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Best Non Clumping Litter For Kittens

What To Look For In The Best Litter For Kittens

Top 13 Best Cat Litters (We Tested Them All)

When choosing the right litter for kittens, safety needs to be the top priority. While clumping litters are convenient, they can actually put your kittens health at risk. Clumping litters include substances like silica and bentonite clay that expand to absorb liquids, making those big clumps that are easy to scoop out. Because kittens tend to explore and eat things that they really shouldnt, if a kitten ingests clumping litter, those substances could expand in her stomach. The result could be intestinal blockages and other serious health issues, so its best to avoid using clumping litter with kittens who are less than four months old.

As a side note, clumping litter poses the same health risks for dogs who might think of the cats litter box as a snack tray. Dogs who eat waste clumps will ingest litter with the clumps, and if they eat enough litter, it could swell and expand, leading to serious health issues.

Even if a litter doesnt contain clumping substances, it could still cause issues if a frisky, inquisitive kitten eats some of it. For that reason, look for litters that form larger pieces that arent easily swallowed. Options like nonclumping clay litters can be safer choices for kittens.

Youll also want to look for a litter thats free of strong scents and dust. Both of these elements can be potential allergens, and kittens have highly sensitive respiratory systems. Minimizing dust and fragrances will give your kittens the best shot at a happy, healthy life.

Jonny Cat Unscented Non

This inexpensive old-school litter, sandy and non-clumping, will need to be changed a bit more than the newer clumping clay litters. But if you are dealing with only one kitten and scooping solid waste daily, this should keep everyone happyand your kitten safe from ingesting clumps of clay.

Johnny Cat Unscented Non-Clumping Clay Litter

This old-school litter has a sandy texture that will attract your kitten to the box.

This litter is made entirely from grass and forms clumps for easy scooping. The smooth, sandy texture is gentle on kittens paws, and the litter is free of scents and chemicals.

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Kitten Litter

This natural plant-based litter clumps waste for easy scooping.

Which Litter Is Best

We have to be honest, of the bothclumping cat litter takes the cake. Its simply easier to clean, which allows you to stretch the litter further. Plus, cats are very clean creatures, which means they want their litterbox to be in tip-top shape.

Even after the litter is changed you may be left with smells and stains around the house but with the Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray, you can take care of it all. It’s our product, and we love it so much, we just have to share it! It permanently removes the very worst smells and stains, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! to get yourself a bottle.

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Naturally Fresh Walnut Shell Non

Youll get amazing odor control from this natural litter made of walnut shells. Its unscented and dust-free. The pellets are a bit larger and harder than most litters, so if you are introducing your kitten to this litter, transition them gradually from their usual stuff.

Naturally Fresh Walnut Shell Non-Clumping Litter

Highly absorbent walnut shells make cleaning up after your kitten easy.

Jonny Cat Complete Clay Cat Litter


While you would be forgiven for buying this product simply for the cute and fun cartoon on the front, Jonny Cat offer much more than just a good marketing campaign.

Heralded by some as the worlds best non-clumping cat litter, owners love Jonny Cat litter because it is so effective at eliminating odours particularly important for those cats that have strong urine or foul-smelling poops.

Stench control is one of the most important qualities when it comes to choosing a litter.

Their triple anti-odour formula is patented and is particularly effective against the ammonia in urine.

There is even a deodoriser, for those lingering smells that are hard to control.

Dont fear though, this litter does not have an over-powering smell.

For households with many cats, and especially for any owners of tom cats, this is a great product to prevent any nasty pongs from overtaking your home. It does all of this without the addition of any chemicals or toxins.

Owners should be aware that this is not a good litter choice for cats with bronchitis or asthma as it can be somewhat dusty and is not hypo-allergenic.

Cats prone to watery eyes or eye infections should also steer clear of a litter that can lead to dust clouds in the air.

This litter is made from clay which is one of the original types of cat litter and has been used safely and effectively in many households for decades.

Jonny Cat Clay Litter comes in a 20oz bag which should last most households for several weeks.

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How To Solve Common Litter Box Problems

If youre unhappy with your current cat litter setupits hard having a small animal crapping where you live!there are a couple of other solutions that you might try before or in addition to swapping litters.

Scoop your litter at least once a day. When we went to the Brooklyn Cat Cafe to test litters, we were braced for the place to smell like a farm. It didnt. Thats because the cafes volunteers were always scooping, often within minutes of a cat doing its business. Though Church & Dwights Brown told us that litter formulas are tested for their clump integrity and odor control for up to three days , you still need to try to scoop every day.

If youre having trouble with your cat scattering litter, you could try a partially enclosed litter box instead. Or try a mat that catches litter, like the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat, which traps litter scatter better than any mat weve tested.

Several Wirecutter staffers have also found personal litter box happiness with a Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System close-by. Its a trash can, of sorts, that allows you to scoop litter into a small vestibule and close the lid, and then send the litter into a larger compartment that way, your nose isnt bombarded with a weeks worth of dirty litter every time you go to add newly soiled litter.

Feline Pine Litter Target

Theres something about Feline Pine Litter that just makes your cats business seem more, well, business-like. Maybe its the woodsy scent, or the way the pellets break down into sawdust when wet. Whatever the reason, this is one of the most popular litters on the market, and a great choice if youre looking for an all-natural option.

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The Best Alternatives To Clay Litter

Our experts said most cats do well with clay litter. And we think owners using clay clumping litter need to experiment less with their setup, which will save them money, too. Still, we plan to consider alternatives to clay litter in our future research. In the meantime, here are a few personal recommendations from Wirecutter staff.

Feline Pine Platinum Natural Non

Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Litter | Chewy

While clumping cat litter can be easier to clean, there can also be some cases where you can find non-clumping litter to be more beneficial.

This non-clumping litter from Feline Pine does a great job of trapping unpleasant odors. Further, it doesnt leave behind any messes stuck to the box like other litters from different brands. Also, you get an extra boost of absorbent, odor-eliminatingfreshness from the natural odor-fighting power of baking soda.

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Your Cat Might Be Eating Litter Because Of An Underlying Health Issue

Choosing the right kind of cat litter is critical to your pets well-being. A Wheat litter can be flushed in both the septic and sewer systems, but it will need to be supplemented with additional flushing instructions to ensure its safety. Wheat is edible, just as corn is, so if your pet eats it, it wont cause any harm however, unintended eating can be a problem. If your cat eats litter, you may notice a health problem that isnt visible. A veterinarian can diagnose a neurological disorder or anemia, in addition to anemia and a vitamin or mineral deficiency, in a dog who eats litter. If you are wondering why your cat is eating litter, you should take him or her to the veterinarian for a checkup.

The Best Pine Cat Litter And Cat Litter Tray System

Several Wirecutter staff members are into the Tidy Cats Breeze system, which makes getting rid of cat pee easy. Special pine pellets go in the box, and beneath them theres an absorbent pad that you can swap out, in addition to scooping. So you scoop daily, change the pad about once a week, and change all the pellets once a month. Its more expensive than a regular setupa little more than 2½ times as much as our top pick for litterbut Breeze advocates say the convenience is worth it . However, if your cat doesnt like it, youre out the expense of a new litter box as well as a bunch of special pads and pine cat litter pellets.

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What To Consider When Buying Non Clumping Litter For Kittens

Buying non clumping litter for kittens is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider when choosing where to live that it can seem like an impossible task. Weve put together a list of things to remember as you search for your next purchase. Its not just about picking out something that looks nice or even comfortable and reliable. You need to consider what kind of product you want and whether or not the product has all the features you need, and there are a lot! Were here to help you sort through all those options with our buying guide. Well cover everything from the basics to more advanced features so you can decide which product is right for you.

  • How much does it cost?
  • Is there an extended warranty available for this product?
  • Are there any special offers or discounts available for buying this product?
  • What is the return policy on this product?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • What size do I need?
  • What features do I want?
  • Whats the best brand?
  • How long has this company been around?

Here are some details consideration before buying:

Fresh Step Febreze Scented Non

Purina Tidy Cats Non Clumping Cat Litter, Breeze Enhanced Pellets Multi ...

The non-clumping clay cat litter from Fresh Step is paw-activated for Febreze freshness with the Febreze scent. With its superior odor control system, it has the longest lasting odor control to eliminate even the strongest bad smell from and around the litter box.

  • Natural high-absorbing clay

Its low dust formula makes cleaner surfaces and air as it wont make any dust clouds. In addition to this, the non-clumping formula makes the scooping and cleaning process very easy as the solid waste can be easily separated from the litter.


  • The scented litter contains activated carbon to eliminate odors
  • Low dust formula makes cleaner surfaces and air


  • Few cats may not like the Febreeze scent

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Dr Elseys Precious Cat Ultra Litter

Dr. Emily Wilson, a veterinarian for digital pet care company Fuzzy, notes that the low dust of this litter is especially beneficial to cats with respiratory issues. As a cat mom to four kitties, I find that fragrance-free litters are better accepted, so I picked Dr Elseys Cat Ultra litter, she explains. This litter works best for our household as it clumps consistently, which makes litter box cleanliness much more successful.

The Amount Of Litter To Use

Finding the right amount can be tricky with non-clumping litter because you empty the entire thing with each litter change. You dont want to waste too much litter, but you dont want to give your cat too little either. Filling the bottom of the box with 23 inches of litter to start and adding more from there if needed will help you determine the correct amount for your cat. If your cat likes to dig, more litter will be better.

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Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter: Best Value Wood

Price: £11 for 30L |

At a little over a tenner for 30 litres, this recycled wood litter is amazingly good value. It also comes highly recommended by cat owners, who praise its high absorbency and lovely natural pine smell that cats like. Downsides? The pellets are quite large, which does help prevent tracking outside the box but may not be liked by your cat, at least at first. Also, the pellets don’t clump but instead turn into a bit of a mush, and they don’t do much to mask poo whiffs. Good at absorbing and de-whiffing cat wee, though, and you really can’t argue with that price.

Key specs Material: Recycled wood fibres Clumping: No Scented: No Biodegradable: Yes

How Often Should You Clean The Litter Box

Clumping or Non-clumping Cat Litter Sand | Which is Better? | Matangpusa

When clumping cat litter comes in contact with cat waste, it forms hard clumps that gather in the box. You have to scoop the waste often to ensure that theres enough room for the kitty to do his or her business. On the contrary, non-clumping litter absorbs a large amount of liquid waste without forming clumps.

So, it can stay in the litter box or the tray for up to a week without causing any odor or mess. Depending on the kind of litter, you can determine how often you need to change the litter. You can try using the litter and check when it starts to pool. If you havent cleaned the litter box, the urine will start to pool up. This will help you decide how soon you need to change the litter.

The frequency of scooping the litter box also depends on how many cats you have. If you have more cats using the same litter box, then youd obviously have to scoop the litter box more often. On average, youll have to scoop the box once a week with one cat. If your kitty is particularly messy, you may have to scoop twice.

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Ultra Pearls Micro Unscented Non

Made with Silica gel crystals, Ultra Pearls Micro Unscented crystal cat litter will absorb moisture on contact and still leave litter dry to the touch. The moisture then evaporates, leaving the odor trapped in the crystal pellets and reducing changing and wastage. The crystals are soft and gentle on your cats paws, and the superior absorption will reduce tracking through your home.

The litter creates a large amount of powder when pouring and can cause eye and respiratory issues for both you and your cat. When the crystals are thoroughly soaked, they become hard and difficult to clean from the litter box. Also, these pellets wont last for more than a week before smelling and needing to be changed.

The PetSafe ScoopFree Non-clumping clay cat litter is made using activated charcoal, which quickly absorbs moisture and rapidly neutralizes odors. It has paw-activated, scented pellets for instant odor reduction and a specialized low-dust formula for optimum respiratory health. It is coated with an antimicrobial agent that stops odor-causing bacteria in its tracks and weighs 30% less than other clay litter for easy cleanup.

  • Dustier than other clay litters

Purina Yesterdays News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter

This is a wonderful non clumping litter. They make it from recycled newspaper, which is much more environmentally sound than clay litters. It is very soft on your cats paws, which makes it more likely that they will want to use it. It is also virtually dust-free since it doesnt contain small particles.

Do you know what else it doesnt have? Fragrance. Because the pellets are so absorbent you neednt worry about odors. It is an excellent litter for any cat, but if your fur baby has breathing issues like asthma, you will want to give this litter a try.

This all sounds good on paper, but how did it work in real life? My cat loved it, and so did I. When used with a cat mat underneath her litter box, it drastically decreased the amount of litter tracking through my apartment. The pellets are very absorbent and I had no problem with odors. All I did was scoop out solids and change out the entire box once a week.

I have a friend with a pet rabbit who uses this litter, and he loves it. All in all, this is an excellent non clumping litter most cats will love, and you will too.

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Is Flushable Cat Litter Actually Flushable

One of the purported benefits of some natural cat litter varieties is that they can be flushed in the toilet. But just because you can flush natural cat litter doesn’t mean you should, and not just because low-flush toilets and pipes made for human waste often can’t handle clumps without clogging.

Cat waste can contain Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that causes flu-like symptoms at best and, at worst, fetal development disorders, brain damage, and premature birth in babies. Water waste treatment plants are unable to filter out this harmful parasite and it can end up in treated water that’s released back into the environment, harming fish, killing native plants, and making recreation areas unsafe. Scientific studies have found that T. gondii especially poses a threat to marine mammals like sea otters.


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