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Members Mark Wet Cat Food

Overall Is Kirkland Cat Food A Good Choice

Top 6 Best Cheap Cat Foods (We Tested Them All)

Kirkland cat food isnt perfect. Like many other dry products, their recipes are moisture-depleted, carbohydrate-heavy, and relatively low in protein.

But compared to other comparably-priced products, Kirkland is an outstanding option. This brand offers superior ingredient quality with none of the potentially-harmful additives youll find in other budget foods.

Members Mark Animal Testing

At this time, we have no information on what type of animal testing, if any, that Members Mark participates in.

Many pet food manufacturers and brands avoid disclosing information related to animal testing as consumers may not react well.

We strongly believe that laboratory and invasive testing of animals is a cruel and outdated practice and one which should be eliminated.

Pea Protein Soybean Meal Corn Gluten Meal And Other Types Of Plant Protein

Cats require 22 amino acids to stay healthy and can synthesize only 11 of them. The remaining amino acids, called essential amino acids, must come from their food. For this reason, cat food should be at least 30% protein.

But not all protein is equal each protein source varies in biological availability. Eggs have a biologic value of 100, while feathers have a biologic value of zero. Cats thrive on animal protein because it is highly metabolizable and nourishing.

Plant protein sources are cheaper and help to round out the guaranteed analysis, but they are less biologically available than animal proteins. Plant proteins and other types of less biologically available protein are processed inefficiently by the body, increasing the burden on the liver and kidneys.

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What Happens When A Product Is Recalled

Members Mark Complete Nutrition Dog Food 55 lbs pack of 6 ...

In the event that your pets food is affected by a recall your first step should be to stop using the product immediately. In many cases, you will be able to return the product to the store where you purchased it for a full refund. If you choose not to return the product, be sure to dispose of it safely in an area where animals cannot access it. After disposing of the product, you may want to have your cat checked out by your veterinarian to make sure that there are no negative side effects from your cat eating the recalled product. If the veterinarian finds a problem it is within your rights to file a complaint with the FDA in regards to a recalled product.

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What Do Customers Think Of Kirkland Cat Food

On, the popular Maintenance Cat Chicken and Rice cat food has earned 500 reviews and a healthy 4.6 out of 5-star rating. Most reviewers praise Kirkland cat foods combination of price and quality.

A few complaints crop up in the review section and in threads around the web. Most negative reviews accuse various Kirkland formulas of making their cats sick, but I wasnt able to find any substance to these claims.

Another common complaint relates to the Costco-sized packages. Even happy customers feel overwhelmed by Kirklands cumbersome 25-lb sacks of dry food. One person on Reddit said theyd buy it if they could, but they didnt have room to store the bag.

Complete All Life Stages Review

Above is Members Marks only dry cat food recipe, and it is designed for cats of all ages.

The recipes primary ingredient is Poultry By-Product Meal, which is a mix of Chicken and Turkey By-Products. While these ingredients may not be visually appealing to cat owners, they can provide cats with nutrition in the form of protein and fat.

It is critical that cats diet is high in animal or fish-based foods given they are obligate carnivores.

Outside of this poultry content, the recipe uses a mix of Corn, Wheat, and Soy ingredients. These provide carbohydrates, fiber, and some vitamins and minerals.

Sadly, these ingredients are not ideal additions to a cats diet and are dense sources of carbohydrates.

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What Is A Cat Food Recall

As hard as you may try to provide your cat with a high-quality diet, there are some things you simply cant control. For example, you have no control over the process commercial pet food manufacturers use to design and produce their formulas. Even if the company uses the highest quality ingredients there is always the risk that they might be contaminated or that other problems may arise during production. When the Food and Drug Administration or the company itself becomes aware of a problem that could impact the safety or efficacy of one of their products, a recall may be issued. A recall is simply an order to remove the affected product from the market to prevent further risk of injury or death.

Lets Take A Look At Some Of The Worst Ingredients On A Cat Food Label

Webinar#10 Importance of Wet Food For Cats By Mr.Mark Frampton

Well start out by identifying specific ingredients that tell you a lot about the quality of the food.

As a general rule of thumb, remember that the first three ingredients on the cat food label should be meat. If corn, peas, or rice are in the first, second, or third spot on the cat food label, pass up that product.

Remember that ingredients are ordered by weight.

Ingredient splitting is a common tactic used to create the illusion of a higher meat concentration. If a food contains multiple variations of corn, for example, its possible that, if all the corn ingredients were lumped together, they would be the first ingredient on the list.

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The Were All About Cats Standardrating Kirkland On What Matters

Weve analyzed Kirkland cat food and graded it according to the Were All About Cats standard, evaluating the brand on species-appropriateness, ingredient quality, product variety, price, customer experience, and recall history. Heres how it rates in each of these six key areas.

We give Kirkland cat food a 39 out of 60 rating or a B- grade.

Cat Food Recalls Alerts And News

Contents of Article

  • You’re in! As a thank you please enjoy 20% Off Your Next Purchase from our partners at
  • Pet food recalls can be very serious but, unfortunately, many dog and cat owners do not understand what a recall is or what it means. If a recall is issued for a pet food product that you use, you need to contact the manufacturer or take other steps to determine whether the specific batch you purchased is affected by the recall. If it is, you may be entitled to reimbursement if you return the product to the store where you bought it. Below you will find an overview of what recalls are and what they mean to you as a pet owner. You will also find a list of recent recalls for cat food products.

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    Is Members Mark A Sams Club Brand


    Members Mark is the Sams Club store brand that makes up about 20% of the clubs inventory, as stated by Chandra Holt, VP of Private Brands for Sams Club. The mission of the Members Mark brand is to give customers the lowest prices for the highest quality product possible.

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    A History Of Recalls Coverups And Scandal

    Some cat food brands are plagued with problems. Some facilities have done poorly in FDA inspections. Others have been implicated in crime. Recalls can happen to the best cat food brands, but good brands always handle them gracefully. In contrast, a bad cat food brand becomes even worse when things go wrong. Instead of issuing a recall and being frank about what happened, unscrupulous brands attempt to cover up the problem.

    Secondly, recalls shouldnt happen more than once every five years. If your cat lives for fifteen years, and you continue to feed them they same food, they could be exposed to a recall three times or more. Thats gambling with your cats health.

    Would You Like To Know About Members Mark Dog Food Manufacturers

    Are you worried about your dog’s diet? This piece is here to take that burden off your shoulder. As a pet parent myself, I can condone the fact of how daunting it can often be to find out the best dog food for your four-legged-pal.

    I can ensure from my personal experience my dog is the pickiest of them all. I have tried even the healthiest, yummiest dog food on him, but the result was still the same. He would just sniff and walk away, or sometimes maybe eat a little.

    That being said, Member’s Mark came to me as a lifesaver. But the intriguing question still stayed- who makes Member’s Mark dog food? Keep an eye on the article further to find out about every bit and piece.

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    Bha Bht And Ethoxyquin

    These chemical preservatives have been linked to organ disease, cancer, and skin problems. Its easy to avoid BHA and BHT by selecting foods preserved with mixed tocopherols .

    Ethoxyquin is more stealthy while its often not added to pet food itself, it can sneak a ride in with fish meal.

    Because of the risk of dangerous preservatives entering the food at various points on the supply chain, its important to choose a transparent, communicative company that closely monitors their suppliers.

    Has Kirkland Cat Food Been Recalled

    Tiki Cat Gourmet Wet Cat Food | Chewy

    In the spring of 2012, Kirkland Signature cat food was recalled due to potential salmonella contamination. It wasnt the only brand involvedDiamond recalled numerous other brands after a salmonella outbreak in its facility.

    In addition to Kirkland cat food, the recall affected Diamond-produced foods from brands including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Country Value, Diamond, Premium Edge, 4Health, Taste of the Wild, and Professional.

    Following the salmonella outbreak, the FDA launched a week-long investigation of the companys facilities in Gaston, South Carolina.

    The FDA investigation found that Diamond Pet Foods wasnt taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that its products were safe. For example, the FDA report observed that Diamond didnt conduct any microbiological analysis to ensure that incoming animal fat was contaminant-free, nor did it control contamination of animal digest during its time in the warehouse.

    The facility lacked hand washing or sanitizing stations in key areas. There were feed residues covering some parts of the food conveyor system and damage to some parts, increasing the likelihood of contamination. Perhaps to repair these damaged parts, Diamond had used cardboard and duct tape on their equipment, making some parts impossible to clean and hence a breeding ground for contaminants.

    This wasnt the first time Diamonds Gaston plant was scrutinized by the FDA.

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    Member’s Mark Dog Foods

    Just like any other necessary groceries, Member’s Mark is now taking care of your pet’s diet as well. There is a variety of product that comes under their dog food aisle. They are indeed one of the best dog food brands.

    The Member’s Mark line has a total of six different dog food types with six different flavors. They are:

  • Lamb and rice.
  • Product Name: Members Mark Exceed Dog Food

    Brans Name: Members Mark

    Weight:35 Pounds

    Flavor: Lamb

    All these flavors are equally tasty in its way. Also, it has a variety of nutritional value. Some are rich in protein, some in fat, and some in carbohydrates. You can feed your dog according to nutritional preference and its health condition. Members Mark can definitely act as a dog food advisor in such cases.

    So Whats The Secret To Identifying Bad Cat Food

    When choosing cat food, you should rely on a combination of reading labels and shopping by brand. Label literacy is fundamental. Learning to intelligently read labels puts you ahead of the vast majority of the cat food consumer population.

    Once you know what youre looking for in a food, you can start to think about brand reputation. When you know that you can trust the company youre buying from, youll feel more comfortable feeding your cat food from that company.

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    Grain Free High Protein Chicken & Vegetable Recipe Review

    The above grain-free recipe from Members Mark is one of their best and boasts an impressive nutritional profile. It has 34% protein and 15% fat, as listed in its Guaranteed Analysis. This is significantly above-average when compared to other dog food brands, especially at its price point.

    This nutrition is thanks to a mix of Chicken, Chicken Meal, and Menhaden Fish Meal. These three ingredients are excellent sources of animal or fish-based protein and fat.

    Outside of these meat and fish ingredients, the recipe utilizes a mix of legumes and starch ingredients such as Chickpeas, Peas, and Potatoes. These ingredients provide carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

    Lastly, the recipe contains some industry favorites in tiny quantities, such as Flaxseed, Beet Pulp, and Tomato Pomace. These minor ingredients provide extra nutrition such as dietary fiber or the Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

    Grain Free Turkey & Vegetable Stew Review


    Wet dog food is an appealing treat or regular addition to many dogs diets, and the above recipe from Members Mark would be a satisfactory choice.

    The recipes core ingredient is Turkey, which is an excellent source of animal-based protein and fat. Also, there is a smaller portion of Turkey Liver, which is another positive addition to the recipe.

    Organ meat such as Liver can enhance a recipes flavor and boost otherwise low levels of select vitamins and minerals. Many premium brands make extensive use of organ meat ingredients.

    Outside of its Turkey ingredients, this recipe uses a small portion of Carrots, Peas, and Potatoes to provide carbohydrates and fiber. The portion size of these ingredients is modest and will not make up the bulk of the recipe.

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    A History Of Customer Complaints

    Thanks to blogging, social media, and sites like ConsumerAffairs, customers have a louder voice than ever before. A web search will give you the consumer pulse in moments.

    The worst cat food brands earn thousands of complaints. Youll know if people have found pieces of bone or metal in the food, noticed their cats getting sick after a meal, or have other negative experiences with the brand.

    Sometimes things go wrong. When your company is huge and sells to millions of customers each year, the likelihood that youll have complaints increases. In this sense, numerous customer complaints arent always indicative of a bad company. Look at the consistency of the complaints and pay attention to the brands response to them.

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    The Manufacturer Of Member’s Mark Dog Foods

    As mentioned earlier, it is not something surprising to thrive for the best food for your dog. When people buy anything for their children, they research beforehand all the history and sources of that thing. It is even highly specific for food.

    It is also no exception when that comes to the dog’s food. Here you get the answer to the tingling question of who makes Member’s Mark dog food. Sam’s Club is the manufacturer of Member’s Mark dog food.

    They are not only its dog food producer but also the maker of the whole brand. Sam’s Club has revitalized Member’s Mark from the beginning by adding new dimensions to their business.

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    About Kirkland Cat Food

    Bon Appetit calls Kirkland Signature the best store brand there ever was.

    From vodka rumored to be a rebottling of Grey Goose to famously fresh cashews and socks said to rival Smartwools, Kirkland Signature has a reputation for delivering affordable products that are as-good-or-better-than their name-brand equivalents.

    But can this brand do cat food as well as it does liquor and wool socks?

    Thats what were about to find out. Ive done hours of research on Kirkland cat food, studying the brands recall history, manufacturing, ingredient quality, and customer experience. On top of those hours of screen time, I did some paws-on testing, too.

    To get a sense of what this food is like in the real world, I bought a bag of Kirkland Signature cat food and tested it out with my two cats.

    After that research and testing, Im ready to bring you the facts about Kirkland Signature cat food. Lets start at the beginningwhere Kirkland cat food is made.


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