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Can Cats Eat Bacon Raw

The Risks Of Eating Bacon For Cats

Cats Go Raw – 6 steps to raw meat & bone

Bacon contains a lot of salt and fat, which can make your cat sick, especially if eaten in large amounts.

There are quite a few risks when it comes to feeding your cat bacon. Firstly, raw bacon may contain parasites or harmful bacteria that might cause your cat to become sick. Therefore, if youre thinking of giving your cat a small amount of bacon, it should be cooked bacon rather than raw.

Another risk is related to the fat content of bacon, and this is the risk of pancreatitis or an upset tummy. Removing visible fat from the bacon will help, but bacon grease is full of fat, and dont forget that cooking oils and fats will also make your cat unwell.

The fat content might cause another issue too, and thats obesity. If your pet is a bit podgy, youll want to steer clear of fatty titbits like bacon to stop them piling on the pounds!

Bacon also contains high salt levels, which are linked to heart disease and high blood pressure in people. Its not proven whether this risk is the same for cats, but it stands to reason.

Half a slice of bacon contains nearly five times your cats daily sodium requirement, so too much bacon could even cause salt poisoning. Although turkey bacon is lower in fat, it still contains lots of sodium because its salt-cured. Hence, turkey bacon is still not a healthy option.

How To Prepare A Raw Meat Diet For Your Cat

It would help if you found a professional to assist you in developing a complete and balanced diet that would be helpful for your cat.

Your veterinarian recommends special supplements to ensure your cat gets the nutrients needed to stay healthy.

The following ingredients can be used in a raw food diet

  • Raw meat from muscles or organs

You would need equipment and supplies such as meat grinders, a cutting board, glass mixing bowls, disposable gloves, and a refrigerator or freezer for storage.

What Exactly Is Bacon And Is Bacon Healthy For Cats To Eat

Now, you could be wondering to yourself, is bacon good for cats, and what happens if a cat eats bacon? Even before we explore these questions in detail, lets examine the stuff that bacon is made of.

The USDA defines bacon as a salt-cured pork belly. However, this definition, like many others, is quite limiting, as bacon can be made from various other parts of a pig.

In fact, the meat doesnt necessarily have to come from pigs. It can also come from cows, turkeys, etc. However, pork-based bacon is the most popular, and all reference in this post shall be made to it.

To prepare bacon, pork bellies are soaked in preservatives, the most common ones being nitrite and salt.

Nitrite is used to prevent botulism, while salt inhibits the growth of bacteria in the meat. The two also enhance the flavor of the meat.

Besides salt and nitrite, bacon also features numerous other flavorings, spices, and additives. Most of the additives are incorporated as taste- and flavor-enhancers.

After curing, bacon is cooked in a convection oven. It can also be smoked using traditional smoking techniques. However, smoking is less preferred for mass production of bacon, due to its time- and energy-intensiveness.

Now, the yummy taste and inviting aroma arent everything there is to bacon. The food is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, including several B vitamins, animal protein, magnesium, and iron.

In every 100-grams of cooked bacon, you get

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The Short Answer: Yes But It Is Not Recommended

The long answer: A type of salt-cured pork taken from various meat cuts, bacon is a fatty dish that can be eaten as is or mixed in to add flavour to other dishes. Though cats should have a diet that is high in protein, its not a good idea to serve them cooked bacon on a regular basis. Bacon is loaded with sodium, fat, cholesterol, and phosphate, which are not good for them. Plus, some of the seasonings and preservatives used to cure and flavour the bacon might be lethal for cats.

Some people suggest hiding pills within a small piece of cooked bacon, or giving bacon as a treat after a visit to the veterinarian. These instances are okay as long as they are done occasionally, and you get your veterinarians consent. Eating bacon with regularity can cause your cat to suffer from dehydration, high blood pressure, obesity, clogged blood vessels, and salt poisoning.

As for raw bacon, speak to your vet before offering it to your cat. Raw bacon may be okay for consumption only if it is fresh and uncured. Theres also an issue of making sure the raw meat does not have bacteria, or else it might end up harming your cat.

What to do if your cat accidentally eats bacon: Check your bacon package for the ingredients used to season the meat. Watch for symptoms of excessive thirst, decreased appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy , weakness, high heart rate, panting, and blood in urine .


Too Much Cooked Bacon Is Also Bad For Cats

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Dont think that cooking the bacon beforehand will make it safe for cats to eat. Sure, cooking it removes the chance of there being parasites, but there are other factors that come into play.

First, bacon is VERY high in sodium. This is one reason why so many people and animals love to eat bacon. Salt tastes good! Your cats health, however, cannot handle as much sodium as humans typically can.

Too much sodium consumption in cats leads to an electrolyte imbalance, which is just a fancy way of saying that they have too much salt in their blood. High blood pressure is also another huge concern that comes from having too much sodium.

Another reason you dont want to feed your cat too much bacon in general is because it is VERY high in fat content. Cats need lean meat for their bodies to properly function. Too much fat is terrible for cats.

Only give your cat bacon as a SMALL & RARE treat, regardless of whether or not its cooked. Bacon is pure animal proteins, so this means that cats eat bacon because their brain tells them to consume the delicious animal proteins that theyre smelling.

Can you blame them? Id bet bacon tastes much better than cat food!

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Whats The Deal With Preservatives In Bacon And Other Processed Meat

Most processed meat, including bacon, contains sodium nitrite and potassium nitrite. These chemical compounds are the reason processed meats are pink and considered Class 1 human carcinogens. Does that apply to cats?

Nitrites are used as preservatives and bacteria killers in cat food, too. There have been speculations, and a few scientific publications regarding the harmful effect nitrites have on cats, but feline specialists havent come to a conclusion yet.

Until the conundrum is resolved, its best to opt for homegrown and home-cured meats. That way, you have complete control over the freshness and quality of the meat as well as preservatives and additional sodium used during the production and curing of the meat. You can also buy natural meat products from local organic and free-range farms.

Can Cats Have Bacon As A Snack

Cats can enjoy tiny amounts of bacon as a snack. You can also use bacon to entice your felines appetite on days when they refuse to eat.Veterinarians recommend keeping treats up to 4% of your furry friends daily intake. For an average-sized cat, the daily calorie intake ranges between 192 kcal and 280 kcal, meaning your feline can have a thin slice of bacon per day. Larger breeds, such as Ragdolls or Maine Coons, and more active ones, like Bengals, can enjoy up to one half of a slice more.

Practice extra caution with snacks. If your kitty had any that day, skip the bacon because your kitty could:

  • Have a caloric surplus and start gaining weight
  • Experience stomach upsets or other health problems
  • Get sodium poisoning

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When Should I Give My Cat Turkey Bacon

Its best to only offer turkey bacon to your cat as a treat or for a special reason. Following a trip to the vet or a successful bath can be great times to present a small amount of turkey bacon as a reward.

You can even offer your cat turkey bacon just because you love them. But no matter the occasion, be sure that this treat remains one for occasions.

What Should I Do If My Cat Eats Bacon

Can cats Eat raw meat? Watch before you feed |catsbae |cat nutrition

Ok, so your cat hopped onto the breakfast table and stole a piece of bacon. Now what? First, dont freak out. Bacon isnt going to poison your cat. Just be prepared for your cat to have some short-term side effects.

If a cat eats a normal human serving of bacon the cat will most likely get a stomach ache. You may notice your cat being less active and seem uncomfortable. Your cat will most likely also vomit, so pay attention when you walk. Theres no need to step in any unnecessary messes.

It is unlikely that your cat will get very sick from eating a larger amount of bacon. But, it is always important to air on the cautious side. Pay attention to your cat for 24 hours to ensure your furry baby isnt experiencing too much discomfort.

The next time youre cooking up breakfast, and the house smells of bacon, youll be for sure teasing your kitty. Now, if you havent given your cat bacon at all , you can let your cat join in the breakfast party with a little bit of bacon. But, be careful not to make it a habit bacon isnt the best treat for your cat in the long run.

Sharing is caring, and who better to share with than our feline friends. Check out this next article on to learn about some human foods you can share with your catin cat-sized portions, of course!

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Can Cats Eat Bacon That Is Raw

Raw bacon is high in fat and can contain large amounts of salt, both of which can be harmful to cats. Some people believe that feeding bacon to cats can cause pancreatitis, a serious condition in which the pancreas becomes inflamed. Since bacon is high in fat content, it can also lead to weight gain in cats.

Cats cant digest carbohydrates very well, so feeding them bacon can cause digestive problems like diarrhea. If your cat has any dietary restrictions or allergies, you should avoid giving them bacon altogether. Raw bacon can also contain bacteria, so raw meat or raw pork is not entirely risk-free. So, can cats eat bacon that is raw? Generally, cats can eat raw meat, however, it is always best to consult the veterinarian, as not all cats are the same and some may experience digestive issues.

How Much Raw Bacon Can Your Cat Eat

The fact that raw bacon contains certain parasites indicates that you need to be careful while feeding raw bacon to your cat. First, the introduction of raw bacon into your cats diet should be gradual to avoid complications. If your cat seems okay after consuming a little piece of bacon, you can occasionally provide raw bacon as a treat.

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What About Raw Bacon

Raw bacon wont have as much grease as cooked bacon, but other than that, its worse across the board.

While cats have evolved eating raw meat, its the rare housecat thats capable of taking down a pig. Raw pork may have parasites or microbes that cats cant easily tolerate, so youll be taking a risk by feeding it to them.

Raw bacon may be harder for them to chew as well, so it can pose more of a choking hazard than bits of the cooked stuff.

Ultimately, you shouldnt feed your cat raw bacon at all, but if they manage to sneak some behind your back, theres little to be concerned about .

Raw Meat Diet May Be Nutritionally Deficient

Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Although cats thrive on animal-based products, raw meat diet may not have the complete and balanced nutrients required by your cat.

An incomplete diet can cause a severe health risk for your cat in the long run. The biggest challenge in preparing a homemade raw diet is ensuring it has complete and balanced quantities of nutrients.

Inconsistency in the properties of nutrients in a homemade raw diet increases the risk of nutrient deficiency which may affect your cats health.

Wild cats will consume small animals in their entirety . By doing so they are are digesting a range of nutrients nutrients that may not be available if only eating raw meat on its own.

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When Should Cats Eat Bacon

As weve mentioned above, its okay for cats to eat bacon raw or cooked as long as its a very rare, occasional treat. Theres only one other instance that we recommend bacon for cats.

When giving cats pills or medicine, bacon is a great way to mask the pill or the taste of the medicine youre giving them.

DO NOT use this tactic if your cat regularly takes medicine. If your cat is on a daily pill then do not use bacon to give them their medicine daily. But if your cat needs something like a once-a-month flea medicine ingested, then bacon is a great way to hide that pill!

So Can Cats Eat Bacon

In short, yes. It is 100 percent safe to feed your cat bacon. There isnt anything toxic about bacon for cats.

Why? Well, remember, cats are mostly carnivores. They need meat to survive. Bacon is a pork product that does offer a decent amount of protein. So, every now and then, its not a terrible idea to reward your cat with a little bitty piece of your breakfast.

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Pork The Good And The Bad

You may hear a lot of people advising against giving any type of pork to pets, and due to religious beliefs, there are many millions of people around the world who would never let it pass their own lips. But presuming your cat is not going to pass up some meat due to religious or ethical reasons, is sharing your bacon with your cat deemed ok? Yes, you may share your bacon with your cat, but only fully cooked meat, in bite size pieces, and in moderation.

The truth is many pet foods will use pork products as a prominent ingredient, and sometimes the bacon will even be advertised on the label Chicken with Bacon or Pork and Veg. Mostly the bacon ingredient will be hidden under such vague descriptions as meat by products or derivatives. This may be written in a vague manner to not dissuade people from buying the product because of pork additives. Those who choose not to eat pork may not want their cat to eat pork either. Reading a label stating bacon is within a cat treat may put off a great number of cat owners. Be sure to read and understand any cat food labels if feeding bacon to your cat poses any sort of issue.

The real danger for pets and humans alike comes in the form of tapeworms and roundworms such as trichinosis. These are serious parasites and if untreated, the initial vomiting and diarrhea will be the least of your worries. Thankfully, basic hygiene and proper cooking will ensure they should not be a problem.

Can Cats Eat Bacon Because They Are Carnivores

How to Raw Feed your Cat (Complete Nutrition Guide) | The Cat Butler

As you know, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they must eat meat to survive. As bacon is meat, it is safe for cats to consume but only in small quantities. Regular consumption of bacon is unhealthy for humans as it contains high salt and fat levels the same goes for your cat.

Bacon should be fed only as an occasional treat as it is not necessary to a cats diet. But if you have trouble giving your kitty a pill, a little trick is to wrap up the tablet in a small piece of cooked bacon to encourage them to take it.

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Can Kittens Have Bacon

A nibble of bacon would not harm a fully weaned kitten, but you need to be cautious. Baby kittens, not yet fully grown, have a fragile digestive system and might not be able to handle food like bacon. Bacon has a high concentration of sodium, grease, and saturated fat and may cause stomach upsets in baby kittens, in addition to other issues.

Baby kittens should not be eating anything other than their kitten food. Actually, baby kittens have special nutrient requirements that can only be met by the special kitten foods designed considering their special nutritional needs.

If you do not have an idea about how much and how frequently to feed your baby kitten, take a look at the kitten feeding chart.

What Kind Of Meat Benefits Cats

Cats benefit from all kinds of meat, but poultry is very popular among cat parents because of its naturally low sodium and fat content.

Some feline favourites include:

Let your cat try a tiny bit of organ meat, for example, chicken liver, because its exceptionally rich in nutrients. Keep the portions small because too much of it could cause vitamin A poisoning.

Red meat, like beef and lamb, are an excellent source of protein and fat but can cause stomach upsets in more sensitive felines.

Cooked fish and crustaceans are an excellent source of healthy fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, so you can safely treat your cat with some:

Rabbit meat is a good source of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, and you can include it in your cats menu from time to time.

Check up on your kitten every time you introduce a novelty in your cats diet because of potential allergic reactions, with beef being the most common allergen among meat.

The audacity of this human! Even the dog got some bacon, and I cant have any!

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