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Purina One Natural Dry Cat Food

Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Purina ONE Cat Food Review (We Tried It)

Purina ONE Sensitive Skin and Stomach Formulas help nourish sensitive skin and promote easier digestion. These gentle recipes are formulated with real meat as the first ingredient and contain no fillers and no artificial flavors or preservatives. They provide complete and balanced nutrition without ingredients that may trigger skin or stomach sensitivities in your pet. Choose the Purina ONE Sensitive Systems formula for dogs or Purina ONE Sensitive Skin and Stomach formula for cats.

Whats Good About Purina Pro Plan

As youd expect from Purina, real meat is almost always the first ingredient on the list and Pro Plan is no exception. High-quality salmon, poultry and lamb feature heavily throughout this range and nearly all of their dry blends are fortified with guaranteed live probiotics for gut and digestive health.

The protein content is high, sitting above 40% across most of the dry range and the carbohydrate count mostly sits under 35%, which is better than the Purina One blends. Over on the wet food side of the fence, the moisture content remains high at 78%, with protein sitting around 12% and fat around 6%, which is a good ratio.

The LiveClear allergen-reducing range is particularly impressive, having been voted the 2021 product of the year by the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation. This revolutionary blend has been proven to reduce the major allergen in cat hair and dander by an average of 47% a huge relief for any pet parent who suffers from allergies.

Again, like with Purina One, the vitamin and mineral count across the range is impressive, with high levels of Omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamin A for skin and coat health, taurine for eye health, and calcium and other nutrients for strong and healthy bones.

Purina One Grain Free Classic Chicken Pat


High quality protein source.Made with real chicken, cat owners are assured that their kitties get high-quality protein with every serving of this grain-free wet kitty food.

Healthy weight. This Purina wet pet food product is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. It is perfect for cats who need to keep their weights under control.


New formula. According to customer reviews, the current formula is not as good as the previous one, and the cats can tell the difference. Their cats seem to prefer the old recipe of this wet paté.

This Purina cat food in Classic Chicken Recipe is a tasty canned wet food that a lot of kitties love. It is meaty and comes served in a rich gravy. This wet kitty food product is great for weight management because of its high protein content. The new recipe of this product however, is not an improvement from the previous one at least according to some reviews.

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Whats Good About Purina One

Across both their wet and dry formulas, Purina One stacks up well against its competitors when it comes to the quality of the ingredients used. We love that all the blends are free from fillers, most have real meats as the first ingredient, and they all come packed with plenty of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables.

The vitamin and mineral content on the whole is impressive, with everything your cat needs to keep their bones and heart strong, their immune system firing on all cylinders, and their coats looking glossy.

Highly digestible ingredients make Purina One a good choice for those cats with gastrointestinal issues and they have a formula especially for sensitive stomachs as well as grain-free options, so if your cat has allergies and needs something even more gentle, these would be a great choice.

Overall, the formulas are low fat and low in calories and many of their wet food blends have a higher moisture content than some competitors, clocking in at an impressive 78%. Purina One is also usually the cheapest of this brands premium range and its vet-approved, which is another big tick in its favor.

To Fill Or Not To Fill

Purina ONE Natural, High Protein, Grain Free Dry Cat Food, True ...

Ingredients like rice flour, brewers rice, and ground brown rice are found in so many recipes for both cats and dogs. What purpose do they have in the food? What nutritional value do they add? Unfortunately, the answer is none.

The upside to the usage of ingredients like this is that they dont really have much of a positive or negative effect. They are there to make your cat feel full faster and therefore, help cut back on the amount of food that they will want each time. The downside is that the food they do eat isnt as nutritionally impactful as it could be.

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What Do Customers Think Of Purina Cat Food

Millions of people buy and feed their cats Purina cat food every day. Most customer reviews are positive, saying that Purina food is affordable and appetizing.

At the same time, Purina gets its share of negative comments.

As we saw in the 2015 Beneful lawsuit, thousands of people have reported that their cats and dogs got sick after eating Purina food. With a reach as broad as Purinas, its hard to know which of these incidents are coincidences and which are the result of something Purina did wrong.

How Much Does Purina One Cat Food Cost

Among Purina brands targeting the super-premium market, Purina ONE is the most economical.

Looking at it in terms of daily feeding costs, it would cost about $2.10 per day to feed a 10-lb cat Purina ONE wet cat food. If you chose a Purina ONE dry formula, your daily costs would be significantly lower at around $0.16 per day.

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Purina One Tender Selects Blend With Real Chicken Dry Cat Food

Purina ONE Tender Selects is the most popular food blend of dry cat food in the Purina ONE food series. Chicken is the primary source of protein in the food and is one of the first ingredients on the list, a good indicator of the ratio of chicken to other ingredients.

The protein, fat, and fiber levels in this food are all quite good, giving your cat a balanced meal overall. There is a minimum of 34% crude protein, a minimum of 13% crude fat, and a maximum of 2% fiber.

Even though chicken is the number-one ingredient on the list, the ingredients that follow are relatively controversial. These include rice flour, corn gluten meal, and chicken by-product meal. The bag does come in sizes from 3.5 to 22 pounds, all with an affordable price tag.

How We Review Cat Food Brands

REVIEW Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food

Cats are obligate carnivores which means that they have a biological requirement for meat in their diets. Dogs are scavenging carnivores which means that they eat whatever is available and they can subsist on plant foods for a limited time.

When reviewing a cat food brand, we heavily favor those that include high-quality sources of animal-based protein. We also favor recipes that contain a low concentration of carbohydrates, limited to digestible sources like whole grains and fresh vegetables.

Here are some of the other things we look for in a good cat food brand:

  • High-quality animal protein as the first ingredient
  • Rich in healthy animal fats
  • Few to no carbohydrate ingredients
  • Limited number of main ingredients plus supplements
  • No low-quality fillers, grains, or by-products

When reviewing a cat food brand, some of the additional factors we consider include the variety of recipe choices available, the price per pound , the recall history of the brand, the availability, and customer reviews.

Cats can be picky eaters, so it is important for a brand to offer a variety of products. The brands recall history is a good way to gauge quality and safety as a whole while customer reviews provide insight into the brands quality and popularity.

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A Quick Look At Purina One Cat Food

  • The company is transparent with its animal products.
  • Purina tries to source as many ingredients as possible from the U.S.A.
  • Purina ONE foods are budget-friendly.
  • There are plenty of formula options in this series of food.
  • Purina ONE foods include quite a few controversial ingredients, like rice flour, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, and soy products.
  • The formulas typically have a higher carbohydrate content than we would like.

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What Other Users Are Saying

Quite a few good things are being said by users of Purina ONE for their cats.

  • Chewy Customer: This was recommended by my vet. One of my cats was having problems with urine crystallization, and the vet said that this would help him just as much as the much more expensive Hills Rx brand.
  • All About Cats: Millions of people buy and feed their cats Purina cat food every day. Most customer reviews are positive, saying that Purina food is affordable and tasty.
  • Amazon: As pet owners, we always double-check with Amazon reviews from buyers before we buy something. You can read these by clicking here.

Purina One Vs Purina Pro Plan Cat Food: Which One Reigns Supreme

Purina ONE High Protein, Natural Dry Cat Food, Ideal Weight With Turkey ...

ByKathryn Rosenbergpublished 8 June 21

Weighing up Purina One vs Purina Pro Plan cat food? We give you the scoop on these two quality contenders vying for a spot in your furkid’s food bowl

Trying to choose between Purina One vs Purina Pro Plan cat food is a bit like trying to choose whether to have a chocolate or a strawberry milkshake both taste lip-smackingly good and have their own unique set of positive and negative points.

Known for producing some of the best cat food in the world, Purina has always had an outstanding reputation for delivering the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals, all wrapped up in flavor combinations that make foodie felines drool.

Purina One and Purina Pro Plan are two of the brands most popular lines and regularly scoop up awards in both the best dry cat food and best wet cat food guides. So, given that theyre both super popular, which one is the right choice for your feline furkid?

We peered inside the bags and peeled back the lids to get the scoop on these two fan favorites so that we could put the Purina One vs Purina Pro Plan cat food debate to bed once and for all. Heres what we uncovered…

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Purina One Urinary Tract Health Formula Dry Cat Food


Helps restore urinary health. Cats who have been suffering from urinary tract crystals, blockages, and other related conditions have shown improvement since switching to this food. Some cat owners use Urinary Tract Health Formula as a substitute for more expensive prescription food. Others have found that it is a good cat food to use as maintenance for cats who have just recovered from urinary conditions.

Great value. Numerous rave reviews have been written by cat parents for this cat food product. Not only is it inexpensive, it has saved them money from vet bills and expensive prescription food products.


Corn. The first two ingredients of this food are corn gluten meal and ground yellow corn. These are ingredients that not many cat parents would like to see before actual animal protein.

This product is definitely worth a try if your cats are having urinary issues or have just recovered. Based on reviews by actual cat parents, this food has saved their cats from recurring urinary conditions. It has also helped them save money from vet bills and more expensive specialized diets.

However, the main ingredients of this cat food are not animal protein, which some take as an indication of lower quality. This may not be recommended for cats who are trying to lose weight. According to the brand, this dry food comes with 31g of protein per cup.

Purina Pro Plan Vs Purina One: Which Is Better

  • Healthy Fats Advanced Nutrition Formula
  • High Protein Formula from real chicken
  • Best for poochs skin & coat.
  • Premium live probiotics
  • Best for over all dog breeds
  • Maintains healthy ideal body condition
  • With balanced nutrition affordable for dog owner
  • High quality protein helps strengthen muscle and heart.
  • Smart ingredients helps to boost immune system
  • Best for healthy joints keeping affordable option
  • Best for Budget option

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Friskies Is 100% Safe To Feed Your Cat

Consumers can trust all Friskies products including those stamped with codes 1157, 1159, and 1161.

The numbers being shared are not batch codes, they are codes indicating the factory locations where we make Friskies cat food. These codes are stamped on all of our canned products. We have total confidence that all of Friskies products, including cans of Friskies, are safe.

Friskies products are made in our U.S. factories by our skilled, passionate employees who are proud to make quality pet food for millions of pets. Part of our quality control process includes thousands of checks throughout the production process. We have full confidence in our Friskies products due to our extensive quality and safety controls.

Overall Is Purina A Good Choice

Purina ONE Natural Dry Dog Food

Purina cat foods are affordable, easy to find in stores around the world, and cats usually love the way they taste. However, they arent the safest or the most species-appropriate choice.

The company has initiated at least five recalls and one market withdrawal since 2004, and most of their recipes contain at least a few artificial ingredients and plenty of plant matter.

If you choose to buy Purina food, opt for their wet foods, which have higher meat content, lower carbohydrates, and provide the hydration cats need.

Purina Muse stands out as their simplest wet food, while some canned Pro Plan and Beyond recipes may also be a good choice.

If youre on a budget, Purina Friskies and Fancy Feast are good options to consider. While they contain animal by-products and artificial ingredients, these foods are more carnivore-appropriate than most dry foods and some premium wet foods.

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Adult Cat Feeding Instructions

Fill your cats bowl with the recommended measured amount every morning and allow your cat to eat on a “free choice” basis throughout the day, rather than as a single feeding at mealtime. Food intake required to maintain an ideal body condition will vary, depending on age, activity and environment. Monitor your cats weight and adjust food amount accordingly.

Purina Pro Plan True Nature Natural Chicken & Liver Kitten Formula


Helps with stomach issues. Tummy issues such as diarrhea or vomiting are quite common feline problems. With this Grain Free Natural Chicken & Liver wet food, many cats who previously had diarrhea, gassy tummies, and other issues have shown significant improvement. This TRUE NATURE cat food seems to agree with the tummies of sensitive kittens.

Healthy skin & coats. According to some cat parents reviews, their littles kittens have grown to be soft, silky and shiny kitties. Some who even had rough fur now have very healthy skin and fur. Cat parents credit this cat food with giving their kittens the healthiest skin and coat.


A bit pricey. A few cat owners find this product somewhat too expensive compared to other brands of wet kitten food. It could be especially expensive to feed to multiple cats on a daily basis.

Pro Plan TRUE NATURE Kitten Grain Free Natural Chicken & Liver is overall a good grain-free wet food for kittens. It is very flavorful from real meat bits and chicken liver. Many kittens have thrived on this product, including those who suffered from issues such as diarrhea. Their symptoms have been reduced or even completely resolved.

It has also given numerous kittens soft and shiny coats. Their owners take this as a sign of the overall good health that their kittens get from this nutritious wet food.

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