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Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Indoor

Hill’s Science Diet History

Purina Pro Plan Focus for Cats | Chewy

The history of Hills Science began in 1939. A blind man named Morris Frank asked his veterinarian to help his guide dog named Buddy,with kidney failure. The said vet had already researched the impact of poor diet on dogs and tailored a specific diet for Buddy.Hebelieved Buddy’s illness was the result of poor nutrition, so he developed a new pet food with his wife, Louise Morris, in their kitchen.

Committed to creating products to improve our pets health, Hills puts every ingredient through a stringent testing process to ensure that anything that makes its way into a Hills pet food is a high-quality ingredient. They offer premium cat foods for felines of all ages, as well as specialty recipes for cats that need a little extra care.

Purina One Indoor Advantage Adult Dry Cat Food

This veterinarian recommended and the well-balanced recipe is also a great source of Omega-6 fatty acid and essential vitamins and minerals. Taurine, for example, strengthens the heart muscles cells and is a great antioxidant. Niacin lowers the cholesterol level and supports brain functions. Folic Acid provides proper growth and strength of the cat. It also lowers cholesterol.

Dried yeasts help to digest properly because they are high in probiotics and vitamins B which are a great supporter of the nervous and immune system. Purina ONE Indoor helps to minimize hairballs and improves the condition of the skin and the coat. This dry kibble has a crunchy texture which your cat will love.


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Dry Cat Food Benefits

  • Supports Cats Natural Grazing:In the wild, cats ate multiple small meals throughout the day. With dry food, you can leave their food out for cats to instinctively graze upon. This is not possible with wet food, which would spoil if left out too long.

  • Helps Promote Dental Health:Chewing hard kibble may help prevent plaque and tarter buildup on teeth. However, whether you feed wet or dry food, you can maintain your cats dental health with regular teeth cleanings by your veterinarian.

  • Easy and Economical:A bag of dry food typically costs less than the equivalent amount of meals in wet food. And, one bag can last a while. So, it can be a good option for cat parents on a budget.

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    Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Adult Dry Cat Food

    The real chicken is the number one ingredient and it is an amazing source of a protein essential to keep the bones and muscles strong and healthy. What is more, chicken is rich in vitamins and minerals, for example, vitamin B, vitamin D, and vitamin A. Meat is mixed with grains like rice and corn, and with eggs.

    Moreover, linoleic acid, which is a very important omega-6 fatty acids, and has a positive impact on the cats coat and skin making it looks shiny and healthy. Apart from that, the recipe is enriched in vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B12 supports the nervous system and it prevents from anemia. Vitamin D3 helps to build strong and healthy bones and it prevents from heart disease. Taurine improves the condition of the eyes and brain.

    Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Urinary Tract is made with 31% protein and its perfect for cats with special needs.


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    Has Purina Cat Food Been Recalled

    Purina Pro Plan Focus

    Yes, Purina Cat Food has quite a history of recalls.

    The latest recall was in July 2021. Cans of the Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Tuna Entrée in Sauce Wet Cat Food were recalled due to the presence of plastic pieces.

    Prior to this, in March 2019, Purinas Muse Natural Chicken Recipe in Gravy was recalled for having rubber pieces in the food.

    Earlier in the summer of 2013, Purina themselves recalled a batch of their Purina ONE dog food for salmonella contamination.

    In 2011, Purina was recalled twice due to Salmonella contamination in their products.

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    Dry Cat Food Drawbacks

  • Studies have shown a correlation between obesity and feeding dry cat food. This could be because a lot of cats that eat dry food are often free-fed, and owners do not realize how much their cats are actually eating in a day.

  • It can also cause the opposite problem because its hard to notice that your cat is not eating when they are free-fed. The amount your cat eats in a day should be monitored or measured out for both reasons.

  • Older cats with dental disease or those who have had some of their teeth removed may also have a harder time chewing dry food.

  • Hills Science Dry Cat Food

    Price and where to buy: $47.99 + 4% cashback @ Chewy

    For dry cat food, the Hills Sensitive Stomach & Skin formula is pretty expensive. But it also offers some benefits you wont find in most cat foods. For instance, its loaded with vitamin E and omega fatty acids that will help keep your cats skin and coat healthy and feeling great.

    This food does more than just keep your cat looking great though. Its also got prebiotic fiber for gut health. Specifically formulated for cats with sensitive stomachs, this recipe is easy to digest and wont upset your cats tummy.The first ingredient in this food is chicken, ensuring that your cat is getting quality protein sources. And with a minimum of 29% crude protein, you can be sure that theyre getting plenty of protein overall.



    • Vitamin E and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat

    • Contains prebiotics fiber for gut health

    • Easy to digest for sensitive stomachs


    Price and where to buy: Petco

    With so many different health-boosting blends to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down all the options to a single Hills recipe. But with the multiple benefit cat food, you can get all the benefits youre looking for in a single blend.



    Price and where to buy: Petco



    • Cats seem to love the foods flavor

    • Free of vaguely-named animal by-products

    • Free of potentially harmful additives


    Price and where to buy: Walmart



    • Contains grains which increases the carb content

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    Purina Pro Plan Cat Food

    Pro Plan is always pushing to discover the most innovative and advanced nutrition for cats like yours. From a breakthrough formula that reduces the allergens in cat hair and dander, to a formula that extends the lives of older cats, Pro Plan offers the most advanced nutrition to nourish your cats potential and their best life.

    Overall Is Purina Pro Plan A Good Choice

    Purina Pro Plan True Nature Cat | Chewy

    Despite being more expensive and marketed to a quality-oriented consumer, Purina Pro Plan foods contain the same types of ingredients youd expect to find in Purina Cat Chow or Fancy Feast.

    Some Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet foods may appeal to cats with certain health conditions. For example, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets NF Kidney Function Advanced Care may be a good option for cats with kidney disease.

    For the average buyer, however, Purina Pro Plan doesnt appear to be one of the best brands on the market.

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    Whats Not So Good About Purina One

    When it comes to the dry food options in this range, the high carbohydrate content is a big drawback. Its recommended that cats eat a high protein, moderate fat, low-carb diet, and with their kibble clocking in at over 40%, so even with the low fat and calorie content, the kibble isnt ideal for sedentary cats.

    Were also not huge fans of the artificial caramel coloring that goes into their dry food either, it seems unnecessary and for cats with allergies, it would be best if this was omitted from future iterations of the products.

    While Purina One doesnt contain any fillers, corn and soy pop up frequently, neither of which offer any nutritional value for your cat and animal by-products feature on the list too, which is sadly a fairly common feature for a lot of brands.

    Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Cat Food: Target Specific Health Needs

    Pro Plan Focus products specifically target certain health issues in cats. The Foods from the focus product-line provide cats with specific vitamins or nutrients they need for a healthy and happy life. More so, these foods help with urinary tract health, weight loss, hairballs, and other issues. Some of the most popular products from this line are:

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    Why We Love It

    • Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR cat food is the first and only cat food line with the power to significantly reduce the major allergen in cat hair and dander
    • Low allergen cat food simply and safely neutralizes Fel D1, a common allergen in cat saliva, using a key protein from eggs
    • Purina indoor cat food fortified with guaranteed live probiotics and natural prebiotic fiber to support digestive and immune health

    Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health High Protein Adult Dry Cat Food & Wet Cat Food

    Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Indoor Care Turkey &  Rice Formula Dry Cat ...

    Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health, High Protein Adult Dry Cat Food & Wet Cat Food is a special formula food that helps protect your cat from urinary tract infections. It has 25 essential vitamins and minerals that will help boost your cats immune system and help them develop properly.

    The biggest downside to Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health is that many of our cats didnt like it, and at only 12% protein, it is only suitable for cats with an infection. It also has a meat by-product as its first ingredient.

    • Some cats dont like it

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    Feeding For Adult Maintenance

    It is important that you feed Pro Plan to your adult cat free choice throughout the day, rather than as just a single feeding only at mealtime. Food intake required to maintain ideal body condition will vary, depending on age, activity and environment. Watch your cats weight and adjust food amounts accordingly. If you have a kitten, or a pregnant or nursing cat, you should continue feeding an appropriate Pro Plan kitten formula.

    Which Types Of Cats Is Purina Pro Plan Best Suited For

    Purina Pro Plan is best for picky eaters who have few health issues. One area where Purina Pro Plan stands out is in cat approval. On top of our own experience, almost all the recipes were flooded with positive comments about how the pickiest of feline eaters love to chow down on the Purina Pro Plan cat foods.

    It is also much more suited for younger cats that have no known health issues. As we will learn, this food line is not the best in terms of food ingredients or protein to carbohydrate ratios. As a result, Purina Pro Plan is not ideal for cats with known illnesses, such as obesity or diabetes.

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    Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Reviewed

    Purina Pro Plan is specifically designed to enhance performance, excellence, and expertise. The Purina brand claims that all their formulas are created with the help of over 400 scientists, including animal behaviorists, pet nutritionists, and vets.

    • Savor Line: Offers various tastes, textures, and aromas.
    • Focus Line: Focusses on particular health needs, such as urinary tract health.
    • Veterinary Diets: Offers food specific for cats with allergies, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, and urinary tract problems .
    • True Nature: Based on your cats natural instinct for hunting meat.
    • Prime Plus: Specially formulated for cats over the age of seven.

    Still, Purina Pro Plan Cat Food is only slightly above average. Healthy cats are sure to love these recipes, but overweight and senior cats may need a different brand that includes more high-quality ingredients and fewer carbohydrates.

    Purina Pro Plan Vs Purina One Cat Food: 2022 Comparison

    Purina Pro Plan’s New Dog & Cat Food Packaging Design

    Purina is a company that makes a wide range of pet food products for both cats and dogs, and we are going to take a look at two of their most popular cat food lines Purina Pro Plan and Purina One, to see which one is better. We did the work and compared the two, and well let you know about our result here.

    Keep reading while we compare ingredients, cost, varieties and more to determine which is the best overall.

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    Cat Food Buying Guide

    Avoid feeding a home-cooked or homemade diet unless it is specially formulated by a veterinarian who is specialized in making these diets. If you dont have help from a qualified vet, these diets can be deficient in vitamins and minerals such as taurine, which can cause heart disease in cats. Involving your veterinarian in your decision of what to feed your cat can be very helpful in ensuring they get the most appropriate nutrition.

    Here are some other things to consider.

    • AAFCO Approval

    • Ingredient List

    Its important to read the label on the back of the package to ensure that the main ingredients, which will be listed first, consist of meat and meat by-products. This is because cats are carnivores and require a high-protein diet that supplies the appropriate amount of essential amino acids and fatty acids.

    • Your Cats Particular Health Needs

    The best cat food for your cat will be unique to their lifestyle and nutritional needs.

    For example, if your kitten or cat is of normal weight and healthy, then a kitten or adult maintenance diet should be sufficient. If your cat is overweight, it may be best to look for a low-fat diet.

    If your cat has a health condition, your veterinarian may prescribe a specific diet formulated for that disease. For example, kidney diets are recommended in most cats who develop kidney disease, or a urinary diet may be more appropriate in cats who have lower urinary tract disease.

    • Your Cats Preferences

    Purina Pro Plan Indoor Care Hairball Control Adult Dry Cat Food & Wet Cat Food

    Purina Pro Plan Indoor Care Hairball Control Adult Dry Cat Food & Wet Cat Food contains turkey as its first ingredient, and it has a unique formula that reduces hairballs. It has a good amount of protein for dry food at 40%, and it has plenty of natural fiber to help support a balanced digestive system.

    The downside of Purina Pro Hairball Control is that it contains corn as well as chicken meal. Also, a few of our cats didnt like it.

    • Contains corn
    • Some cats dont like it

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    A Healthy Life Supported By High

    Pro Plan dry cat formulas contain nutrition for a healthy life, such as antioxidants for immune system support and guaranteed live probiotics for digestive and immune health.

    Because every cat is different, Pro Plan offers a variety of high-quality cat food to meet specific nutritional needs and taste preferences.

    Pro Plan offers a variety of high-quality wet and dry cat foods to meet specific nutritional needs, textures and taste preferences.

    Purina Pro Plan is a Veterinarian recommended brand.

    Supports a cats healthy immune system.

    The Verdict On Purina One

    Purina Pro Plan Hairball, Healthy Weight, Indoor Dry Cat Food, FOCUS ...

    Yes, it does have some drawbacks, but overall Purina One is a solid choice for kittens and adult cats. Nutritious and vet-approved, the majority of pet parents say their cats give both the wet and dry formulas a huge paw up.

    We love that this range is budget-friendly but doesnt compromise on health, with quality ingredients and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Because it provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition, you dont need to supplement with anything else, and they have a variety of different blends, so whatever the needs of your cat, youre bound to find a formula to suit.

    Purina ONE Grain Free Natural Pate Wet Kitten FoodA fantastic choice for your furbaby, this pack of 24 tins of chicken and salmon-flavored goodness will have your kitty purring with delight. High in protein to support growing muscles and DHA for brain and vision development, this nourishing formula ticks all the boxes.

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    Give Your Cat The Advantage Of Probiotics

    Many Pro Plan dry cat formulas are now fortified with guaranteed live probiotics. The specific probiotic strain chosen by Pro Plan can exert a positive impact on digestive health by balancing the levels of bacteria in your cats intestines. It can also help support immune health.

    Purina Beyond Grain Free Natural Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food

    Purina Beyond Grain Free is a wholemeal and well-balanced dry food for adult cats. This natural recipe is based on chicken, a great source of protein for pets in order to develop strong muscles and healthy bones. This white meat is also high in phosphorus, niacin, and retinol which improves the condition of the eyes. Chicken is mixed with eggs, beef fat, dried carrots, pea protein, and pea fiber in order to give your cats high-quality and complete meal.


    Each ingredient is well-selected and checked, mixed with essential vitamins and minerals, for example, vitamin B-3, vitamin B-5, vitamins B-9, vitamin K, vitamin D3. This grain-free dry food will be perfect for cats with food allergies. The product is also corn, soy, and wheat-free. There are no artificial ingredients or artificial flavors because your cat deserves for the best and natural food.


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    Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Reviews

    • Rating:5 out of 5 stars5/5

    Our cat Solomon has always been picky and never seems to eat enough to maintain a healthy weight. I came across this product and noticed the high calorie content. The fact that it is backed by a 9-year study made it even more appealing. After 5-6 months, I can definitely say this diet is a game-changer.

    • Rating:5 out of 5 stars5/5

    I didnt realize how a simple change in wet food could make such a big difference in my cats coat and digestion so quickly. The coat is shiny and silky. Im sold on this product for both my cats!

    • Rating:5 out of 5 stars5/5

    My cats overall health is amazing on Pro Plan. Such a great food, and it helped his digestion issues. His coat is so shiny, teeth look great and it helps his breath. Hes got more muscle than fat, and overall just looks great.


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