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Why Is My Cat So Cute

Cats Are Just Big Kittens

why cats are so cute. #shorts #cat #meow

Another reason why cats are so cute is because theyre so playful. Ever feel like youre being treated like a lump of dough? When your cat does that kneading thing hes treating you like he treated Mommy when he was just an itsy bitsy kitten. The kitten kneads the queens tummy when hes asking for milk, and although hes now a big strong dont-mess with-me-tom he still likes to pretend hes a helpless kitten sometimes and you are his substitute Mommy. This behavior also comforts him and is accompanied by extra-loud purring. Balls of wool, laser pointers and woolly mice if it moves, your cat will play with it. And they look so adorable while theyre doing it. The evolutionary reason for this is that domesticated cats dont have to hunt for food, and all that hunting energy is displaced into play, so when they get that ball of wool theyre actually killing it! Think about that next time you knit a sweater!

Why Are Kittens So Cute You Asked Google Here’s The Answer

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A few months ago, my family and I went to a nearby cat rescue shelter to get a kitten. There were five in the available litter to choose from, but as we were watching them play, one of the two tabbies boldly decided to scale a nearby sack of bedding, then promptly fell in head-first and couldnt get out. Obviously, we had to have that idiot. And thats how we ended up with Pickle.

Named by my five-year-old son for a character from Blaze and the Monster Machines, Pickle seemed to have no fear whatsoever, immediately taking to playing with the kids, being manhandled by my two-year-old daughter, and constantly attempting to sit on me while Im working. But recently, after all his inoculations and other treatments, we had a cat flap installed so he could go outside. We were honestly worried about him. Hes growing fine but is still quite slender hes so young and small still, and there are a lot of other cats and dogs in our street. Would the little guy be able to cope?

We also recently found a large tuna steak on our garden path. Still no idea where that came from.

So, far from being a vulnerable, timid little ball of fur, Pickle seems to be an actual psychopath. And possibly a master thief as well. Even by standard cat stereotypes, this is pushing it somewhat. Such characteristics do not scream cute. But look at his face!

Why Is My Cat So Cute

When you are looking at all of the pets out there, you will realize cats are often associated with the word cute and it is going to come up a lot. You will often see cat owners talk about how their cat is the cutest and they love being around it. As a result, you may wonder, why is my cat so cute?

Cats are seen as being cute because of their delicate features, furry build, and ability to bond with humans. This can often cause humans to see them as cute animals that are easy to keep around at home.

Over time, a lot of humans have realized this with cats and continue to make them their household pet. As time has gone, domesticated cats have become a big part of life for people and they have also developed into being well-bonded with human interaction.

Key factors include:

  • Furry Features
  • Affection

When you ask Why is my cat so cute? it simply comes down to your perception of the cat. It is a human perspective on the cat rather than what the animal is all about.

What humans deem to be cute is going to be specific to that individual. Some like specific cat breeds while others look for specific psychological traits in a cat.

This is what makes human nature just as fascinating as the indoor cats we are analyzing here!

This article will answer Why is my cat so cute? with an eye towards understanding what makes your cat cute in the first place.

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Why Is My Cat So Clingy

Cats areusually less clingy than dogs. Their independence is one of their trademarksthat we all love. But if you notice your cat following you around all the time,it might be something else.

You mightthink of it as a sign of too much love coming from them. It might look cute,but it could also be something else. If your cat is not like this before, thesudden change in behavior makes you wonder “Why is my cat so clingy?”

In thisarticle, we’ll take a look at the possible reasons. We’ll try to narrow it downas best as we can.


Were Hardwired To Respond To Their Meows And Purrs

Why is my cat so cute?

Its not only the appearance of cats that makes us think that theyre cute but also how they communicate vocally with us!

Many cats make an adorable chirping noise when theyre asking for something. This noise is a blend between a purr and a meow, known as a solicitation purr. Cats specifically use this noise when theyre requesting food, attention, or something else that only their owner might be able to figure out!

A cats solicitation purr includes a specific high-frequency sound at around 220-520 Hertz . This frequency closely matches the sound of a human baby crying, which sits at 300-600 Hz. Our brains are hardwired to respond to a babys cry. So, when you hear a cat make a noise in a similar frequency range, it can be difficult to refuse them!

Researchers have found that even non-cat owners can tell the difference between a standard cat purr and one when theyre asking something.

We wouldnt put it past our cats to know exactly what theyre doing here!

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Can Develop A Strong Bond With Humans

When asking Why is my cat so cute? you have to understand the bond with humans that has developed over generations.

Domesticated cats are good with humans and will learn to live with them. This is something that is in their DNA and it has been bred into the various breeds.

Some are easier than others but the general rule does apply across the board.

This bond makes cats cute.

People relate to this type of strong bond as it makes the cat a part of their family. The more you believe it, the more you are going to love your cat!

Why Do Cats Look Cute

The features of a kittens face are definitely baby schema features and like so other really cute baby animals, these features make them look vulnerable, appealing and in need of protection.

Kitten have large, forward facing eyes, soft ears and their head is larger than their body.

Their body is very soft, rounded and very cuddly and their fur is pleasing to touch.

Cats not only look cute they sound cute too!

Kittens have a baby-like meow and even adult cats have an attractive meow and of course the ultimate sound they all make is that of contented purring!

Interestingly, what makes a cat cute is a very subjective subject!

All of us have different ideas of what cat features are cute and some find sleek Siamese types of cats so appealing whilst others like huge fluffy felines with flat almost squashed faces.

There is an argument for the fact that we have been conditioned to find all kittens and cats cute!

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Why Is My Cat Suddenly Clingy

If your cat suddenly becomes super clingy, there could be a couple of reasons, including:

  • Anxiety Cats like routine, and they can develop anxiety when there are sudden or major changes to their routines, such as moving or a new baby in the family, which could make them want to be close to their owners to feel safe.
  • Medical illness Sudden changes in cats behavior can often be due to illness, so you should check to see if your cat has any other symptoms.

If you ever notice any sudden changes in behavior in your cat, you should contact your vet because it could be a medical issue.

Cats Own You And Not Vice Versa

why this little kitten is so cute ?

Cats are super cute because they will eventually pick the spot that they love in the house. And you thought that you’d allot only a corner of the house to them? Sorry, not happening!

Also, if you’ve seen your cat rubbing against your legs in front of other people, don’t mistake it as a sign of affection. Veterinary experts have suggested that it’s the cat’s way of indicating to other human beings and livings organisms that they own you!

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Loving Your Cat So Much It Hurts Heres Why

Well, it just shows how much love and affection you have for your cat

Its a good thing to have this feeling because youre going to be the best cat parent ever

Your cat is in good hands because he/she has a owner who love him/her unconditionally

Cats are too cute and they become our companion which makes us love them so much that it hurts!

Why Catsand Not Dogswon The Internet

But it doesnt seem that cat people alone admire this independence. Its cats, not dogs, that have long since conquered the World Wide Web, inspiring the LOLCat craze and helping turn Buzzfeed into a media empire.

Clearly that viral sensation isnt driven by pet-type allegiance according to Goslings study, just 11.5% of respondents identified as cat people, while self-professed dog people make up nearly half.

Its hard to say exactly why cats are so enduringly hilarious, but something about their attitude is clearly ripe for spoofing.

Dogs go viral too, of course. But the exceptions prove the rule. No one shares YouTubes of how obedient or friendly or guilty-looking they are those are expected of them. They mainly go viral only when theyre doing something virtuoso, like warbling I love you.

Dogs have to do something super-smart to attract attention. Cats, though, just have to be the captions write themselves. The universal fun that seems to come from imagining a cats thoughts hints at a grudging respect for the fact that they appear to be thinking anything at all. Dog-shaming, by comparison, is a one-note joke playing on dopey dog naughtiness. Cats have a much richer range of ambitions and emotions for LOLCat-maker to exploit.

Feature image is by Flickr user cloudzilla. The image has been cropped and sharpened.

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Why Do Cats Look So Cute When They Sleep

Well, we all know that theyre always cute, period. But there is something extraordinary in the way cats sleep that we cant resist to awe about.

One thing that can contribute to this magic is the untamed nature of cats. Its universal that cats are hard to get affection from. They show emotions and affections rarely.

That explains why seeing them peacefully in their sleep triggers our brain to perceive them as cute and lovely.

Similar to when you get up earlier than your significant other and see them sound asleep.

And Im not telling you that cats cant show their love.

One thing can be sure, when your cat rubs its face against your hand, thats it.

Thats when you know your cat trusts you with all its heart.

Watch Cats Being Cute

Why is my cat so cute MISHKANET.COM

This short YouTube video shows cats at their cutest, at least from the owners perspective. But do cats know that people think they are cute?

This video suggests they do not. However, science suggests otherwise read on to learn what researchers have to say about why humans find certain things cuter than others.

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The 10 Most Annoying Things Cats Do To Us Humans

Cats are great pets, but theyre really annoying. Anyone who has ever owned a cat or spent any length of time with a cat at all will tell you this is the absolute truth. Cats are irritating and annoying, and they really do know how to drive you crazy at times. On that note, however, we do love the concept of having a cat because they do make great pets. But just in case youre not sure how annoying its going to be to have a cat of your own, we can tell you just how annoying its going to be.

They Chew You

For whatever reason, cats love to chew on people. In the most inopportune moments they find a way to come to you, stick one of your fingers in their mouths and make it all about them. They love the concept of doing this, and its really one of the most annoying things weve ever encountered. My cat does this all the time, but only when Im in the middle of doing something else like sleeping at 3 in the morning. Why, cats, why?

They Lick You

I love a cat purr, and I dont even mind the cat cuddling in my lap when Im in the middle of drinking my coffee in the morning. I do, however, mind the fact that my cat seems to find this time as good as any to make me a licking board. With such a sandpapery little tongue, this is something that drives me absolutely insane. And its even worse when they decide they need to lick your face or something that you just do not want their tongues touching ever.

They Crawl all Over You

They Stare

Are Some Pets Cuter Than Others

So, why are dogs and cats so cute? Is one type of animal cuter than the other? Not necessarily. Any animal, regardless of breed of gender, can trigger that nod back to babies. Simply put, youthful infantile creatures trigger the heart-melting hormones that we also enjoy when seeing a baby smile.

According to Independent, we are biologically programmed to like human babies so that we will care for them and keep the population going. When it comes to pets, if they have baby-like mannerisms and features, we find them extra adorable and want to dote on them. This is why chunky baby leg rolls and a wrinkly pug puppy both make our hearts go pitter-patter!

This innate attraction to cute features leads us to want to be with and care for our pets, much like we would a human baby. Bottom line: pets play on our natural instincts to love babies. In turn, this helps us admire and nurture our pets.

Sharing personal moments with our pets, where we pay attention to their features, actions and reactions, helps our brains release hormones that make us feel good, creating a cycle of happiness as pet parents. So, go ahead and stare lovingly into your cat or dog’s eyes. Watch as they play in the yard or on the living room floor. Would you describe their features as cute? Are you smiling? It’s pretty amazing how we process visual cues from our pets, making us feel all gooey inside!

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Heres A Cute Way Of Telling Your Cat You Love Them

Want to tell your cat you love him/her?

Heres a pretty cute way if you didnt already know

Ever notice your cat squint at you?

Slowly blink their eyes at you

You know what that means?

Your cat is saying I love you and I trust you

So to tell your cat the same back

Squint back

So youre telling your cat I love you too

How cute is that?

I wrote an article about this just recently Why do cats squint their eyes at you?

Cats use different ways to communicate with us

Squinting at us is one of the ways of our cats showing us he/she loves us

Heres some related articles you may find interesting

If you love your cat so much then its a good sign

Its something we cant control

The reason for feeling like this is because of all the benefits our furbabies bring us

So we are bound to love them like crazy!

The best thing we can do for our cats is to give the same love back

We should learn how we can connect with our cats emotionally and understand what our cats are saying to us

This will increase the bond and have create a beautiful relationship

After all they do deserve it!

Cat Facial Expressions Help The Cats Get What They Want

Why Are Cats So CUTE?!

iCatCare charity highlights an important research study that links feline facial expressions to human responses.

This is more important and impactful than it may sound.

As Treehugger points out, cats have 32 muscles in their ears alone! Those muscles help the cat to do two amazing things: rotate their ears 180 degrees and move each ear independent of the other ear.

While the study did not link cat facial expressions to how quickly shelter cats were adopted, what the study did point out is that cats have specific ways to communicate with their people using ear and whisker position, eye shape, and stance, among others.

So a cat that wants its human to do something specific can readily adjust their appearance to bring about the desired outcome and repeat this behavior as needed.

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Want To Learn How You Can Become A Better Cat Parent

If you want to truly repay your cat and everything they continue to do for you

Then I would recommend taking time out to study and learn about how you can talk to your cat

You see its easy to play with our kitty

And buy them high quality food

But what about connection

Connection is beautiful thing

If you havent connected with your cat by talking to him/her than now is your chance to do so


Its called Cat Language Bible

Understand if your cat is upset, irritated, happy or confused Using the power of animal science,

Find out how to build a strong bond and foundation of the human-feline connection

This guide will help you understand your cat in a way youd never thought would be possible

Imagine having an actual conversation with your cat!

Or just being able to emotionally connect with your furbaby

That will increase your bond with your cat to a new level

If you want to learn more about Cat Language Bible in detail then make sure to check out my in-depth review


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