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Why Does My Kitten Lick My Fingers

They Want You To Play With Them

Sometimes, cats will do something they know will get your attention because they want to play. This is almost certainly going to be the case if you have a kitten or a playful younger cat.

I know this behavior all too well. My cats are in their senior years now and no longer do this, but they both did when they were kittens.

How to change this behavior:

You dont have to give in to their demands as and when they want to play. If you can honestly say youre giving your cat enough attention and playtime, or youre too busy, you can say no.

Just put them down and walk away. This makes it clear that biting is not on, and its not going to get them what they want. If you dont have some toys or kitty furniture to help keep them amused by themselves,  you should consider it.

Struggling to keep up with an energetic kitten? Check out how to calm down a kitten when theyre hyper.

Your Thoughts On Cats Licking Fingers & Hands

Does your cat lick your fingers and/or lick the palms of  your hands at times? Does your cat typically like to lick in general, or just when it comes to your fingers & hands at times?

Whats your best guess as to why your cat licks your hands palms and/or fingers?

Did anything on this list strike you as a potential secondary explanation you hadnt thought of before or is it more likely your first guess was still the most solid reason?

Do you have any more guesses with regards to why cats sometimes lick fingers & hands?

Love to hear your thoughts! Please take a moment to leave them in the comments down below.

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Elises Favourite Tip

One of the most frustrating problems Ive had to deal with as a pet parent is staying on top of my cats desire to play. While this is typically hard to do, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves make the job one heck of a lot easier.

The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: , ball track toys, &kick sticks. I have a slew scattered around the house, so when my cats get bored, even if Im busy or not even home, my furries are able to actively play.

Your Kitten Is Lonely

“Does my kitten lick me because she’s lonely?”This is quite possible! Grooming is a very common social activity among cats. It is their favorite way to bond with each other, other than stampeding through the house together while terrorizing your breakables. When a kitten or a cat begins to feel lonely, they are going to try to groom and play. If you are away from home often , it is quite possible that your kitty just needs more bonding time. In this case, the best way to react is to “groom” her. You can do this by brushing the cat, petting her, or by scratching the kitty’s favorite scratch spots . Ensure that your cat or kitten gets enough attention; and if nothing else, get a playmate for the kitty!

Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose 6 Marking Its Territory

This is yet another act that cats learn from their mothers while they are still kittens. We already mentioned that, by licking, cats transfer their scents to other animals, humans or objects. And, by transferring their smell, they are also marking their territories. When kittens are born, their mother cat licks them. And, with that, she is claiming them and marking them as her own. Yes, cats usually mark objects and other people by rubbing against them. But, sometimes that is not enough. Maybe your cat wants to be hundred percent sure that you are hers/his. That is why your cat will sometimes jump on your lap and give you a gentle lick on your nose.

How To Stop Cats From Licking

Why Does My Cat Lick My Fingers

If you suspect that your cat is licking due to boredom or stress, Van de Kief suggests adding a play session or a food puzzle to their daily routine. Cats need a lot more environmental enrichment than we give them, she says. Exercise and mental stimulation can really go a long way. But again, she emphasizes that its best to speak to a veterinarian first if you notice unusual behaviors. 

Van de Kief also recommends redirection. If you know your cat comes and sits on your lap and is going to start licking you and want attention, whats another way you can give attention? she says. Turn that time into interactive play or work on some training cues. 

Even if you dont appreciate your cats licking, you shouldnt punish your cat, says Bulanda. If you do, your cat may learn not to trust you and become fearful.

Cats Thresholds For Being Touched Vary

Those not-very-ticklish cats, theyre the exception. Those are the ones you can roll over and give belly rubs to. I have one of those, also. Hes a limp dishrag when you handle him, and he loves it. The extremely ticklish cats, theyre the exception, too. Most cats fall somewhere in the middle. The ones that exhibit petting aggression theyre usually the friendly ones, the ones that seek out petting. And its not surprising that fosters and owners are surprised when the affectionate cat suddenly snaps and takes a bite out of the hand they love

One of the intriguing things about cats is that theyre not dogs. You can pet a dog, all day, and hell only bite you if you stop. Cats the sensitive ones have a threshold. And, you have to understand how they tick, if youre going to change their behavior. Dogs, theyll modify their behavior because they want to please you. Cats, on the other hand, to change their behaviors, you have to convince them that they want to change. And thats another difference between the species discipline that works on a dog is the wrong approach for a cat.

Cats Licking Fingers May Be Showing Dominance Over You

When cats allogroom, its typically the dominant cat who begins licking & grooming a second, less dominant cat.

The less dominant cat will sometimes reciprocate, and begin to groom back, but also sometimes will not.

Either way, allogrooming seems to be about dominance, and not really all or even mostly about showing affection to another cat.

So the fact that your cat is grooming you may be in part because he or she is showing dominance over you.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose 8 Youre A Part Of Its Family

Affection, cleaning, complimenting, bonding. These are all the things mother cats do to their kittens. Because of that, we can say that the act of licking has such a powerful message in cats world that, if they do it to you, they consider you as part of a family. But, before getting too excited, look at this in another way. These are the things mother cat do to their powerless kittens. Yes. Sometimes, cats can see us as powerless. And, they will have a need to teach us how to clean ourselves or to calm us down with their way of cuddling and affection. We can even say that, even though some people consider their cats as their kids, cats actually consider us as someone who will learn from them. So, did you learn something from your mother cat?

Licking Is Okay But You Can Redirect Your Cat Too

Tired of all the licking? You might simply need to redirect your cats attention to other stimulating activities, including providing interactive cat furniture or toys such as a laser pointer.

So, what does it mean when a cat licks you? Now you know theres a variety of reasons for this behavior, many of which are positive. If your cats licking becomes irritating, try to handle it with grace and let your cat down easy. If it becomes compulsive, talk to your vet. 


Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose 7 Stroking

Licking your face, nose or whatever is just another way of saying thank you for cuddling them and stroking them. With licking, they are returning a favor. Cats enjoy it when other cats lick them. The feel of that rough tongue on their fur is good to them. I guess they automatically assume that it will feel good to us too. Thus, they lick you to cuddle or stroke you back. Enjoying that, human?

Your Hands Taste Like Food

If youve just eaten, its possible that the cat can still taste the food on your hands. This can cause your feline to lick your hands simply because it tastes good. Usually, you can tell if this is the why behind your cats behavior based on the circumstances.

Even cats that dont seem to participate in social licking will lick your fingers because they taste good.

My Cat Licks My Hand Or My Fingers

If your cat licks your fingers, the first common sense explanation is because you have just prepared food, touched fish, cheese … and your cat is licking you to try to recover the traces of the food or just the smell.

Another case: If when you pet your cat it purrs and licks your hand or fingers, then you can be sure your cat loves you and enjoys being with you. As he feels good, he means it to you in his own way by purring and licking you.

But be careful, not all cats always lick their owner, and that doesn’t mean they don’t like them. Not all cats communicate the same.

Finally, last explanation: When he licks you, your cat deposits tiny odorous molecules on your skin with his tongue. It is a way for your cat to mark your territory. Indeed, these micro-molecules will warn other animals that you belong to your cat.

And if you have other animal smells on you, by licking you, your cat will not only remove the odor molecules from other animals, but will cover them with his own.

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other

Pin on Pet Care

Not only do cats lick their coats to wash themselves, but they can also lick other cats around them. But why ?

In fact, licking in cats has several practical but also social functions:

  • Licking is important for maintain their coat ;
  • This is how cats clean their kittens and it is also a gesture of affection. Besides, kittens love to be groomed by their mother;
  • It is a gesture that allows strengthen links between cats. Indeed, the grooming of adult cats , shows a form of affection and mutual trust from one cat to another cat.
  • Practical side: Licking yourself is a way for cats to cool down when it is very hot;
  • On the instinct side: In the wild, cats eliminated the scent of the prey while licking after a meal;
  • Cats may lick themselves to cover or neutralize unfamiliar odors like returning from a visit to the vet;
  • In an environment where several cats live, licking each other helps them create a familiar group ;
  • Finally, cats can also use licking to relieve their stress.

Now let’s see if all his reasons are found when your cat licks you at you …

Marking You As Their Territory

Cats practice territorial marking on a regular basis by activating the scent glands located in their mouths, chins, the sides of the face, and even the pads of their paws! Similar to your cat rubbing against you as a form of scent marking, he may also lick you to mark his territory. 

Do cats have a favorite person? Well, that depends entirely on the catbut one way you might confirm this theory is if your cat licks you and not the other household members. Certain cat breeds are more prone to singling out a favorite person, including Russian Blues and Oriental Shorthairs.

Heres What Im Going To Do About Kitten Suckling

Most of what Ive read say to me that kitten suckling is not a bad thing. It seems that Norton is getting comfort, and hes not acting like hes doing it from stress. The site is not infected, as my vet pointed out, and were keeping an eye on that. The frequency of suckling gradually seems to be diminishing. And if were playing with Norton, or snuggling, suckling seems to be far from his mind. So Ill wait it out, and see what happens. In my situation, Im not worried. Norton seems happy and not stressed or compulsive.

In short and the ASPCA article worded this in a helpful way if the kitten suckling is interfering with your cats quality of life, then its time to seek help. If your cat is damaging his skin, or the skin of another, or seems to be suckling as a kind of stress response, seek help. Get the help of a certified cat behaviorist or your veterinarian.

Tell us: Have you ever had a suckling cat or suckling kitten? What did you do about kitten suckling? Let us know in the comments!

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Why Does My Cat Lick My Hand

Cats lick humans for a variety of reasons, most commonly out of a desire to groom or bond with them. It is a sign of affection that usually does not occur unless the cat feels completely safe in its owner’s presence. However, stressed cats will also suckle and lick objects that provide comfort, including human skin.

Kittens and older cats are often seen grooming each other. They usually focus on hard to reach areas, such as the ears or head. Grooming helps cats to relax and exchange scents with each other, cementing their acceptance into the colony.

When cats are comfortable with humans, they lick human hands to indicate and reinforce their feelings. However, when a cat is anxious, it may compulsively lick its owner’s hands in order to soothe itself. This behavior can be deterred by distracting the cat, perhaps through the use of interactive play that encourages the cat to be active and strengthens the bond between pet and human.

Like humans, cats feel more relaxed and content after exercising. Redirecting the cat’s attention is also an effective method of curbing excessive licking. Offering a toy often turns a cat’s attention to an object that’s more acceptable to lick.

Should You Let Your Cat Lick Your Hand

If you are OK with it then you should let your cat lick your hand. However, I would advise you to wash your hands after this. Some cat owners will go as far as to say that this should be considered an honor.

Why? Well, a cat will only do this because they have to have respect and love for the person they have chosen to do this too. Therefore, if its happening, this is why some this is good.

However, I totally get it if you are not happy with this because some people do not like the idea of the cats tongue, which they have used to lick themselves with, is making contact with their hand.

Why Does My Cat Like To Nibble Or Bite Me

Can you figure out this? You are playing with your cat or enjoying a cup of coffee deep into a chilly night while enjoying some quality time with your cat and out of nowhere the feline suddenly gives you a little nip. Ouch! Given the fact that cats come with razor sharp pair of teeth this common behavioral habit can be distressing especially to new pet owners who are not getting used to it and more so when it bites with no reason at all.


Cat bites are fairly a common behavior and can be remedied so, dont get stressed or distress the cat, you may be wondering whether that was a playful act, a love bite or just a way your cat is trying to communicate to you. Figuring out what exactly that act meant can be a challenge however if you didnt like it next time dont react by hurling insults or hitting, saying a firm NO! Will serve best to distract it from such behavior in the future. So, exactly why do cats like to nibble or bite on you?

To Taste Your Salty Skin

Humans produce natural salt through their perspiration or sweat. Human noses in particular can get sweaty and produce a sheen. This salt can be very tasty for your cat and remember your cat has a much stronger sense of smell than you do so the aroma may be particularly enticing.

This can be even more appealing if you have just cooked a particularly tasty meal so that aroma is also on your skin. Often this can happen with a new smell which may make your cat curious so they will want to explore.

Scenario #2: Your Cat Is Happy But Overstimulated

Heres what it looks like: Youre giving your cat a good petting. Maybe youre petting her quickly or just focusing on one spot a little too long. Or maybe you like to live dangerously and youve gone for a belly rub. Either way, she leans in, gives your finger a lick or two, and then a nice chomp!

The Biggest Factors To Look For: What kind of body language are you seeing from your cat? Does she look loose and comfortable?

If youre not sure what to look for, Dr. Sophia Yin has an excellent poster showing you what to look for. 

Its A Show Of Affection A Love Bite

Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair?

Cats have a wide range of ways they communicate with us. They vocalize their feelings with meows, purrs, and . As well as nudging us, staring and blinking, weave between our legs, and even have a nip to get their point across.

Some cats will bite or nibble as a show of affection. You can group this with purring, rolling around in joy, and slow blinking. Its just a little more painful than those other signs of affection.

So, its probably the most welcome reason why your cat took a nibble but you may want to stop them.

How to change this behavior:

You want to tread the line between letting them know that you appreciate signs of affection, but you dont appreciate being bitten.

I managed to stop one of my cats doing this by saying Ouch and moving my hand away. Then petting her without letting her nibble me again. I know this worked after a while because she stopped doing it with me but did it with my wife.


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