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Are Cats Good For Your Health

Purina Fancy Feast Chunky

Are Cats Good For Your Health? – Suzanne Somers Breaking Through

This line is for cats who love nothing more than to chew big meaty chunks of morsels surrounded by a smooth, rich paté.

This is a complete food that provides nose-to-tail well-being with every scrumptious bite of chicken chunks and nutritious paté loaded with all the vitamins and minerals your feline needs.


  • Real chicken and chicken broth provide a chunkylicious taste with every bite
  • Packed full of antioxidants, proteins, minerals, and omegas
  • Comes in an easy-open tab for ready eating
  • Provides a 100% balanced meal
  • Contains 11% protein and 78% moisture


  • Has wheat gluten and artificial flavors

Also available in Turkey and Chopped Grill flavors.

Cats Are Cheaper Than Dogs

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Money isnt the only factor, but it should be considered when deciding which pet to welcome into your home. When comparing cats and dogs, cats wont affect your wallet nearly as much as a dog will. Cats require less food, are happy with fewer toys and require less grooming. All of this adds up to more money in your wallet.

Reduce Allergy And Respiratory Problems

How many times have you offered your feline furball to a friend only to have them back away, protesting Im allergic! Its likely that they didnt grow up around pets. Studies have shown that children raised around pets and/or livestock are more likely to develop immunity to pet allergiesand the earlier the exposure, the better. Even later in life, regular exposure to pet allergens can reduce sensitivity to them.

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Cats Can Lower Your Cholesterol And Triglycerides

That same 2009 study showed yet another surprising cardiovascular benefit to having a cat as a pet: They lower your cholesterol and triglycerides. In fact, researchers found that in some cases, getting a cat was more effective at bringing patients high cholesterol into a normal range than using medication meant to lower cholesterol.

Scientists arent exactly sure why cats have this particular benefit for their owners, but theres no question that owning a cat has positive effects on your overall health.

Help Build Health Habits

Why Your Cat is Good for Your Health

The act of caregiving helps us build healthy habits. Cats need to be fed and taken care of on a regular schedule. Thus, help cat owners create a routine to take care of them no matter their mood. They give people a reason to get up and take care of them and, in extension, take care of themselves. Caring for your pets can serve as a reminder to care for yourself too.

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Best Budget: Blue Buffalo Bursts With Savory Seafood Cat Treats

Calories: 2.1 per treat | Key Ingredients: Deboned salmon, brown rice, tuna meal, barley, pork fat, tapioca starch, oatmeal, salmon meal, natural flavor, deboned cod, peas, shrimp, canola oil, brewers dried yeast, dried whey, taurine, oil of rosemary

  • Meat is the first ingredient

  • Less than $1/oz.

  • 12 ounces is the largest container available

  • Slightly higher calories per treat than other similar options

These cat treats come in 12-ounce containers which will put the price of spoiling your cat at less than a dollar an ounce. Other healthy treats are priced at over a dollar an ounce and dont commonly come in more than a 2-ounce bag. Blue Buffalo Bursts have a crunchy outer shell and a creamy inside that most cats find irresistible and cat owners love that they contain no wheat, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Meat is the first ingredient in both flavors of these cost-conscious and healthy treats so you know youre giving your little carnivore something nutritious.

Cats Can Help You Sleep Better

Most people dont associate cats with good sleep.

They have a bad rap for waking their owners up at the crack of dawn for breakfast, or making noise all night with their nocturnal antics. But science actually shows that sharing your sleeping space with a cat can help you get better sleep. In one study, 41 percent of people reported sleeping better with their pets by their side.

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Th Benefit Cats Help You Recover More Quickly From Trauma

Theres almost no end to the studies that reveal the surprising healing benefits a cats presence can have. Weve already had a brief look at their general health benefits, but it turns out cats can also help us recover from various traumas.

Recovering surgery patients and members of the armed forces with PTSD sometimes report feeling better thanks to the presence of a cat. In particular, people who cant count on human loved ones for company report that their mental and physical setbacks improve more quickly with a little feline companionship.

So Why Do We Have Pets

Cats Are Good For Your Health

All that being said, there are many demonstrated benefits to pet ownership, not the least of which may be simple happiness. Studies have shown that people with pets are less likely to report feeling depressed than people without.

The American Heart Association has linked the ownership of pets to a reduced risk for heart disease.

And pet ownership is growing: An American Veterinary Medical Association survey shows that singlesboth those never married and those recently separated or divorcedare increasingly turning to pets for love and a sense of family.

Its interesting to see that more and more single people are discovering the comfort and satisfaction that owning a pet can offer. Pets are powerful, positive influences on our lives, offering unique emotional, psychological, and physical health benefits to their owners, said Dr. Douglas Aspros, immediate past president of AVMA, in a statement.

According to the CDC, most households in the United States have at least one pet. The CDC also reports that pets are not only good for your mood, but also help decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels.

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How Cats Help Improve Mental Health

By Chelsy Ranard, The Catnip Times

For cat people its no question: the whiskers, the fuzzy faces, the meows, and the head nudges let us know our cats are definitely beneficial to our mental health. The rest of the world, however, has some catching up to do. Those who dont have cats are missing out on the cats appeal. The reality is that behind all of the warm cuddles and purring is an animal that improves mental health by decreasing stress, offering companionship, purring the pain away, and serving as a therapy animal.

Cats are Fuzzy Stress RelieversAdopting a cat is basically like adopting a walking, meowing, sassy, stress reliever. Cats are shown to relieve stress in a number of different ways by simply being themselves. When youve had a hard day, coming come and spending some time petting a fuzzy feline can cause your body to produce stress reducing hormones. When you do so, your heart rate and blood pressure decrease and your anxiety levels normalize.

Many people benefit from a relationship with a pet. Both cats and dogs along with a slew of other stress reducing activities, have helped college students during finals week because they offer powerful stress relieving properties. Hospitals and nursing homes are other common places where cats are helpful to patients in stressful settings. Sitting with your cat and petting them can have a lasting, positive effect on overall health.

How Cats Can Train Us To Do Well

Aside from the psychological and physiological benefits that they bring, it turns out that cats can also influence our behaviors and personalities and help us do better in life.

Recently, a study suggested that cats can actually contribute to a persons financial success in a completely unexpected way: by infecting them with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

This type of infection, known as toxoplasmosis, does not normally have many ill effects on adults, but it has, on occasion, been tied to serious health problems in the case of small children and individuals with a weak immune system.

However, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have now found that T. gondii can actually make people more likely to take the sort of risks that may lead to financial gain.

According to the study, people who been exposed to this parasite are 1.4 more likely to major in business and 1.7 more likely to have an emphasis in management and entrepreneurship.’

Cats also help improve behavior and social interaction in children who live with disorders that may affect their ability to read others emotions and respond to them.

In fact, a study published earlier this year found that children with autism spectrum disorder who grow up, and bond, with kittens display better behaviors, as the cats provide valuable emotional support.

It seems that cats in families with an child often provided valuable bonding, attention, and calming affection to the child, the researchers write.

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Cats Fulfill A Persons Inherent Need To Be Touched

Humans have an inborn need to be touched, but some people, especially those who deal with mental illness, dont enjoy being touched by other people or have a difficult time creating bonds with people that would lead to appropriate touching. Cuddling with or petting a cat can fulfill that need for touch in a way that feels safe.

Owning A Cat Can Bring Unconditional Love And Companionship To Your Life Having A Feline Friend Can Also Help To Relieve Stress And Improve Your Heart Health

[New Study] Says Being a Cat Person May Be Good for Your ...

Owning a cat can be an extremely rewarding relationship. A cat has the ability to both calm your nervous system and provide an immediate outlet for fun and play. Although cats are independent animals who like to scavenge and explore on their own terms, they are also very affectionate with their owners and people they trust.

Most cats love to curl up in your lap at the end of a long day while you watch television or read a book. The simplicity of this act can cause an automatic release of all the right kinds of chemicals to your brain, allowing you to ease into the evening without the weight of the world on your shoulders. Any cat owner will tell you just how much their furry friend helps them to relax and unwind. While many people enjoy the company of dogs, a cat can be more of an acquired tastebut once acquired, its a hard taste to lose.

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Tips To Manage Cat Allergies

You might be interested in adding a cat to your family but the only thing holding you back is a runny nose and watery eyes. Although its true that cats can trigger allergies, it might not instantly rule you out of owning a cat. Most allergies are caused by the animals dander and some breeds generate much more than others. If you suffer from allergies, its a good idea to spend time with different cats before adopting or buying. And if a friend or partner already owns a cat, there are still plenty of things you can do to help manage your allergy.

  • Restrict certain rooms in the house. If you suffer from a cat allergy, you may want to keep the cat out of your bedroom and restrict them to only a few rooms in the house, for example.
  • Wash your hands. After handling or petting your cat, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water before you touch your face or rub your eyes.
  • Use air purifiers. Air purifiers fight against cat allergies as well as other allergens that might be lingering in the air, such as dust mites. Using one may help you to live a healthy and happy life with your cat.
  • Be consistent about bathing. Giving your cat a bath can reduce dander, while also keeping your cat sleek and clean.
  • Use antihistamines. Consult your doctor or local pharmacist about the best antihistamine for your cat allergy. Common symptoms such as a runny nose can often be treated with oral medication, while puffy, watery eyes can frequently be treated with eye drops.

Social Support For Autistic Children

Kids tend to relate better to their classmates who have autism when pets are in the classroom, Beck has found in his research.

“Animals change the classroom environment and help to integrate those who are a little less typical,” Beck says. “Once the children get involved with animals, they view each other more positively and work together better.”

Show Sources

Alan Beck, ScD, director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University, professor at Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Allen R. McConnell, PhD, James and Beth Lewis professor of psychology at Miami University.

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Why Cats Make Great Pets

The versatility of cat ownership is one reason why so many people enjoy feline companionship. Cats make great pets whether you live in a big house or tiny apartment, and they provide all the fun and play of larger animal companions. If youre thinking of owning a cat, these are some of the key benefits:

How To Choose The Cat Thats Best For You

Watching cat videos could be good for your health

Do your research first, and then choose your cat from a reputable breeder, shelter, or rescue group. Things to keep in mind while looking into adoption are:

  • Kitten or an adult? Kittens are able to adapt quickly to their surroundings, but will need house training and much more attention than an adult cat. An older cat might be a wise choice if you have a strict work schedule and dont have time to fully care for a kitten. On the other hand, an older cat may have health problems, which will require more visits to the vet.
  • Shedding concerns. Some cats shed more than others. For example, an American Bobtail or Cymric cat will shed much more than a Siamese cat.
  • Health concerns. A healthy kitten or cat will have bright eyes and a shiny fur coat. Cats that appear thin or overweight or have a nasal discharge may have health problems.
  • Personality and disposition. Just like people, cats can vary in their personality and character traits. Look for one that seems to be a good fit with you and your lifestyle. If youre hoping for lots of petting and stroking, for example, you may want to look for a cat that actively seeks attention from its handlers, rather than one that hisses or scratches. If you think youve found the right cat, try to make more than one visit with the animal if thats possible.

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Lower Stress And Anxiety

Petting or playing with your cat can release all the right chemicals in the brain. There is also evidence that a cats purr can help lower blood pressure and relax the nervous system.

They also help relieve stress and provide anti-anxiety benefits for their owners. Cats are generally low maintenance pets, which mean less stress for their owners, making them ideal pets for those who cant deal with a pets rigorous care.

Is Fancy Feast Good For Cats Complete Brand Overview For 2021

Is Fancy Feast good for cats?

It’s a reasonable question that people ask, since your kitty’s nutrition truly sets the foundation to her healthy happy life! And these days, we find that many pet parents wonder if this well-known product is worth purchasing to feed their precious felines.

In this cat Fancy Feast cat foods review, we’re going in-depth to answer your questions about this popular kitty food brand.

We’ll discuss some key topicsincluding its ingredients, manufacturing, price, taste, and whether there’s ever been a Fancy Feast recallall of which should ultimately help you decide if this brand is the right choice to feed your fluffball.

Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

Our readers rely upon the cat food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. We also routinely update and review our own reviews ensuring that any changes by manufacturers are brought to your attention.

FelineLiving.Net is maintained by Mary Nielsen & her staff. Mary is an animal lover of both cats and dogs. She and her staff are passionate about animals and work hard to provide you with a wealth of information for you and your cat.

  • Hydrates with every bite with moisture from real broth
  • Grain-free


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In An Old House In Paris That Was Covered In Vines

I had to pick a stopping point, so the Old House In Paris is it. I own one of these houses and have many of the dolls and furnishings. The book was a favorite from childhood. The movies jadore! I love that spunky sprite Madeline. So when I came across this dollhouse sitting in a consignment store, I was stunned. They do not sell these in the United States, so I had not seen or heard of them. And Im an adult and have long stopped watching Madelines adventures.

But because I had started reading the books to my daughter, I couldnt resist bringing this dollhouse into my home with as many of Madelines friends as I could find on Ebay! I think I might enjoy it more than my kid, and I do get excited when I find an item here or there. The doorbell works. The lantern lights up. I can get plenty of accessories. And I even have Miss Clavel. And one day Ill get Genevieve the dog! .FOR MY GRANDCHILDREN.of course!

Stimulate Your Cats Gum While Brushing

New Study Says Being a Cat Person May Be Good for Your ...

Tooth decay usually begins with inflamed gums or irritated gums. So when taking care of your cats dental health, always remember to massage their gums when you can. Normally, gums should be pink and healthy, and not irritated and red in appearance. If your cats gum appear red, it may be a sign of a dental problem. When you massage your feline friends gums, you strengthen the gums to prevent gum problems later on. Besides, massaging gums also stimulates healing.

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