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Best Cat Litter For Dust Control

What Is The Best Place To Put A Cat Litter Box

Skoon Cat Litter Absolute Odor Control

Cats prefer a quiet, clean place to do their business, just like humans do. Its best to place the litter box in a quiet room with limited foot traffic, and against a wall so your cat will feel safe when they use it. If a litter box is too hard to reach or too far away , your cat may not be able or even willing to go there. And boxes that are near loud appliances can upset your pet.

Best Dust Free Cat Litter: Get The Dust And Funk Off Your Homes

Searching for the best dust free cat litter? In this article, we picked ten dust-free & low dust cat litter brands that seem to have stood out from the rest. Read our detailed reviews below.

Dont you just love cats? These cuddle-seeking, leg-rubbing, sweet-purring furry babies can be really endearing and they make awesome companions at home.

And theyre low-maintenance too. But we can all agree that our feline friends are not trouble-free and they can get pretty annoying sometimes.

Theres no bigger irritant however to housing cats than cleaning up the kitty litter tracks and dust that mess up our lovely homes.

Worse, if the cat litter fails to suppress the poop odor, it would be nearly impossible to ignore the nasty stench.

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Material: Clay

Material: Corn

Negative Reviews:

Purina Tidy Cats Low Dust Clumping Cat Litter Lightweight Free & Clean Unscented Multi Cat Litter

as of March 22, 2022 9:29 pm


  • One 17 lb. Box – Purina Tidy Cats Low Dust Clumping Cat Litter, LightWeight Free & Clean Unscented, Multi Cat Litter
  • Unscented clumping cat litter is free of fragrances and dyes and features an Ammonia Blocker that prevents ammonia odor for 14 days when used as directed
  • Low dust cat litter allows for a clean, easy pour, features odor-absorbing activated charcoal and is made with natural clay and mineral product plus a deodorizing system
  • Lightweight litter is easy to carry, pour and store and means less weight, not less litter
  • Unscented clumping cat litter is ideal for multi-cat households and forms tight, light clumps for easy scooping

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Common Questions About Cat Litter

What does cat litter do?

Cat litter is a necessary item to have when owning cats, as it functions as a bathroom for them. It absorbs all their waste and then is easily disposed of into the garbage.

What is the best type of cat litter?

The best type of cat litter is subjective based on the owner and your cats preferences. Clay is a time-tested favourite material for litter, that is the main ingredient in most cat litters regardless of brand. There are some plant-based materials and silica crystals, etc. that do exist but some of those arent recommended generally.

Non-clumping vs clumping: Whats the best cat litter?

Non-clumping cat litter simply doesnt clump together with urine or other waste, whereas clumping does. Clumping litter is much easier to clean/keep clean, and generally tends to last longer before it needs to be changed over fully.

Is pine pellet cat litter better than regular litter?

Pine litter can be used safely with cats if it is guaranteed to be treated to remove the phenol. Phenol is extremely toxic. A lot of owners dont like to take the risk and use normal clay-based litters. Cats also may or may not like using pine pellets either, so its generally up to your personal preference along with what your cat will use.

How often do you fully change cat litter?

Where to put a cat litter box in the house?

Can cat litter affect your health?

The Cons Of Clumping Cat Litter

Best Cat Litter for Odor Control 2017

Since nothing is perfect, there are some disadvantages to using clumping cat litter. Sometimes the clumps can harden along the side or the bottom of the litter box, causing the clumps to stick to the box and making it difficult to clean.

Clumping kitty litter is also made of finer granules which can track outside of the box and they are a little more difficult to sweep up than its traditional non-clumping counterpart. If you use clumping litter, or any litter, really, a cat litter mat is highly recommended.

If you are litter training a kitten, pay close attention to them when they are being taught to use the litter box. If they are ingesting clumping cat litter it can harden inside their digestive tract and become a health hazard. If this is the case, switch to a non-clumping cat litter until the kitten is a little older. Of course, bring them to the vet if you become aware of any health issues with your kitten after using the litter box.

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How To Solve Common Litter Box Problems

If youre unhappy with your current cat litter setupits hard having a small animal crapping where you live!there are a couple of other solutions that you might try before or in addition to swapping litters.

Scoop your litter at least once a day. When we went to the Brooklyn Cat Cafe to test litters, we were braced for the place to smell like a farm. It didnt. Thats because the cafes volunteers were always scooping, often within minutes of a cat doing its business. Though Church & Dwights Brown told us that litter formulas are tested for their clump integrity and odor control for up to three days , you still need to try to scoop every day.

If youre having trouble with your cat scattering litter, you could try a partially enclosed litter box instead. Or try a mat that catches litter, like the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat, which traps litter scatter better than any mat weve tested.

Several Wirecutter staffers have also found personal litter box happiness with a Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System close-by. Its a trash can, of sorts, that allows you to scoop litter into a small vestibule and close the lid, and then send the litter into a larger compartment that way, your nose isnt bombarded with a weeks worth of dirty litter every time you go to add newly soiled litter.

The Best Rated Dust Free Cat Litters Reviewed

The best dust free cat litter will form hard clumps on contact with liquid or solid waste, and it wont track all over the house. Here are our top 7 picks for the best cat litter for dust and odor control that you should consider:

  • Tough on odors and keeps the household as fresh as possible
  • Eco-friendly
  • This formula is 99.7 percent dust-free
  • Hypoallergenic and free from irritable additives
  • Needs frequent maintenance because it does not clump
  • The pellets are too big
  • Contains natural essences to lower stress
  • Excellent odor control and clumping
  • Helps control respiratory disease in cats because dust is kept low
  • Expensive, prices are easily manipulated by retailers
  • Made with sodium bentonite
  • It seems too heavy to carry and pour
  • Absorbs five times its weight so litter stays dry and lasts longer
  • Its superior clumping makes scooping and cleaning easier
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Very expensive compared to other options
  • It is not particularly a trackable litter
  • Clumps quickly for easy cleaning
  • Hundred perceon biodegradable, so environmentally safe
  • Free from strong scents
  • Somehow too pricey
  • It is not the most potent odor killer
  • 99.9 percent dust free, hypoallergenic formula
  • Free from perfumes, deodorants or plant proteins
  • Made of natural essences that reduce stress
  • It is biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Effectively absorbs urine and odor on contact
  • It is not cost-effective for multiple cat households
  • Somewhat heavy and awkward to carry

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Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter

Protecting the environment with naturally based kitty litters doesnt have to be frustrating. Tidy Cats Naturally Strong clumping cat litter by Purina provides a clay-based litter, with the power of charcoal. By naturally preventing odors where they start, Tidy Cats outperforms baking soda with activated charcoal, in order to guarantee improved odor control.

When pet parents are looking for a naturally sourced, recyclable pet product, without harmful fragrances or dyes, they can turn to Purina Tidy Cats Naturally Strong Clumping Cat Litter. Tidy Cats produces their containers with 50% recycled plastic, certified by Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards. An unscented, strong clumping litter also maintains a dry, odor free litter box to keep cats happy, and healthy.

The Different Types Of Cat Litter: Pros And Cons Compared

Can Air Purifiers Help With Cat Litter Dust?

When choosing the right type of cat litter, you need to understand the types of litter available in the market. The main types discussed herein are Purina Breeze Litter Box, Catit Hooded Cat Pan, Tidy Cats Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter, and Dr. Elseys Clumping Clay Cat Litter.

Each type has its unique characteristics with clear pros and cons.

  • Purina Breeze It is best known for its ability to keep your house fresh smelling all day long. The breeze system makes it easy to clean.
  • Catit Hooded Cat Pan This litter can offer your felines privacy as they freshen up. Also, it is large enough to accommodate large-sized cats.
  • Tidy Cats Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter It addresses the concern of smelly litter cans, and it is cost-friendly.
  • Dr. Elseys Clumping Clay Cat Litter It is specially designed for people who are hypersensitive to allergens. It offers an entirely dust-free environment.

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Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Free & Clean Cat Litter

This featherweight litter gives you the same volume as regular litter, but only about half the heft. Plus, it has an ammonia blocker and activated charcoal to keep urine smells at bay. JustAnswerveterinarian Dwight Alleyne is a fan. Ive been a cat owner for almost 20 years as well as a veterinarian and so far, my all-time favorite brand has been Tidy Cat because it seems to have the best odor control, he says.

Other Options For Fighting Cat Litter Odor

While using a cat litter for odor control is highly recommended for maintaining a fresh household, there are some other things you can do to keep everything smelling clean.

  • Scoop your cats litter box 1-2 times a day
  • Completely change the litter and clean the box once every 2 weeks
  • Use a scented litter
  • Purchase a high-quality kitty litter
  • Use a covered litter box if your cat is comfortable with the concept
  • Consider a self-cleaning litter box

Maintaining a clean litter box will not only be best for your cats health and potty habits, but it will keep your home smelling of your cats waste. Next we look at some important components that youll want to take into consideration when choosing a good odor control kitty litter.

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Boxiecat Extra Strength Clumping Clay Litter

Looking for a cat litter that doesnt make you sneeze or have a runny nose? You might want to give Boxiecat Extra Strength Scent Free Premium Clumping Clay Litter a try.

This unscented clay cat litter is armed with natural probiotic odor control, which is great for multiple cats, and cats on a high-protein diet.

According to the brand, this litter is made using an advanced dust suppression process, making it over 99.9% dust-free. This feature is great for sensitive pets and allergy sufferers.

This product is hypoallergenic and contains no toxic chemicals. 99.9% dust-free, it makes litter boxes look and smell clean.

Material: Clay

  • The only one my cat likes. Doesnt track, stick, or smell.
  • No dust litter. Great choice for asthmatic cats.
  • Clumps great, has little to no dust, is unscented, and best of all is heavy enough that it doesnt stick to the cats paws

Negative Reviews:

  • Urine stays on top of the litter.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers


The most obvious downside of Dr. Elseys Ultra is its container. Though this litter is sometimes sold in small boxes, the lowest price is found on a 40-pound plastic bag from Amazon. Out of all the containers that litter comes in, a plastic bag is the hardest to seal, and isnt as easy to stow away as a box or a plastic bin.

That 40-pound plastic bag is twice as heavy as other litters, which come in 20-, 30-, or 40-pound cardboard-box containers that are easier to lift and store. Pet owners with minimal arm strength may have difficulty pouring Dr. Elseys Ultra into a pan, so we recommend transferring some of the litter into an easy-pour container or using a large kibble scooper that you store in the bag. Or you can grab one of Dr. Elseys 18-pound bags, which cost 7 extra cents per pound.

Dr. Elseys Ultra fell in the middle of the pack in our cleanability tests because it can leave sticky messes at the bottom of the pan. Its average-size granules dont pack as tightly as tinier granules, like those in the Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Litter, so more moisture can get to the bottom of the litter box. Dr. Elseys Ultra performed about as well as two cheaper litters we tested: the Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Clumping Litter and the Frisco Scoopable Cat Litter. If you are willing to pay a premium for harder clumps that wont stick to the bottom of a dirty pan, try our other pick, the Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Litter.

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Purina Tidy Cats With Glade Clumping Cat Litter

  • Forms strong, tight clumps
  • 38-pound box

Purina Tidy Cats offers great absorption capacity and removal of putrid smells. Once put to use, you will be good to go for two weeks as the formula will work aggressively on blocking the ammonia odor. We would surely recommend this one if you have more than one cat at home because it is the best multi cat litter. We were impressed by the presence of moisture activated power pieces that absorb odor and liquids. It is great to see how two brands can develop one of the best clumping cat litter, available in a 38-pound box.

Odor lock cat litter reviews, and our experts have stated this to be the best multi cat litter for its powerful action. It will leave behind a slight fragrance that will ensure you that the air is fresh and clean. This pleasant is a benefit according to us because it will make the cat litter more inviting for your pet. In turn, they will be more convinced to do their business in the box itself. Routine cleaning will be much easier for you without the scattering of dust particles. The low dust formula of the odor absorber is something you can count on.

How To Keep My Floor Clean From Litter Boxes

There is no way to keep a floor completely clean and dust-free from cat litter. The dusty residue will spread around the floor no matter how much you sweep or mop. Over time this dusty film can build up, and it can even create a nightmare for people with allergies and asthma! This is especially true if your other half insists on having their litter box near your once-spotless floor. So, how can you keep the litter dust at bay? Read on to find out!

First off, you must scoop daily and completely remove solids and clumps from the litter tray every day. This helps prevent odors from settling in the tray and prevents too much dust from flying around. This ensures a healthy and happy cat as well!

Secondly, if you have the option, try to place your litter trays in a separate room away from where you make most of your living. This way, any dust or odors will be contained within only one room rather than spreading throughout the house. If this is not possible, try to place your litter box in an area with high walls on all sides, this will help confine the dust to one room.

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Also Great: Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Litter

*At the time of publishing, the price was $15.

We like the Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Litter because it does a good job of trapping odors, and it has tiny litter granules that clump better than those of most cat litter brands we tested. Also, the Cloud Control litter doesnt gunk up the bottom of a pan, and it produces virtually no dust. But those tiny granules may track throughout the home, and the Cloud Control litters traditional cardboard-box container can be a hassle to carry and open.

Even though Dr. Elseys Ultra had the best odor control, the Cloud Control litter did the best job of making tighter, defined litter clumps that were the easiest to scoop and clean during our tests.

In our tests, the Cloud Control cat litter trapped stinky ammonia and sulfur-like hing odors better than the competition, and only a faint stench remained when we were sitting next to the dirty litter only Dr. Elseys Ultra beat it in this area by completely trapping the odors. The Cloud Control cat litter quickly negates odors if your cat regularly buries their waste, but itll take a few minutes for the smells to dissipate if your cat is rude and never covers things up.


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