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Who Is The Cat Whisperer

Is Your Cat Doing Any Of These Things

Grian: The Cat Whisperer
  • Hissing a lot for no known reason?
  • Skittish, nervous, spends a lot of time hiding under the bed?
  • Being the classic Fraidy Cat, scared of noises, movement or new things?
  • Acts very aggressive toward other cats or people or?
  • Finicky and picky eater, throwing up frequency?
  • Hurting you with their sharp claws or teeth?
  • Hiding under the bed or in the closet?
  • Is their coat dull and matted, and they sleep a lot?
  • Does their inner eyelid show when their eyes are open?

Cat Whisperer Jackson Galaxy: Why Cats Suddenly Bite The Hand That Pats Them

Jackson Galaxy, 51, is a Los Angeles cat behaviourist and host of US cable TV’s My Cat from Hell. He specialises in helping individuals whose out-of-control felines are turning their lives and homes upside down. His latest book is called Total Cat Mojo.

Even in cartoons, cats come across as cunning and conniving or simply grumpy, while dogs are portrayed as friendly and gullible. Any truth in the stereotype?

Jackson Galaxy: “Having that connection to a wild animal who lives in your home is kind of a privilege.”Credit:Andrew Marttila

Nah, not at all. We’ve spent tens of thousands of years making dogs into something we recognise. We haven’t done that with cats. A lot of what I’m trying to do is get everybody to understand what confidence and love and humour look like from a cat’s point of view, to help dispel all those myths.

Why cats? Wouldn’t a goldfish be easier?

Easier, sure, but I love cats. They picked me. When I was working at an animal shelter, I’d be sitting in a room with 20 cats and the cats would come right to me and want to hang out.

What is it you love about them?

I love having to work for a relationship. I don’t like things handed to me on a silver platter.

Dogs come across as eager to please, while cats don’t seem to give a toss.

Single biggest error people make with cats?

You understand cats. Why you?

I’m quiet, I’m patient, I respect. Cats demand that. I give them time to express themselves.

How do I know when to stop?

The Cat Whisperer: Why Cats Do What They Do And How To Get Them To Do What You Want

Nagelschneider M. Bantam Books, New York, USA. 2013. 310 pp. ISBN 978-0-553-80785-1. $29.95.

As a practicing small animal veterinarian, I have been faced all too many times with the emotional rollercoaster that is feline inappropriate urination. This, and other difficult feline behavioral issues made me interested in reading Ms. Nagelschneiders book, The Cat Whisperer.

The book starts by providing insight into the author, and how she became involved in the field of feline behavior. This is followed by sections on introducing cats to each other, evaluating the cats territory, and a discussion of some of the health problems that can cause behavioral issues. Finally, there are chapters on feline aggression, inappropriate elimination, marking, excessive meowing, destructive behaviors, and compulsive behaviors.

Over-all, I was quite pleased with the book. I felt that Ms. Nagelschneiders approaches to behavior issues make a lot of sense. I appreciated that she consistently reminds readers of the need to have cats examined by a veterinarian early in the process so rule out possible illnesses or injuries that might be at the root of the problem. She also touches on a personal soapbox of mine, which is declawing. She explains in great detail how and why this is a negative procedure for cats, which should be avoided. The author worked as a Veterinary Assistant and a Veterinary Technician for a number of years before she began her work as a cat behaviorist full time.

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The Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider Is The Cat Behaviorist And Host For The Television Show My Cat From Hell Discovery Channel With Over 125 Million Viewers Internationally Its The Most Watched Cat Behavior Show In The World

Mieshelles formal study of animal behavior include Oxford and Harvard University. : The Cat Whisperer on the Cover of Modern Cat Magazine. She is the Resident Cat Behaviorist and Featured Cat Behavior Writer for Modern Cat Magazine. Read The Cat Whisperer interview here. also published the first interview with Mieshelle where she solved the writers aggressive cat issue that no one else could solve, The cat whisperer. If Mieshelle could solve the issue, the article would be published, but no one knew the writer was going to call Mieshelle, The Cat Whisperer.Watch The Cat Whisperer on The Hallmark Channel with Susan Lucci Co-hosting for Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Here. Read the interview on how The Cat Whisperer became The Cat Whisperer by Lovetoknowcats.

On Recognizing Cat Love

Donât call him a cat whisperer: âMy Cat From Hellâ? host Jackson Galaxy ...

All cats are different, and they express their love in different ways.

There are many cats who, if they sleep on the foot of your bed, thats an incredibly high compliment, Galaxy said. And some will sleep on your face. Its different personalities.

But theres one thing they have in common.

Love for a cat is trust, Galaxy said.

Thats why cats rolling over and exposing their vulnerable bellies a move Galaxy has called the cat hug is meaningful, even though most cats are not big fans of belly rubs.

Another way cats express their feelings? The slow blink when cats slowly open and close their eyes while looking at people.

Thats not I love you, so much as I trust you, Galaxy said. I trust that youre not gonna kill me.

The bottom line is that just because some cats dont demonstrate their affection in a way thats immediately obvious to humans, it doesnt mean they dont care.

If you live with a cat and they spend time even being with you, near you, looking for you, theyre not just seeing you as a food dispenser, he said. They do love you.

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Dr Susan Little Interprets The Non

Do you see your cat as a finicky prima donna? If so, would you like to understand what your cat’s behaviour is really telling you? Cat Whisperer and veterinarian, Dr. Susan Little, might be able to help

Hey there, time traveller!This article was published 15/11/2010 , so information in it may no longer be current.


Do you see your cat as a finicky prima donna? If so, would you like to understand what your cat’s behaviour is really telling you? Cat Whisperer and veterinarian, Dr. Susan Little, might be able to help

A recent poll of owners showed 40 per cent referred to their cats as fussy. That seemed to be a really high number. Little, who has run Ottawa’s Bytown Cat Hospital for two decades, agrees. She explains that most owners misunderstand cats cues that could mean these pets do not deserve the finicky felines label. Instead, we may be the problem.

Dr. Susan Little interprets the non-verbal actions of our feline friends

Like other animal whisperers, Little has a keen knowledge of non-verbal feline actions. According to Little, the most common mistake owners make is to apply human traits to felines. Just because they’re our family members doesn’t mean they have the same needs and reactions of their owners.

Ready, Pet, Go!

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Where: 45 Hurst Way, Winnipeg Humane Society

Did You Know Your Cat Can Mirror And Reflect You

The extraordinary phenomenon of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection between you and your cat means that your cat mirrors your energy, takes on your illnesses and stressors.

They are always reacting, resisting or responding to you.

That means YOU your health, balance and well-being can be the key to creating a healthy, balanced, happy cat or not.

Because of all my years of experience in working with cats, I know how incredibly important it is to first communicate directly with your feline friend.

Because until we do, we wont know what the problem really is, where its coming from, and what the unknown factors are that we dont know yet which are contributing to the problem at hand.

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The Cat Whisperers Big 4 Questions To Solve Cat Behavior Problems Are:

  • If they are happy, and if they arent happy, what they need that would make them much happier
  • What is working for them and what doesnt work, or what just makes things worse
  • What they like and dont like, and may in fact detest or cause them to react badly
  • How they feel in their body because if they are in pain or uncomfortable, then we need to know where the pain is, what kind of pain it is, when it started, and what helps or hurts or even makes it worse
  • Could You Identify A Cats Mood Through Its Facial Expressions

    The Cat Whisperer

    If youve ever tried to interpret how your pet cat is feeling, youre not alone. This mystery of feline mood is what motivated University of Guelph researcher Dr. Georgia Mason to investigate whether people can accurately identify how cats are feeling based on their facial expressions, a topic that has attracted very little research in the scientific community until recently.

    After years of speculating that shes been able to interpret her three cats facial cues, Mason wanted to scientifically put others ability to decode cat expressions to the test. While research has shown many animals like mice, rats, pigs, horses and rabbits have strikingly similar facial expressions when they are in pain, minimal investigation has been done on the topic of pet cats, a creature with a well-known reputation of being mysterious and difficult to decipher.

    Mason collaborated with Ontario Veterinary College professor Dr. Lee Niel, and postdoctoral researchers Lauren Dawson and Jenna Cheal, to develop an online survey where more than 11,000 participants watched short video clips of close-up cat faces as they experienced various positive and negative situations.

    This study may open the door to explore exactly how cats faces reveal their emotional states and allow for the development of tools that would help more people become better at understanding them.

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    How To Read A Cats Body Language

    A cats most notorious trait is that they are mysterious, however with training and practise you will be able to read into the hints from their expressions. The position of a cats body, head or ears are usually the most revealing features.

    If your cat has negative feelings such as being anxious or scared the cat may crouch down on the ground with an arched back and lower its head to flatten its ears. They are likely to retreat back to protect themselves. Another behaviour is if their fur stands on edge, or they try to growl, hiss, swat their paws or bite.

    If a cat feels positive emotions, then it will come up to you with its tail up and its body and head in their normal positions and ears forward.

    If the cat is neutral or resting, then they will often tuck in their paws or lay down on their side with their legs stretched.

    Reading the cats facial expressions, although more subtle, indicates how the cat feels too. Some individuals are more adept at reading expressions such as if a cat is in pain.

    Only Providing One Litter Box

    Its not just fresh water that felines tend to fuss over. It turns out they also prefer having more than one litter box to choose from. In nature, cats like to separate their urination and defecation behaviours, explains Nagelschneider. In the home, having just one box where theres both urination and defecation can cause a cat to urinate outside of the box. Her rule of thumb is to provide one litter box per cat, plus one more. For example, if you have two cats, you need three boxes, she says.

    Find out the scientific reason cats are so clean.

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    Cats Facial Expressions Can Be Hard To Read But Do You Believe You Could Be A Cat Whisperer

    Cats are such interesting animals, they can be sociable, timid, dominant, impulsive and independent. We love cats as pets because they are beautiful, intelligent and most of all mysterious creatures.

    A quiz based on a study led by Georgia Mason, a behavioural biologist at the University of Guelph, in Canada, indicates that some people are actually cat whisperers, and can read feline expressions better than most. Does this sound like you? Read on to learn about the official cat whisperer quiz and where you can take it.

    Treating Cats As If Theyre Dogs

    Frustrated by felines? Call the âcat whispererâ

    Its hard to imagine a cat playing fetch, or a dog spending its waking hours preening, so why would we expect the same behaviours from our fur babies when it comes to housetraining? According to cat behaviourist and author of The Cat Whisperer, Mieshelle Nagelschneider, a one-size-fits-all approach to raising four-legged friends can have disastrous consequences. We can end up creating cat issuesand making a lot of existing issues worseby treating them like dogs, she says. Cats are a little bit more wildtheyre not fully domesticated, and still have many of their wild cat instincts. These instincts help explain some of the more curious behaviours exhibited by housecats, including perching high and fussily refusing to drink day-old water .

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    Kitty Problems Newton’s Cat Whisperer May Be Able To Help

    NEWTON, Mass. She’s on a mission to solve every cat catastrophe.

    Dr. Rachel Geller is a Newton-based cat behavior and retention specialist who’s helped thousands of pet parents deal with bad behavior since 2013.

    Dr. Geller says she gets requests like “‘Please help me, I’m desperate, my cat is going everywhere but the litter box’ or ‘my cat is scratching everything but that lovely scratching post I bought her.'”

    She says most people don’t realize that some of these problems can be fixed.

    “Contrary to popular belief, cats can be trained,” Dr. Geller says. “I work with the humans to understand the cat’s problem from the cat’s point of view.”

    So you have to think like a cat, she says.

    “If a cat is doing something that we perceive as a misbehavior, it’s because something in his environment isn’t meeting his needs, and he’s trying to solve the problem as a cat.”

    Dr. Geller has cracked cases from hissing to litter box accidents, and she does it for free. Her goal with every new situation is to help owners, so they don’t feel like they have to surrender their cat to a shelter.

    WBZ NewsRadio’s James Rojas has more:

    The Cat Whisperers Colleagues Already Knew She Was A Superhero Now Other Animal Lovers Can Be Inspired By Her Too

    Kaitlyn OHara died in February when she was hit by a car while trying to rescue an injured cat. The veterinary nurses legacy will be kept alive with a new childrens book.

    When Kaitlyn OHara, veterinary nurse and advocate, lost her life last winter trying to save an injured cat on the side of a busy South Jersey highway, animal lovers in this region knew they had lost a superhero.

    Now some friends and colleagues have embarked on a project to help keep OHaras legacy alive.

    And in doing so, they hope they might also inspire some new superheroes to follow OHaras lead.

    Cat Whisperer: The Adventures of Kaitlyn and Chloe is a new book written by Dana Koch, medical director of HousePaws veterinary practice, and author Danielle Lacy, a former director of the practices childrens education program. The book was illustrated by Phillip Barnes, marketing director of NorthStar.VETS.

    We decided in terms of bringing Kaitlyns memory to life, educating people was something she was also passionate about, said Koch.

    OHara who grew up in Browns Mills, Burlington County, and lived in Medford with her fiancé, Edward Bonen was a cat whisperer, someone who through her patient kindness managed to win over even the most frightened, feral felines that wanted nothing to do with other humans.

    But the story is based on something the real-life Kaitlyn did, and the suggestion to young readers is that someday they can have a real-life impact on animals, too.

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    Can Cats Really Be Trained

    Cat behaviorist and star of Animal Planet’s hit television show My Cat from Hell, Jackson Galaxy, aka ‘Cat Daddy’ isn’t what you might expect for a cat expert. Yet Jackson’s ability to connect with even the most troubled felines – not to mention the stressed-out humans living in their wake – is awe-inspiring.

    The cat whisperer has had his fair share of experience dealing with feisty felines, and has helped hundreds of owners with aggressive or troubled cats.

    “There are very rarely times when I actually think ‘we’re not going to be able to do this’, because some of the cats we meet are really troubled – I don’t know how else to put it, they can really be suffering,” says Jackson.

    “And I think that was one of the things we really wanted to let people know from the show, that we’re not just talking about crazy cats, we’re talking about cats who are having a really bad time. I don’t think people realise that animals can have mental illnesses, just like anybody else.”

    The below clip shows Jackson at work, helping owners with a cat who lashes out with sudden unexpected and unprovoked attacks.

    What If You Could Just Ask Them To Help You Sort This Out Talk About The Problems Together And Then They Actually Do What You Asked Them To Do Amazing And Its True An Excellent Cat Whisperer Can Do Exactly That


    Through the art of animal communication you can enjoy a meeting of the minds and heart, and then together decide whats a problem and why its a problem, and what to do about it.

    Remember that what you think is a problem may not be a problem from their viewpoint. And then once youve agreed, together you can decide how to best resolve it.

    If you are a cat parent, then you are undoubtedly aware that feline temperament and characteristics will only go so far in explaining the root cause of behavior issues.

    After more than 30 years of working with cats as a professional cat whisperer, I can tell you that ONLY your cat can knows the answers to these questions.

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