during processing. Youll also get some supplementary protein from the dried egg product.

This Beyond Salmon & Whole Brown Rice recipe has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ocean Whitefish And Egg Recipe Vs Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food

Both Purina Beyond and Natural Balance tout nutrient-rich formulas with a commitment to real, high-quality ingredients. Both of these recipes are also grain-free, which is supposed to support healthy digestion in your cat. Its tough to rate taste because thats going to come down to which your cat prefers, but the biggest area of comparison here is pricewhich happens to also be similar between these two brands. Purina Beyond, though, is slightly cheaper at about $30 for an 11-pound bag, whereas Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food is about the same price for a 10-pound bag. However, while our Purina Beyond tester felt the smell was off-putting enough to dissuade her from purchasing it, our tester for Natural Balance had no similar complaints.

Need some more help finding what you’re looking for? Read through our best premium dry foods for cats article.

If you can stomach the smell, its worth it.

Purina Beyond Grain Free Cat Food is worth trying based on its high-quality ingredients, its reasonable price tag, and the fact that cats seem to enjoy it. However, particularly because of its strong smell, personal preferenceboth yours and your catswill definitely be a factor in determining whether you want to make this food a household staple.

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Wet Cat Food Recipe Review: Purina Beyond Gravy Tuna Herring & Sweet Potato Recipe

This Beyond Gravy Tuna, Herring & Sweet Potato recipe is made with real tuna and herring as the main ingredients with sweet potato for carbohydrate energy. This formula features real, recognizable ingredients that have been carefully selected to work in tandem to support your cats nutritional needs. It doesnt contain any corn, wheat, or soy and it is free from by-products and artificial additives. Simply put, it is a nutritious recipe loaded with real meat and natural flavor.

The first ingredient in this Beyond Gravy Tuna, Herring & Sweet Potato recipe is fish broth. Though this ingredient doesnt provide much in the way of nutrition, it keeps the product moist and contributes plenty of natural fish flavor. The next ingredient is fresh tuna, followed by fresh chicken and liver. All of these are protein-rich ingredients and valuable additions to this formula. The only thing to note here is that the liver doesnt come from a named source this makes it difficult to judge the quality of that ingredient. Youll also find dried egg product and herring on the list as supplementary proteins.

This Beyond Gravy Tuna, Herring & Sweet Potato recipehas a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein 9%
  • Ash 3.5%
  • Calorie Content 834 kcal/kg

Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ocean Whitefish And Egg Recipe

Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural Dry Cat Food, Simply ...

The Spruce / Jordan Provost

We purchased Purina Beyond Grain-Free Cat Food so our reviewer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

All cats are different, and many have specific dietary concerns, but Purina Beyond claims that its Grain Free Cat Food is a healthy, well-balanced option. Its formula, which contains premium ingredients and essential minerals, is even overseen by in-house nutritionists. To see if this food lived up to the brands claims, we sent it home with one of our testers, who fed it to her 3-year-old cat for several weeks. Read on to find out what she really thought.

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Purina Beyond Grain Free Natural Dry Cat Food White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe

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  • High-protein cat food with real white meat chicken, raised without steroids*, as the #1 ingredient
  • Limited-ingredient, gluten free and grain free cat food with natural probiotics for digestive health
  • With no corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product meal, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Make it Your Way. Add extra variety, flavor and protein with Beyond wet cat food or toppers
  • Good for your pet, Good for the planet. We take positive steps like improving water use efficiency and reducing waste

Chicken Chicken Meal Pea Protein Pea Starch Cassava Root Flour Dried Egg Product Beef Fat Preserved With Mixed-Tocopherols Dried Yeast Canola Meal Pea Fiber Natural Flavor Dried Carrots Phosphoric Acid Salt Potassium Chloride Sodium Bisulfate Choline Chloride L-Lysine Monohydrochloride Calcium Carbonate Taurine MINERALS VITAMINS Dried Bacillus Coagulans Fermentation Product. C425919

The Were All About Cats Standardrating Beyond On What Matters

Weve analyzed Beyond and graded it according to the Were All About Cats standard, evaluating the brand on species-appropriateness, ingredient quality, product variety, price, customer experience, and recall history. Heres how it rates in each of these six key areas.

We give Beyond cat food a 41 out of 60 rating or a B- grade.

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Beyond Takes Natural Cat Food Further

With so many options, choosing the right food for your pet can be overwhelming. And, when everyone is making the same claims about natural, it can be difficult to distinguish between brands. Truth be told, many pet food companies use a lot of similar ingredients. Thats why we go Beyond, to guarantee that from the first five to the last five, every single one of our high-quality ingredients come from trusted sources.

Taste And Texture: Cat

Purina Beyond Wild Cat Food | Chewy

When it comes to what food your cat will actually like, there are no guarantees. So what did our testers cat think? She seemed to enjoy eating it, she said. Our reviewer, however, didnt love the smell of the food: This product also has a strong odor that I found a little off-putting, she revealed, although my cat seemed to really like it. Our tester also thought that the foods texture was unpleasant, reporting that it felt sort of icky in the way that wet food can feel icky.

Want to take a look at some other options? See our guide to the best frozen and freeze-dried raw cat food available.

This product also has a strong odor that I found a little off-putting, although my cat seemed to really like it.

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Benefits: Made For Good Digestion And Overall Health

This foods ingredient list has a number of health benefits. The ocean whitefish is an excellent source of protein that helps cats build and maintain muscle. Cassava root flour, pea fiber, and pea starch all help with healthy digestion as well as provide energy. The formula also includes a variety of essential minerals that support everything from nerve and muscle function to strong teeth and bones.

I didnt notice any health effects in my cat in either direction, but she definitely really enjoyed the flavor.

Our tester agreed: Overall, it does seem good for my cats weight and health, she said, although she didnt notice any major differences or changes in her cat. Still, she had nothing negative to say her cat didnt experience any digestion issues when switching over to this food and also maintained a healthy weight.

Purina Beyond Wet Cat Food Products:

This brand offers sixteen different canned food products divided into two product lines Beyond Gravy and Beyond Paté. The Beyond Gravy line features recipes made with tender meats in flavorful gravy while the Beyond Paté line features protein-rich classic patés. Both product lines include grain-free and original recipes. Here is a list of Purina Beyond wet cat food recipes:

  • Chicken, Wild Rice & Spinach Gravy Recipe
  • Tuna, Herring & Sweet Potato Gravy Recipe
  • Grain-Free Chicken, Beef & Carrot Gravy Recipe
  • Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato Gravy Recipe
  • Grain-Free Tuna, Mackerel & Carrot Gravy Recipe
  • Grain-Free Turkey, Spinach & Sweet Potato Gravy Recipe
  • Chicken & Brown Rice Paté Recipe
  • Salmon & Brown Rice Paté Recipe
  • Grain-Free Trout & Catfish Paté Recipe
  • Grain-Free Wild Salmon Paté Recipe
  • Grain-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato Paté Recipe
  • Grain-Free Ocean Whitefish & Spinach Paté Recipe
  • Grain-Free Arctic Char & Spinach Paté Recipe
  • Grain-Free Duck & Sweet Potato Paté Recipe
  • Grain-Free Pheasant & Sweet Potato Paté Recipe
  • Grain-Free Quail & Carrot Paté Recipe

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Purina Beyond Dry Cat Food Products:

This brand offers a total of eight wet food options, both original and grain-free. There are three original recipes and five grain-free recipes, including two small batch recipes. Each formula features a real animal protein like white meat chicken, ocean whitefish, or salmon as well as digestible carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal, and sweet potato. Here is a list of Purina Beyond dry cat food recipes:

  • Salmon & Whole Brown Rice Recipe
  • Grain-Free Ocean Whitefish & Egg Recipe
  • Grain-Free White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe
  • White Meat Chicken & Whole Oatmeal Recipe
  • Herring, Egg, & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Grain-Free Salmon, Egg & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Grain-Free White Meat Chicken & Egg Small Batch Recipe
  • Grain-Free Wild Caught Ocean Whitefish & Egg Small Batch Recipe

Unbiased Cat Food Reviews

Purina Beyond Indoor, Grain Free, Natural Dry Cat Food, Grain Free ...

Find the best cat food for your cat from 2800+ products and 150+ brands.

If you’re concerned about proper feline nutrition, ingredient quality, allergies,nutrition profiles, weight loss or simply feeding your finicky cat, the CatFoodDB is the perfect research toolto help you find the best cat foods – the ones that meet your cat’s individual needs.

CatFoodDB: Decoding nutrition labels so you don’t have to!

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Purina Beyond Canned Cat Food Recipe Rating: 4/5 Stars

Overall, this Beyond Gravy Tuna, Herring & Sweet Potato recipe offers decent quality and balanced nutrition for adult cats. It isnt a problem that the recipe lists fish broth first this is common with wet foods. It is good to see several sources of animal protein on the list as well as digestible carbohydrates like sweet potato and brown rice. Where this recipe could be improved would be in the addition of some more chelated minerals and dried fermentation products for probiotic support. It also wouldnt hurt to swap some of the synthetic supplements for fresh fruits and vegetables to act as natural sources for the same nutrients.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, Purina Beyond isnt the worst cat food brand out there, but it isnt the best either. It may be one of the better Purina brands, but most of the products still only earn a 3.5-star rating. It is good that every recipe starts with a source of animal protein but some of the formulas still seem to be a little heavy in plant-based ingredients, including plant proteins. Most of the products also rely heavily on synthetic supplementation for nutritional balance when fresh fruits and vegetables might provide more usable sources for the same nutrients. If youre looking for an affordable cat food that gets decent ratings, this brand may be one to consider.

Where Is Purina Beyond Cat Food Made

The Purina brand of pet food was founded in 1893 and has become one of the biggest names in the pet food industry. Though the brand merged with the Nestle Purina Pet Care Company in 2001, produced largely in the United States. The Purina Beyond website notes that all products are manufactured and guaranteed by the Nestle Purina Pet Care Company and that the brand owns all of the facilities where their products are manufactured. They do not state specifically where those facilities are located, however. It is also telling that the brands product labels dont carry a Made in the USA stamp.

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Purina Beyond Dry Cat Food Recipe Rating: 35/5 Stars

Overall, this Beyond Salmon & Whole Brown Rice recipe is a decent product but you can certainly do better. This recipe starts off strong with three sources of animal protein at the top of the list but it starts to go downhill with pea protein as the fourth ingredient. This recipe contains whole grains which are digestible for some cats, but likely to cause digestive issues with others. You should also consider that the main source of fat isnt as nutritious as it could be and there may be too much fiber, measured at 4%. This recipe could benefit from some chelated minerals and dried fermentation products for probiotic support.

Purina Beyond Natural Dry Cat Food White Meat Chicken And

Purina Beyond Cat Food | Chewy

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Are There Any Recalls For Purina Beyond Cat Food

Because the Purina brand has been around for more than a century, you shouldnt be surprised to learn that there have been many Purina recalls. There is only one recall affecting a product with the name Purina Beyond but it seems to be a specific product in the Purina One line rather than a product offered by the current Purina Beyond brand. Prior Purina recalls were largely issued due to potential salmonella contamination, low levels of thiamine, and inadequate vitamins and minerals.

What Kind Of Products Does Purina Beyond Offer

The Purina Beyond brand offers natural cat food products made with real animal proteins and fresh, wholesome ingredients. They offer an assortment of dry food and wet food options, both original and grain-free recipes. Their products feature premium proteins like white meat chicken, ocean whitefish, and fresh salmon. They also use digestible carbohydrates like sweet potato particularly in their grain-free recipes. There are eight dry food options and sixteen wet foods for a total of nineteen grain-free recipes, one superfood recipe, and one indoor recipe. In addition to their dry food and wet food options, this brand also offers two recipes for grain-free treats. One features real chicken and egg while the other features ocean whitefish and egg.

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Overall Is Beyond A Good Choice

Thanks to its ingredient quality and the absence of potentially harmful additives, Purina Beyond appears to be one of the best brands in the Purina family.

While most of their dry foods and some of their wet recipes are high in carbohydrate content and plant inclusions, Purina Beyond WILD canned foods stand out with their low plant content and the use of select organ meats.


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