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Cat Presents For Cat Lovers

Funny Gifts For Cat Lovers To Make Them Lol

Holiday Gift Guide for Cats and Cat-Lovers!

Are you looking for the best funny cat gifts out there? Congratulations you found them!

We have cute gag gifts for all cat lovers with a funny bone. Our hilarious cat-related items will make the feline enthusiasts in your life laugh out loud!

Scroll down to find some amazing holiday, birthday, and special occasion options for every crazy cat lady or cat parent.

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For The Cat Owner Covered In Cat Hair: The Majestic Chomchom

Our writer and pet-owner-extraordinaire Camryn Rabideau swears by the ChomChom, which she uses to remove both at and dog hair from her furniture and clothes. If your cat-loving giftee never shows up without a layer of cat hair on their pants, the ChomChom may be the life-changing gadget they never knew they needed. Plus, Chewy is currently selling a limited edition version that looks like an orange tabby.

Pour Some Catnip On Me

If your cat has ever lost their mind on catnip, I’m sure you have the photo evidence to prove it. It’s too good not to capture. Professional pet photographer Andrew Marttila took this to the extreme with an entire photo book filled with photos of cats on catnip. From playful to… unhinged.

Buy it: “Cats on Catnip” by Andrew Marttila, $14

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Tuxedo Cat Pop Up Card

A simple, but special way to say happy birthday, or congratulations, is with a card. This card is far from simple and features a 3D pop up design of a cat. We assure you, this isnt the card thatll end up in the trash after the party, its sure to stick around long after the balloons are gone.

Cats meet Frida Kahlo meets flowers with this cute backpack. Kids can go to school in flower power style with this backpack. Its perfect for holding all their school accessories, plus more.

With several different floral cat designs, this unique gift is sure to please a young cat lover.

We’ve left the last 5 spots open on our list so that we can update it with new suggestions from the comments. We hope this has helped you find the perfect gift. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments .

Purring Cat Tea Towel

ultimate holiday gift guide for cat lovers.

One can never have enough tea towels, nor purrs. Listen up! These tea towels have screen-printed black lines taken from an electronic readout of a cats purr.

There is nothing more comforting than a cats purr and now this cat gift keeps the purr in your kitchen. Stir some milk and imagine your furry best friend purring away, waiting for a little taste.

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A Way To Be With Your Cat 24/7


One thing cat lovers dont love to do? Leave their cats. While these Wyze Pet Cameras dont solve that problem, they do provide 24/7 monitoring so you can check in on your feline any time you want. The camera connects directly to your phone through Wi-Fi, and multiple users can access the app simultaneously.

For The Cat Lover Who Loves To Cuddle: A Blanket With Their Cats Face

Forget normal throwsyou can pick up this customizable pet blanket from Etsy that features your giftees cat image blown up across the entire blanket. You can choose to include the pets face or the pets face and body, along with its name and a small symbol on the blanket size of your choosing. It also comes in 12 colors, so you can pick the shade that best matches your giftees decor.

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Cool & Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers

Finding the perfect cat gifts for cat lovers opens up a world of possibilities for your cat-loving friends. Whether you are looking for cat lovers gift ideas to help a friend grieve the loss of a precious pet or unique gift items that add value to their pets lives, we have you covered. We have scoured the internet to compile the ultimate list of unique gifts for cat lovers that will hold a timeless appeal.

There are stylish cat gifts for your friends to show off a keen fashion sense and accessories to show the world what they stand for. There are feline collectibles to transform their home d├ęcor and funny gifts for cat owners to give them a reason to smile.

Cat Chaser Toys Bring Out The Best Feline Fun

DIY: 5 Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers – Gift Set How to

Your cat will love the novelty and fun of a new chaser toy for Christmas or an anytime gift. Its always fun to chase and pounce, and chaser toys are designed for your cats instincts to hunt.

Often made with feathers to mimic a bird or with fuzz and a tail to imitate mice, chaser toys come in two types: the ones that dangle from a string on the end of a stick so you can interact with your kitty and build bonds through play and ones designed for solo play. When you give your cat a new chaser toy, you also get to enjoy their antics as they wiggle their rears, pupils dilate, and they pounce to capture their prey.

Some toys are designed for cats who like to leap and catch in mid-air, while others are for ground hunters. If youre looking for something more unique, check out your local pet store or the artists on Etsy who are making themed, personal, and custom cat chaser toys.

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Tuft & Paw Choco Cat Tent

We couldnt make a list of the best cat gifts without including something from high-end brand Tuft & Paw. This Choco Cat Tent is the ultimate hangout for private kitties who roll in style. Its made using natural materials and is designed to bring nature indoors for your cat. Its got a smooth cone shape and a domed wooden base for a comfortable hiding spot. Its got a pillow insert thatll contour to your cats body and solid wooden rods support the tents shape.

For The Cat That Loves To Hide: A Cat Cave And Bed In One

Cats love curling in the smallest, darkest places in their homes, so its no surprise this convertible bed that can be used as a cave for your cat to hide is highly rated by reviewers. It’s made from wool, so it provides any kitty with a retreat that’s cozy and comfortable. Plus, the bed can be folded into a traditional round shape during warmer summer months, making it great to use all through the year.

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A Pair Of Cats To Keep Their Airpods Safe

Cat’s Life 2 AirPod Case, available at Casetify, $35

Help them keep track of their AirPods with this impact-resistant case made from recycled plastic. The case, which features two posing felines, is available in six colors. It also comes with a metal ring for clipping to a belt loop or bag and can be charged wirelessly.

Cat Whiskers Tote Bag

Purrfect Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Get cat whiskers in a palette of colors to surprise all your cat-loving friends. They are functional gifts with a charming appeal to them. The material choice, cotton canvas, ensures that they will sing your praises for a while to come.

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Scratching is one of the favorite pastime activities for cats. Unfortunately, they do it in all the wrong places. Here is an opportunity to let them have the most fun and keep the household scratch-free. Add a custom touch to the piece and you have yourself a winning gift.

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Disney Tote Travel Bag

For the feline-crazy friend, theyll love this feline-printed tote bag. Displaying a collection of some of the most-loved and known Disney cat characters, cute rope-like straps and a water-resistant material, theres much to love. Official Disney merchandise, it can fit all the essentials and still leave room for more. Purrfect for those on-the-go friends.

For The Cat Who’s Constantly Getting Hairballs: This Deshedding Brush

Hairballs are a big problem for cats, especially long-haired ones. Brushing regularly can help, since it means there are fewer loose hairs for cats to consume while they’re grooming. The Furminator brush for cats has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon . On both, reviewers say it’s incredible. Perfect whether your giftee has a short-haired or long-haired cat, this brush reaches through the topcoat to remove loose undercoat hair without hurting cats, and comes with a fur ejector button, so cleaning up after is much easier. Several reviewers say it’s the best purchase they ever made, and that it’s a must-have for every cat owner.

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The Gift Of Cleaner Air


Clean air is hard to come by with a feline running around the house, but the Molekule Air can help freshen things up. It utilizes a proprietary technology called Photo Electrochemical Oxidation , which is a fancy way of saying that it does an excellent job of filtering out larger particles like cat hair and dander, as well as micro-fibers, like allergy-producing proteins. If this model is a bit out of budget, check out one of our other air purifier recommendations.

For The Cat Parent Who’s Always Running Out Of Litter: A Monthly Litter Subscription Service

Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers – The Fancy Gift Guide by xSparkage

Most cat parents have been there: that aggravating moment where they go to change a litter box only to find that they’re fresh out of clean litter. This monthly subscription service is a game-changer in that regard. I used it for about a year , and I loved how convenient it was getting litter delivered.

In particular, Pretty Litter does a terrific job of absorbing odorsprobably the best I’d ever tried. Another major selling point to Pretty Litter is that it’s designed for early-detection health monitoring, meaning it changes color when a severe feline illness is detected. We tested Pretty Litter and found that it was also effective in monitoring the pH of your cats urine.

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Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

If there are two things cats love to do, its lounge and scratch. This ingenious piece of cat furniture is designed to fulfill both needs in one. Its a lounger made with an ergonomic, comfortable shape out of cardboard webbing thats perfect for natural cat scratching. Scratching has numerous benefits for cats including healthy nail development, stress relief and an outlet for exercise. This lounger is reversible so you get twice as much use out of it and has a large surface area for holding larger felines or multiple cats at once.

A Comfy Cat Carrier For Traveling In Style

Their cat will be cozy in this carrier designed with both pets and their parents in mind. Wild One’s travel bag is breathable, comes with a detachable shoulder strap and luggage strap, and has plenty of pockets for carrying the essentials. When they’ve reached their destination, the carrier and its comfy interior cushion unzip into a bed. Choose from green, black, or tan.

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An Adorable Mug Thats Totally On Brand


Youd be hard-pressed to find three things that a cat lover enjoys more than books, cats and coffee, and this adorable mug lets the world know. The dishwasher- and microwave-safe ceramic mug holds 12 ounces of coffee . If you want to make it a package deal, combine it with a coffee subscription.

Cat Carrier Bubble Backpack

40+ Coolest Gifts For Cat Lovers

Excellent carrier to take your cat anywhere in it safely. Made of ABS plastic thats why very durable and scratch/waterproof. It has pre-attached fastening buckles like an ordinary backpack so you can wear it on your shoulders. They incorporate a special mesh fabric on the back to make it sweatproof. There is a safety lock installed to not let the cats hide when taking them out of the backpack. It comes in 4 beautiful colors green, pink, grey, and red.

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A Pint Glass Etched With Their Favorite Cat’s Mug

Custom Photo Etched Pint Glass, available at Etsy, $44

Designed with a custom image of their cat, this pint glass will be the first one they reach for no matter what they’re drinking. Send Cutting Edge Boston a photo of their favorite feline and it will etch their likeness into the tumbler. You can even add a personalized message of up to 10 words.

A Way To Keep The House Clean


Cats have a knack for making a mess in the most inopportune spots, like the small area rug sitting right next to the hardwood floor. When that happens, this Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Powerbrush makes it easy for your cat-loving friend to clean things up. The portable cleaner has a rotating brush that pulls out recent pet stains, and the ones that have been there for a while, with the touch of a button.

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For The Cat That Eats Plants: Cat Grass

Cats absolutely love doing things they shouldnt, like clawing furniture and eating plants. If the cat lover on your list complains about their cat chewing leaves, this cat-grass planter makes the perfect gift. It grows organic and cat-friendly plants, so cats can chew their little hearts out without remorse.

Laptop Cat Scratching Pad $35 Uncommon Goods

Best Crazy Cat Lover Gifts

Were not sure whether they want to scroll #Catsagram or stream Oliver and Company!, but theyre always looking to commandeer the keyboard. This scratching pad keyboard and mini cat laptop will make a cat feel like theyre finally in charge.

Price Disclaimer

All pet-lovers are missing their four-legged friends a little more post-quarantine. Check in on your kitty any time with the Petcube Cam it comes equipped with HD video, night vision and two-way audio for a mid-day cat chat.

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A Pillow Version Of Their Beloved Cat

Custom Pet Portrait Pillow, available at Etsy, $41.50

Elevate their home decor with their cat in pillow form. Submit a photo of their kitty and Draw Your Portrait will turn it into an illustration and print it on to both sides of a soft, machine-washable polyester pillow. Buy the pillowcase alone or the case and filling together. It’s available in four sizes and any color you want.

For Older Cats Who Still Crave Stimulation: This Popular Toy Tower

If your giftee has an older cat, this tower toy is a must-have, since it allows cats to sit in one place but still get in plenty of much-needed playtime. It comes with three track levels and there are moving balls inside of it, so cats can bat and swat at them as they pass. This tower also has a secure base, so it doesn’t jostle around, even during heavier bouts of play. With more than 26,000 reviews on Amazon, this is definitely one of the most popular toys on the site and one that our readers lose it for whenever it goes on sale.

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The Best Cat Litter They’ll Ever Use

This litter is an absolute game changer for any cat owner. A flushable litter that does not track. No more dirty garbage bags beside the toilet, you can flush this straight down the toilet.

Lets be honest, cats have always been fierce. They totally rock the squint-face. Raise a paw, or a glass, to their fierceness with a coffee mug. Perfect for a morning cup of coffee, enhance your early-rise routine with this mug.

Ride out a bad day with your favorite tea in your new favorite mug. This mug has plenty of cattitude and features two cute cats on the front. Show a bit of your feisty side with this mug.

Cats are notorious for presenting their tails when you least want it. But hey, call it a gift. This fun mug features a cats favorite pose.

For The One Whose Furniture Is Covered In Cat Hair: A Portable Carpet Cleaner

Unique gifts for cat lovers IAMMRFOSTER.COM

Having a high-powered vacuum is important for cleaning carpets, rugs, and hardwood, especially when your giftee’s floors are likely covered in cat hair and potentially the remnants of a hairball or two. The Pet Stain Eraser features a rotating brush specially designed to tackle pet stains, and its compact size makes it ideal for quick pickup jobs. Plus, reviewers give this powerful machine a solid 4.5-star rating.

Get the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser for $133.89

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Ashleigh Kitty Ball Hooded Cat Bed

This innovative cat bed reflects everything a cat stands for. It offers a great view of the happenings around your pet. And the fabric choice allows them to scratch away to their wits end without damaging the unit. The design saves on space and offers a great focal point for the living room.

An Inspiring True Story About A Cat And The Man Who Saved Him

“A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life” by James Bowen, available at Chewy and , $9.60

This memoir tells the story of struggling London street musician James Bowen and the wily street cat Bob that he credits with saving his life. The book, which was also made into a film in 2016, is a true testament to the power of interspecies friendship and the unique beauty of feline-kind. It’s available in paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.

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