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What To Do When Your Lost Cat Returns Home

Will My Other Cat Look For My Missing Cat

What To Do When Your Lost Or Missing Cat Returns Home

Some people wonder if their other cats will look for and maybe help them find the missing cat in their family. Eva Morchairs shared a success story like this on Quora:

Tofu didn√Ęt come home after being let outside to play. I stayed up all night worrying about her. Come morning, still no sign of her. I had another cat, Fifi, that wanted to go outside and play. Before I let her go outside I picked her up and held her face up to mine and made eye contact with her and asked her to go and find Tofu. I told her to go find her and bring her home. I gave her a small kiss on the nose and I opened the back door for her and let her go play. About twenty minutes later my mom called out to me Fifi and Tofu were both sitting on the steps outside my back door.

So, it seems like its worth a shot. You could try asking your other cats to help you find the missing one. But of course, this may not work, as the companion cats may not be willing to explore unfamiliar places in search of the lost one, in favor of their familiar territory.

Humane Traps And Wildlife Cameras

If the owner/guardian says that their dog is skittish and is running loose and they can’t catch him, or if the owner/guardian of a missing cat says she is an indoor-only cat that escaped outside, suggest that they utilize feeding stations with baited humane traps and wildlife cameras to help recover their pet.

What To Do If Your Cat Is Missing

Indoor-only cats that escape often go into defense mode, especially if they are timid. This means they will hide even when called. They may not want to show themselves. If your cat recently bolted, know that it is likely they are nearby, so don’t go heading off in your car for a ground search, instead:

  • Be patient.
  • Sit quietly, and call them calmly.
  • Leave a door to your house open.

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Your Cat Might Be Trapped Somewhere

Your cats curiosity may have led them inside a garage or garden shed and then got trapped inside. Cats and kittens like to find hidden places to take naps and rest. But how long can a cat go without food or water?

Just like humans, in any extreme situation, a healthy adult cat can go a couple of weeks without eating, while still being able to drink. However, it can only survive 3 days without waters. That is why you should not hesitate to contact your neighbours in case your cat goes missing. It might have gotten stuck somewhere.

The Importance Of Identification

Where Do Your Cats Go When They Leave Your Home?

If your cat has proper identification, it is more likely to be returned to you. If your cat wears a collar and tags, most people will return him to you if they think he is lost. With micro-chipping and/or ear tattooing, many veterinarians and animal shelters will be able to notify you, even if the collar/tags were removed. Professional thieves avoid cats with ear tattoos they know that laboratories will not accept owned cats, and more nefarious “end users” will probably also avoid them.

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Become Involved And Involve Your Neighbors

Most important, take steps to prevent cats from becoming lost in the first place. There most likely are other outdoor cats in your neighborhood, especially if you live in the suburbs.

  • Contact their owners and tell them about your concerns.
  • Organize a “cat neighborhood watch.”
  • Stress the importance of identification for their cats.
  • Be on the lookout for strangers in the neighborhood, and if you see someone picking up a cat, get the license number and description of the vehicle. Call the owner if you recognize the cat.
  • Become familiar with the laws in your community with regard to pets. Many cities have laws that say all found pets must be turned into the local shelter. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this or disregard the law.

Top 10 Tips For Finding Lost Cats

Of the many cats Ive known over the years, Ive lost four. Two never returned. I know the heartbreak of looking for and missing a beloved cat. My cat Coco went missing many years ago in Toronto. I canvassed the neighborhood, put up posters and felt her presence nearby. I kept looking and calling but she was stuck up a tree, so high up I couldnt see her and she refused to make a sound. Finally, after being in stranded up a tree for two days and two nights, someone called me from the flyer who said hed seen her. A neighbor found the longest ladder Id ever seen and since the fire department didnt rescue cats, I put my fear of heights on hold and climbed up. With one hand on the ladder, I dangled Coco by the scruff of her neck from my outstretched arm to avoid being shredded and climbed down. A small crowd had gathered and cheered. Coco was rescued safely.

Cats seem to have a sort of homing instinct which in some cases have guided cats to travel hundreds of miles back to their home. Most indoor-only cats tend not to travel far. While an adventurous indoor/outdoor cat is more likely to roam, a scared cat may not trust their inner compass, get confused and get lost. Once a cat has wandered out of their comfort zone anything can happen to scare them further: Barking dogs, wildlife, loud traffic noise, teasing school kids, the list is endless.

Top 10 Tips For Finding Lost Cats

8) Visit all your local shelters even if say they dont have a cat of your description.

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Do Cats Come Back When They Run Away

The answer to this question is not so simple as there are many factors that may have influenced your cat’s disappearance. Cats are naturally driven by three things primarily:

  • Hunting
  • Territory
  • Reproduction

If your cat has disappeared or perhaps your cat frequently disappears and returns 23 days later, one of the above-mentioned topics might be the reason your cat is missing.

How Far Do Cats Go?

Most cats are within a 1-mile radius of their home when they go “missing.”

Lost Cat Returns Home After Two Months

What to do if your Cat goes Missing – How to find a Lost Cat

About two months ago, Riddle one of my barn cats just vanished. A few days later, I saw on the road a cat that looked like Riddle. I couldnt get to the cat the traffic was to heavy but there was no hope for the kitty there. I cried on the way to town thinking it was Riddle and when I returned home, the body had been moved .

I told Mike and we were both sad at the loss- but as always- life keeps going.

Yesterday morning when I went to feed the cats in the barn, I saw a grey mackeral tabby sitting under a hay bale. I did a double- take but it was Riddle. There was no mistaking the light dusky grey color and black tipped tail. He looked horribly thin and was eating the kibble that had fallen to the ground. I went over speaking softly to him and scooped him up. He was crawling with fleas and had massive amounts of drainage coming out of his eyes.

He is now upstairs on antibiotics, and he is eating but only Fancy feast. I gave him fluids twice and his gums are so pale. I have him on pet tinc as well as a vaporizer going in the room as he is all congested. He will go to the vet in the morning- but he came out from under the couch to snuggle with me, so I know he is glad to be home again.

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Luring Out A Lost Cat

If you havent been able to find your cat so far, the next thing you can try is luring out your lost cat with treats.

Put a bowl of your cats favorite treats or food outside your doorstep. You could even put food in additional spots around your home if you have a large outdoor space. Your cat might catch the smell and run home for a tasty snack. Make sure someone is there to spot your cat in case they come home for a bite to eat.

This can help lure your missing cat home. However, be aware of raccoons it may also attract!

How To Find A Lost Cat And Stop Them From Going Missing Again

Cat missing and don’t know what to do? Don’t panic. Use these tips to find a lost cat fast. Plus, see how to better understand lost cat behavior, and how to prevent a cat from running away in the first place.

How to find a lost cat? What to do in a missing cat scenario? First off, take a deep breath, and try to stay calm. Then, take a look at our guide, which is full of tips and helpful information that can help you bring your cat home. And get a GPS cat tracker so you always know where they are, and prevent your cat from going missing again.

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Create And Post Flyers

Include a picture and description of the animal, date lost, and how to contact you. This is one of the most successful techniques. Be sure the letters are large and easily visible from a passing car. For your convenience, we have prepared a flyer template. You can click on this link, key in your information and it will automatically format a printable flyer. Have copies of your flyer made on light, bright colored paper. Include a photo if possible. In addition to printing and posting as many flyers as is practical, we recommend that you make a few special posters to use in the most strategic places. Mount some of your flyers on fluorescent poster board. Use an indelible marker to write LOST CAT, and your phone number in large dark letters and put sheet protectors on your flyer.

Take Time To Secure Your Home So Your Cat Cant Sneak Away Again

7 Things To Do If Your Cat Is Lost Or Missing

If youve been quite lax before when it comes to cat safety then its about time that you should reevaluate and secure your home and surroundings. Try to install a cat door to keep your cat safe. If your pet cat loves the outdoors she can still safely hang around by installing a catio or cat sanctuary.

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How Long Does It Take For A Lost Cat To Come Home

Most cats wont stay missing for very long. Even if they stay out longer than usual from time to time, theyll generally come home when theyre hungry and remember youre their meal ticket. And reassuringly, cats have a great sense of direction.

However, if your cat is gone for more than 12 hours or overnight, its time to take action.

If thats the case, dont panic. Simply follow the tips in this article to bring your cat home safely.

My Cat Has Gone Missing When Should I Start To Worry

It is completely normal to worry when your cat has disappeared for a long time. But after how long should you start to look for it?

In this article, we will tell you why a cat might go missing and after how long you should start looking for it.

Reading time : 8 min

Even though cats are territorial animals, their garden is not their only limit. A domestic cats territory goes way beyond your house. The limits are not only defined by your cat, but also . Their territory is divided by where your cat eats, relaxes, plays, hunts, and goes potty.

A cats territory can be unlimited if your cat has not been neutered. Your cat can walk hundreds of miles if it has smelled another cat in heat. During its different journeys, your cat can walk through gardens, roads, go hunting and take naps.

Most of the time, after their amble, your cat will come back home without you being aware of its secret life. So why do cats leave? How long do cats go for ambles? Can a cat leave for a couple of days then come back?

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Your Cat May Have Been Taken In By Another Family

Some people do feed cats they think may be stray or lost, and if this happens, your cat will probably hang around where he/she is getting fed instead of trying to get home. Families and children do adopt cats they think are stray. Although this may not be a favoured outcome for you, this kind of scenario is just as likely as all the horrible things you imagine happening to your cat.

Of course, bad things do happen and it is possible your cat may have died or been taken, but it is most likely they are lost, hiding or trapped, so think as positively as possible, keep looking and try not to give up hope.

Reasons Your Cat May Be Missing

Do Cats Come Back Home If They Run Away?
  • Does your cat have a habit of wandering? Some cats wander a lot further than others and may simply get lost from time to time.
  • Could something have scared him/her?
  • Could they have been feeling sick?
  • Are they a curious cat?
  • Could they have ventured into next door’s shed and gotten trapped?
  • Would they have jumped into a car/van?
  • Have you recently moved? Could they have gone back to your old property?
  • Is your cat neutered? Cats which aren’t neutered will often wander a lot further in search of a mate.

Answers to these and other questions could help give clues about what may have happened to your cat and help you with your search.

The second time Freddie went missing, he was found a few streets away, but the next time he was further away. Some cats seem to have a natural instinct to return to their homesI don’t think Freddie was one of them. He just got hopelessly lost.

What We Learned

We have learned that Freddie only goes missing if he is let out after dark. I think this is because it is darker and quieter and he feels safer exploring at this time. We have a cat flap, and both times he went missing, he went out at about 11pm at night and never came back. Now, we close the cat flap when it gets dark and he is no longer let out a night. He hasn’t been missing since. He never wanders far in the day.

When making a missing-cat poster, be sure to use a clear, distinctive photo and provide a detailed description.

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How To Keep My Pet Safe In Future

Once your cat or dog has gone missing once, even if it was just for a few days, it can be a real worry that itll happen again and you might find yourself on high alert all the time!

If you havent already, its really important to get your pet microchipped as youre far more likely to be reunited with them if they go missing. Remember to keep your details up-to-date on your pets microchip as well.

Getting your pet neutered can reduce their risk of straying. If your dog is a good escape artist, make sure your garden is fully dog-proof and give them lots to do in the garden so they dont get bored and test your fencing.

It can be difficult to restrict your cat if they are an outdoor cat, but you can stick to a feeding schedule to encourage them to come back at mealtimes. Try to keep them indoors in bad weather or when there is fireworks so they dont get startled and run away. For cats that get restricted outdoor access then youll need to make sure they cant escape. Again, make sure there is plenty for your cat to explore and play with inside so they dont get bored.

More Tips On How To Find A Lost Cat

If your cat is missing, its understandable that you may be anxious, and searching the web for the best way to bring your cat home. No one likes the feeling of not knowing where their fuball is! But hopefully, with all these tips, youll be together again in no time.

To finish, we thought wed share some extra quick tips on how to find a lost cat:

  • Look when its dark and quiet outside
  • Dont bring other animals with you when youre on your search they may scare your cat away
  • Use a flashlight to search in the dark
  • Bring your cats favorite toy and treats
  • Continue calmly calling their name
  • Walk slowly and take frequent breaks from calling out, so that your cat has a chance to call back
  • Scan the surrounding area for movement or sounds.
  • Check places where your cat could get stuck
  • Set up a humane baited trap . You can place some kitty litter and towels with your scent on them to lure your lost cat in
  • Hire a lost cat finder or pet detective
  • Offer a reward to anyone who can find your cat
  • Install motion sensor cameras or baby monitors around your house.
  • Search places where a lost cat could find warmth
  • Ask anyone who visited your property to check their van or truck
  • Leave a piece of clothing or towel that smells like you outside your door
  • Sprinkle flour around and check for paw prints, if you suspect your cat is hanging around but not coming home
  • Publish a missing cat notice in the local newspaper

Finally, our last tip for finding a lost cat: Dont give up!

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