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Are Cat And Dog Years The Same

Why Simple Math Wont Work

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“Complications in comparing dog age to human age are well founded”

Complications in comparing dog age to human age are well founded. The old 7 dog years =1 human year theory is inaccurate because the dog ages and develops more quickly the first two years of life. Plus the ratio varies with dog breed and size. Even the more accepted equation utilizing the 10.5 factor the first two years of the dogs life and 4 years thereafter has pitfalls because it doesnt account for size and breed. The more accurate estimate of a dogs age in human years is calculated taking size and breed into consideration. This method either categorizes dogs as small, medium, and large or more specifically uses their estimated adult weight.

Cat Years To Human Years

So, just how to cats age in terms of human years? Well, were talking cats here so of course, there is no easy answer to this question. Because cats are complex creatures, there is no straight up formula for comparing cat years to human years. What we can look at are some generalities that try and make a one-size-fits-all formula for a decidedly non-homogenous feline civilization with extremely different genetics, standards of care, diets, and living situations.

In general, the experts tell us the cat to human years conversion works something like this: cats age about 10 human years in their first six months of life, about 24 human years in their first two years of life, and after that, approximately four human years for every additional kitty year.

Convert Your Cat’s Age To Human Years

There are several methods that allow cat owners to convert their pet’s age, and the following process utilizes averages. In other words, development changes from cat to cat. Some;purebred cats, like the;Maine Coon, mature much slower than others and don’t reach full development for three or four years. Like humans, cats age in relation to genetics,;diet, exercise,;care at home, and;veterinary care. For example, a kitten can be six or seven weeks old but appear to be far more advanced physically over a human baby of the same age.

Regardless of the chart’s averages, it’s worth it to get an idea of how old your beloved cat truly is in human years:

  • First, allow 15 human years for the first year of your cat’s life.
  • Then, add 9 years for the second year. For instance, a 2-year-old cat will be approximately 24 human years.
  • Next, add 4 human years for each successive year of your cat’s life.
  • Finally, refer to the;accompanying cat-age-to-human-age chart;to double check your calculation.
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    Do Cats Age Differently Than Dogs

    Dogs and cats age differently not just from people but also from each other, based partly on breed characteristics and size. Bigger animals tend to have shorter life spans than smaller ones do. While cats vary little in size, the size and life expectancy of dogs can vary greatly think a Chihuahua versus a Great Dane.

    How Do I Calculate Cat Years

    Dog and cat age chart

    Each cat is different, but the guideline says that the first two years of your cats life is equivalent to the first 24-years of human life. In other words, your cat develops into a young adult within the first 24-months after birth.

    After the second year, pet owners can count each following year of cat life as equivalent to four human years. So, if you have a six-year-old cat, theyre technically the same age as a 40-year old human.

    Most indoor cats live to around 16 to 18 years, but outdoor cats might only make it to about 15-years old on average. So, thats 80 to 88-years in human years for average lifespans for cats, close to the global average age of death in humans.

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    So Whats The Answer To The Math Problem

    Who knows? ;The easiest equation is probably the least accurate. Formulas that take into consideration the faster development that occurs the first two years of life give a more accurate comparison. But even with this theory, there is variation. Some mathematicians feel that a one year old dog should be compared to a 10-15 year old human. The second year, as development levels out, should equate to 3 to 8 years of human ageing. That would put a two year old dog on par with a 13-23 year old human. ;But thats still a big range.

    “What is consistent is the fact that dogs age more rapidly than their owners do.”

    In short, there is no definitive answer to the math problem. There is just too much variability in the canine community. Too many breeds. Too many sizes. ;What is consistent is the fact that dogs age more rapidly than their owners do. What is consistent is the fact that a one year old dog often resembles a gangly teenager. What is consistent is that a 4 year old dog has the energy of a young adult. What is consistent is that a 9 year old dog walks with the stiff gait of a senior citizen.

    What Are The Visual Signs Of Aging In Dogs

    Dogs show a variety of signs of aging รข both physically and mentally. Some of the hallmarks of aging include a graying muzzle, slowing down, increased barking, and cloudy eyes, which could be a sign of nuclear sclerosis , or a more serious sign of cataract formation, which can affect their ability to see.

    Stiffness is also a significant sign of aging in dogs, says Jennifer Freeman, DVM, PetSmart’s resident veterinarian and pet care expert. “As your pup starts to grow older, you may see that they appear to be a bit more stiff and may have difficulty getting around, which can be due to pain that they may be experiencing in their joints,” she said. “If you notice your dog exhibiting this behavior, it’s best to check in with your veterinarian to identify any degenerative diseases or other underlying causes.”

    Weight fluctuation is also a sign to watch for, she said. As dogs age, “it is more common to see weight gain, given they may be less active but may be consuming the same amount of food.” However, she warned that pet parents should aim to manage their pet’s weight, as excess weight can exacerbate signs of arthritis. Weight loss, on the other hand, should be addressed with your veterinarian in order to determine what may be the underlying cause since conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, and cancer can occur in our aging pets.

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    How To Calculate Your Cats Age In Human Years

    At first it’s a little tricky, but then it gets very simple, Becker says. That’s because cats will develop rapidly in their first two years of their livesreaching the human equivalent of the mid-20s by the time they’re 2 years old. ;

    Here’s how Becker lays out the process: A 1-year-old cat is the equivalent of a 15-year-old human. Then, a;2-year-old cat is 25 in human years. Then it gets much easier: Each year of a cat’s life is roughly equal to four human years, so a 3-year-old cat is about 29; a 4-year-old cat is 33; a 5-year-old cat is 37; and a 6-year-old cat is 41. And so on and so on. If your cat gets to 20, she’s around 97 human years old.

    Unlike dogswho have different human age equivalents depending on their sizethe formula for cats is universal because they’re all roughly the same size.

    To find out the exact human age of your cat, look at the chart below!

    A More Accurate Method To Measure Aging In Dogs

    14 Year Old Cat Weighed Same As A Kitten But Today She Cant Stop Playing

    Today, veterinarians use the Canine Life Stage Guidelines, which was developed by the AAHA, to gauge the age of your dog. Dogs have six life stages: puppy, junior, adult, mature, senior, and geriatric.

    Puppy: birth to sexual maturity: reproductively mature, still growingAdult: finished growing, sexually and structurally matureMature: From middle to last 25 percent of expected lifespanSenior: Last 25 percent of life expectancyGeriatric: beyond lifespan expectation

    The ages for each life stage vary for the size of your pup. In order to actually estimate the human age that corresponds with their life stage, you can line it up with typical human developmental stages. Heres an example:;You have a six-month-old, medium-sized cocker spaniel. Based on his age and size, he falls into the junior category. If he was a human, hed likely be in primary school, between 5-10 years old.

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    Weight Changes And Visual Body Changes

    If youre around your pet every day, its challenging to notice the subtle changes to your pets physiology. The aging process is slow, and youll see it most in your pets face, their hips and their shoulders.

    Keeping your pet fit and feeding them the right amount of high-quality, nutritious food will help them enjoy their senior years.

    How Old Is My Cat In Human Years

    Although theres no reliable scientific way to calculate the relationship between human and cat years, its generally agreed that the first two years of a cats life are roughly equal to the first 25 of a humans. After this, each additional year is around four cat years. This means if your cat is six years old, their equivalent cat age in human years will be around 41.

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    Why Is Understanding My Cats Age Important

    Now that you know how to properly calculate your cats age into human years, you might be wondering: How long do cats live? What is the life expectancy of my cat?

    Generally, cats are known to live longer than dogs they can live anywhere from 20 to 25 years. In fact, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest cat ever lived to be 38 years and 3 days old, which is 168 in human years!

    Like dogs, however, once cats reach seven to 10 years old, they start to transition into their mature years. Knowing that theyve entered this life stage is important, so you can know how best to care for them. During this time from seven to 10 years old youll want to keep a closer eye on your cat for signs of aging, especially since older cats are more likely to develop diseases like cancer, arthritis, and heart, kidney, and liver disease.

    When Cats Reach Maturity

    Cat and dog years converted to human ages : coolguides

    Most cats begin to settle down after about age three. Cats are considered to be in their prime from about three to six years of age . They are active and athletic and, even though they seem to sleep 22 hours a day, are in good physical condition.

    A cat is considered to be a mature cat from about age seven through age 10 . This is where age-related changes in behavior are more noticeable, like slowing down and becoming less active. They still love to play, though. Getting out the feather wand, catnip mice or teaser toy is good fun for human and kitty alike.

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    Calculate A Cat’s Age

    Tabby cat taking a cat nap on a pair of shoes image by mario beauregard from

    Cats, like dogs, age much more quickly in the first few months of their lives than people do. A year-old cat will be about 15 in human years. A 2-year-old cat will be about 24 months, just like a dog. So in some ways, cats do multiply in age like dogs do, but in some ways, they do not. At age 3, a cat will be about 32 in people years, where a dog will only be 28. At age 5, a cat is between 36 and 48 years in “people years.”

    How To Use Your Cat Years Calculator

    Now, if youve read our dog years vs human years article, then youd be fur-miliar with working out your poochs age. This is a great first step when comparing dog years and cat years. The next step is to dive into what it means to use a cat years calculator.;

    If youre looking for an easy way to figure out your cats age, you can always use an automated cat years calculator. Personally, we like to use this one to figure out cats years vs human years. This is pretty straightforward, but it isnt totally reliable due to discrepancies with your cats breed and overall health.;;

    Then, theres the method that requires you to look at your cats well-being and general stature. This is considered to be a more accurate look at where your cat is in their lifes timeline.

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    Cat Years To Human Years: How Old Is My Cat

    • Not a substitute for professional veterinary help.

    Everyone knows about dog years: that old adage that one human year is like seven years if youre a dog, with a myriad of jokes related to aging and claims of Im only eight in dog years. But what about cats? How, exactly, do cat years compare to human years in terms of a kittys age?

    Although its not a scientific measure, comparing cat years to human years is sometimes our only frame of reference for the care of our animal companions. The translation of age gives us a way to gauge not only their behavior but their nutritional needs and activity recommendations.

    How Do Cats Age

    How A 10 Yr. Old Girl Kept The Same Pet For 56 YEARS

    As you can see, the common 1:7 ratio is very misleading cats age much more quickly in their first two years of life and then the aging process slows down and continues more steadily after that.

    How did veterinarians settle on this cat age to human age calculation?

    When it comes down to it, the AAHA states that their guidelines are based on the physical and behavioral changes that occur at different stages of a cats life and then these stages are matched to stages of human life.

    In other words, a one-year-old cat is physiologically similar to a 15-year-old human in their own respective ways, both the cat and the human are at similar stages of growth and development.

    Of course, as with humans , there will be some variation in the way your individual cat ages. But unlike dogs, there seems to be much less variation with different cat breeds and the way they age. With dogs, youre much more likely to see smaller breeds live longer. Even when we look at cats by breed, the variations dont seem large enough to contribute to these kinds of age differences.

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    Not Sure Of Your Pets Age

    If you adopted or rescued your pet and arent exactly sure of their real age, veterinary professionals have a variety of means they can use to estimate this.; As always, you should consider consulting your veterinarian and clinic staff for help with calculating your pets age, their predisposition to certain diseases, and for healthy aging care and tips for your pet.

    How To Calculate Dog Years

    As with cats, dogs also mature quickly in the first two years of their life. However as mentioned, the rate at which that happens depends on their size and breed.

    Larger breeds of dogs such as St Bernards mature faster than other smaller breeds. They are classed as seniors by the time they are around six or seven years. As a result, they have a shorter lifespan. By comparison, small- and medium-sized dogs are classed as seniors by the time they are nine years old.

    Meanwhile, a large breed of dog will enter the geriatric age bracket by the time it is 10, while in smaller breeds that will be between 12 and 14 years.

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    Did You Know Your Pets Age Faster Than You

    Unfortunately, its a fact that our pets age faster than we do. Just like aging in humans, advanced years brings more health issues for older pets. However, with the proper pet care and attention, there is much that you can do to help your dog or cat live a happy and fulfilled life even in advanced years.

    What happens with the aging process in our four-legged friends?

    What Are The Signs Of Aging In Cats And Dogs

    Age in Pets

    Like human medicine, veterinary science also experienced a huge jump in progress over the last 20-years. As a result, our pets live longer thanks to research into food formulations and better overall healthcare available to pets and pet owners.

    However, regardless of how well you keep your animal, time will eventually catch up with them. Watch out for these signs of aging in your furry friend.

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    When Is A Cat No Longer Considered A Kitten

    Your kitten will develop so much in her first year it’s actually a little crazy.;

    “The first year is the terrible twos and the teenage years in one year,” Becker says.;

    Oof. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to consult this guide on how to care for your kitten. Then, you’ll want to make sure you have all the essentials.;;

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    Dogs May Look Like They’re Aging Faster Than Cats But That’s Not Actually The Case

    Dogs are man’s best friend. More so than cats, they aim to please, they mimic human behavior and they love to hang out with their owners. They’re so similar to their pet parents that they even age similarly to humans, according to a study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health.

    “Dogs experience the same biological hallmarks of aging as humans, but do so in a compressed period, around 10 to 15 years on average, versus over 70 years in humans,” said Elaine Ostrander, National Institutes of Health distinguished investigator and co-author of the paper, in a release.

    So what does aging in dogs and cats look like? And do dogs age faster than their feline counterparts? We asked veterinarians for answers.

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