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What Is A Good Quality Kitten Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain

Top 7 Best Kitten Foods (We Tested Them All)

The Blue Buffalo brand is a wonderful option because they offer a wide variety of product choices. This Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Cat Food is a high-protein recipe made with chicken as the main ingredient, and it is free from grains and fillers. Like all Blue Buffalo recipes, it is supplemented with LifeSource Bits which contain a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to ensure complete and balanced nutrition.

  • Pros: Loaded with premium protein, grain-free recipe, supplemented with LifeSource Bits, prebiotics, and probiotics for digestion, no artificial additives
  • Cons: Contains some plant protein , not a single-source protein recipe

The Benefits Of Cat Food High In Fiber

Since its becoming increasingly common for kitties to spend more of their time indoors, and less time on the hunt- particularly in the US, its our job as responsible pet parents to ensure that theyre getting the nutritional extras that they dont get from live prey.

Dont worry, that doesnt mean that you need to start feeding Mr. Snowball frozen mice from the pet store. Instead, you can use a high fiber cat food, to support your cats digestive health . High fiber foods:

Soft Kitten Food Is Easier For Young Kittens To Eat

Technically, you can feed your kitten dry or wet food. But when theyre very young and still have baby teeth, your kitten will likely find it easiest to eat soft, wet food. This could be a cooked homemade or homemade-style food or canned food.

After the first six months, introduce more challenging morsels. Chewier pieces of cooked meat challenge your kittens jaws and can promote good dental health.

With most cats suffering from periodontal disease by the time they reach middle age, establishing good dental hygiene in kittenhood is one of the most impactful health investments you can make.

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We Gave Preference To Moisture

Our cats ancestors were desert dwellers. They lived in arid environments where fresh prey was often the best source of moisture. A mouse is about 70% water and a fine source of hydration for a desert cat hours away from the nearest watering hole.

Because fresh water was scarce, early wild cats evolved to have low thirst drives and a natural inclination to get their water from the moisture-rich bodies of their prey. This means that they typically dont drink enough water to compensate for moisture-depleted dry food.

Cat Food Storage Tips

Reflex high quality cat food 8KG /makanan kucing/cat food/kucing/made ...

Its important to take all the proper precautions to store your cats food appropriately to ensure freshness and avoid potential contamination or spoiling. Follow manufacturer recommended storage instructions, which can be found on the food packaging, and use or throw away food by the best by date.

Dry foods obviously have a longer shelf life than canned or fresh foods and should be kept in a cool, dry, airtight container and opened canned diets not consumed should be refrigerated, says Machell.

Always keep the original cat food packaging, even if you store the food in a different container. This will help you check your cats food against any cat food recalls should they arise.

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A Balanced Diet For Growth

Do your research and talk to an expert if necessary. Your veterinarian or animal nutritionist can help you to select a complete and balanced commercial diet that will meet your growing kitten’s needs. Some breeds need a more tailored diet depending on their expected growth potential, but in general, all cats require the same balance of ingredients.

In addition, unless your veterinarian has explicitly advised it, do not give your cat separate vitamin or mineral supplements while she is still in the growing phase of her development. Over-supplementation can be dangerous, possibly leading to improper skeletal development and other health issues. A complete and balanced kitten food should provide every nutrient necessary, without the need for added supplements.

Good luck, and good growing!

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Choosing The Right Food: What Makes It Good

When you start to look for the right food for your Sphynx, it is critical that you examine the nutrition of the food you are interested in to make sure your cat gets the best ingredients possible.

Its also important you examine that the correct amount of these ingredients is included in the recipe.

After all, your Sphynx has a very high metabolism and will need the correct amounts of food to keep them satisfied, nutritionally balanced, and prevent future health issues before they even start.

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Best Kitten Food In Us For 202: Guide & Reviews For Dry & Wet

You did it! You walked past the kitty cages set up by your local animal shelter at the mall. A tiny fluff ball tumbled over and looked up, your eyes met, and you were hooked.

Now youre home having visions of a beautiful relationship. Kitty cuddling on your lap, rubbing against your leg as you prepare her food

Food! You forgot to ask the shelter staff about what to feed her! What would be the best kitten food?

Theres wet food for kittens, grain free dry kitten foods, regular cat chow

How are you supposed to know which one is the best kitten food?

Fortunately, weve been there, done that. Now, we want to share our findings with you!

Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

Our readers rely upon the cat food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. We also routinely update and review our own reviews ensuring that any changes by manufacturers are brought to your attention.

FelineLiving.Net is supported by our readers. If you make a purchase through one of our links, we may earn a referral fee. This helps cover the cost of operating our free blog. Thanks for your support!

at a glance: our top 6 picks for kitten foods

Next on the list of amazing wet food options for your new fuzz bucket is Earthborn Holistic.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Kitten Dry Cat Food

These are the worst cat food brands

Nutro Wholesome Essential Dry Kitten Food has chicken and chicken meal as the first two listed ingredients, with a 38% crude protein content overall. It is loaded with essential omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat, antioxidants for immune support, and calcium to aid in building strong bones and joints as your kitten grows. It is free from corn, wheat, and soy and contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors, and is one of the best foods for kittens out there.

This food is reported to turn even the least fussy kittens away, and the kibble size is surprisingly small and may be a potential choking hazard. It also has a comparatively low protein content for a growing kitten, and it contains plant-based proteins, like potato and pea proteins.

  • Multiple plant-based protein sources

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Supplements And Nutrients That Support Cat Urinary Tract Health

Many supplements have been recommended for cats prone to developing stones and infections. However, not all of these are backed up by science. Cranberry is often suggested, as it can be helpful for humans. However, we dont know if it affects cats in the same way. There is anecdotal evidence that it may be helpful, but we dont have any definite evidence that makes a significant difference.

Vitamin C may also be helpful, and many cat foods for urinary health have added vitamin C. It is thought to provide an acidifying effect on the cats urine, lowering the number of stones that develop. Often, brands that claim to be changing the cats urine pH are using extra vitamin C.

Cats that are dehydrated are more likely to develop urinary problems, as their urine will be more complicated. Therefore, foods with more moisture can also be helpful. Canned food is often recommended for this reason, as it is naturally higher in moisture than dry food.

Reduced minerals may also be helpful, as these are the things that can cause stones to develop and concentrate the cats urine. Reduced protein may also be suggested, as too much protein can upset the kidneys in some cats.

Is Milk Good For Kittens

This may come as a surprise, but cow’s milk actually isn’t good for kittens and you should avoid giving your little girl any dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and cheese.

But don’t cats like milk? Yes, this is completely possiblemany kitties enjoy the taste of warm milk or a bite of cheddar now and then. But just because something tastes good doesn’t necessarily mean it does the body good!

Just look at the kinds of foods humans love to gobble up: processed junk, candy, soda, etc. That stuff is yummy, but can make us very ill! Same goes for many foods and their impact on feline health.

Here’s a little more info to help you get why milk isn’t good for kittens:

Just like their human parents, kittens and cats aren’t able to fully digest proteins and enzymes found in milk. To be clear, we’re talking about COW’s milk here, or any type of dairy you can get at the store. We are NOT talking about feline mother’s milk, which kittens love to drink and is good for them!

Store bought dairy products can give your kitten intestinal problems like diarrhea, upset stomach, gas, and vomiting, so avoid feeding them to her. No, it’s not toxic, but it won’t make her feel good. Once your kitty is 8 weeks old or older, she doesn’t even really need her mother’s milk anymore. At this point, you can transition her to a diet exclusively for kittens.

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About Natures Variety Instinct

Natures Variety began as a small pet food manufacturer in Lincoln, Nebraska. Its now owned by Agrilomen, a Barcelona-based firm. Agrolimen also owns Affinity Petcare, a leading European pet food supplier and holds 50% stake in Mogiana, a Brazilian pet food company.

Natures Variety continues to operate as an independent company with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The company focuses on meat-centric recipes and emphasizes the value of fresh, freeze-dried, and raw ingredients.

Most Affordable Kitten Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food Review: Premium Quality

American Journey Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

First Five Ingredients: Deboned Duck, Chicken Meal, Duck Meal, Tapioca Starch, Dried Egg Product

If youre looking for a good, affordable dry food for your kitten, why not try American Journey Duck Recipe Grain Free Dry Cat Food? This is an all life stage formula so its formulated to feed kittens as well as adult cats. Its high in protein with 40 percent protein. The carb content is 22-24 percent which is low for a dry food. The first ingredients are Deboned Duck, Chicken Meal, and Duck Meal so it has lots of poultry protein that cats love. Grain free with no corn, wheat, or soy. It has no poultry by-products meal or artificial preservatives. Also comes in other flavors that cats love. Over 200 reviews on Chewy.com and most of them are great. You can buy a 5-lb bag from Chewy for $14.99 or $13.49 with autoship or a 12-lb bag for $27.99 or $25.19 with autoship.

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What Should I Look For When Buying Cat Food

Similar to dog food, cat food has its own set of parameters laid out by the that determine whether a brand or formulation is nutritionally complete. As SELF has previously reported, the AAFCO isnt a regulatory body. Rather, it sets industry guidelines for a healthy, balanced diet. A good first step in finding a high-quality cat food is looking for an AAFCO statement on the foods label, and to make sure the food contains an adequate amount of protein Dr. Simpson says, AAFCO recommends commercial cat food contain at least 30% protein on a dry matter basis for kittens and 26% for adults.

She adds that the amino acid taurine is another essential nutrient for cats, and some foods contain much higher levels of protein and other nutrients than is recommended, which can lead to illnesses: Excess levels of protein, phosphorus, and sodium can exacerbate chronic kidney disease, while too much calcium may lead to the formation of urinary tract crystals and stones.

In addition to the AAFCO, Dr. Simpson points to global nutritional guidelines from the , which specifically concern the quality of pet food manufacturers. These guidelines include several key questions you should ask about your cats food:

  • Do they employ at least one full-time nutritionist ?
  • Do they have their own manufacturing plants?
  • Do they conduct and publish nutritional research to continually improve their diets?
  • Do they have strict quality control testing and standards?

What Treats Can I Safely Feed My Cat

Everybody loves to treat their pets, and as a vet, I always calculate a treat allowance into a meal plan for cats. In order to make sure your pet doesnt end up overweight, you should definitely consider their calorie allowance when it comes to treats. Nutrition experts recommend that no more than 10% of your cats daily calories come from treats, and dont forget to take those calories out of your calculations for daily food allowance!

As for what sort of treats there are lots of cat treats on the market that are suitable- as a vet I like to opt for dual-purpose treats such as those that help with dental health or hairballs. Id definitely steer clear of human food though, as flavorings and ingredients can be toxic to cats, and it can be really hard to find out how many calories are in a small bit of tuna.

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Dry Cat Food Versus Wet Or Canned Cat Food

Dry cat food is a popular choice partly because it is more convenient than wet cat food. Dry food is cost-effective, odorless, and it can be stored for long periods of time without spoiling, says Ferris.

But Julien notes that dry cat food can also be higher in carbohydrates than wet cat food. Just as you think about all the sourdough youve been eating while baking at home, you should also consider the amount of carbs your cat is eating. An active cat can absolutely use carbohydrates as an energy source, says Julien, adding that a sedentary aka indoor cat will store extra carbs as fat.

Wet food requires a bit more effort it has to be refrigerated once the can or pouch is opened and can be more expensive. But it may also help cats get more water in their diet . Canned or wet food has higher levels of protein and fat, making it a great option for cats of various lifestyles and ages, says Kornreich.

More Top Rated Kitten Foods:

Top 6 Best Cheap Cat Foods (We Tested Them All)

Kittens are individuals. Thats not to say theyre picky! Here are 6 more really good foods that we can recommend for your kitten. Many people believe that feeding your kitten a variety of textures and flavors while hes young can help him enjoy more foods when he gets older.

More 5 Star Kitten Food Picks:

Earthborn Holistic Monterey Medley Grain-Free Natural Canned Cat & Kitten Food

First Five Ingredients: Fish Broth, Skipjack Tuna, Mackerel, Potatoes, Sunflower Oil

There are lots of Earthborn Holistic cat and kitten foods on Chewy.com but Earthborn Holistic Monterey Medley Grain-Free Natural Canned Cat & Kitten Food is, by far, the highest rated. Its high in protein with Fish Broth, Skipjack Tuna, and Mackerel as the first ingredients. This food is grain free with no artificial ingredients added. If your kitten doesnt like this tuna and mackerel recipe, we can recommend the other Earthborn Holistic canned grain free canned foods like Chicken Catcciatori. Chewy.com has a case of 24 3-ounce cans for $26.16 or a case of 24 5.5-ounce cans for $38.16.

Wellness Complete Health Kitten Formula Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

First Five Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, Carrots, Natural Flavor

Nutro Kitten Soft Loaf Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

First Five Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Pork Broth, Natural Flavors

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Kitten Dinner Pate Canned Cat Food

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What Do Kittens Need To Eat

Once kittens are weaned off milk by their mothers, they start to enjoy a more varied diet. If youre wondering what to feed kittens or what kittens eat, its wise to search for products that are specially formulated for young cats and to opt for high-quality foods that are packed with essential nutrients. Kittens need a balanced diet rich in protein for growth and development and increasing energy levels, calcium to develop healthy, strong teeth and bones and DHA to promote brain development and vision.

Best For Sensitive Stomachs: Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Kitten Ultra Soft Mousse In Sauce Canned Cat Food


Ingredients: Water sufficient for processing, chicken liver, chicken, chicken by-products, pork by-products, natural flavors, powdered cellulose, wheat gluten | Calories: 137 kcal/can | Protein: 10% min.

  • Added beneficial ingredients for gastrointestinal tract health

  • Formulated by veterinary nutritionists

  • Double or triple the price of many other wet kitten foods

  • Only available in one flavor

  • Requires veterinary authorization to purchase

Some kittens are especially sensitive to food and while each may have a different reason for that sensitivity, there are some ingredients that can help. Fiber, prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, beta glucans, marigold extract, and other ingredients in Royal Canins Gastrointestinal Veterinary Diet for kittens can be beneficial for kittens with tummies that are prone to problems. This ultra soft mousse is easy for weaning kittens to chew, and while youll need veterinary approval to purchase these cans, its especially nice to know that it was formulated by veterinary nutritionists. This formula is also very high in calories, which means one can will last your kitten longer since they doesnt need to eat as much of it.

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