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How Much Fat Should Be In Cat Food

What Is Senior Cat Food

How Much Fat Should Be In Raw Diets?

Because AAFCOs nutrient profiles dont distinguish between adult and senior, it turns out that senior diets are not all that different from everyday adult cat food, says Joseph Bartges, DVM, Ph.D., DACVIM, DACVN, a professor of medicine and nutrition in the department of small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in Athens, Georgia.

There is no AAFCO designation for a senior diet, nor is there a nutrient profile for a senior cat, he says. Therefore, senior diets are essentially slightly modified adult foods.

Historically, senior foods were lower in protein and fat and higher in fiber, Dr. Bartges says, but thats not necessarily true anymore.

Whether a cat needs these dietary modifications is really cat dependent, he says.

Is Higher Crude Protein Better For Cats

There are several ways to assess an ingredients or a foods protein content. The typically required and reported crude protein value does not give any indication of how well a food will meet a dogs or cats protein or amino acid requirements, although higher crude protein values are often perceived as better.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Over the last year, weve reviewed over 80 cat food brands, including most of the biggest brands on the planet. Weve read customer reviews, spoken with market insiders, and tested foods hands-on.

Based on that research, were bringing you an updated list of the best cat food brands and products in the industry. The following foods earn their place with outstanding ingredient quality, nutritional merits, and safety records.

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Cats Are Obligate Carnivores

Unlike dogs, which are omnivores, cats are obligate carnivores. This means that their bodies have adapted to a diet consisting strictly of meat, which provides animal protein.

Domestic cats are very similar to their wild predecessors and have evolved very little from them. In the wild, a cats diet consists of mainly small rodents, such as mice, as well as rabbits, birds, insects, frogs, and reptiles.

A cats metabolism is especially suited to a strictly meat-based diet. While herbivores and omnivores can synthesize certain amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, cats have more limited ability to do so.

Aafco Crude Protein Requirements

Obesity in Cats

AAFCO sets standards for pet foods in the United States. While compliance with AAFCO standards is not required for commercial pet foods, most veterinary nutritionists recommend feeding only diets that are AAFCO compliant.

These products will have a nutritional adequacy statement that states that the diet conforms to one of the AAFCO Dog or Cat Food Nutrient Profiles or Feeding Protocols.

An example of the importance of AAFCO compliance is further illustrated by a discussion of protein analysis. The Guaranteed Analysis section of the pet food label contains the percentages of each of the following:

  • Crude Protein

  • Crude Fiber

  • Water

Crude Protein is determined based on chemical analysis of all nitrogen-containing sources in the food. Therefore, some non-protein-containing sources, such as urea, can be included in the crude protein content.

AAFCO states that not more than 9% of the crude protein in a diet should be pepsin indigestible, meaning that at least 91% of the protein content of AAFCO-approved foods should be digestible protein. Therefore, diets that do not follow AAFCO recommendations may appear to contain adequate protein based on the percentage of Crude Protein however, this protein may be largely indigestible.

Pet foods that are AAFCO-compliant adhere to more in-depth nutrient profiles that also include recommended amounts of amino acids such as taurine and arginine.

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Cat Diet Depending On Breed And Age

Do different cat breeds need different types of food? The short answer to this question is no. All cats from long-haired breeds such as Persians and Maine Coons to short-haired cats like Siamese and Abyssinians need the same healthy diet.

Whether you have well-bred show cats or beloved shelter pets of indeterminate heritage, their nutritional needs are all the same! Its worth noting that a special cat hairball control food might benefit long-haired cats, but daily brushing might help even more since high-fiber cat diets have been linked to an increased risk of bladder inflammation.

When it comes to age, a different set of rules apply. Kitten nutrition is different from adult cat nutrition, and older cats really do need to eat senior cat food.

Kitten foods are specially formulated to support healthy growth, with added vitamins and minerals, plus more calories.

With proper nutrition, kittens develop healthy immune systems. While there are some formulas designed to support good health at all ages, kittens should switch to adult food when they are one year old.

Adult cats generally those between the ages of one and seven and mature cats between age eight and ten should eat a diet based on meat and fat, with relatively low carbohydrates.

Most cats over age 11 are considered seniors. While many cats will continue to thrive on a good-quality adult cat food, a lower-calorie senior cat food can help prevent rapid weight gain.

Try Smart Feeders That Only Open For Certain Cats These Pair With Your Cats Microchip Or An Rfid Tag That You Can Put On Your Cats Collar

One of the most important ingredients in cat food is often missing: Water. Cats eating a diet that consists mostly of dry food are chronically dehydrated and prone to urinary tract issues, kidney disease, and other complications.

For this reason, its best to feed at least some wet food, and to ensure that your cat always has access to fresh water. Invest in a fountain with moving water, or change your cats water at least twice a day to encourage them to drink more.

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About Dr Pete Wedderburn Dvm

Dr Pete Wedderburn qualified as a vet from Edinburgh in 1985 and has run his own 4-veterinarian companion animal practice in County Wicklow, Ireland, since 1991. Pete is well known as a media veterinarian with regular national tv, radio and newspaper slots, including a weekly column in the Daily Telegraph since 2007. Pete is known as “Pete the Vet” on his busy Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, regularly posting information on topical subjects and real-life cases from his clinic. He also write a regular blog at His latest book: Pet Subjects, was published by Aurum Press in 2017.

Can Cats Be Allergic To Certain Proteins

Here’s how much to feed a cat

Protein can be problematic too much protein, particularly low-quality protein, can worsen symptoms associated with kidney disease in cats.

Proteins are also the primary trigger for food allergies in cats. If your cat has health problems, be sure to discuss what type of cat food would be best with your veterinarian.

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Tip No : Dont Buy Kitten Food For A Cat

One of the most important items to consider when choosing a cat food is found on the back of the cat food container. The nutritional adequacy statement tells you if the product will serve as a complete and balanced meal for your cat’s particular life stage. Life stage refers to a cats specific developmental period.

The statement will either say cat food or kitten food. It may also say the food is for all life stages, growth and maintenance, growth and reproduction , and, possibly, for indoor or outdoor cats.

There is no one single combination of food that is best for all cats, says pet nutritionist Angele Thompson, PhD. So pick the one that works best for yours.

High Fiber For Weight Loss

If you think your cat needs to lose weight, consult a veterinarian on the proper way to get your cat to a healthy weight. While fiber helps dogs and people lose weight by making them feel full, it does not seem to work very well on cats.

Cats tend to store carbs from fiber and may just gain even more weight. Generally, the best way to help a cat lose weight is to increase their protein intake and decrease their carbohydrate intake. Some low calorie cat foods have very low nutritional value at all. It bears repeating consult your veterinarian.

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How To Tell Whether Your Cat Is Still Hungry

Cats experience a in appetite for various reasons, from extra activity to pregnancy. If your kitty hasnt had enough food, they will let you know by:

  • Rubbing against your leg
  • Leading you to the feeding area or food cabinet
  • Vocalising their hunger

If you dont pick up on the cues, your kitty might resort to hunting, exploring food cabinets, and stealing your food.

Does your cat seem to be constantly hungry? If youre certain that youre feeding them enough, take them to the vet. Cats tend to overeat when deprived of essential nutrients or because of undiagnosed medical conditions, such as:

  • Parasites

Breed Specific Feeding Requirements

If youre wondering how much you should feed your cat, then were going ...

Can a cats breed define the amount of calories it needs? Of course, although that will still be related to its weight, activity level, and body type. So, naturally, the larger and more active breeds will require more kcals per day, and our guide and calculator still will be able to help you establish the starting point.

Nevertheless, there are diets and foods advised for specific breeds to keep their health in the best condition, so you should consult a vet for that kind of advice on what exactly to feed to your cat.

  • Top rated cat food

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A Complete Cat Feeding Guide Wet And Dry Food Covered

Whether you have been a proud owner of a feline for many years, have been presented with a fur pet, or have adopted one, you may be wondering, How much food should I feed my cat? The question may come as a natural inquiry when you are facing a new task introduced into your life or as a concern for a four-pawed resident of your house.

The wrong ways you could go about solving the problem are either by letting your cat eat as much as it will or relying on the general instructions you can find at the back of the package containing nutrients for your kitty. Those may work, but thats like playing a lottery. Instead, we would like to equip you with the knowledge that will let you know for sure.

Its crucial to make a feeding plan individually for your cat so that the animal receives an ideal amount of calories. That way, you can avoid overfeeding your pet, as well as denying it the necessary nourishment. Both could equally be bad for the cats current health and life expectancy, so its crucial that you know all the factors to account for.

If I Spay Or Neuter My Cat Will It Cause Them To Gain Weight

Its been shown that cats are more likely to become overweight after spaying or neutering. We routinely recommend to decrease the amount of food after this procedure by 20-30% and to watch body condition closely, but its still important to keep your kitten on a diet that meets the needs of growing cats until he is at least 1 year of age.

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Is Homemade Food Good For Cats

Cats can eat homemade food and snacks as long as you consult your vet about tailor-made recipes and proper preparation and storage procedures. You should also get acquainted with food cats cant eat, such as:

  • MilkEven a tiny amount of milk is bad for cats who are lactose intolerant or allergic to casein and can cause stomach upsets. While drinking milk is off the table, cats without allergy or intolerance symptoms can have small amounts of dairy products, such as cheese or yoghurt, as a snack occasionally
  • Allium vegetablesChives, garlic, onions, and other allium vegetables cause significant damage to red blood cells
  • NutsThe oils in nuts cause gastrointestinal problems in cats, while macadamia nuts are poisonous for felines
  • YeastFermentation of yeast residue in your cats tummy produces ethanol and carbon dioxide

Cooking cat food takes time, and theres always the added risk of the final product being nutritionally imbalanced. If you want healthy meals with homemade flair without spending hours in the kitchen, try Untamed!

How To Order Your First Untamed Pack

Tips on How to Make Your Cat FAT

If you want to see whether were a good fit for your feline companion, all you need to do is:

  • Visit our Try Now page
  • Complete our questionnaire
  • Pick a meal plan and complete your order
  • Your trial cat food order will be with you in a dayno shipping charges included. If your furry friend approves, we will deliver you a fresh batch every month. You can modify your order to add variety to your kittys menu or delay, pause, or cancel it whenever you wish.

    Why are they bringing that scale over here?

    Image Untamed

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    Best Wet Cat Food For Older Cats

    Sometimes senior cats need a change in diet to make sure they are getting the right balance of calories and nutrients. Seniors may be less active than kittens or adult cats and need fewer calories in their diets.

    Also, older cats are more likely to suffer from kidney problems, heart disease, and joint problems, so specially formulated foods can keep them healthier for longer.

    Here are our picks for the best wet cat food for older cats:

    We love this variety pack from Fancy Feast because it offers four different flavors that are all made specifically with kittens in mind. Options include Ocean Whitefish, Turkey, Chicken, and Salmon. The pate texture of these recipes make it easy for kittens to eat theseeven if their teeth are still coming in. Youll find real poultry or seafood as the first ingredient in all of the formulas and they contain a touch of milk for added richness. Plus, you really cant beat the price at under $15 for a pack of 24 cans!


    If youre looking for an easy-to-serve wet kitten food, we really like the IAMS Perfect Portions. This recipe is formulated specifically for growing kittens with essential minerals like calcium for healthy bones, DHA for brain and eye development, and Vitamin E for immune system support. These trays are designed to be one feeding portion for your kittenjust snap the pack in half, peel it back, and serve.


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    Best Overall Dry: Instinct Raw Boost Grain

    Calories: 709 kcal/kg dry food | Flavors: Chicken | Prescription Required: No

    • Cage-free chicken is the first ingredient

    • Includes safe raw foods

    • Contains probiotic for healthy gut

    • Contains meal by-products

    The market has a number of dry cat food recipes designed for weight loss, but theyre not created equally. Natures Variety Instinct Raw Boost for Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food stands out because it combines a high-protein food with freeze-dried raw bits for balanced nutrition and flavor your cats will love.

    Made in the United States, this food has 25 percent less fat, and 15 percent fewer calories than the non-weight control food. We like that cage-free chicken is the first ingredient as minimally processed bites of real chicken, so its high in protein and appealing to cats. The raw bits are high in vitamins and minerals because they havent been processed.

    This food is also made without grains, potato, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, and preservatives. Cat owners report that their cats ate less volume of food compared to typical store brands, so a bag lasts longer.

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    What Is A Good Brand When Selecting A High Protein Dog Food

    Feeding a diet rich in meat protein helps promote the optimal health of all dogs from the timid Teacup Chihuahua to the burley Great Dane. When high meat is combined with a moderate fat level and a lowered amounts of grain free carbohydrates the result is perfectly balanced nutrition ensuring a dog can thrive in all life stages from an active puppy to a sedentary senior.

    Now, this approach is different to brands that claim to feed your dog like a Wolf. Whilst these diets are high in protein, they may also be combined with high fat levels. These high fat levels were crucial for wolves to fuel their highly active lifestyle as well as ensure they survived the harsh times of famine. Today though, our dogs not only look very different from a wolf, but they are far less active. So, whilst protein remains a very important dog food ingredient, we need to make sure the fat levels are not too high.

    Wellness CORE delivers natural, superior protein-rich, nutrition thats specifically crafted for modern dogs to thrive. Featuring fresh meat and concentrated meat sources as our key ingredients, every recipe is combined with moderate amounts of fat, low carbohydrates and a unique blend of wholesome fruits and vegetables, superfoods, botanicals and nutritional supplements to be the best meat-based nutrition available.

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    How Many Calories Does My Cat Need: Calculating A Cats Calories Per Day

    How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

    Assuming your cat is at a healthy weight and average activity level, you can use a formula to estimate the amount of calories your cat needs in a day:

    Calorie needs = 1.2

    A healthy, 10-pound cat with an average activity level will need to eat around 260 calories a day to maintain his weight. This amount is only an estimate and should be based on the catâs needs – if he is overweight, he will need less calories. If he is very active, he will need more. If this is a pregnant or nursing cat, she will need a lot more calories. Sick pets, such as those with cancer or kidney disease, will likely need more calories as well. Feeding kittens is a little more complicated because of how quickly they grow. Your veterinarian will be able to discuss ideal ways of meeting your catâs calorie needs further if needed.

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