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Cat Litter For Long Haired Cats

Overall Best Cat Litter For Long Haired Cats

Dr. Elsey’s Long Haired Cat Litter – Review
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  • Detects pH changes that may indicate medical problems
  • Silica gel traps and eliminates odors
  • Controls odors for up to 7 days
  • Excellent for cats with allergies
  • Made of pure, all-natural Northern Pine
  • Formulated to be biodegradable
  • Made to control odors for up to 7 days
  • Added benefit of being biodegradable
  • 100% pine litter is completely natural
  • Safe for all cats, kittens, and even other mammals
  • All natural wood based cat litter
  • Made without chemicals
  • 20% off with code BESTLITTER
  • Changes color to alerty you of health issues
  • Non-clumping, so it wont be stuck in your cats long hair
  • Delivery service
  • Silica gel is super absorbent


  • Controls odors for up to 7 days
  • Excellent for cats with allergies

Another great cat litter for our long haired feline friends will be comprised of high-quality pellets. Add in the benefits of this litter being eco-friendly, and it takes the top spot on our list! Okocat cat litters are safe for your cat, and they are equally safe the planet. Not only is this paper pellet cat litter biodegradable, but it also comes in a compostable box!


  • Particle size appropriate for long haired cats
  • Biodegradable


  • Larger recycled paper pellets wont track
  • Eco-friendly
  • Virtually dust free


  • Softer on paws than the original formula
  • Has a fresh scent to assist in odor control


  • The pellets are too large for an automatic litter box

Faqs About Cat Litters For Long Haired Cats

What is the best litter for long haired cats?

The Precious Cat Dr. Elseys Litter is one of the best cat litters for long haired cats. It has optimum granule size with a texture that makes it suitable for long-haired cats. It also does not contain any toxic ingredients and is made from hypoallergenic materials making it safe for even cats with any allergies.

The granules of this litter are amorphous silica gel making it super absorbent and effective in odor control. The litter is infused with hydrolyzed herbs that naturally attract cats to the litter box. The litter is effective enough in absorbing liquid waste and moisture, which not only provides a good odor control but it also keeps the litter box clean and prevents damping.

Do long-haired cats get poop stuck fur?

Chances of poop getting stuck to cats fur to long-haired cats are higher than cats with shorter hair. However, cat poop getting stuck to the fur is not a normal problem as the cats system is designed in a way that that the poop does not gets stuck to their fur.

If it happened on a rare occasion then all you need to do is clean and take out the poop from the cats fur. However, if you notice it frequently then it could be because of some underlying cause.

Another reason why the poop along with the litter gets matted on the cats fur is because of the litter. If you are using a clumping litter with very fine litter granules then change it to the best non-clumping long-haired cat litter.

Benefits Of Using A Litter For Long Haired Cats

Long haired cats have specific litter needs. If litter consistently becomes matted in your cats fur, it can cause more issues than simple discomfort. Keep your cat healthy and thriving by using a litter for long haired cats. Consider these other benefits, also:

  • Avoid litter getting matted in their fur: The biggest struggle of a long haired cat is litter becoming matted in their fur. Mats can be painful, and used litter getting caught in your cats coat can cause bacterial infection and skin conditions.
  • Less tracking around your home: Large granule litter or pellets wont track like fine grain litter will. Large grains are less likely to get stuck in your cats paws and hair, so you wont have to deal with tracking of litter throughout your home. All cat parents can appreciate less mess to clean up!
  • Reduces stress: You can imagine that getting litter matted in fur can be painful. If your cat is always getting litter stuck in their coat, it can create stress. And if your cat is stressed when using the litter box, its likely they will start doing business outside their box. Using an appropriate long haired cat litter will reduce and eliminate stress.
  • Prevents skin irritation: If your cat often gets litter matted in their fur, it can cause skin irritation and inflammation. Use a high-quality litter for long haired cats to avoid health issues.
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    Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal Multi

    Based on the reviews, this litter has excellent clumping ability, a decent price, and lasts for a good length of time. Many buyers have talked highly about its ability to clump, causing easy identification of waste for easy removal.

    This is due to hard clumps being formed that do not quickly dissolve into a mess. This is due to a special blend of moisture-activated micro-granules that seal around the cat waste.

    There is also a high degree of agreement on the litters low dust factor. Which means that your Persian cat will have less getting on their paws or fur. Which translates into less mess outside of the litter box, that is always a good thing.

    The clumping ability also lends to good odor control. With many reports that the odor can be masked for 4 to 7 days. This is, of course, dependent on the traffic of your litter box. The fewer cats, the longer you will get control.


    Faults Or Problems Later

    Dr. Elsey

    If your product was fine when you received it but later on it develops a problem, you can also contact Kogan or the Seller by following the above steps.

    For products sold by Kogan, we will get back to you within 48 hours and solve the problem in accordance with the Kogan Customer Charter.

    For products sold by a Marketplace Seller, if the Seller hasnt provided a satisfactory resolution within 3 days, please lodge a dispute resolution request here, and will take care of it from there applying the standards in the Kogan Customer Charter.

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    Best Cat Litter Long Haired Cats Reviews is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    If you are looking for the Best cat litter long haired cats of top quality, here is a detailed review for you to decide whether youll purchase or not.To help you in your search, Here is our list of the Top cat litter long haired cats.

    Best Cat Litter For Long

    For those of us who own Persian, Ragdoll, Birman, or any of the other long-haired cat breeds, we know that the long hair can make them stand out and be quite beautiful. However, we also most likely can all relate to the frustration that exists when it comes to long-haired cats and what cat litter to get them.

    Finding the best cat litter for long-haired cats can be quite the task! The litter particles seem to easily stick to the hair, causing it to be tracked all over the room and even the house. This can be especially true on litters that are lighter and/or have finer particles , as they are easier to move and can get caught up in cat hair.

    Thankfully, some litter products help to minimize this issue. And there are even some examples that are formulated specifically for long-haired cat breeds. Typically, these products will have heavier and larger granules that are made of materials that are less likely to stick to cat hair.

    There can be some potential tradeoffs, however, in that these larger granules can sometimes not be as effective at clumping or moisture retention. Therefore, it is important to try a few different examples out and see which works best for you and your cat.

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    Which Cat Hair Brush Is Right For Your Kitty

    Every catand cat hair coatis unique, which means theres no one-size-fits-all brush that will work perfectly. Instead, youll need to consider your cats fur type, personality, and medical conditions before selecting the right brush.

    Additionally, if your cat sheds frequently or always has matted hair, your pet might be better suited for different cat hair brushes. Who knew there were so many intricacies with cat hair brushes? The good news is that were going to explore your options now!

    Why You Should Trust Our Review

    Modern toilet for modern cats – British Longhair kitten unboxes Modkat top+front loaded litter box

    We did a lot of research on this. A ton. Not only did it take us all day to just to find the products and read all of the reviews, then we had to spend another half-day of work writing the article – another four hours!We wanted to make sure we covered our bases and answered every question that you might have.Because there were very few options out there specifically designed for long haired breeds, we also looked at other litters that might work well, too. We did our due diligence to make it easy for you to find the best cat litter for long haired cats for your cat in just a matter of minutes.

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    Low Dust For Low Tracking

    This is also very important for your Persian cat, as you do not want litter sticking to your cats paws and then tracking it around. The less dust there is to deal with, the less likely it is to be spread around your house by the cat.

    This, unfortunately, is a disadvantage to clay based clumping cat litter as it can produce copious amounts of dust. Dust not only causes a mess, as cat paws track it around the house, but can also be an irritant for cats and humans scooping the litter box.

    Clay based litters are not the only dust heavy options, as some natural litters are also dust heavy.

    A Quick Comparison Of Best Cat Litter Long Haired Cats

    • Pellet Cat Litter: Our next-generation, clumping cat litter mini-pellets are exceptionally absorbent to clump solid and stop odors, and are less likely to stick to your cats’ fur or track through the house
    • Exceptional Odor Control: Wood fiber naturally prevents enzymes from bonding with liquid and waste to stop the creation of ammonia and odor
    • Clumping Litter: Pellet litter absorbs liquid on contact, forming solid, easy-to-scoop clumps that make cleaning the litter box quick and easy
    • 99 percent Dust-Free: Our low-dust cat litter is made from clean wood fiber that has been screened and de-dusted for a cleaner pour and a healthier home and no dirty clay dust
    • Natural Cat Litter: Our sustainable cat litter is free of artificial fragrance, synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes, and GMOs unlike clay, our biodegradable, compostable cat litter degrades quickly and cleanly
    • Use in mechanical
    • Superior odor control
    • Note: Replace entire box once a month. Dispose of used litter in trash. DO NOT FLUSH
    • Convenient twice a week scooping
    • Soft on Cat’s Paws

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    Healthy Pet Kocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter Long Hair

    Another product intended specifically for long-haired cat breeds like your Persian. This offers a wood-based litter for cats that have had problems with clay litters or crystal-based litters.

    As this is wood-based, it also appeals to any owners who consider themselves eco-friendlier with their product choices. The wood has natural scents to it, making it ideal for those who are sensitive to artificial perfumes.

    Unlike some of the other brands listed, this product is considered best for single-cat households or litter boxes that have low traffic. It is also considered to be one of the more expensive cat litters to buy over time.

    This product is also unique, because it is specially made for long-haired cats by making the pellets large. This relates to granule size mentioned earlier in the article.

    The larger size of the pellets makes them harder to latch on to the cats hair. Wood-based litters are also uncommon to use in the cat litter world.

    While many people found that this litter does a good job at clumping, they noticed that it is better at clumping urine than it is feces.

    The pellets expand and break down into semi-hard clumps that are easily noticeable when urine hits them. With feces, however, the pellets do not absorb and break down as well, which can create a gooey mess.


    Best Budget: Feline Pine Original Non

    Dr. Elsey

    Non-clumping cat litters tend to be more affordable, although youll likely need to change them more often than the clumping kind. Non-clumping litter is absorbent and holds odors well.

    Feline Pine is one of the more affordable brands: A 40-pound bag is around $15 to $20. Rescue agencies and shelters that are on tight budgets like it also for its smell-reduction without scents or perfumes. Feline Pine uses sustainable kiln-dried shavings reclaimed from lumber production so no new trees are killed to make it.

    Perhaps the best part is the litter is 100% pine shavings. It has a naturally fresh pine scent while also being lightweight and gentle for cat paws. No additional ingredients also means no added toxins, allergens, or other preservatives. It can be found at most major pet retail stores and even many grocery stores.

    “When I adopted my cat from the shelter, Feline Pine was the litter she was already using so we stuck with it. The pine smell is pleasant but not overpowering, and its easy to know when to change it because you can clearly see that all the pellets have broken down into a sawdust consistency.” ~ , Senior Treehugger Editor

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    These Cats Have Some Intense Manes

    • Email

    The Spruce / Kristie Lee

    One key feature that Persians, outdoorsy Maine coons, and rare, unique Scottish folds all have in common is their long, coifed coats that make you want to pet them for days. Longhaired cats are the result of a genetic mutation, and researchers have narrowed down the gene to the fibroblast growth factor 5 or FGF5, for short. That’s why it’s not unusual to see some kittens from the same litter with short hair and others with long.

    Best Recycled: Fresh News Recycled Paper Litter

    Like walnut shells, corn cobs, and some wood-based litters, this paper cat litter is made from a product that would otherwise be thrown away. Fresh News Recycled Paper cat litter is made with 100% post-consumer paper from recycling centers. In fact, the company created a community recycling program called PaperGator where non-profit organizations, primarily churches and schools, get paid for collecting paper products both internally and from their communities.

    Recycled paper litter is safe for animals and can be composted so it doesnt have to end up in the landfill, although cat waste must be composted with care so that the resulting soil is never applied to food crops.

    Fresh News claims to be almost three times more absorbent than clay litters, so it lasts longer. The soft, dust- and allergen-free pellets retain their form when they get wet but they dont clump so youll need to change it more often than clumping litter.

    Made in Michigan, this litter has added baking soda to control odors.

    Used litter can contain the parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, which causes toxoplasmosis that is especially dangerous for a developing fetus. That’s why it’s important not to mix cat waste with other compost.

    With any cat litter, pour in a ventilated area to reduce your exposure to dust, and always wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning up.

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    Cashmere Cats Have Less Striking Markings

    Many people believe that, due to their longer hair, Cashmere cats rosettes or spots are less vivid than Bengals. This is not necessarily true, as the prominence of the markings varies with each cat. In cases where the fur is longer, with a thicker undercoat, the rosettes might not be as showy as in a short-haired Bengal, but theyre still typical leopard-like spots.

    Some long-haired Bengals have beautiful, striking rosettes that make their lush fur even more exotic-looking. Either way, Cashmere cats always come with markings identical to the ones the Bengal cats have. Even if their marble pattern or rosettes arent always as bold and dramatic like in short-haired Bengals, their coat is still beautiful and quite striking.

    All things considered, whether youre keen on keeping the standards of the breed or dont mind the diversity, long-haired Bengals are truly gorgeous. With their newly earned eligibility for TICA Championship, one thing is for sure, we will be seeing more of these fluffy beauties on the catwalk!

    Clumping Litter And Also Sodium Bentonite

    Latest litter, Long haired, black mama, 5 kittens


    Seventy-five percent of the litter we buy for our cats today is pretty awful for the atmosphere. They all have the same problem that Fullers Earth had in the 50s, they produce a lot of unsafe dust airborne, horrible for both pets as well as human beings. Except in the 1980s, Sodium Bentonite was presented into litter simply to make it much easier to scoop because the dampness made clumps.

    Sodium Bentonite is strip-mined, which is a procedure that triggers water contamination as well as wild animals displacement, and also much more. There are many naturally degradable and all-natural products on the racks that are excellent for your family pet and also the setting. Long Haired Cat Litter

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