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Can Kittens Eat Wet Cat Food

Too Long Eating The Same Food

How to Convince a Cat to Eat Canned Cat Food

Just like humans, cats get bored eating the same food for too long. Cats need some change after a long period of time. Usually, a cat gets bored eating the same food for about a year. So if youve been feeding your cat the same food for over a year and he or she stops eating it, you may want to consider changing the brand or variety.

Dry Cat Food Consumption Issues

Cats, like people, have trouble eating when they get older. Chewing and swallowing dry food can become a problem, which is why many older cats switch to wet food options. If your cat is used to eating dry food and is a picky eater, then switching to wet food can be difficult. It is easier to turn the dry food into a wet feed that your pet already knows and enjoys.

Can Cats Get Bored Of Wet Food

Cats can easily get bored of their food. This is similar to us humans, in that sense. You may find after about a year or so they may just suddenly stop, or seem to be eating less.

If you fear this is the case you can easily try another brand of food or even another flavor. However, each cat is different, so you may need to try a few to find the right match.

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How To Get A Cat To Drink More Water

All is not lost even if your cat absolutely refuses to eat canned food despite your efforts. There are other ways to increase your cats water intake besides feeding wet cat food.

Try different kinds of water dishestry plastic, metal, and ceramic. Use differently shaped dishesshallow, deep, large, small. Try locating water dishes in various areas around your home so theres always one convenient when your cat feels thirsty.

A lot of cats love drinking from a flowing fountain and there are many products available to choose from these days. The cute flower fountain shown below is a favorite amongst the cats I know. Just be sure to disassemble and thoroughly wash the entire fountain every few days or your cat might not want to drink from it.

You might try adding a flavored liquid to your cats food or as a side dish. Tuna water, chicken broth, beef broth or clam juice are popular flavors. You can try diluting the flavoring ingredient with water. Freeze the extra flavored water in ice cube trays and thaw when youre ready to use them.

Is Chocolate Poisonous To Cats

Adorable Orange Foster Kitten Eating Wet Food

While most human treats should be avoided, chocolate is a complete no-no for cats. Just 2g of chocolate not even as big as a square is enough to do serious damage to your cat due to its levels of theobromine. Theobromine acts as a stimulant, increasing the heart rate and acting as a diuretic to increase the loss of bodily fluids. As cats struggle to metabolise theobromine, the chemical stays in the bloodstream and quickly reaches dangerous levels.

Keep chocolate out of reach of your cat, and if you suspect they have eaten any chocolate, head to the vet straight away.

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Can A Cat Live A Healthy Life On Dry Food Only

A cat can live a healthy life on dry food only

If you want to switch your cat exclusively to dry kibble, it’s not the end of the world and they can be just as happy. But transitioning slowly is always best so that their digestion time doesn’t change too drastically.

You should also start by mixing in a little bit of wet food with about four cups of dry cat food at first.

This will help ease them into eating less moistened foods while still giving some nutrients from wet cat food for gut health benefits like strong teeth and bones.

Soon after, try adding more and more water until there are no longer any wet ingredients mixed in with the meat-based ones over a period of months instead

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Tips To Help With The Transition From Kitten To Cat Food

  • Switching your kittens food too quickly can make the process more difficult. Provide privacy and a quiet eating area away from loud noises and other cats.
  • Hand-feed your cat, at least initially. The person offering the cat food should have a good relationship with the cat.
  • Offer moist or canned cat food along with dry cat food.
  • Ensure you store all of your cat foods appropriately to maintain the quality and freshness of the cat food.

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Can Cats Eat Cooked Chicken

One common question that many cat owners ask is whether it is ok to feed their cat chicken. Cats are carnivores, which means they are meat eaters and in the wild will eat raw meat in the form of their prey. For your pet cat, always ensure that any chicken you feed them is cooked – preferably boiled and does not contain any bones. Remember to include chicken as part of your cat’s daily treat allowance, fed in conjunction with a balanced diet. Feeding only cooked chicken long term can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Cats With Health Issues

When Can A Kitten Eat On Her Own?

Cats experiencing kidney issues should not eat kitten food due to the high phosphorus content, but kitten food may also be harmful to cats with other medical conditions. If your cat has a medical condition, its best to talk to your vet to determine what types of food are ideal for your cats health and what types of food and nutrients should be avoided.

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Which Human Foods Are Ok For A Cat With Urinary Crystals

Human foods that would be OK for a cat with urinary crystals include lean meats like chicken breast, turkey breast, or fish. Many vegetables and dairy products have high mineral content and could cause increased urinary crystals.

If your cat is eating prescription urinary food, be careful about adding any additional foods regularly. Its OK to give a small treat a few times a week, but once you approach more than 10% of total food intake, treats can cancel out the good effects of urinary diet food.

Remember that changing food or introducing new treats can be a source of stress for many cats. Stress can set off an episode of FIC, so proceed very cautiously.

How Much Wet Food Or Dry Food To Feed A Kitten

Use your kittens weight to determine approximately how many calories they should be getting each day. Then, look at the label on your kitten food to see how many kcal/kg and kcal/can or kcal/cup it provides. Divide your kittens caloric needs by the foods caloric content to figure out how much of that food to feed your kitten each day. Finally, divide this amount by the number of meals you plan to offer each day to get each meals serving size.

As an example, lets say you have a kitten that is 5 pounds, and you feed them Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Turkey & Chicken Liver Pate Canned Kitten Food. According to the chart, you should feed your kitten 327 kcal/day.

Since the calorie content of the wet cat food is 108 kcal/can, you would determine how much wet food to feed your kitten by dividing 327 kcal/day by 108 kcal/can.

327 kcal/day รท 108 kcal/can = 3.027 cans of Wellness CORE Naturals Canned Kitten Food per day.


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When To Call The Vet

Watch out for changes in your cat’s eating and drinking behaviour, as this could indicate that something is wrong. See your vet if your cat:

  • normally eats well but suddenly stops
  • has not eaten for 48 hours
  • develops a ravenous appetite
  • will only eat with one side of their mouth
  • makes a grinding noise when they eat
  • starts drinking noticeably more than usual
  • loses weight for no apparent reason
  • is vomiting or has diarrhoea

Regular eating and drinking is essential to your cat’s health. If your cat doesn’t eat, even for a few days, they can develop a condition of the liver which can be fatal in severe cases.

Whats The Best Method For Feeding My Kitten

Kittens eating wet food

Young cats need more frequent feeding, Bough says, But as they get older, they can go to twice-a-day feeding.

Larsen agrees that its fine for young kittens to free feed, by making unlimited kitten food available to them all day long, and then to transition to meal eating around four to six months of age. Free-choice feeding has the additional benefit of reducing stomach distention resulting from rapid meal eating. It also helps underweight or slow-growing kittens. Of course, its not the best option for overweight or obese kittens. For these kittens, measured portions offered as meals or until gone is a better choice. Check packages for suggested amounts. Even with the energy needs of kittens, overfeeding can become a big problem.

Especially control intake around the time of spaying and neutering, which increases the risk for obesity, Larsen says. Preventing obesity is preferable to addressing it once its already occurred.

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Sometimes Not All Batches Are The Same

Sometimes the same exact wet food has a different consistency when switching to a different batch. If you happened to have opened a new batch of can food or pouch and your cat refuses to eat it, you may want to consider this possibility. Try to get a new can or pouch of wet food and see if this is the case. Also, it could be that the formulas been changed and we dont even know it. This is more unusual but it happens. If you have several cats and they all stop eating their regular wet food, most likely the formula has changed.

How Much To Feed A Kitten

Now you know what to feed a kitten, but how much should you feed her? The kitten feeding guide on the back of the package will tell you how much to feed your kitten.

If youre feeding dry kibble, you can put an entire days serving out at once or divide in half and feed her twice a day.

You can also divide wet food in half and feed her twice a day. Any leftovers in her bowl should be discarded. You can store an open can of wet food in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Bring it up to room temperature before serving.

The chart below can help you determine how much to feed your kitten. Refer to your kittens food packaging and consult with your veterinarian to ensure your kitten is getting the correct amount of calories each day.

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How To Feed Kittens And Adult Cats Separately

If you have a kitten and an adult cat in the same household, feeding time might be difficult. Feeding multiple cats can always be a challenge, particularly if theyre on different diets. If you find your adult cat is more interested in your kittens food than his or her food, we recommend feeding them in separate areas.

Youll need to avoid free-feeding if youre unable to stop your cats from eating the wrong food and instead feed them at set meal times in separate rooms. You should be able to transition back to feeding them in the same room once your kitten hits 12 months and transitions to adult cat food.

Start At The Right Age

Wet Food to Dry Food for Cats – Can cats only eat dry food?

Kittens’ bodies are very sensitive to premature weaning, so be careful about starting them too young. A kitten 0-5 weeks old should be nursing or bottle feeding. Around 5 weeks of age, the kitten’s premolars will begin to emerge, indicating that she is likely ready to start trying out some meaty foods. However, some kittens may need a bit more time on the bottle due to health issues, or differences in weight or size. Use your best judgement and follow the kitten’s lead to determine the appropriate age to wean. If you see any changes in the kitten’s health or energy during this process, immediately step back to bottle feeding.

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Kittens Have Different Nutritional Needs Than Adult Cats

While kittens are already clearly different from adult catsso much extra floof! such affection! such playfulness!they also have super different nutritional needs than they will once they get older.

Kittens should ideally feed exclusively on the mother cats milk until theyre three or four weeks old, according to PetMD. Kittens can be fed a replacement milk if you dont have access to the mother cat. Around three or four weeks, you can start introducing them to wet food. By seven weeks, they should be able to eat wet food for every meals.

Adult cats are usually pretty happy with twice-daily mealtimes. Kittens, on the other hand, are used to regular, small meals. PetMD recommends feeding kittens at least twice a day. But Jennifer Larsen, DVM, PhD, nutritional consultant and assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California, Davis told WebMD that most kittens like to have way more than thatat least four meals a day.

Kittens also need more protein than adult cats doaround 30% of their daily diet should be protein, according to the ASPCA.

Homemade Cat Food Diets

Many pet owners feed cats homemade diets. These diets generally consist of some form of cooked or raw meat, bone, vegetables, and supplements, such as taurine and multivitamins. Homemade diets either follow a recipe, such as the BARF diet which provides a series of options for the pet owner to make, or rely on the constant rotation of ingredients to meet nutrient requirements. A study was conducted that analyzed 95 homemade BARF diets and found that 60% of these were nutritionally imbalanced in either one or a combination of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, iodine, zinc, copper, or vitamin A content.

Another 2019 study on a range of homemade diet recipes found online and in books has also found nutritional inadequacies. The authors mention that vegetarianism and support for organics food are common reasons for trying such a diet, but does not specifically address the adaquacy of vegetarian or organic diets.

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Can Adult Cats Eat Kitten Food

  • Top takeaways
  • Can adult cats eat kitten food? Yes, adult cats can eat kitten food without any problems. But, while kitten food is safe for adult cats, it may not be ideal for adult cats with weight issues since its higher in calories. On the other hand, kittens should not be fed adult cat food, as kitten food is specifically designed for their growing health.

    Many cat foods on the market are targeted to your cats specific age. But how much of a role does age play in determining if a type of cat food is right for your cat?

    Kitten food is often attractive to many cats because its higher in fat, calories, and protein. But can adult cats eat kitten food safely? Well explore everything you need to know about adult cats and kitten food below.

    At What Age Should Cats Stop Eating Kitten Food

    The 7 Best Canned Cat Foods to Buy in 2018

    How long should cats eat kitten food? Since a kitten officially becomes a cat once they reach 12 months of age, they can be transitioned to adult cat food at this point. Making this switch from kitten to cat food may be difficult for some cats, though.

    Since kitten food is higher in calories, fat, and protein, its generally more appealing to cats. To transition your pet from kitten food to cat food, it may be helpful to slowly introduce the new food as a treat throughout the day or to mix it in with their kitten food gradually. Once theyve adjusted to the taste, you can try to stop mixing in the kitten food.

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    What Type Of Food Does My Kitten Need Wet Or Dry

    Its important that very young kittens have at least some canned food to eat as part of their diet. Very small kittens have very small teeth and cant chew dry food well. Without some canned food, they wont get enough nutrition to grow properly. If you are feeding your kitten both dry and canned foods, then twice a day canned feedings are sufficient. If theyre only eating canned food, they should be fed four times daily.

    How Do Kittens Nutritional Needs Differ From Those Of Adult Cats

    A kittens weight may double or even triple during the first few weeks of life. To support this explosive growth — as well as high activity levels — your kitten may have triple the energy needs of an adult cat.

    These high energy needs make it harder for kittens to get enough calories in one meal, says Jennifer Larsen, DVM, PhD, nutritional consultant and assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California, Davis. So most kittens want to eat at least three or four meals a day, she says. Its also a comfort thing — kittens are snackers at heart.

    Kittens needs for fat, some fatty acids, and most vitamins are the same as for adult cats, Larsen says. But kittens have a higher requirement for protein, amino acids, and minerals, as well as for some vitamins. For example, kittens should get about 30% of their energy from protein.

    For these reasons, most experts recommend you feed your kitten specially formulated kitten food until age 1. Although some cat foods are labeled as appropriate for kittens and cats of all life stages, these arent appropriate for your kitten unless feeding tests support the label claim.

    And dont forget to provide plenty of fresh water — its a key to keeping cats of all ages healthy.

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