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Best Cat Food To Reduce Litter Box Odor

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer

Tips to reduce litter box odor. (clumping litter)
  • 100% dust-free
  • Light in weight

ARM & Hammer has created this deodorizer with the intention of it being completely dust-free and 50% lighter in weight. Our appreciation is also for the 7-day guarantee that the brand provides. The cat debris will be smelling fresh for this period which is something we like. Any smell left behind by your pets will be neutralized completely with this cat litter deodorizer. Many buyers have appreciated the cat debris for how it is easy to pour, specifying it is truly a lightweight cat litter for odor control.

We have this deodorizer on our list for its being the best dust free cat litter among various brands. The advanced formula is a revolutionary aspect designed even to tackle heavy-duty smells. Even if you have more than one cat at home, the deodorizer will be able to handle any odors generated by them. The presence of baking soda is one of the reasons that it is possible efficiently. Available packs of the deodorizing agent are in quantities of 20 ounces and 30 oz. You can buy based on the requirement or the number of cats you have at home.

The Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop Is High

Protein digestibility is a question mark in the feline nutrition world. While weve mapped out the biological value of proteins for humans, we just dont know exactly which protein sources are most and least biologically available to cats.

That said, we do know that cats are obligate carnivores, capable of thriving on a diet of nothing but small animals. It appears that meat is the most efficient source of protein for your carnivore.

Verified Review: User Experience

The last thing we want for our readers is for them to waste money on a product that doesnt work. Its essential to read reviews before buying something that you havent tried before. One Chewy user has this to say about our top pick from Fresh Step:

This litter does exactly what we need it to do. Clumps, easy to scoop, low dust if were careful when pouring, and most importantly NO ODOR! We have only one cat, and we empty his litter box daily. Very happy with this product.

We all know theres more to litter than odor control. A pet parent on Amazon says this about the other great features of the budget option, Cats Pride:

After sampling several brands for texture and smell, or should I say, the lack of smell, Cats Pride turned out to be the best for us. There is NO smell to Cats Pride Odorless litter there is NO dust, or rather very very little dust when adding litter to her box as we must do on occasion because Cats Pride clumps our cats waste purrrr-fectly.

Now that you know what real cat owners have to say about some of the products we reviewed, which one are you thinking of trying out for your feline friend?

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Your Cats Diet Is Low

Those cheap and colorful cat food products that are so tasty for your cat? Those usually contain a lot of fillers and artificial flavors or ingredients that result in foul-smelling feces.

While your feline may love them a lot, the poor quality ingredients in those commercial cat foods may also be the reason why his stinky poop smells as it does.

Another thing, your cat may have food allergies and he may be reacting to an ingredient or ingredients in the food he is being fed. If cats eat something that disagrees with them, it can lead to the problem you are facing now.

Why Do Some Cats Eliminate Outside The Litter Box

Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control

Litter-Box Management Problems

If your cat isnt comfortable with her litter box or cant easily access it, she probably wont use it. The following common litter-box problems might cause her to eliminate outside of her box:

  • You havent cleaned your cats litter box often or thoroughly enough.
  • You havent provided enough litter boxes for your household. Be sure to have a litter box for each of your cats, as well as one extra.
  • Your cats litter box is too small for her.
  • Your cat cant easily get to her litter box at all times.
  • Your cats litter box has a hood or liner that makes her uncomfortable.
  • The litter in your cats box is too deep. Cats usually prefer one to two inches of litter.

Surface Preference

Some cats develop preferences for eliminating on certain surfaces or textures like carpet, potting soil or bedding.

Litter Preference or Aversion

As predators who hunt at night, cats have sensitive senses of smell and touch to help them navigate through their environment. These sensitivities can also influence a cats reaction to her litter. Cats who have grown accustomed to a certain litter might decide that they dislike the smell or feel of a different litter.

Location Preference or Aversion

Like people and dogs, cats develop preferences for where they like to eliminate and may avoid locations they dont like. This means they might avoid their litter box if its in a location they dislike.

Inability to Use the Litter Box

Negative Litter-Box Association

Household Stress

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Other Behavior Problems To Rule Out

Urine Marking

Urine marking is a problem that most pet owners consider a litter box problem since it involves elimination outside the box, but the cause and treatment are entirely different from other litter-box problems and therefore it is considered a rule out. A cat who urine marks will regularly eliminate in her litter box, but will also deposit urine in other locations, usually on vertical surfaces. When marking, shell usually back up to a vertical object like a chair side, wall or speaker, stand with her body erect and her tail extended straight up in the air, and spray urine onto the surface. Often her tail will twitch while shes spraying. The amount of urine a cat sprays when shes urine marking is usually less than the amount she would void during regular elimination in her box. For more information about this problem, please see our article, Urine Marking in Cats.

The Best Odor Control Cat Litters

Updated: March 8, 2021 by Kristen Chapple

They say that new parents become desensitized to baby poo, and dont really mind dealing with it when it comes out of their own bundle of joy. I know parents who would beg to differ.

However, I do understand where this sentiment comes from. I dont mind cleaning up my cats poo, because I love her and it is just something that needs to be done. Even when it is a bit gross because she is unwell, I have no problem cleaning it up, I just want her to feel better.

However, what I cant stand is a lingering smell of cat poo and pee in the house. Cleaning it up is one thing, but I dont want to live with a constant odor hanging around.

The cat litter that I started with when I got my cat was really good and I didnt really notice odor problems, but when they stopped selling it at my local supermarket I just switched to another brand thinking that it would be the same.

I was wrong. I went for more than a month with the house having this unpleasant smell before a friend suggested to me that it might be the cat litter that was the problem.

Naturally, I went into research mode and discovered that cheap cat litters will absorb liquids, but just arent that effective at absorbing smell, and that if I wanted my house to smell normal again, I would need odor control cat litter. I went through a few different brands before I found one that controlled the smell, was easy for me to clean up, and my cat seemed to like using.





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Why Does My Cat’s Poop Smell So Bad Causes And Remedies

Remy Bibaud| 18 August, 2020|

Original post found on Cat World. Cat World is a community of crazy cat enthusiasts who all share a passion for staying up to date with what’s happening in the kitty circles as well as staying on top of new tricks, tips, advice, and more.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is sharing of information only, and not meant as veterinary/medical advice. If your cat experience issues, please consult with your local vet office.

The exact cause of why your cat’s poop can smell so bad can vary greatly. It’s important to have the foul smelling stool checked by a veterinarian if the odor of your cat’s feces is really bad. You can find that the stink is really from something they ate, or it can be a more serious matter. Your cats foul smelling stools should be taken seriously if the feces’ odor is ongoing.

Naturally, stool has an unpleasant smell. But, sometimes it can have a strong foul smell. Just like human stool, cats poop can smell horrible for the same reasons. But sometimes it makes you ask “why does my cat’s poop smell so bad?” and we have answers.

Serious medical conditions, bacteria not good for feline’s health present in the colon and food consumed are some reasons your kittys poop can smell so bad. Moreover, excess gas and diarrhea also tend to cause it to stink.

Many kitty disorders often result in stool with a stinking smell and diarrhea. However, most of the conditions either self-remedy or disappear with a change in diet.

1) Diet

Ever Clean Unscented Extra Strength Litter

Litter Box Odor | 6 Tips to Reduce Box Odor

This litter is the top pick for my multi-cat household because it rapidly absorbs litter box odors. You might smell something for a few minutes after the cat uses the box, but after that, the smell is gone. The secret ingredient is activated carbon. After the clay granules soak up liquids, the carbon neutralizes the odor-causing bacteria. If your cats are willing to cover the evidence they leave behind, this long-lasting litter will eliminate any odors.

What we like about it:

  • Unscented and dust-free

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Choose The Right Litter Box

The right litter box is the foundation for a healthy, minimally odoriferous litter environment.

Choose a litter box that is at least 1.5 times as long as your cat and at least equally wide. If your cat measures 18 from nose to rump, the box should be at least 27 long and 18 wide. This makes it a comfortably spacious area for your cat, discourages accidents over the edge, and keeps the litter box from getting full too quickly.

A hooded litter box can help to contain odors. As long as the box is scooped daily and kept clean, theres nothing wrong with using a covered box. Cats generally show no preference for covered or uncovered boxes, but its important to be prudent and think of your cat before making a decision. If the odor is serious or the box isnt well-maintained, the enclosed space could become a stinking chamber of unhappiness for your cat.

Some litter boxes have non-stick coatings that help to prevent clumps of urine from sticking to the sides of the box. Ideally, the box should have accessible corners and edges that are easy to scrape. Inside curves, for example, can make it difficult to completely clean the litter box. The entire design should facilitate easy cleanup and thorough waste removal.

You might also opt for an automatic litter box. While these can help to free you from the burden of scooping cat litter, automatic litter boxes are expensive and might scare away your cat with the noises they make.

Do this today:

Choose The Right Litter

Clumping litter forms balls when it comes into contact with urine and it ensures that these balls of urine can be easily removed. Stay away from scented litter or odor eliminating litter: they use perfume or other additives to cover the smell which can be overwhelming to cats and they just wont use it. When it comes to litter, however, experimenting is fundamental. Cats are picky and can be particular about which litter they will use.

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The Overall Best Cat Litter For Odor Control

With a whopping 8,000-plus Amazon reviews and an overall rating of 4.6 stars, Fresh Stepâs Advanced clumping cat litter is a top choice when it comes to odor control. Reviewers love the unscented, low-dust clay formula and affordable price. The charcoal-infused material works to combat odor while Fresh Stepâs ClumpLock technology aims to form tight clumps, so the material scoops more easily. The litter comes in an 18.5-pound bag, or a two-pack with 37 pounds total.

Helpful Amazon review: âOk, never thought I would write a review for kitty litter but this litter is exceptional! It clumps tightly, allowing me to scoop the pan with almost nothing sifting through the scoop. No tracking by the cat. The bottom of the litter pan was nearly clean after simply scooping. The charcoal is difficult to see but it really gets rid of any ‘litter pan’ smell! My cat is 12 years old and finicky but he has never complained of this litter. And the price is great!!â

Change Your Cats Diet

So Phresh Advanced Odor Control Scoopable Cat Litter, 40 lbs

Cats diet plays a huge role in the smell of the litter box. A raw meat diet is the best diet if you are looking for cat food that reduces feces odor. Remember: cat are carnivores, not omnivores. Feeding them grains is not optimal for their digestion and cheap cat food is often based on corn, wheat or rice. Higher quality food has greater meat and water content and its the best option for smell-free poop. Dry food is also to avoid as it makes cats urine extremely smelly and youll be left with a strong ammonia smell.

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Scoop Your Kitty Litter Twice A Day At Least

If you leave your toilet unflushed all day, its going to start to smell. The same goes with your kitty litter.

Clean out your box at least twice a day, using a metal spoon to pick up both your cats poop and any wet urine spots. If your cat has trouble using their litter box consistently, cleaning it will encourage them to use it since many cats avoid pee smells, especially from other cats.

Why Should I Purchase A Litter Box

Unlike dogs, most cats are indoor pets. This means that they also prefer taking care of business indoors. This is where a litter box comes handy. It allows your kitty to roam around your home and relieve itself whenever it needs to, without the need of your help or going outdoors.

In addition, an indoor litter box saves your cat from the dangers of the outdoors. This includes potential predators, nasty bugs such as fleas, and any other dangers that the outdoors can bring. Also, litter boxes minimize the mess and cleaning that you have to do. Cleaning a litter box is very simple and low maintenance.

The following are some of the benefits that youll get by using the best cat litter box for odor control:

Why buy a litter box?

  • A litter box is a necessity for any and every indoor cat
  • Allows your cat to take care of business, regardless if youre home or not
  • Ideal for owners with mobility issues since they no longer have to scoop the poo or pee from the floor
  • Deodorizes the poo and pee smell inside your home

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American Journey Duck Recipe Grain

Our Top Pick for the Best Affordable Cat Food for Smelly Poop: If fresh food isnt in your budget, this American Journey Duck Recipe Grain-Free Cat Food may be a better option. Not only is it highly affordable, but it is made with high-quality ingredients including fresh duck as the primary source of protein. Youll also find chicken meal, duck meal, and menhaden fish meal as supplemental sources of protein. Overall, this recipe provides 40% protein and 15% fat but is low in carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates come from digestible grain-free sources like tapioca, peas, and fresh fruits and veggies which are also natural sources for essential vitamins and minerals. This formula is rich in moisture for a dry food and contains plenty of fiber as well as dried fermentation products for probiotic support. Youll also be glad to know that it contains chelated minerals for optimal nutrient absorption and is free from artificial additives and by-products.

  • Pros: Affordable price, duck as main ingredient, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, fresh fruits and veggies, rich in protein and healthy fats, probiotics and fiber for digestion, chelated minerals
  • Cons: Contains some plant protein , some cats are sensitive to chicken ingredients

Terrible Cat Poop Smell: Getting A Whiff

How to Clean a Litter Box & Stop Litter Odors with OdoBan [Cat Litter Deodorizer]

While we can all agree that cat poop doesnt smell good, it shouldnt smell like rotten eggs, death, iron , or be so potent that you cannot stand to be in the room. A lot of times, foul smelling cat poop can be detected from anywhere in the houseat least on the same level.

The smell lingers until it is scooped and cleaned up. If your cat did not cover the poop with litter , this will be especially stinky! If your cats poop is this foul, its likely her farts are pretty bad, too.

Cats are fastidious groomersthey clean themselves immediately if dirty. If they are not grooming poop off themselves, something is wrong. Your cat should definitely not smell like poop.

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Provide The Correct Type Of Litter For Odour Control

Natusan clumping litter performs 40% better on odour control than the average natural litter

Some cat litters have added fragrances or other additives which claim to help mask odour. These perfumes serve to merely carry the smell around, and due to a cats enhanced sensitivity to smell this can be overwhelming, which is one of the reasons this type of litter is discouraged.

Clumping litter, which allows for the simple removal of both liquid and solid waste, keeps your cats litter tray smelling fresher for longer.

As mentioned earlier odour control in cat litter is mainly about avoiding the formation of ammonia. Natusan clumping litter performs better on odour control than the average natural clumping litter brand.

In a recent test scientists performed on our litter, two measurements were taken: after one day, representing a normal cleaning routine, and after three days, representing a weekend without cleaning

Natusan performs on average 1.4 x better on odour control compared to other natural clumping litters.

If you didn’t remove clumps daily then:

On day 3 , the ammonia levels in Natusan litter are an estimated 25% less on average *compared to other natural litters

On day 1 , the ammonia levels in Natusan litter are an estimated 29% less on average* compared to other natural litters

Don’t just take our word for it, try Natusan today to discover it’s odour-combatting properties for yourself! Use code TABBY50 for 50% off your first 10L bag.


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