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Cat Litter For Newly Declawed Cats

The 5 Best Kitty Litters For Declawed Cats

Cat declawing ban passes New York Legislature

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Cats with claws are not as likely to care about the type of litter you buy, but declawed cats are often prone to litter box issues. Even years after surgery, a declawed cat may refuse to use her litter box.

To help protect your cats comfort and health, resist using clay-based, sandy or clumping litters that could stick or clump between her toes or in her surgical incisions.

You may use these types of litters after your cat has recovered completely from her declawing surgery. Read on to learn more about the best cat litter after declawing as well as the pros and cons.


Purina Yesterdays News Non

This litter is made from cardboard, wood shaving, and recycled paper. These materials are not only sustainable and eco-friendly but they also provide a softer texture that will be easier on your cats paws.

In fact, paper cat litter is the most widely recommended type of litter after declawing because of its dust-free and non-abrasive properties.

The benefits of this paper-based litter dont stop there either. This litter is up to 3 times more absorbent than standard clay-based litters. Its also completely fragrance-free, which reduces the risk of chemical irritation after declawing.

Despite its lack of fragrance, however, Purinas Yesterdays News litter provides effective odor control.

This litter is 99.7% free of dust and small particles. Whilst this is great news for your floors and carpets because it means less tracking, it also means that your cats paws are less likely to become irritated or infected after declawing.


  • Eco-friendly paper, wood, and cardboard materials
  • Soft, non-abrasive texture


  • Granule shape can make scooping difficult

Clean The Litter Box Frequentlyxresearch Source

  • 1Before the surgery, scooping out the litter box once a day was probably sufficient. However, for newly declawed cats, veterinarians recommend that you scoop soiled litter several times a day. This is because your cat may be more sensitive to feeling damp spots on its paws, and may not want to use a litter box that feels dirty.
  • After scooping out the litter, rearrange the litter in the box so one-third to one-half of the bottom of the box is exposed. Not having to step on litter directly may be more comfortable for your cat after the surgery, and is a small thing you can do to make your cats life easier.XResearch source
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    Worlds Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

    Although this is a multi-cat litter formula, it can absolutely be used for a single cat household! Multi-cat strength simply gives better odor and clumping benefits. Worlds Best is made from renewable whole kernel corn, so its eco-friendly. The fine texture is sure to be gentle on paws, and its dust free so your cat with allergies or asthma will also appreciate this litter!

    Is It Ok To Declaw Kittens At Any Age

    Best Litter For Declawed Cats In 2021

    Yes, it is true that young kittens seem to recover faster than older cats, but its not because they feel any less pain or have suffered any less trauma. Declawing cats isnt ok at any age. Alternatives to Declawing Cats

    After being declawed, it may be very painful and uncomfortable for your cat to step in her normal litter. In fact, urinating and defecating outside the litter box is a common problem for newly declawed cats, since they do not want to step in litter that is now uncomfortable to them.

    Newly declawed cats are especially susceptible to paw infections. However, unless your veterinarian sent your cat home with an antibiotic ointment, you dont have to worry about applying anything to the wounds.

    Select a comfortable litter. After being declawed, it may be very painful and uncomfortable for your cat to step in her normal litter. In fact, urinating and defecating outside the litter box is a common problem for newly declawed cats, since they do not want to step in litter that is now uncomfortable to them.

    If you have an outdoor or indoor/outdoor cat, you should keep her inside from now on. Without her claws, your cat would not be able to easily defend herself. Although it may take time for her to adjust to being inside all of the time, it will keep her safe. Prevent your cat from jumping.

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    When Can A Cat Be Declawed 3 Tricks To Teach During Kitten Training

    When Can A Cat Be Declawed, This monitoring clarifies the pet cat persons personality. Research reveals that human beings as well as pets have two distinct characters. While the personality of a human can be described as cozy and friendly, the personality of a dog can be called safety, leading and indeed, even caring. This research recommends that proprietors of pet dogs tend to be feline lovers too, as part of their personality.

    Can Declawed Cats Use A Cat Litter Box

    One reason why declawed cats may reject the litter box is because of pain. There are some suggestions below if your cat is rejecting the litter box and tips to enourage your cat to use the litter box.

    Choosing an appropriate cat litter will help to solve this problem.

    Our cat did scratch the leather couch. We did solve the problem. No declawing considered. We just took the extremely, almost distorted, long way round. When I read this article, now it seems quite ridiculous that we just didnt buy couch covers sooner. Oh well, live and learn.

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    Keep Your Cats Paws Clean

  • 1Taking care of your cats paws after surgery will prevent them from getting infected. Infection can occur if foreign objects, like dirt or litter get into the wounds from the surgery. XResearch source Newly declawed cats are especially susceptible to paw infections. However, unless your veterinarian sent your cat home with an antibiotic ointment, you dont have to worry about applying anything to the wounds.XResearch source
  • Gently wiping your cats paws with a warm, soft cloth should be enough to take care of your cat’s incisions.
  • Worlds Best Cat Litter Extra Strength

    Push to ban cat declawing in Florida

    These granules are naturally highly absorbent, lightweight, and provide excellent odor control in the absence of any perfumes or other synthetic chemicals. This is a great litter for maintaining a fresh-smelling home environment whilst ensuring the comfort of your cat.

    This cat litter is 99% dust-free for the protection of your cats paws and your floors. It also clumps quickly so that it can be scooped and removed easily.

    Worlds Best cat litter is flushable and septic-safe, which is not only convenient but also better for the environment.

    Finally, one of the biggest selling points of this litter for after declawing is that it contains a plant-based additive to naturally attract your cat to their litter box.

    Because this additive is plant-based rather than synthetic, it is safe for your cat. It may also help to encourage a cat who is reluctant to use the litter box after declawing.

    Although corn is preferable to clay as a litter material for after declawing, it should still be restricted to use after a full recovery from surgery has been made since corn kernels can be a little too hard on newly declawed paws.


    • Made from whole-kernel corn granules
    • Highly absorbent
    • Free of synthetic perfumes and chemicals
    • Flushable
    • Contains plant-based additive to draw your cat to the litter box


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    Worlds Best Cat Litter

    • Has clumping ability
    • Minor tracking and dust

    What makes Worlds Best different from other litters is what its made out of: natural, non-toxic, ground corn husks. First time users are usually shocked by how light weight it is and while the aroma is unique, it isnt over-powering and is easy to adapt to.

    Some cats, and other animals if you have them, have been caught eating this litter. Worlds Best can be a bit more costly than other brands among flushable litters. Many avid users claim the price is worth it since this product lasts longer than other litters, meaning little goes to waste.

    Worlds Best also has superb clumping abilities. Also, the corn is excellent at absorbing moisture which reduces the amount of bacteria, the main cause of litter box odor, left behind.

    Arm & Hammer Clumping Corn Cat Litter Best Overall

    Arm & Hammer Naturals Clumping Corn Cat Litter is made from corn fibers, which are a natural clumping agent, mixed with mineral oil and baking soda. These additional ingredients serve to reduce dust and debris, and the litter is much softer than the standard clay products, and even most of the wood pellet and other ingredients. We think this is the overall best cat litter for declawed cats this year.

    Arm & Hammer specializes in odor elimination, and much of this stems from the level of clumping that is evident in their litter formulae. As well as reducing odor, the corn combination is lighter. Lighter litter means that you use less weight when emptying, and because this brand already has a very competitive price per pound, it works out to be one of the cheaper cat litter options available. Because it clumps so well, the Clumping Corn Cat Litter is easy to clean and clear up. It can also be skimmed, reducing the need to completely change the full litter as frequently.

    The biggest drawback of Arm & Hammers litter is that it is heavily scented, to mask the scent of cat urine, and this can leave a somewhat chemical smell behind.

    • Has a strong chemical smell

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    Worlds Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Review

    Corn litter is soft, light, and comfortable under the paws.

    This corn cat litter is known for excellent odor control and its ability to create strong, cohesive clumps. Numerous customer reviews state that this litter is dusty, although the company claims that its 99% dust free. The dustiness and lightweight nature of the litter makes it a high-tracking product, so it could lead to some mess around the house. Its a good idea to pair this litter with a good litter mat.

    Some cat guardians avoid corn cat litter due to the fact that corn is a common target for aflatoxin mold growth. This mold prospers in warm, humid environments and its toxic to cats. Although manufacturers test corn litter for aflatoxin mold growth, its impossible to ensure that it wont develop in the litter box.

    Because of this risk, its important to scoop regularly and keep the litter box clean. Buy It


    • Creates strong, cohesive clumps that make scooping easy


    • Some reviewers say this litter is dusty
    • Clumping litter isnt recommended for recently-declawed cats

    Best Cat Litter For Declawed Cats Checklist:

    Cats that have been newly declawed need litter that is ...
    • Why are people declawing their cats? Theyâre afraid of their furniture getting ripped up, but there are other options!
    • Post-surgery pain: think about how painful going to the bathroom would be! Consider soft cat litters
    • Theyâre missing a body part now: find a lightweight litter that they can move easily without claws
    • Choose a non-clumping litter: clumps may stick to their wounds and cause infection
    • Paper litter is a great post-surgery option: this may be your best option right after surgery to avoid infection and encourage them to go
    • Think about the dust: go for low-dust options, so dust wonât stick to their wounds or coat
    • Go with unscented: keep it natural and chemical-free to avoid further problems with the wounds
    • Check out wood litter after some healing: this is soft enough for tender paws but not good enough for right after surgery
    • Attract them to the litter box: letâs say all your efforts to find good litter arenât working. Put catnip in the box to attract them there.

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    How To Chose The Best Cat Litter For Declawed Cats

    Considering the fact that declawed cats are quite sensitive, aggressive and uncomfortable, it is important to pick a litter that will make them unopposed to using the litter box. For the litter for declawed cats, here are a few properties that you should consider in order to buy the best litter for them.

    • The Litter Should Have Low-Dust- This is particularly important so as to not contaminate the wounds after the bandages have been taken off. It is advisable to avoid clay litter products because of their dusty and fine-grained litter. The low dust will keep your cats lungs healthy, and help avoid allergic reactions. More dust means more reasons to make your cat uncomfortable considering the discomfort it is already experiencing from the surgery.
    • The Litter Should Not be Sticky- While the declawed cats wound is still healing, it is the best to avoid clumpy and sticky. Thats because such litter usually sticks to the cats toes and wounds, and that may lead to infection. Also, the sticky litter thats stuck to the cats toes will cause tracking. As a result, it will create a problem for the owner.
    • The Litter Should Not Smell- Trying to encourage newly declawed irritable cats to use the litter is hard enough, having litter with stinky smells or strong scents may only further irritate the cat. As a result, the cat may completely avoid using the litter box.

    So Phresh Odor Control Paper Litter

    This litter is recycled paper litter. It also neutralizes odors with the use of baking soda and zeolite. For more information about zeolite click here.

    The positives of this litter are the softest and absorbency of using paper pellets and also the fact that this litter also has odor control properties.

    There are no dust issues with this litter. It doesnt get stuck on paws like clumping litter can. This means there is no concerns that the cat will be licking litter from his paws or tracking litter through the house.

    If there is a downside it is that it can be difficult to distinguish between the soiled and clean litter when scooping.

    This is a terrific litter for not only declawed cats and cats that have had surgery but also for people who have allergies or insensitivities to chemical fragrances.

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    Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

    Has your furry friend been running away from his or her litter box due to tender paws and feet? Then you need to consider purchasing a more comfortable cat litter in order to entice your cat to start using the litter box again.

    The Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter is one of the best cat litter to start with if your cat just had a declawing surgery. This cat litter is wood-based and 100 percent natural. This natural wood clumping cat litter is one of the best-textured and safest cat litter in the market.

    The texture of this cat litter makes it one of the best options for cat paws after this painful surgery. The composition of this cat litter also provides a tremendous odor control ability. This product traps and eliminates odors quickly, and it boasts of keeping the litter box odor-free for up to one week.

    When it comes to dust, this cat litter features a low-dust formula that emits very little dust particles. The clumping ability of this litter is also excellent. It clumps pretty decently, making scooping very easy and fast. This cat litter also comes in a well-designed box it is actually one of the best designs in the market.

    The box stores up nicely and it allows for easy pouring and handling. This product is biodegradable and you can also flush it down the sewer or septic system. It also features a low-tracking formula that helps to keep your home free from litter particles.


    Give Your Cat Pain Meds Consistentlyxresearch Source

    my kitten is now declawed – 1 Day
  • 1Just like it is in people, managing post-operative pain is important to your cat’s recovery from declawing surgery. Declawing is a painful surgery for your cat, since it involves removing the claws and part of the bones from each of her front paws. Careful management of her pain will help her recover faster and avoid problems down the line.XResearch source To keep your cat comfy, your veterinarian will prescribe at least several days worth of pain medication. These medications will either be a skin patch, a pill, or a liquid. Cats can be very good at hiding pain, so continue giving the medication as directed even if she seems okay.XResearch source
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    Is It Painful For A Cat To Be Declawed

    Yes. Declawing a cat requires a surgery where the cat is fully sedated, and some of the bones in their paw are removed to prevent the claws from growing. After that surgery, most vets will supply pain medication to help your cat manage their discomfort, but that doesnt stop your cat from needing to walk on their paws while the tips are still healing.

    There are some things you can do to help manage your cats pain, and your vet will advise you on the best options because it can be a little different for every cat, but your cat will likely be uncomfortable and in some pain for a few days/weeks after the surgery.

    Unfortunately, declawed cats are also more prone to persistent pain in their paws than other cats. They are also more vulnerable to arthritis in the declawed paws and may show signs of discomfort during weather changes.

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    Are There Benefits To Declawing A Kitten

    Declawing a kitten will provide superficial and short-lived benefits. Sure thing, your kitten can no longer scratch you, but you will notice changes in its behavior and personality. Read here how to stop a cat from scratching door frames

    There are far worse implications to declawing a kitten than the benefits it brings. This is the reason why many countries are backing the ban on this practice. While the U.S. and Canada still have a long way to go, it helps a lot if we can spread awareness about this dangerous practice.

    Dont be fooled by the false benefits that declawing brings. It will only make your kitten a big disservice, not to mention life-long and irreversible consequences over the years.

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