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How To Make A Cat Costume

How To Make The Cheshire Cats Tail:

How to make a cute cat costume

My daughter was not about to wear an actual tail, so she wanted something that would give the impression of a tail. We looked around in Goodwill with no luck and then headed over to Walmart.

In the craft aisle, we found a bunch of feather boas and one of them was perfect for the Cheshire Cat!

You can also order a pink and purple feather boa on Amazon.

She wore it around her neck, but it indeed gave the impression of a tail and the overall pink and purple stripes of the Cheshire Cat.

How To Get Your Cat To Actually Like Halloween Costumes September 08 2020 0 Comments

It may not be October yet, but meow is the purr-fect time to get started training your kitty to wear Halloween costumes so it’s fun for them and you, too!;

While dressing your kitty up as a round lil pumpkin or a sweet little bumblebee is admittedly adorable, its important to make sure that your cat isnt stressed by the experience. After all, we want the howl-iday to be fun for everyone, pets included!

So if youre going to dress your kitty up this Halloween, here are some tips to keep your kitty happy even if theyre dressed up like a cowboy!

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Black Cat Costume Supplies

This girls cat costume is so easy to whip up even at the last minute. We had most of these items in our kids Bored Box already. I am guessing you might be able to make this black cat costume with things in your craft stash as well. Heres what you need

  • Black Felt
  • Medium-Size Pom Poms
  • Tongue Depressor or Clear Elastic Cording

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Halloween Cat Costumes: Make Fedora

With the remaining brown craft foam, use scissors to cut out a zero shape for the brim. Then cut out a long rectangle. Using a low temp hot glue gun, glue the seam of the rectangle, then glue the top seam. Flip it inside out and hot glue it to the brim. Finish by adding elastic to the inside of the hat with a dab of hot glue.

Halloween Cat Costumes: Cut Dracula Cape

Traditional Black Cat Halloween Costume

Start by fitting a comfortable collar around your cats neck. Use heavy duty wire cutters to remove any decorative rings or attachments from the collar. Then, use scissors to cut out a long, rectangular piece from the black craft foam. Next, fold it in half and cut out an arched shape. Lastly, cut out a slightly smaller matching piece from the red adhesive craft foam. Stick the two together.

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Bread Meme Cat Costume

Remember the meme of the cat with his head through a slice of bread? Recreate it with your cat when you dress them up for Halloween. You could also try with a real slice of bread, but your cat might eat that quickly after you put it on their head. Check out these cheap Halloween costumes for kids to make sure the whole family has a cute costume this year.

How To Make A Jellicle Cat Costume

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Jellicle cats are a tribe of fictional feline creatures that were created by T.S. Eliot and brought to life in the stage musical Cats. A Jellicle cat costume is a skin-tight outfit that has fur, feline markings, and a furry headpiece. If you’re going out as a Jellicle for Halloween, to a costume party, or starring in a production of Cats, making your own costume can be a fun DIY project. The major components of the costume include the suit, the fur trimmings, the headpiece, and the tail.

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How To Make A Cat Face Mask And Costume:

Step One: First, youll need to cut out shapes from your felt. Cut a triangle nose from the pink felt and a double-u or sideways B shape thats flat on the top from the black felt. This black piece is what you will string your chenille stem whiskers through. See the image below if that sounds confusing:

Step 2: Take the black felt cheeks piece of felt and snip three tiny holes on each side . Stagger them to make them more realistic.

Step 3: Then glue your pink triangle onto the center of your sideways B shape .

Step 4: Then snip three whisker holes on each side and thread your chenille stems all the way through one side and out the other.

Step 5: Then glue the whole thing to your mask, making sure to center the pink nose over where your human nose will go.

Step 6: Then pop on your cat ears, wear a black shirt and pants and you are purrrrfectly ready to be a COVID-safety-conscious Cat for Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Cat Costumes: Measure Board

DIY Cat Costume for Kids

Using a crafting knife, carefully cut the white foam board 13 across. For accuracy, measure the foam board using a ruler. Then, cut four smaller rectangles for the door panels. Next, lightly trace out where each panel will go on the door and then use a low temp hot glue gun to adhere three of the panels to the door.

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How To Make A Cat Noir Ring:

7/ Loom a single chain ring using 8 loom bands and 1 S clip.

8/ Using green thread, sew the green felt paw pieces to the middle of the black felt circle.

9/ Sew the black felt circle onto a black felt square.

10/ Layer the 2 black felt square pieces together and stitch closed two sides only. Slip the square cardboard between the 2 felt squares and stitch the remainder sides closed.

11/ Stitch the loom band ring to the underside of the decorative felt square section.

Plagg, claws out!Now you have your Chat Noir costume all a-ready-to-go-go for some good kitty Halloween fun.

Melissa is a hyper creative artist, and content creator.

To see more of Melissas work, follow these links;;

Halloween Cat Costumes: Paint Panels

With a dry brush add a light coating of cream acrylic paint to the entire door. Next, create a woodgrain look by lightly painting brown acrylic paint along the left and bottom edges of each panel for dimension. To add make a darker door, repeat the steps with brown and cream paint. Let the door dry completely. Last, use red acrylic paint to spell REDRUM in the middle of the door using a Q-tip.

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Shark Week Cat Costume

Shark Week is the best. Even my cat Luna thinks so.And what better way for a fancy predatory jungle cat to celebrate Shark Week? Wearing a shark fin costume and destroying all the tiny things in the apartment is definitely the way to go.The costume only consists of a shark fin and is really easy to make, in case you have a tolerant cat that might want to be a shark for shark week. 😀

How To Make The Skirt For A Black Cat Costume

How to Make an Easy Black Cat Costume

If you want to make this skirt for your cat costume, it isnt too hard. But you probably want to have some sewing experience and a sewing machine

The fabric I used to line the skirt was just a basic lining fabric from the clearance bin. It was a woven no stretch. So I had to make sure I accommodated for that in my sizing.

I made a half circle skirt for the skirt lining.

Here is a handy circle skirt calculator. Remember, if you are making a HALF circle skirt, you need to put that in the calculator too.

This calculator is from Omni Calculator:

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How To Make A Cat Costume

This fun cat cape is sure to become a favourite everyday dressing-up piece in your little ones wardrobe, and also makes a great Halloween costume for school discos, trick or treating or lets pretend;play. Read on to find out how to make one.

Kirsty Hartley is the founder of Wild Things Dresses a fun-filled DIY fashion label that shows you how to sew costumes for everyday play. Her book, Wild Things to Make is out now and is packed full of easy-to-sew costumes to fuel your childs imagination. Were thrilled to feature Kirstys sewing projects;in Simply Sewing magazine. This cat cape tutorial is a great DIY costume to sew up in an evening or two.

Diy Cat Halloween Costume For Baby Boys

This sweet ensemble for baby boys is even more adorable than the tiniest of kittens. It all starts with a white onesie. From there, here’s how to make it happen:

  • For the pointed part of the ears, simply cut triangles from faux craft fur, then sew or hot-glue a little bit of sparkly silver fabric to them.
  • For the “lower” part of the ears, we recommend adding a pair of furry earmuffs. They double as warm wear for what can be a pretty chilly holiday!
  • Tip: For babies, you’ll want to keep the makeup simple, easy, and as mess-free as possible…or else risk confronting some serious meltdowns.

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    How To Make An Easy Black Cat Costume

    Are you looking for a simple and comfortable costume for carnival or another fancy dress party? The catsuit is a costume that we can prepare at home quickly and is ideal for both adults and children. You only need to rescue some clothes from your wardrobe, add supplements such as ears and a cat’s tail, apply some feline make up and you are ready! In the following OneHowTo article we show you step by step how to make an easy black cat costume, homemade and original.

    To make a cat costume, first of all you need some black clothing. You have several options, choose a long-sleeved shirt and black trousers or leggings or go for a single garment like a black jumpsuit. Items should be tight and fit snugly to your figure, this will make the end result what we expect. Complete the outfit with shoes or boots in black.

    Now is the time to include the cat’s features to your fancy dress costume: the cat’s tail. To make this at home easily a good option is to take a black stocking or leotard, cut it to the size you want, fill it with cotton wool and finally sew it to the back of the black trousers. If you want a feminine touch to your costume you can sew, for example, a red bow at the end of the tail.

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    Diy Halloween Costumes For Cats

    How to Make a Black Cat Costume

    It might not always be typical to dress your cat up for Halloween, but it is a great deal of fun. Our cute little feline friends dressed to look like something else entirely for a night makes their little faces even cuter. And who doesnt love a well-constructed DIY costume?

    If you are searching for a costume that you could make for your cat, check out this list of 20 fantastic options. From challenging to simple and cute to squeamish, we have got all kinds of costumes for you and your Halloween-loving friend. While a few examples picture a dog in the costume, these will easily work for a cats costume.

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    Diy Panda Costume For Teens

    There are a lot of homemade DIY panda costume ideas as well as other costume inspirations. The black cat costume uses soft faux fur for the ears. The skirt is made of tulle. The black gloves are for warmth and the boot cuffs serve as a tail. The brown bear costume uses brown for ears. The dress is A-line with a brown knit fabric. And the skirt is an organza bubble skirt. The panda bear costume uses a chenille Minky hoodie in white and black fur. The no-sew tutu and fingerless gloves give a perfect blend of taste.

    Diy Kids Kitty Cat Costume

    Published: Oct 28, 2019 by Emily Stones · This post may contain affiliate links ·

    I was given product to review in exchange for this;post. All opinions are my own.

    This DIY Kids Kitty Cat Costume is perfect for any last minute parent!

    With Halloween being only a week away I decided to create another fabulous and super easy kids Halloween costume. I am all about DIY Halloween costumes and this adorable kids kitty cat costume is no exception! A few weeks ago I posted my No Sew Kids Cow Costume and last year I made this Easy No Sew Kids Pizza Costume.

    I had placed an order at Oriental Trading Company purchasing this a Face Paint Kit. It has multiple colors and enough for multiple costumes. My daughter has sensitive skin and this kit didnt bother her which was wonderful.

    The actual Kitty Cat costume utilizes black leggings, a black long sleeve shirt and a black leotard with a tutu. I love to thrift shop and found tour black leotard and tutu at our local Goodwill store for only $2.49. You could totally get away with just the black leggings and t-shirt if youre super rushed. Oriental Trading has this adorable kitty cat ears set which is perfect to top off your kitty cat outfit! I nabbed the kitty cat tail at from the dollar store.

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    Attach Cat Ears To The Headband

    Once your wire ear frames are inside your plush ears, fold up the bottom of the ears, trimming excess fabric if necessary.

    Sew ears shut.

    Place cat ears onto the headband, making sure you dont place the ears too close together.

    Ears that are too close together will look like bunny ears. Yes, I have made that mistake a couple of times over the years and I have had to take them apart and reattach.

    With hand stitches, begin to sew your ears onto the headband, taking care to put your stitches through the fabric on the top and bottom of the headband cover and also catching the bottom of the wire ear frame.

    You will want to stitch your cat ears on very thoroughly. Fortunately, your stitches will not be noticeable in the black plush, so dont worry about making your stitches neat. You just need a ton of them!

    Once you have stitched your ears firmly in place, you are done.

    Congratulations you now own the best cat ears on the block!!!

    Pete The Cat Costume Ideas For Women

    do it yourself divas: DIY: Black Cat Costume

    This costume is so easy to pull together and it’s brilliant. Get a blue shirt and pants, stick a red heart shape on the shirt, wear some yellow eye masks , blue cat ears and an inflatable guitar…add some colorful sneakers and you’ve got a great single or group Pete the Cat costume!

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    Bend Wire Into Cat Ear Shapes

    If your fabric is soft and floppy, you will probably need to make some sort of an insert to hold up your ears.

    An easy way to hold up fabric ears is to use some bendable wire such as aluminum crafting or beading wire. You can also use pipe cleaners, floral wire, or even the wire from a clothes hanger.

    Bend the wire into a triangle shape that you feel resembles the shape you want for your cat ears.

    Insert triangle wire shapes into ears and set aside while you make the cover for your headband.

    Halloween Cat Costumes: Cut Red Cape

    Start by fitting a comfortable collar around your cats neck. Use heavy duty wire cutters to remove any decorative rings or attachments from the collar. Then, use scissors to cut out a long, rectangular piece from the black craft foam. Next, fold it in half and cut out an arched shape. Lastly, cut out a slightly smaller matching piece from the red adhesive craft foam. Stick the two together.

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    Halloween Cat Costumes: Glue Fedora To Brim

    With the remaining brown craft foam, use scissors to cut out a zero shape for the brim. Then cut out a long rectangle. Using a low temp hot glue gun, glue the seam of the rectangle, then glue the top seam. Flip it inside out and hot glue it to the brim. Finish by adding elastic to the inside of the hat with a dab of hot glue.

    Diy Cat Halloween Costume For Girls

    DIY Cat Halloween Costumes!

    So you’re sold on the idea of a DIY cat costume for your kids this year. Great! Now, we’ll break down how to make it happenwithout breaking the bank. Here’s the easy how-to:

  • You’ll want to start with a black “base.” We recommend a black t-shirt, a tutu, and a pair of opaque tightsall of which are things that you probably already have in your closet at home.
  • Next, create the cat ears! Simply cut rounded triangles from a sheet of black felt. Then, add two slightly smaller, rounded triangles from a sheet of white felt. Using a hot glue gun, affix the two pieces together as shown before adhering them to a basic black headband.
  • You’ll need a tail, of course. To make one, simply cut apart a wire hanger, bend to give it a more “natural,” flowing shape, then wrap it up with a black feather boa. Hot-glue the two elements together as you go.
  • Tip: Cat makeup doesn’t have to be super intricate! It can be as minimal and simple as you’d like. We recommend drawing on a few quick black lines with black eyeliner for a couldn’t-be-easier look.

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