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Cat’s Pride Fresh And Clean Litter

What Do Customers Think Of Cats Pride Cat Litter

Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Cat Litter | Chewy

Because Cats Pride has been around for so long, there are a significant number of reviews out there. For the most part, these cat litters receive positive ratings, and customers absolutely love the price.

Every brand has its shortcomings, however, and there are both good and bad reviews for the Cats Pride brand online. Keep reading to see a positive and negative customer review for each of the three cat litter formulas featured above:

How Much Does Cats Pride Cat Litter Cost

As a brand, Cats Pride litter is highly affordable and always has been. All three of the formulas reviewed here are priced under $0.75/pound, one of which is under $0.25/pound. Not only does Cats Pride keep their products affordable, but they donate a pound of cat litter to shelters around the country for each green jug of cat litter they sell.

Overall Is Cats Pride Cat Litter A Good Choice

We are happy to report that Cats Pride is a good choice in cat litter if youre looking for an affordable option for multi-cat households.

This brand offers a wide variety of products, both scented and unscented, that promise long-lasting odor control. Their litter also forms tight, hard clumps which makes scooping the box easy and reduces litter box waste.

All of Cats Pride litter is made from premium-quality, USA-sourced materials. Clay litter offers excellent absorbency and forms tight, hard clumps, but it can be a little dusty.

Though Cats Pride markets its formulas as 99% dust-free, we did notice some dust when pouring the litter particularly with the non-clumping formula, so be mindful of that.

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Max Power Lightweight Litter

Cats Prides Max Power formula combines powerful clumping and odor control in a lightweight formula designed to lighten your load. It goes to work immediately, trapping odor and keeping it under wraps for up to 10 daysand it forms tight, no-mess clumps for easy scooping and disposal. Its also 25% lighter than traditional scoopable litters.

A Proven Track Record


As mentioned above, when you have been in the litter game as long as Cats Pride, you have a good understanding of what it takes to stand out from the competition. Very few of their competitors can say that they have been around as long, and this gives Cats Pride a strategic advantage.

They have learned strategic advantages and manufacturing secrets that you only learn over time, and they have also been able to chase down the best clay for this litter. You can rest assured knowing that any product you purchase from them is going to have those decades of experience ingrained into it.

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What Kinds Of Litter Does The Brand Offer

After hitting the pet product market in 1960, the Cats Pride brand has developed and sold a wide variety of products. Today, Cats Pride offers just over a dozen cat litter products in addition to various accessories like litter box liners and disposable trays. Each of the brands products is made from premium-quality materials sourced right here in the USA.

Cats Pride offers both clumping and non-clumping formulas, all of which are made from natural clay materials. There are currently three non-clumping formulas Fresh & Clean, Complete Multi-Cat, and Natural. The remaining clumping cat litters are sold in jugs and come in regular, lightweight, scented, and unscented formulas. Several formulas include baking soda for additional odor control, and some recipes are flushable.

The three formulas were reviewing here include two clumping formulas from the green jug Litter for Good line and one original non-clumping formula.

All Cats Pride Cat Litter Reviews

This is a listing of all Cats Pride cat litters that have been reviewed, and we also list what we think are the best Cats Pride cat litters with our internal ranking system. Cats Pride is a top-rated American-based company that proudly displays its heritage in that all of their litters are sourced, processed, and produced in North America.

They have over 50 years experience in cat litters and offer a wide variety of products ranging from conventional scoopable and non-scoopable litters typically made of clay. Clay is their specialty and something that they stand behind with great pride. With these various products come a wide range of prices that should fill the needs of any budget. Take a browse through our ratings and we are confident youll find a Cats Pride product that aligns with your needs.

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What Makes This Cat Litter Unique

This product is unique in that it tries to meet the difficult requirements that fall on a busy litter box, all the while doing so with a product that smells nice, uses no perfumes or dyes, and is lighter in weight than a majority of conventional clay litters. Beyond this, it tries to minimize dust and tracking and still be affordable to most people.

Negative Customer Reviews For Cats Pride Cat Litter

Not all cat litter is created equal! Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light is Changing Litter for Good.

I purchased cats pride Premium fresh and light fragrance-free cat litter. After I put litter in litter box. My kitty jumped in box smelled litter started digging litter out of his box. I noticed the litter was also being tracked throughout the rooms after he would get out of litter box. Im upset that this litter had so many good reviews. When my kitty used the litter box, you could smell it all through the house. Kitty wouldnt cover when he used it. Kitty started using the floor for a litter box by his litter box I knew I had a kitty that didnt like this litter.Smoochycat, reviewing Cats Pride Premium Fresh & Light Fragrance-Free Multi-Cat Scoopable Litter

This cat litter is by far the worst cat litter I have tried, way too much tracking and dust and the clumps stick to the side of the litter box and bottom of box making it difficult to scoop I had to scrape so hard to get it off the sides of the box it was like cement, washing and scrubbing out the litter box was even harder, I cannot understand all the good reviewsnever again.CatladyNJ, reviewing Cats Pride Lightweight Quick Action Fresh Scent Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter

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A Foundation Built On Clay

A vast majority of Cats Pride litters are clay-based. We have seen a lot of other companies experiment with a wide variety of materials including various eco-friendly components, but this company has decided to keep things simple and focus on clay.

While some might look at this as them not being willing to branch out, we feel that they think they have a system and a recipe that works and they want to build on that rather than venturing into areas that they may not be as familiar with. It also gives owners and cats who enjoy the many benefits of clay litters a vast array of clay-based products to choose from that still manage to have the individual variables that make them special

Also, despite using clay, Cats Pride has a nice variety of lightweight options, that promise to have the many benefits of clay while being significantly lighter than much of its competition. This is a huge selling point since lugging heavy boxes and bags of clay cat litter around can be quite the workout.

Who This Cat Litter Is Intended For

This litter is intended for those who prefer to go with a conventional clay-based product that does not have clumping abilities but still can handle cat odors without major issues. It is also targeted at single-cat households or homes that have multiple litter boxes for multiple cats. Finally, it is designed with costs in mind and is targeted towards people who are trying to keep to a tight budget when it comes to cat products but dont want to take shortcuts on quality.

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Nice Variety Of Package Sizes

Lets face it: clay litters can be quite heavy. Thankfully, Cats Pride offers a nice variety of bag and box sizes, ranging from bags that weigh less than 10 pounds up to boxes that weigh 30 pounds.

This is helpful for owners who may struggle to carry heavy objects and/or only have a single cat while still meeting the demands and needs of someone who wants to buy larger quantities to take care of their multi-cat household.

Positive Customer Reviews For Cats Pride Cat Litter


We have four cats but only room for two litter boxes. Our litter boxes require a lot of maintenance, and even with daily scooping they can get very stinky. Most multicat litters use heavy perfumes, but the humans and cats in our household are allergic to the scent. I tried Cats Pride because it is unscented, and I was amazed at how well it controls odor.

Its absolutely far and away the best litter for odor control that weve ever used. It also clumps well and is easy to scoop. The reason Im giving it four stars instead of five is that the litter spills out of the boxes easily, so we need to sweep our floors several times a day, but that is a tradeoff we are more than willing to make to keep the house odor-free.Lilili, reviewing Cats Pride Premium Fresh & Light Fragrance-Free Multi-Cat Scoopable Cat Litter

This stuff is fabulous! I have five indoor cats and have four litter pans. Thats a mountain of kitty litter each month. Cats Pride clay litter is just as effective as the high dollar fancy litter but is gentler on my budget. It clumps, it has very little dust and absorbs odors all without the high price. Which means Im able to afford to buy my cats goodies with the money I saved. Im telling everyone about this litter!Tejas, reviewing Cats Pride Lightweight Quick Action Fresh Scent Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter

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A Huge Selection Of Products

One thing that you will quickly notice with Cats Pride is their huge selection of cat litter products. They are one of the largest companies that we review in terms of their number of products. Despite being large in number, they do a very good job of spanning various applications and target audiences.

They have categories dedicated to both clumping and non-clumping varieties, litters that are fragrance-free, and some that are injected with artificial perfumes, and products that are intended for single-cat and also multi-cat litter boxes. They uniquely approach each of these products, making sure to optimize their features and performance attributes to that particular audience.

Cats Pride Lightweight Multi

  • Hypoallergenic kitty litter gentle enough even for sensitive cats
  • Unscented multi-cat litter with odor control technology. Gentle on your cat, tough on odors
  • Guaranteed to trap odors for 10+ days when used as directed
  • Lightweight, same uses as heavy 20 lb. containersâhalf the weight!
  • Powered with baking soda for maximum freshness

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Many Products Designed For Multi

Cats Pride has a lot of products that are designed to handle the challenging demands of multi-cat litter boxes. This is likely due to their decision to stick with clay, which traditionally can handle busier litter boxes much better than most of the other litter materials on the market. Because of this, if you are struggling to find a litter that can handle your high-traffic boxes, Cats Pride has several products that might meet your needs.


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