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Gifts For My Cat’s Birthday

Cbd Oil Is One Of The Best Gifts For Cats

Packing a birthday gift full of my cat art

If your cat hides a lot, but is aggressive when you do see them, and has frequent appetite changes, your cat may have an anxiety disorder.

Luckily, CBD oil for cats is here to save the day. CBDs effects as an anxiety fighter have been well studied for some time, and its perfectly safe for cats.

Its one of the best things for cats with anxiety, and your cat will love you for it.

Cat Hair Dont Care Print

Being covered in cat hair is a part of cat ownership. Theres no way to get around it so why not embrace it. This Cat Hair Dont Care funny cat quote in an instant downloadable file. Simple black and white design for your home decor or gift for your favorite cat lover.

Print it yourself and frame it for a friend. Its a quick, easy and affordable gift. Give it with a pack of lint rollers to give them an extra laugh. Funny wall decor for a veterinarians office.

How Do I Make A Birthday Cake For My Cat

If you’re looking to go all-out for your cat’s birthday, you can make them a special cake, and even better, there are a few options you can use, depending on how crazy you want to go.

The basic premise of a cat-edible birthday cake is to use the stuff you already have in your cupboards: cat food. If you have a pate or soft cat food in a can, you can simply ease this out of its packet and decorate it with cat biscuits and catnip. Decorate it nicely and voila – a personalised birthday cake.

If that’s not enough for you, check out this step-by-step on how to bake a cake from scratch for your kitty, by using just sweet potatoes, tuna and a meaty stick.

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Best Gifts For Cat Lovers That Are Absolutely Purr

Since the last thing they need is another living, breathing kitty.

Walkin in a whisker wonderland. The meow-st wonderful time of the year. Santa Claws is coming to town. Okay, were done. Bad puns aside, the holidays will be here any day now and it seems like youve started to consider gifts for the notorious cat lover in your life. Have no fear because weve got you covered with some seriously paw-some ideas.

There are endless ways to go about gifts for cat lovers: adorable toys and treats for the cat, cutesy accessories for the human, funny knick knacks for the friend who is still obsessed with cat memes, obscure, custom-made objects for the cat person who has everything. While it can be easier to satisfy a dog lover, cats require a bit of je ne sais quoi. Not just any cat-themed item will do these days.

We also know that these fluffy felines deserve the very besttheir love has gotten us through a major life event or twoso weve curated a list of 50 best gifts for cat lovers for a variety of price points and personalities. From totes theyll never leave the house without again to a cactus-shaped scratch post that vibes with their apartment aesthetic, your friend is sure to swoon with these picks. And who knows? You might finally get in the cats good graces and get to go in for a lil’ head scratch the next time you visit.

Lets get to shopping, all you cool cats and kittens!

For The Cat That Overeats: A Puzzle Box That’ll Keep Them Entertained

Amazing Cat Birthday Party, Cake And Gift Ideas

Some catslike my ownalmost never seem to put on weight, while other cats gain weight much easier as they age. For cats that are on the heavier side or are just prone to eating too quickly , this 4.1-star rated treat maze and puzzle feeder toy could be an innovative solution. Cats have to paw and play to get at the treats and catnip contained inside here, which stimulates their natural instincts to sniff and explore. Even better, this box helps to keep cats feeling entertained, which is especially crucial, since boredom can lead to destructive habits like excessive clawing in cats.

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For The Board Game Fan: Cat

Whats better than a family game night? One where you play a cat-themed game. Your game-loving giftee will squee with joy when they get their hands on Cat-Opoly, a version of Monopoly that swaps all human-related rules and tokens for cat-related ones. Its the perfect game to play or display, and your giftee will get a kick out of its cover.

For Older Cats Who Still Crave Stimulation: This Popular Toy Tower

If your giftee has an older cat, this tower toy is a must-have, since it allows cats to sit in one place but still get in plenty of much-needed playtime. It comes with three track levels and there are moving balls inside of it, so cats can bat and swat at them as they pass. This tower also has a secure base, so it doesn’t jostle around, even during heavier bouts of play. With more than 26,000 reviews on Amazon, this is definitely one of the most popular toys on the site and one that our readers lose it for whenever it goes on sale.

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For The Cat Lover Who’s Always On The Lookout For New Toys: A Subscription Box

Nothing beats a box of goodies delivered straight to your door every month. The KitNip box is a great option for people that are always on the lookout for new toys and treats for their cats. Every month the box comes with a new assortment of high-quality toys and treats.

Get the KitNip Box starting at $22.99 per month

For The Cat Parent Who’s Tired Of Cleaning Up Fur: Our Favorite Robot Vacuums For Cats

Throwing the BEST Cat Birthday Party (with CAKE recipe!)

Cleaning litter boxes is the worst cat-related chore there is, but vacuuming matted tufts off the rug and chasing after those rolling tumbleweeds of fur with a hose ranks a close second. Here at Reviewed, our testers think robot vacuumsand specifically, the iRobot Roomba i7+are the best way to solve those pet hair blues and will cross one chore off your recipients to-do list each day.

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A Different Kind Of Catnip: From The Field Ultimate Blend Catnip And Silver Vine

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Grown and blended in the U.S.

  • More intense than catnip alone

  • Blend may work for cats who dont usually respond to catnip alone

  • A small percentage of cats show no interest

Catnip is a standard go-to gift for our feline friends, but From the Field Ultimate Blend Catnip and Silver Vine includes an extra ingredient to make it a special gift. In addition to catnip grown organically in Washington State, this Ultimate Blend includes silver vine, a plant related to kiwi that has similar effects to catnip, but with even more intense euphoria. Not to worry, silver vine has been thoroughly tested to ensure that its completely safe for cats.

A bonus is that From the Field has also had the environment in mind since their founding in 1999, so can feel good about your purchase. If you like this blend, you might be interested in catnip in the other forms they offer, including leaf and flower, whole buds, fine ground kitty safe, catnip pellets, valerian root blend, and catnip essential oil liquid spray rejuvenator.

We Let Our Customers Purr For Us

I am in Australia & ordered cat for my niece in UK. I got sent to my sister & she said plaque is lovely & a good size. She sent me photo of it & I am very happy with it would use your company again & definitely recommend you to my family in UK. Thank You

These were so nice my daughter pinched them!

From start to finish this purchase has been amazing! Delivery prompt and the bag is gorgeous. Would definitely recommend.

Love my cat bookends. The do the job beautifully.

Mala Leather Cleo the Cat Grey ID / Card Holder / Purse

A very simple, colourful, and effective card.

Fantastic gift for my Father-in-Law it looks exactly like his cat Pickle he was chuffed. Thank you

I wanted to get a lovely cat related gift for my special lady and this was purrrrfect!

Will happily use again. Quality was great and delivery was prompt.

Really pleased with the glass cat embossed picture frame. Even nicer than I expected.

A high quality product with first class customer service

These book ends are beautiful.

Looks just like my cat – not sure he’s got the sense to use an umbrella though! Great card and fast delivery, many thanks.

Lovely gift for a car lover daughter for Christmas she loved it.

Super card and super quick delivery.Highly recommended

unique gifts for cat lovers

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A Taco Truck To Satisfy Their Hunger For Scratching

Taco Truck Cat Scratcher, available at Target, $25.49

This taco truck will feed your cat’s most important cravings: scratching and sleeping. Whether they climb inside the cozy cab to hide or up on the roof for a bird’s-eye view, they’ll find a corrugated cardboard scratch pad to claw to their heart’s content. It’s a cinch to assemble but, sadly, tacos do not come included.

A Room With A View For Cat Naps

7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Cat

K& H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse Perch, available at Chewy, $54.85

Give your feline a throne from which to rule their kingdom. Partially enclosed with mesh and lined with microfleece, this lounger attaches to any window in an instant using a suction cup mounting system. The perch can handle floofs up to 50 pounds.

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Purchase Some New Toys

Does your cat love to play? If they do, a new toy is a perfect choice for their birthday! A catnip-filled toy is sure to be appreciated by your cat. These toys come in a variety of fun shapes including mice, pickles, and even sticks of dynamite. Wand toys are also a great choice for you and your cat because it will provide a way to play and have fun together.

Another great choice is a toy ball. These can be plastic or cloth and some even have jingle bells inside and some have room to put a treat or two. A ball will provide your cat with hours of entertainment and exercise.

PS. If you need top 5 recommended and reviewed cat litters, check out our article here.

Black Cat Printing Dress

Take pride in your Cat Lady Title with this fun cotton blend Black Cat sleeveless dress. I would recommend this dress to anyone because everyone needs a cat dress .

Looking for something a little sexier? Add a little flair to your wardrobe with the Kitty Cat Tights. Face in the front and the tail in the back of the leg.

Show your love for your feline friends with this adorable cat pendant. Rendered in cloisonné enamel and 22-karat gold and suspended from a gold-dipped chain, this cute kitty makes a charming addition to any cat lovers collection.

Designed by Christine Schmidt. made in San Francisco.

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Personalised Cat Beds And Accessories

If you want to give something really special to mark your cats special birthday or perhaps Christmas, consider one of our beautiful personalised cat beds or blankets. A personalised item is a really thoughtful and special gift that both cat and cat owner will appreciate. We make a lovely range of cosy cat beds in a variety of fabulous fabric options including sophisticated tweeds, stylish velvets and practical printed cottons. Whatever your cats personality and their owners style, there is a gorgeous cat bed to suit them. And we can personalise any one of them with your cats name. We will finish the bed with their name embroidered in beautiful gold thread a lovely personal finishing touch.As well as cat beds we can personalise bandanas, bowls and treat jars too. Some of our personalised items take a little longer to finish though, so make sure you order in plenty of time to avoid them arriving late for the party!Explore the full collection of cat gifts online and discover what we have to offer. Shop online and get free delivery on UK orders over £75.

For The One Who Loves To Show Their Cat Lady Pride: A Meow T

Weird Birthday Gift For Cat Lover – RAT!!!

Some of us are proud crazy cat ladies who dont mind showing the world how much they love their little furballs. If youve got a giftee who wears this name with pride, they’ll probably love this colorful t-shirt from Etsy. Reviewers love the shirt, and the shop has over 14,000 sales and numerous 5-stars. The shirt comes in 15 colorsranging from heather gray to black to whiteso you can customize it for your giftee.

Get the Meow T-shirt from Etsy starting at $9.03

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For The One Who Loves Socks: Cat

Some socks were made to be gifted, like these cat-themed Happy Socks. These fun and colorful socks feature a number of happy cats and fish bones sprinkled throughout. Theyre made for both men and women and look great whether your giftee is wearing them with boots or around the house.

The Best Birthday Party Ideas For Your Cat Uk

Yes, we can’t believe you can actually get cat subscription boxes too. If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for your cat, why not invest in a cat subscription box to keep the treats coming all year long. This subscription has a range of treats, toys and you can buy past boxes as a one-off treat for you or your cat. Your cat will be spoiled rotten.

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For The Cat That Eats Plants: Cat Grass

Cats absolutely love doing things they shouldnt, like clawing furniture and eating plants. If the cat lover on your list complains about their cat chewing leaves, this cat-grass planter makes the perfect gift. It grows organic and cat-friendly plants, so cats can chew their little hearts out without remorse.

For The Cat Parent Who Hates Scooping: This Self

Organic Catnip and Tuna or Chicken Cat Best Friends Birthday Fish Cake ...

Scooping litter? Basically the worst chore ever. Everybody hates it, and with good reason: it’s icky, messy, and has to get done every day in order to keep that unmistakable “cat smell” that everyone hates from engulfing the house. For the cat parent who hates scooping, this self-cleaning litter box is an amazing present. Its not cheap, but when we tested it, we fell in love with it and felt it was well worth the investment.

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Birthday Gifts For Cats

Looking for birthday gifts for cats?

Anyone who owns a cat understands that they are more than just a pet. These cuddly little animals deserve as much love and attention as humans. This means that you need to celebrate cats, especially on their birthdays. Celebrating your cats birthday is fun for both you and the cat.

The special day for your kitty is about to arrive, and its time to show some love and appreciation. Throwing your cat, a party is not enough without gifts. There are endless gift ideas available online or at pet stores. If you have no idea about the right birthday gifts for cats, here are ways to celebrate her big day.

For The Cat That Loves To Sleep: Infinity

This infinity-shaped cat scratcher is one of the best cat products Ive purchased this yearin fact, I loved it so much, I bought two of them. Its the perfect gift for any cat owner whose pet loves scratching and napping . Its sturdy, its attractive enough to blend in with home decor, and its long-lasting.

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Little Words Project Cat Mom Bracelet $20

Honor your fur baby parent status with these two little words. The Cat Mom bracelet is a bestseller from Little Words Project and is perfect to gift a new pet parent. The coolest part is that you can register the bracelet online and then watch as you pass it from friend to friend, all across the cat-loving world.

Fairly Odd Cat Ice Cube Tray

My Cat Hates His Birthday gift and pet party

Cat lovers love cheesy cat stuff so this ice cube tray will be a big hit. Pair it with these Kitty Cocktail Glasses and Coasters for a cute gift basket.

Not only can you make cat-shaped ice cubes, but you can also use it as a mold for cookie dough and then remove the shapes onto a cookie sheet and then bake them. Two in one gift!

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Kitty Shaped Tea Bags

Theres nothing much better than sitting in a comfy chair with a kitty cat curled up on your lap and a nice cup of tea and perhaps a cake and a good book! Would make a great quirky gift for the cat lover.

This listing is for 6 handmade cat-shaped tea bags filled with an English Breakfast. Pair this with a cute mug for a gift. There certainly isnt a shortage of cute cat mugs out there like this, this, this or next on the list.


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