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Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails While Lying Down

Cats Express Their Feelings In Many Ways Especially Through Tail Wagging

Why do cats thump their tails when lying down?

Now that you know why cats wag their tails, you are better prepared to interact with your cat. You know when its okay to pet your cat and when its best to leave them be. This type of communication tool will help make your interactions with your loving pet even better.;

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Enjoying Care From You

Cats are a pet that always demands your love and attention. And if you do not give proper time to the cat, your cat will feel sad and bored.

But if you see your cat wagging its tail while you are around the cat, you are a good pet owner. While the cat is lying down and wagging, the tail shows that your cat is enjoying the way you are scaring her. And even the cat likes your presence around her.

Having The Playing Mood

Every pet likes to play and have a fun time with its owner. This activity is refreshing and energizing for both you and your pet. And if you dont play with the cat, the cat will wag its tail lying in front of you.

The wagging tail of the cat is a sign to invite you or your fellow pet to play. It means that your cat is in the mood to play and to have a fun time.

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Provide A Comfortable Environment

Even if you own a large and beautiful home, it may be overwhelming for your kitty, especially if shes new. Shell need to get used to her new environment, so a small amount of space will do for now!

Heres a checklist of what a cat needs to feel right at home:

Aside from these, take the lighting and sounds into account. Make sure you lower the brightness of the lights so its not too glaring. Turn down loud music and avoid talking loudly so she wont feel startled.;

Lesson 3: Tail Movements

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails While Lying Down?

Now that weve mastered the art;of understanding;cat tail positions, lets throw in another variable: movement.

Tail movements are controlled by a cats autonomous nervous system, so theyre;largely involuntary and thus the perfect visual gauge of kittys current mood.


A;commonly-seen kitty tail movement is the gentle swish. Cats;swish their tails while lounging in the sun, or flick them idly in sleep. A gently waving tail is the sign of a relaxed kitty.

When only the tip flicks back and forth, however, kitty is alert and focused on something. Likely, shes gazing out the window at some intriguing sight. Or setting up for an inter-cat ambush.

Thrashing tails

Thrashing tail motions indicate irritation and/or excitement. When lying down, a;thrashing tail is usually accompanied by a thumping sound as kittys tail hits the floor. Shes warning you that your current petting session is getting a little out of hand. Perhaps your hand is straying too close to her sensitive underbelly, or youve accidentally handled her feet.;Its always a good idea to pay attention to your kittys tail when petting her , to avoid inadvertently activating the;whiskered bear-trap of agony.

Sometimes, youll also see play-fighting cats circle each other, tails thrashing away. A certain level of aggression will usually;be present during cat play sessions, so this isnt something to be overly concerned about.

Wiggling tails

Caressing tails

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Can Cats Feel Their Tails

Cats have plenty of nerve endings in their tail, which enable them to feel sensations from this part of their body. However, the sensitivity level may vary from one cat to another.

And thats why some cats that are more sensitive may instantly move their tail away once you glide your hand through its entire length.

Also, as discussed earlier, cats may be unable to feel or control their hair, but they can sense their hair follicles or the root of their hair.

Some cats may not like being touched on their tail, and while this can be simply part of their nature, it can also be due to an injury since the tiny bones in their tail are very delicate.

If you suspect that your cats tail is injured, its best to seek veterinary guidance immediately as it cannot resolve on its own. It may even worsen in time as he moves about with his usual activities without added protection on his tail.

Also, when your cats tail is injured, it cant efficiently act as a counterbalance when he jumps or runs around the house. As a result, your cat may be prone to losing his balance. ;

Why Does My Cat Slap Me In The Face With Her Tail

When your cat becomes more comfortable, she may slap your face with her tail as a method of getting attention. You can take a look at her body post-tail slapping to see if shes frustrated or happy.

If she steps back after slapping, it means that she wants to be left alone. On the other hand, a jumping cat means that shes excited.;

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Tail Is Low And Wagging From Side To Side

This means that your cat is very annoyed and wants to be left alone. Sometimes cats do this when we tell them off for breaking something or when we pick them up when they were relaxing. Other times, they will wag their tail when playing with you or another cat. This doesn’t mean that they are necessarily angry but, perhaps, just frustrated because they can’t catch the toy. Be careful, as sometimes after this cat tail movement, they may want to attack. If they seem irritated, it’s best to give them some space and time. They’ll get over it quickly and come back with a calm attitude.

What The Twitch Means In Cat Tail Language

Why cats groom and lick themselves so often?

Weve all seen this type of cat tail wagging: A cat is sitting on a windowsill concentrating on nearby birds or rodents, when her tail begins twitching. Its not the exactly the same movement as the previously mentioned thrashing, but it may look similar. Her ears, eyes and vocalizations will indicate if shes upset or simply maintaining laser-sharp focus on a squirrel. As with the thumping, the twitch also carries the message, leave me alone.

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Why Cats Wag Their Tail

Cats wag their tail to communicate certain emotions. Unlike dogs, these emotions are usually that they’re upset, although not always the case. They can mean that they want attention, that they’re scared or even that they are hunting something down. It’ll depend on the context and the exact tail movement.

Recognising our cat’s emotions can help us provide them with their needs and desires for a happier and healthier life. This is why it’s very useful to be able to read our cat’s body language and understand their form of communication.

To learn more, we encourage you to also read our complete guide to understanding cat behavior.

Do Cats Wag Their Tails When Happy

As a rule, cats tails do not usually wag their tail like dogs when theyre happy. However, cats are very curious and when they see something that interests them, their tail may start moving slowly from side to side. The slow-moving tail indicates that the cat is feeling relaxed and is in no hurry. This can also mean that the cat wants something.

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Your Cats Tail Can Talk Visually

Cat owners are used to the sound of meowing felines, but in reality cats rarely use vocalization to communicate with one another. Meows are mainly reserved for kittens, whereas, adult cats use a complex system of body language, scent cues, and signals indicated by the position and appearance of their tail.

Cats Tail Language Tail Position Movements & Their Meanings

Why Does My Cat Wag Her Tail While Sleeping

Aside from excitement and happiness, cats also use their tails in communicating other feelings and intentions to other cats and animals, and to us, humans.

Most often, their tail movements are also accompanied by other forms of body language to make it easier for us to understand what they are trying to convey.

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Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails In Your Face

When your cat wags its tail in your face like this, it is often an indication that it is happy and wants you to pet it. It may even throw more hints like rubbing up against you to make its feelings clear.

Some cat owners may get annoyed with this, especially if they are preoccupied at that time, but it will make your cat happy to show it some love at this time.

It’s A Common Misconception That Cats Will Only Wag Their Tails When They’re Angry But There’s Actually Loads Of Reasons Why They May Do This Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Cat Tail Language In This Article

A cats body language can often be hard to decipher. Cats are very complex and the way they tell you how they feel isnt always obvious. Its really easy to misread your cats behaviour, which can often result in being swatted away by an unhappy kitty when you go in for a pet at the wrong time.

One thing in particular that can help you understand how your furry friend is feeling is their tail. Contrary to popular belief, a cats tail is actually really expressive and can give you an invaluable insight into if theyre feeling playful, happy or scared. Keep reading to discover the secrets behind cat tail language and discover more about your cats emotions.

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Waving Tail While Lying Down

Dr. Ernie Ward also suggests that sometimes cat tail wagging may indicate that theyre in pain or feeling unwell. If your cats lying down and waving their tail whilst also behaving out of sorts such as going off their food or spending a lot of time in hiding they may be feeling under the weather. If youre concerned about your cats health, take them to the vet as soon as possible for a diagnosis.

Now you know all the reasons why cats wag their tails! Dont forget to pay attention to your cats tail language the next time you go in for a cuddle itll help to avoid surprise whacks or nips!

What Does A Cat Flicking Its Tail Mean

How Cats Talk with their Tail

The Quick Flick While a loosely wagging tail can be a sign of focus or playfulness, a rapidly whipping tail that is lashing from side to side more forcefully is a clear indicator that your feline friend is feeling fearful or aggressive. A quick flick of the tail is a warning to other cats and humans to back off.

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Tail Waving While Laying Down

In some instances, you may observe your cat laying down and waving its tail. This may be an indicator that they are not feeling well or that they are in pain. Other signs may be a lack of interest in food, or even spending a lot of time by themselves. If notice this movement and realize that your cat has not been acting like its usual self, you may want to contact your Country Club Animal Hospital veterinarian to have your cat checked out and ensure that everything is ok with their health.

They Feel Safe Around You

Tail position: Tail movement: Body language:

Cats are alert by nature, so if theyre lounging or asleep beside you, it shows that theyre relaxed and comfortable. The tips of the tail will also gently wave when you communicate with them.;;

As a bonus, they may also lie on their back and show you their belly. This is a huge indicator that they trust you as an owner!;;;

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Theyre Irritated Or Annoyed

Tail position: Tail movement: Body language:

Sometimes your cat may be unhappy and wants to be left alone. You can deduce this if shes sitting upright with a swishing tail when you pat her.

Dawn mentions that the swishing may even turn into a whip, which shows that the irritation or anger has increased. At this point, its best to give her some space as she may nip or scratch you if you persist.

Why Does My Cat Attack His Own Tail

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails?: Cat Tail Wagging Explained ...

Why Does My Cat Attack His Own Tail? What are tail chasing and tail mutilation? Some cats will chase and even viciously attack their tails. This may arise as a form of play, especially if there is a lack of sufficient routine and stimulation, and may escalate to a more serious problem because of its consequences. such as tail chasing or overgrooming.

Its common knowledge that dogs wag their tails when theyre happy, but many might not know that cats wagging tails is a thing too. You might be asking, Do cats wag their tails? Yes, they wag their tails like dogs do these frisky felines do so for entirely different reasons. If youre a longtime owner of a cat you rescued from a shelter or are an owner of new kittens, you may already know one or two reasons why cats wag their tails. When cats wag their tails it can mean your cat is on the prowl.

Why do cats flick their tails while lying down? If your cat is wagging their tail back and forth continually while lying down or flicking it with little bursts of energy, its likely that they are expressing their annoyance. Maybe they dont want to be bothered at the moment, or perhaps their territory is being invaded by pushy humans.

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Why Does My Cats Tail Get Fluffy

Cats sometimes make their tails puffy when theyre feeling especially happy and playful. Its most often seen in kittens, but even older cats make the base of their tails look extra fluffy when theyre having fun. Cats also like to wiggle their puffy tails and pounce like predators when theyre playing.

Create Plenty Of Hiding Spaces

Nora advises that easy access to hiding spots is a great way for cats to cope with stress. Without such opportunities, your feline can get nervous or even sick in extreme situations.

You can create hiding spots or forts with things like cave-style beds, open boxes and tunnels. The usage of paper or plastic bags is not recommended as cats can suffocate from being trapped.

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Tail Is Relaxed And Not All The Way Up

This means they’re curious or interested in something. This may be accompanied by their eyes widening up while observing something. This can happen when you present your cat with a new toy or when they’re outside and spot an insect they haven’t seen before, etc. Your cat will relax their tail and widen their eyes, they may also slowly move closer to what interests them. If you catch your cat staring at you, learn what it means in our article about why your cat is staring at you.

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails When You Talk To Them

Why do dogs wag their tails? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.

Im sure most of us want to know everything about our cats. I cant even remember how many times Ive wondered what is going on inside their little heads.

Trying to figure out a cat is no easy task for sure- but it sure is fun! And the more we learn about our feline friends the stronger our bonds become.

While we cant read their feline minds, with some practice we should be able to read their body language and answer questions like:

Why do cats wag their tails when you talk to them? The flicker or wag of your cats tail after hearing you talk to them is a sign of acknowledgment and an indication that they feel happy and safe. A rapidly vibrating or wagging tail means that your cat is excited and happy to be with you.;

But lets dig a little deeper into the complex communication of our cats!

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Puffed Or Fluffy Tail

When youre cats tail is puffed and has a bristled look, it means they are feeling threatened, or afraid. It is a sign that they are on the offensive or defensive.

The more puffed-up the tail is positioned or straight out, is usually a sign of how far they are into the aggressive stage. At that point, youll notice her growling, spitting and hissing and ready to pounce.


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