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Purina One Cat Food Ingredients

Purina One Cat Food Reviewed

Purina ONE® beyOnd: Natural Pet Food Ingredients

William H. Danforth developed Purina ONE in 1986. It was Purinas doorway into the world of premium pet food, as pet ownership of dogs and cats began to gain huge popularity. The brand markets itself as natural and claims that Purina ONE utilizes unique, high-quality ingredients that will lead to your cats better health.

Purina has also developed the Pro Plan and Beyond series of pet food. Purina ONE has taken a bit of a backstage seat to these in recent years. It is better known for being the cheapest of the three and using more controversial ingredients than the Beyond line. It does seem to have the highest levels of protein consistently more often than the other lines, however.

Ultimately, if you are trying to choose between the three series of formulas, you need to compare one recipe to the next. Their differences are subtle overall and cant be accurately described and encompass all the varying product options.

Why Choose This Brand

Purina ONE is a high-quality cat food brand that is natural and with its highly digestible formulas is easy on your catâs tummy. Each portion of feed contains real meat as the main ingredient the additional vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients help to support your catâs well-being and health.

At Purina ONE, the innovators are constantly coming-up with best-in-class nutrition with the right blend of high-quality ingredients. There is a correct cat food that meets the daily nutritional requirement of every breed and age of pet cats. They use organic ingredients and no fiber in the production of cat food. The variety in taste and textures expands the taste pallet of your cat.

It is easy to get your hands on this cat food that your cat loves so much it is readily available in almost all grocery stores and mass retail stores nationwide. It sits well under your budget, and your cat gets the best it deserves.

Purina One Cat Food Reviews

*Purina ONE® SmartBlend® Chicken & Rice Formula was selected as the recipe for this ingredient list
  • First ingredient is meat
  • Wheat flour

Our Analysis

Purina One Cat Food gets a very low rating from us. The company claims to make super premium cat food with real poultry and fish and plenty of vitamins for a balanced diet. The ingredient list for the dry food does show that meat is the first ingredient. Unfortunately, the ingredients that follow are somewhat controversial. Brewers rice, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, and whole corn appear very high on the ingredient list. These are cheap, low quality ingredients that generally do not contain sufficient amounts of nutrients for cats. Corn and wheat in particular contribute nothing to a cats diet.

In fact, cats are carnivores and they derive most of their nutrients and vitamins from animal tissue. The canned wet food also seems to contain high levels of carbohydrates as well as artificial flavors. The addition of meniodone is especially disturbing, as this has been linked to serious health problems in cats. Although cats may like the taste of this food, we do not recommend it as part of a balanced and nutritious diet.

The Word on the Street…

More Information

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Pienso Para Gatos Purina One Sensible Salmn

El pienso para gatos Purina One Digestión sensible está formulado específicamente para el bienestar y mantenimiento de los gatos con digestión sensible.Características:

Es una fórmula única con bacterias beneficiosas que ayudan a fortalecer las defensas naturales de gato desde el interior hacia el exterior.

Estádesarrollado por nutricionistas y veterinarios y cuenta con todos los nutrientes que tu gato necesita para tener una nutrición completa.

Contiene una fórmula dual que ayuda a mantener la producción natural de anticuerpos de tu gato a la vez que le ayuda a tener una piel y un pelo saludables.

Es una fórmula rica que en fibras naturales que ayuda a que las heces de tu gato sean sólidas y con un 24% menos de olor.

Esta fórmula es altamente digerible gracias a su elaboración con productos de alta calidad que favorecen una digestión mejor para tu gato.

Está compiesta por fuentes de proteínas específicas seleccionadas para ayudar así a la tolerancia del alimento.

No contiene conservantes artificiales añadidos, ni aromatizantes artificiales añadidos ni colorantes añadidos.


Componentes analíticos: Proteína bruta: 34,0%, Aceites y grasas brutos: 14,0%, Ceniza bruta: 6,0%, Fibras brutas: 2,0%, Ácidos grasos Omega 6: 2,0%Formato: 1.5 kg

De 6 a 12 semanas: 23 – 76g en 2 o 3 comidas o a voluntad

De 12 a 26 semanas: 16 a 102g en 2 comidas o a voluntad

De 26 a 52 semanas: 102 a 151g en 2 comidas o a voluntad

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How To Make Homemade Dry Cat Food With Beef:

Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Adult Premium Cat Food
  • 430 g boiled ground beef
  • 150 g cornmeal
  • 125 g fat-free dry milk
  • 210 g soy flour
  • 340 g whole wheat flour
  • 115 g wheat germ
  • 68 g brewers yeast
  • 15 ml vegetable oil
  • Oven
  • Baking sheet

1. Boil 15 ounces of ground beef. Put it into a pot with water, and once it boils cover with a lid and cook for about 15 minutes. After that, take it off the gas and let it get cold.

2. Get a baking sheet ready. If you have a small one , please take two to get enough space for all kibbles to bake. Otherwise, youll have to spend more time on that. Cover sheets with parchment paper.

3. Preheat an oven. Leave it to get 350 F , and start cooking the dough for kibbles meanwhile.

4. Prepare the dough. Take all the dry ingredients and whisk them in a large bowl with a wooden spoons help. Add two cups of water and mix a heavy and thick dough.

5. Cook a filler. Mash ground beef, sesame oil, and vegetable oil in a small bowl with a forks help. Sesame oil in the recipe is a zinc, iron, and calcium source for a cats healthy bones and joints. Dont worry if the meat is still in bits after youve finished youll combine it with the dough later anyway.

6. Add the beef filler to the dough. Pour it over and mix until you get the thick dough ball. Resist the temptation of adding more water to the dough to make it easier to mix: We cook dry kibbles, remember? So, the dough needs to be rough.

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Purina One Indoor + Hairball Ocean Whitefish & Rice Recipe Wet Cat Food

Purina One also has a wet food option for indoor cats: Indoor + Hairball Ocean Whitefish & Rice Recipe Wet Cat Food. With real ocean whitefish as its main ingredient, mixed with a fiber blend, the formula provides whole-body health and reduces hairballs.

The ideal cat diet is a combination of wet and dry food. Combining one of the Indoor Advantage dry foods with this wet option works well for felines that dont venture outside.

Ventajas De Purina One Delicate Sensitive:

  • Pienso para gatos con digestión sensible.
  • Ingredientes de alta calidad.
  • Rico en salmón y arroz.
  • Facilita las digestiones.
  • Aumentan la tolerancia al alimento.
  • Aporta ácidos grasos omega 6 para el pelo y la piel.
  • Refuerza el sistema inmunitario.
  • Mejora la consistencia de las heces y reduce su olor.
  • No contiene conservantes, colorantes ni aromatizantes artificiales.

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Purina One Indoor Advantage Dry Cat Food

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they must eat meat. To put it another way: keeping kitties on a vegan diet is a health crime. Thats why vets and pet nutritionists advise folks to avoid cat foods with lots of filler, which is why Indoor Advantage products are advertised as filler-free.

Though dry, Indoor Advantages main ingredient is turkey, each cup contains nearly 40 grams of protein, and the recipe is designed to strengthen felines hearts and muscles. It also has 10 percent fewer calories than other Purina cat foods, which helps indoor cats who arent as active as indoor-outdoor cats maintain healthy weights and minimize hairballs.

Omega-3s in the recipe will make your kittys fur shiny, and the crunchy consistency erodes plaque, keeping their teeth sparkling. Added vitamins and minerals aid in joint and bone health.

The original Indoor Advantage option is best for adult cats between the ages of three and seven.

How Much Does Purina One Cat Food Cost

Purina ONE True Instinct Cat | Chewy

Among Purina brands targeting the super-premium market, Purina ONE is the most economical.

Looking at it in terms of daily feeding costs, it would cost about $2.10 per day to feed a 10-lb cat Purina ONE wet cat food. If you chose a Purina ONE dry formula, your daily costs would be significantly lower at around $0.16 per day.

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Purina One Hairball Weight Control Natural Dry Cat Food

Purina ONE Hairball Formula adult dry cat food is an organic composition with additional vitamins and minerals along with essential nutrients for your cat. The base of this feed is real chicken to provide loads of protein as their health booster. Purina ONE Hairball cat food gives your cat 38 grams of protein in every cup of feed for your adult cat. This cat food is a dry option and is easily digestible with no fillers at all. This dry food for cats ensures that your cat gets good nutrition according to the daily requirements of your cat.

It has a taste that your cats will love, and the crunchy kibble promotes their oral health. The fiber content in Purina ONE Hairball Dry Cat Food is controlled and has natural fiber only. It helps in minimizing and controlling hairballs in cats.

Let your cat get what it deserves for its health and happiness, fill its bowl with the suggested amount every day, and feel a difference in its activity level and health.

About Purina One Cat Food

Purina ONE cat food is manufactured by Nestlé Purina Petcare. Purinas beginnings date back to 1894 when William H. Danforth partnered with George Robinson and William Andrews and founded the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company, to feed farm animals. The name of the company was changed to Ralston Purina in 1902. Purina established the first pet nutrition and care center at Purina Farms near Gray Summit, Missouri in 1926. Today it is known as the Nestle Purina Pet Care Center.

Purina ONE was introduced as a super premium cat food in 1986. Purina markets this line as natural with high-quality ingredients, claiming that these better ingredients can lead to better health

Purina ONE is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles.

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More Ingredients Of Concern

Other ingredients that stand out include more corn soy flakes and soybean meal possibly in the new SMARTBLEND spongy bits, Im guessing pea fiber which is being used by many dog food manufacturers today animal fat which would be better if it were a named fat and animal digest. Its best to avoid digest in your dogs food. Its not really food you want to feed your dog. And when it is the generic animal digest it can come from any source. The food also contains menadione sodium bisulfite complex , which is synthetic vitamin K3 a controversial ingredient.

Purina One Feline Sensible Salmn

Purina ONE SmartBlend Lamb &  Rice Formula Dry Dog Food (16 ...
  • Si tu pedido no supera los 49, los gastos de envío son de 3,99.
  • Por compras superiores a 49 el envío es gratuito.


La recogida en tienda de tus compras es Gratis

Consulta aquí si tienes una tienda cerca de tu casa o del trabajo y recoge fácilmente tu compra.

  • Solo Recogida en Tienda: false

Características Alimentación Gato

  • Peso del saco pienso animal: 1.5kg

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What Do Customers Think Of Purina One Cat Food

On Amazon and Chewy, Purina ONE product listings receive primarily positive reviews. For example, Purina ONEs popular Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken dry food has over 500 reviews on Chewy and 97% of reviewers say theyd recommended it to a friend.

What are customers saying about Purina ONE? Lets take a look at a few positive and critical reviews to see what people are saying about this brand.

Overall Rating For Purina One Cat Food: Good

Luckily, the majority of ingredients in Purina One cat food are both nutritious and provide a tasty flavor for your cat which is evidenced by many pet owners reporting their cats takes well to the food.

If we are on a strict budget for a month or are in a country where choice is limited, we usually go with Purina One. But, when we have the funds and the availability, Yoda eats Blue Buffalo.

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What Other Users Are Saying

Quite a few good things are being said by users of Purina ONE for their cats.

  • Chewy Customer: This was recommended by my vet. One of my cats was having problems with urine crystallization, and the vet said that this would help him just as much as the much more expensive Hills Rx brand.
  • All About Cats: Millions of people buy and feed their cats Purina cat food every day. Most customer reviews are positive, saying that Purina food is affordable and tasty.
  • Amazon: As pet owners, we always double-check with Amazon reviews from buyers before we buy something. You can read these by clicking here.

Purina One Sterilcat Pienso Para Gatos Esterilizados

Purina One Sensitive Cat Food

El pienso Purina One Sterilcat es un alimento completo y equilibrado formulado específicamente para los gatos adultos esterilizados y castrados. Su fórmula está adaptada para satisfacer las necesidades nutricionales de estos gatos tras la esterilización. Una nutrición única y avanzada que ayuda a fortalecer las defensas naturales con ingredientes de alta calidad y bacterias beneficiosas funcionales.Purina One Sterilcat ha sido desarrollado para ayudar a mantener el metabolismo sano después de la esterilización. La combinación especial de proteínas y grasas ayuda a controlar el peso de los gatos castrados para mantener una condición corporal óptima. Además, los minerales equilibrados mantienen el tracto urinario saludable.Es un pienso rico en buey y trigo. Contiene ácidos grasos omega 6 para mantener una piel sana y un pelo sedoso y brillante. Purina One no utiliza conservantes, colorantes ni aromas artificiales en sus recetas. Además, la gama Sterilcat te permite optar por diferentes sabores: buey, salmón o pollo. Así tu gato esterilizado podrá disfrutar de varias opciones.

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Purina Grain And Nutrition

I really like what Purina says on their site about looking at nutrition and not just individual ingredients. I think they do consider the whole health of the dog. Before dog food, they were making animal feeds for decades and I think they are very knowledgeable about animal nutrition. They have quality research facilities and they fund a lot of research into pet nutrition. I think its likely that a lot of their foods are nutritious not because of their ingredients necessarily but because of those vitamins, minerals, and other scientific words you see in the ingredient list. They know what to add to the food. Call it better living through chemistry, perhaps. You may not like all of the ingredients in their foods, but the sum is greater than the parts.

As far as corn and grains go, I think Purina probably gets as much out of them as possible. Perhaps the individual ingredients, including corn and grains, dont look impressive on the label, but combined together, the food is probably good for your dog. I say that not just because of whats on the Purina site but because I know countless people who feed this food and Ive seen the condition and health of their dogs long-term. Regardless of what the ingredient list looks like, someone knows what they are doing in formulating this food.

Find Out Why Purina One Is Rated Much Higher By Actual Dog Owners

Pienso Para Gatos Con Digestin Sensible Purina One Delicate

Purina One Delicate Sensitive es un pienso completo y equilibrado para gatos con digestiones sensibles. Sus fuentes de proteínas seleccionadas, procedentes de ingredientes de alta calidad, ayudan a tolerar mejor el alimento para que tengan una digestión saludable. Además, las fibras naturales que incorpora garantizan unas heces más sólidas y con menos olor en tan sólo 14 días.El pienso para gatos Purina One Delicate es rico en salmón y arroz, dos ingredientes altamente digeribles. Es un alimento formulado específicamente para el bienestar de los gatos más sensibles. La receta proporciona una nutrición óptima que, gracias a sus bacterias beneficiosas, ayuda a fortalecer las defensas naturales para que tengan un sistema inmunológico fuerte y sano.Purina One Delicate Sensitive también promueve una piel sana y un pelaje suave y brillante gracias a sus ácidos grasos omega 6. Además, está enriquecido con Vitamina A, C, D3 y E y Taurina para el buen funcionamiento del cerebro y del corazón.

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Purina Beyond Cat Food Ingredients

Purina Beyond manufactures roughly 47 different cat food products. Each product utilizes a unique set of ingredients to achieve a desired nutritional profile.

In this article, we’ll explore Purina Beyond ingredients and answer many of the most common questions.

As of right now, our records indicate that Purina Beyond uses roughly 151 different ingredients.

Making The Switch To Purina One

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food, Chicken and Rice ...

Although youll be anxious to see the difference Purina ONE can make in your cat, please allow 7 – 10 days to ease the transition from her current food. Each day, simply feed a little less of the previous food and a little more Purina ONE until youre feeding Purina ONE exclusively. This gradual transition will help avoid dietary upsets.

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