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Petsmart Hill’s Science Diet Kitten

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PetSmart Q& A: What food can help with my cats digestion?

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Limited Offers Of Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food Urinary

While Hill’s first-ever pet food was designed to help dogs with kidney failure, the most potent recipes are reserved for the Prescription Diet cat food. As far as I can tell, there are only two products in this line that support the urinary system’s health:

  • Urinary Hairball Control kibble is a new take on the traditional chicken recipe. Reduced magnesium and a balanced pH support urinary health and prevent multiple issues. At the same time, the formula includes plenty of easily digestible protein and fiber to promote immune strength and deal with hairballs. Even without synthetic additives to enhance flavor, this kibble is beloved by kitties of all breeds and sizes.
  • Urinary Hairball Control Chicken Entree relies on a similar recipe with the perfect combination of minerals to keep feline bladders and kidneys healthy and strong. Crucial for improved digestion and battling hairball issues, fiber is among the key ingredients here as well. If you switch from grain-free food to this formula, pay attention to the portion size recommendations to avoid uncontrolled weight gain.

Hills Science Diet Chicken For Adults

The same Chicken Recipe is available for adult cats that enjoy a more active lifestyle. The ingredient list is very similar, but it’s more fatty and rich in nutrients. It’s also more calorie-dense, measuring 502 kcal per cup . This means your outdoor kitty will remain more energized by the same amount of kibble and have enough energy to investigate the neighborhood.

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What You Need To Know About Hill’s Cat Food Recall History

  • Melamine contamination caused Hills cat food and other pet food companies to recall their products in 2007.
  • Seven years later, the manufacturer suspected salmonella contamination and had to recall five dozen bags across three states.
  • The biggest recall hit the company in 2019, as multiple products were found to contain over-the-top vitamin D levels, causing organ failure and even death. The brand faced a class-action suit in the wake of this recall.
  • Im not saying Hills is bad for your kitten, but you should pay attention to her health and stop using any food if its causing issues.

    Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Deboned Chicken & Egg Recipe Review


    Tiki Cat is a brand best known for its large and varied selection of wet/canned cat food. The quality and nutrition provided by these wet cat food recipes are second to none.

    Tiki Cats dry cat food range is far smaller than their wet food range, but that doesnt mean it should be dismissed as the quality is still maintained.

    You can see the full range of wet and dry cat food in our Tiki Pets Brand Review.

    The above Chicken & Egg recipe is our favorite adult cat food recipe from the range, thanks to its impressive ingredient list.

    The first three listed ingredients in the recipe are all Chicken-based and are Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, and Dehydrated Chicken.

    This huge sum of Chicken provides an ample portion of animal-based protein and fat that is higher than most dry cat food recipes mentioned here, coming in at a minimum of 43% protein and 19% fat.

    Outside of this Chicken, the recipe includes a portion of Dried Egg Product which is Eggs that have had their shells and excess moisture removed. Eggs are one of the most bioavailable pet food ingredients and are extremely underutilized by most brands.

    Lastly, the recipe contains a small portion of Tapioca, Flaxseed, Chickpeas, and Peas. These plant-based ingredients provide a modest proportion of carbohydrates, fiber, and select vitamins and minerals.

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    Reading Cat Food Labels

    Cat Food Protein Content

    Most adult cats require a minimum of 26% protein in their diet. Too little protein can lead to deficiencies, while too much protein can tax the kidneys, especially in cats who are predisposed to kidney problems. Some studies have indicated that healthy adult cats that dont eat at least 40% dietary protein may begin losing muscle mass. Senior and elderly cats often need at least 50% protein in their diet to maintain muscle mass and overall health

    Cat Food Fat Content

    According to the AAFCO recommendations for adult cats, they should consume a minimum of 9% fat on a dry matter basis in their daily diet. Fats are needed for skin and coat health, as well as brain health and development, wound healing, cardiac health, immunity, weight maintenance, and organ function.

    Cat Food Fiber Content

    Fiber is essential for maintaining digestive health and promoting satiety, or a feeling of fullness, in your cat. Fiber is a carbohydrate, and cats tend to have relatively low carbohydrate needs since they are obligate carnivores. Aim to provide some fiber in your cats daily diet, but the average goal is to keep carbohydrates below 10% of the daily dietary intake. If your cat is having digestive difficulties or seems to struggle with satiety, talk to your vet about the options available to you.

    Cat Food Moisture

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    Can I Combine A Science Diet Coupon Code With Free Shipping

    Yes! Most online pet retailers offer free shipping. Petco, for example, lets you get free shipping on all orders of $35 or more. Chewy and PetSmart provide free shipping when you spend $49. Science Diet coupon codes can be combined with these deals for additional savings.Just make sure you choose standard or free shipping when you check out at any of these retailers. Then, apply your coupon code before you complete your order and enjoy your savings.

    What Cat Food Should I Avoid At Petsmart

    PetSmart Q& A: What food can give my indoor cat proper nutrients?

    Despite stocking many high-quality or premium cat food brands, PetSmart still stocks quite a large range of low-quality or extremely low-cost cat food recipes.

    Classic examples of these include Purina Cat Chow, Friskies, Grreat Choice, and more.

    The problem with these brands recipes is that they are often packed full of plant-based ingredients that are dense sources of carbohydrates. As we mentioned above, this kind of diet and nutritional profile is not well suited to cats and can cause them several health issues.

    Secondly, many of these brands have poor recall and safety records, including recalls for issues like Salmonella Contamination, the presence of foreign objects, and packaging issues.

    Lastly, some of the brands utilize some very low-quality or questionable ingredients, including unnamed meat or fish ingredients.

    While these ingredients have the potential to provide valuable nutrition, they are very unaccountable and lack transparency. A manufacturer could change their source or makeup without informing their customers.

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    A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites

    Fiber Content: 5.5%

    The best overall cat food at Petsmart is the Applaws Tuna Fillet with Shrimp in Broth wet food. This food features 77.8% protein on a dry matter basis, and its low in fat at only 5.5% on a dry matter basis. It consists of 82% moisture and contains only four ingredients. It has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Its high in omega fatty acids, making this a good choice for supporting skin, coat, and joint health.

    This food is intended to be fed in conjunction with a portion of dry food as it may not contain all necessary nutrients on its own. Its highly palatable, though, and the limited ingredient formula makes it a good option for cats with food sensitivities.

    Fiber Content: 7.5%

    The best cat food at Petsmart for the money is the Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Turkey & Rice wet food. This food meets AAFCO guidelines for cat food and features meaty chunks in a tasty gravy. It contains 55% protein, 10% fat, and 7.5% fiber on a dry matter basis, as well as 80% moisture. Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Turkey & Rice is also a good source of omega fatty acids and vitamin A to support skin and coat health. This recipe is fully balanced on its own and doesnt have to be fed in conjunction with other foods.

    Fiber Content: 5.7%

    Some people have reported their cats vomiting after trying this food. Its important to remember, though, that cats should be slowly transitioned over to new foods to prevent this from occurring.

    The Best Value For Money Among Science Diet Canned Cat Food

    The Savory Entree line for adult cats is universally popular among pet owners, especially when it comes to a variety pack that holds liver and chicken, turkey, and chicken formulas. All three have nearly identical calorie amount per 5.5 oz can , although the recipes differ. All three comprise a variety of fitness-inducing supplements and fiber. The protein sources differ across the pack, from the traditional chicken to turkey and liver. Pork, poultry by-products, and salmon have also made it into the sizable cans.

    Seared Tuna and Carrot Medley is among the most exciting flavor options in the lineup, though it’s designed for felines over 11 years old. Unlike most wet foods in Hill’s repertoire, this one uses chicken broth instead of water, and tuna is the second on the list of components. Perfect for less active senior cats, each 2.8 oz can only holds 64 calories preventing unwanted weight gain.

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    Wellness Core Original Formula Review


    Wellness has featured on PetSmart shelves for decades and is a familiar face of the pet food industry. Wellness is owned by WellPet LLC, which also owns several other familiar brands like Holistic Select and Eagle Pack.

    The core range from wellness has repeatedly been our favorite thanks to its consistent nutrition and selection of high-quality ingredients. However, their other ranges are still worth considering, and you can explore them on our Wellness Brand Review.

    The original recipe from the Core range was the first recipe in the range and, despite its age, is still an excellent choice. Like others discussed here, it includes a mix of poultry ingredients such as Turkey Chicken, Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, and Chicken Fat.

    These Poultry ingredients are extremely reliable sources of nutrition and can provide a plentiful supply of animal-based protein and fat.

    Outside of these poultry ingredients, Wellness uses the industry favorite of Peas but also includes a smaller portion of Dried Potatoes. Potatoes are an extremely dense source of carbohydrates which is why their portion size mustnt be too large.

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    Purina Pro Plan Liveclear Probiotic Turkey & Oatmeal Formula Review

    However, for those who want to play it safe, we thought no better choice than to mention Purinas most established and prestigious brand Purina Pro Plan. While Purina Pro Plan is controversial to some, its well-known worldwide as a provider of high-quality pet food especially specialized pet food recipes for those with health issues.

    Purina Pro Plan invests thousands of hours into the research and development of their product lines and stands out in comparison to smaller brands that cant justify such costly research.

    To learn more about the behemoth that is Purina Pro Plan, head on over to our Purina Pro Plan Review.

    Their LiveClear cat food range from Purina Pro Plan is relatively new and focuses on cats with sensitive stomachs and digestive systems, which is an issue that is becoming increasingly common.

    Chicken and Turkey are the recipes primary two ingredients and act as a stable base of animal-based protein and fat. While many cat food recipes for health issues tend to provide poor nutrition, it is the opposite for this recipe from Purina Pro Plan, and it includes a minimum of 40% protein and 18% fat which is similar to others mentioned here.

    Outside of this poultry content, the recipe utilizes a mix of Pea Protein, Rice, Oat Meal, and other plant-based ingredients to provide a portion of carbohydrates, plant-based protein, and fiber.

    Whats The Best Science Diet Coupon I Can Find

    That depends on where youâre shopping! However, weâve seen lots of great offers. In the past, PetSmart has had a coupon for 40% off select dog food. Petco has had a coupon for $30 off any order of $100 or more, sitewide. And at Chewy, pet parents were able to save $20 on any order of $49 or more.To get a look at the best Science Diet coupons, we recommend checking this page regularly. Weâve put together our top picks to help you save money. You should also follow your favorite pet retailers on social media, and sign up for their email newsletters. This way, youâll always be the first to know about new offers and coupons for Science Diet pet food.

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    Nulo Freestyle Salmon & Lentil Recipe Review

    Nulo is an established pet food brand in the United States and, in many ways, is similar to Instinct in that it doesnt take up entire aisles of PetSmart stores but still has a large product range.

    Nulo can be appealing to cat owners whose cats have certain health issues or dietary needs. This is as Nulo has several specialized cat food recipes such as those for Kittens, Senior Cats, Indoor Cats, and even a recipe to help alleviate hairballs.

    You can see this full range of products and our thoughts on it in our Nulo Brand Review.

    However, weve chosen a more generic recipe to discuss in this article to appeal to a large range of cats. Salmon and Lentils is a prime example of the excellent nutrition and ingredient quality provided by Nulo recipes.

    As you might have guessed, Salmon is the recipes primary ingredient, but there are also large portions of Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, and Cod.

    This mix of poultry and fish ingredients provides a very satisfactory proportion of protein, coming in at a minimum of 42%. The proportion of fat, however, is smaller than some other recipes discussed here, at a minimum of 12%.

    This lower fat level could make this appealing to cats who are less active, such as indoor cats or older cats.

    In addition, the inclusion of Salmon and Cod means that there is a high amount of the Omega Fatty Acids, which many believe can provide cats with several health benefits.

    The Move May Be A Protest Against Online Sales Of The Pet Food

    PetSmart’s Anything For Pets Hill’s Science Diet :15

    Hills Science Diet and Ideal Balance pet foods were pulled from the shelves of PetCo and PetSmart stores in Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas as a result of an unspecified business dispute, reported local news outlet WIBW.

    The pet foods first disappeared from PetSmart locations in mid-May, then from PetCo by May 23. Eight pet product retailers and 27 veterinary clinics in the area still sell the Hills brands, reported the Topeka Capital-Journal.

    Hills Pet Nutrition has their headquarters in Topeka, and the disappearance of Hills products from two major retailers in its hometown could be meant as a message to Hills, according to Pet Business. PetCo and PetSmart may be pushing back against Hills use of internet channels for selling its pet foods.

    Abruptly removing Hills pet foods from their shelves bothered some PetCo and PetSmart customers in Kansas and ironically may have pushed them towards online purchases.

    I just cant believe they pulled it off the shelves and they didnt announce anything or say why they are doing it,” pet owner Matt Garren told WIBW. Its going to encourage people to shop online…”

    The challenge to brick-and-mortar retail outlets from internet sales has been building for years. The growing number of Millennial pet owners may be pushing the balance further towards online sales. Online sales increased to $3.7 billion of the US pet care total in 2014, up 76% from 2010, according to a report from Profitero.

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