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Cat Skid Steer Solid Tires

Applications Of Solid Skid Tires

Solid Skid Steer Tires No Flats! JCB Bobcat ASV CAT Thomas Volvo Gehl Deere

Due to their adaptability and increased productivity on job sites, solid flat proof skid steer tires are suitable for all kinds of topography. This is why they are widely used in several industries, including the following:

  • Construction sites for concrete work, asphalt grinding, general construction, paving, etc.
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Solid waste treatment and management
  • Scrap and recycling yards

What Are The Otr Tire Applications

There are plenty of OTR tire applications for operators of heavy construction equipment. Generally, OTR tires are used on construction equipment that will perform work on pavement, dirt, gravel, snow, or grass, and other harsh ground. OTR tires are great for construction work, excavation, mining sites, oil and gas projects, landscaping, roadwork, highway projects, and demolition work.

Used Skid Steers Allow You To Get All The Benefits Of The Equipment But At A Fraction Of The Cost

Cat skid steer for sale arizona. Open operator station, joystick steering, solid tires, auxiliary hydraulics, manual coupler, 68 in bucket Used cat 226d skid steer loader in eloy, arizona, united states for sale, inspected and guaranteed. $32,400 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting.

$21,500 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Top models for sale in arizona include 232d3, 236d, 259d, and 262c Browse a wide selection of new and used caterpillar skid steers for sale near you at

Auction online auction sealed auction ironclad assurance. Search for used skid steer buckets. There are used skid steers, and then there are cat certified used skid steers.

2014 caterpillar, skid steer loaders 272d skid steers, 2014 caterpillar skid steer loaders 272d the cat® skid steer loaders are designed, built, and. Used cat skid steer loaders for sale. Cat certified used skid steer loaders.

A range of older and newer models of the 259d compact track loaders and 262d skid steers are often available to buy on Used bobcat tractors for sale | used skid steer for sale in arizona. It is a one owner with excellent tires and great condition.

We are a skid steer dealer proudly serving those in the western us. Skid steer loaders for sale in arizona by owners and dealers. Below, we provide advice on finding the perfect fit for your unique needs.

Classic Machines The Caterpillar 633 scraper Heavy

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New Tire Technology For Skid Steer Loaders

BRANDON Solid rubber skid steer loader tires have been around since Cat introduced them in 2000.

But now, the three key drawbacks seen previously short lifespan, rough rides and poor traction have been addressed by the latest tire technology.

Evolution Wheel started from scratch when it designed the new RS series solid skid steer tires. Engineers developed a new rim, new rubber compound and new tread patterns. The new tires double the life expectancy of competitors tires in most applications, said Derek Hird of Evolution. He was at Manitoba Ag Days to show farmers that the new RS tires represent a major leap forward in tire technology.

We sell these tires to work in potato sheds, in fertilizer plants, in corrosive manure, and around chemicals and abrasive elements. Guys are getting a minimum of 1,000 hours working in really harsh situations. On average, we at least double the life of other solid tires, said Hird, the designer and developer of the Evolution tires and rims.

For example, in a waste transfer station where theyre spinning and turning all day on concrete, guys are still getting 1,000 hours on our EWRS-HS. HS is our hard surface tire.

For a skid steer tire, a potash mine has to be one of the most punishing work environments on Earth, or under it. Potash Corp had previously gotten 80 to 90 hours on a set of conventional skid steer tires in its underground mines. Thats about one week of work.

Solid Skid Steer Tires

Caterpillar 216 226 242b3 Skid Steer Loader Solid Tires ...

Keep your skid steer running with our no flat solid skid steer tires. offers many different treads of solid tires including smooth, lug, and aggressive. All of the solid tires for sale are made from an extra heavy-duty Premium natural rubber compound. In some cases, our solid tires can be ordered with or without rims. Solid tires work perfectly in applications such as demolition, recycling plants, scrap yards, and in all areas where sharp material would otherwise flatten a pneumatic tire. We keep a large stock of all tire sizes and usually ship within 1 to 2 business days from ordering. For questions please call customer service.

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Skid Steer Solid Tires

Skid steer solid tires are a reliable option for heavy-duty work. Solid tires cant go flat like pneumatic varieties, so they tend to last longer. If you have important jobs to get done or challenging terrain to navigate, skid steer solid tires are your best bet. Check out the perks of solid tires, types and styles youll find, and which options are best for your skid steer.

Solid Skid Steer Tires 10

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How Long Do Otr Tires Last

Generally, heavy equipment operators assume that OTR tires will last between 600 and 1,200 operating hours. However, there are numerous factors that will affect how long OTR tires will last. Low-cost pneumatic tires are inflated and more prone to pops and leaks. Solid skid steer tires will never pop, but they are much more expensive and the tread will eventually wear down. In addition, harsher ground conditions like sharp rocks will decrease the lifespan of OTR tires.

Skid Steer Solid Tires For Sale

Mclaren DT Solid Cushion Tires on CAT 248 Skid Steer

Reliable skid steer tire prices may vary considerably. The size and how many tires come in an individual order are the two significant factors determining skid steer tire prices. However, most typical singular solid tires cost around $200-$800 each, while sets of 2-4 tires can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000.

Check out our recommended solid rubber skid steer tires for sale.

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How To Determine Skidsteer Tire Size

Do you ever get the Deer in the headlights look whenever you think about replacing your skid steer tires? You look at all the numbers on the sidewall if you can still see them, and find them confusing? Let me explain to you what all those numbers mean.There are usually 3 numbers, for example, 27×10.5 -15. The first number is the height / The second number is the section width / The third number is the Rim . In this case of the example the tire height is 27, the section width is 10.5, and the diameter of the rim is 15.So ok what if there are only 2 numbers, for example, 10 x 16.5.or 12 x 16.5. This is a little trickier. The last number is always the Rim size. In such a case you can estimate the height of the tire by multiplying the section width x 2 and adding the rim size. This isnt always accurate but will give you a good idea of what to expect.There are other factors to consider when choosing a tire including load rating, Ply rating and load index. These are generally determined by the size and operating weight, and maximum load weight of your machine along with the application.Hopefully, this has cleared a few things up regarding tire sizes and tracks. There is a method to the numbers.Dont ever hesitate to call us here at 315-3134 for information. We are always happy to give you the best advice available to us.

Choosing the right skid steer tire

Set Of Mclaren Magnum Over

  • The toughest skid steer track with steel pads available on the market
  • Designed to give superior performance in the most demanding conditions: demolition, land clearing, mining, deep mud, sand, waste debris, and rocks
  • Outstanding flotation and tire protection due to closely spaced shoes
  • Increased machine stability due to the extra weight of the tracks, no more bouncing or rocking when the bucket is full
  • Directional pad pattern provides more pushing and pulling power, especially in deep mud
  • Lower maintenance costs due to replaceable pins, links and shoes
  • Base assembly may last as long as your skid steer does

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How Do I Size Otr Tires For My Heavy Equipment

The easiest way to make sure your tires are the right size for your heavy equipment is to consult your manufacturers spec book, which will have standard tire sizes listed for your heavy equipment. There are countless different sizes, weights, and measurements required for OTR tires. In addition, you will need to measure the offset of the mounting surface . By consulting the manufacturers spec book, you can order the correct tire size without having to do any measurements yourself.

Advantages Of Solid Crane Tires

Caterpillar 216 226 242b3 Skid Steer Loader Solid Tires ...

Conventional or pneumatic tires, even if foam filled, can be a nightmare of expense if mounted on a material handler. One wrong turn or even a stroll through the yard on what some might consider a clean path can result in total tire failures. SETCO solid rubber tires have the ability to absorb contact with the same devastating debris with only minor cuts or abrasions.

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What Machines Do Our Tires Fit

We have heavy-duty solid cushion tires for virtually all the wheeled earth-moving and other heavy construction equipment you might use in your construction or landscaping jobs, from skid steers to telehandlers to backhoes and more.

You dont need to worry about matching up our solid rubber products with your John Deere, Cat® or other manufacturers. We create aftermarket industrial solid tires for all major brands of heavy equipment machines, and well have no problem finding the right solid tires for your machines. As a company that spent years manufacturing OEM parts, we know exactly how to make products that are the right fit for your preferred brand.

In fact, we feel our industrial solid rubber tires are not just a good replacement for your original Cat®, John Deere or other heavy equipment tires, they are better. We know what OEM parts are capable of and we know what our aftermarket products are capable of, and we employ rigorous research and proprietary technology to make sure our rubber tires far exceed your expectations.

You should certainly get in touch with McLaren industries if your current rubber tires are completely worn out, but we suggest you contact us even earlier and switch out your tires right away, so you can start benefitting immediately from the smooth ride, extra strength and unparalleled durability of our line of solid rubber tires.

All You Need To Know About Solid Skid Steer Tires

Skid steers are one of the most functional and versatile pieces of equipment found on work sites. They are used for all types of work such as construction, mining, landscaping, agriculture, and demolition. Due to the increasing popularity of skid steers, the technology has evolved over time, which is what lead to the development of solid skid steer tires.

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How Much Do Skid Steer Tires Weigh

Skid steer tires do not come in a specified weight for all models. However, most standard skid steer tires weigh from 55 to 70 pounds. Because skid steer tires do not have many different sizes, we can ensure that consumers will find skid steer tires within that range of weight.

In most stores, both in-person and online, skid steer tires come in one of two sizes:

  • 10×16.5 Solid Skid Steer Tires
  • 12×16.5 Solid Skid Steer Tires

Case Skid Steer Tires

Field Clearing with CAT 262C on McLaren Solid Cushion Tires

Looking for Case Skid Steer Tires. Look no further. We offer tires for Case models 1530, 1537, 1737, 1740, 1830, 1835b, 1835c, 1838, 1840, 1845, 1845b, 1845c, 40xt, 410, 420, 430, 440, 60xt, 70xt, 440, 60xt, 70x, 435, 75xt, 445, 85xt, 450, 465, 95xt, 90xt, sr130, sr200, sv185, sr220, sr250, sv250, sv300, and more. Whether you are looking for a pneumatic tire or a solid tire, we carry most sizes and treads for any application. All of our tires are made from high strength rubber giving you long lasting wear to keep your machine working and making money. If you have any questions about the Case Skid Steer Tires we carry feel free to call customer service.

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Skid Steer Tires Solid Dura


The aperture style solids do provide a smooth ride while eliminating the bounce experienced by standard industrial skidsteer tires. Typically these tires are sold as a tire and wheel assembly, so when they arrive you are able to bolt right up to your 8 hole hub pattern. you’ll need some help though as these tires can weigh from 200 lbs to 300 lbs depending on the size.

Set Of Mclaren Diamond Over

  • The optimal skid steer track for the worst operating conditions
  • The Diamond pattern bites into mud, clay, loose rock and sand like no other type of track does
  • Recommended also for working on snow and ice
  • Reduces sideslip, improves productivity and safety on side slopes
  • Self-cleaning cross-bar design, keeping debris off the tracks
  • Lower maintenance costs due to replaceable pins, links and sections
  • Maximum performance with minimum investment

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Solid Tires Vs Air Tires

Air tires, also known as pneumatic tires, are mainly made of both natural and synthetic rubber. They can regularly handle typical construction jobs and are designed for more unconventional environments than standard tires.

Pneumatic tires may come in varying designs, with the vital difference usually being an increased surface contact area, extra bead guarding, and deeper tread depth. When using a skid steer, air tires are an option.

Solid tires are stronger than pneumatic tires, as they are composed of unique rubber compounds, increasing the tear resistance and making them more durable in even the roughest terrains.

Due to these compounds making up the composition, both narrow and wide-based solid tires provide stability on varying surfaces. Air tires are more likely to be punctured than solid tires. Those who use skid steers in all types of terrain are advised to use solid tires.

Solid tires do not go flat, but regular air tires do. Therefore, some air tires are filled with foam to prevent them from going flat. While this makes the tires not go flat, they can become too stiff and lose traction. Solid tires do not add as much weight as foam-filled tires.

X175 Skid Steer Tires

Caterpillar 216 226 242b3 Skid Steer Loader Solid Tires ... offers a full line of 14×17.5 Skid Steer Tires for most brands of skid steers both older and newer models. For 14×17.5 size, we offer both pneumatic and solid skid loader tires for you to choose from. Whether you are working on concrete, heavy terrain, or in a scrap yard we have the right tread tire for you. All of our 14×17.5 Skid Steer Tires are high strength and offer long lasting wear time. This will assure you that whatever skid steer tire you choose, you are getting the best tire for your money. If you need help looking for a set of tires feel free to call customer service direct at 315-3134.

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Why You Should Choose Solid Skid Steer Tires

There are a variety of benefits to using solid skid steer tires.

  • Cost EffectiveAlthough the initial purchase price may be higher compared to traditional skid steer tires, these have low operating costs. Also, the associated overheads are less, making solid skid steer tires economical.
  • Puncture ResistantSolid tires are made of durable material, making them puncture-resistant. This allows you to operate your machines without any interruptions or downtime due to flat tires.
  • Stable & SafeThese tires provide improved balance to the machine and reduce the chances of a blowout, making it very safe for the operator.
  • Long LifeSolid skid steer tires are very durable and are favoured for their longevity. They can last almost 4-5 times longer than traditional pneumatic tires.
  • ComfortableSolid tires provide a softer ride which results in increased comfort and lower fatigue.
  • Wise InvestmentDue to the various advantages of solid skid steer tires, the cost involved per hour is lower, making it a sound investment.

Features Of Our Skid Steer Tires:

Flat Proof TiresGet more work done on time without needing to worry about the expense of replacing a flat tire. Our solid tires can withstand the damage from scrap material, nails, debris, and more.High-Load CapacityOur tires and wheels can handle heavy loads and provide additional stability, ensuring high performance.Long LifeOur solid tires have wide lugs, giving them more surface area touching the ground. This results in less pressure and wear, extending their lifespan.Increased Operator ComfortThe skid steer tires we carry are designed to reduce vibration, decrease operator fatigue, and provide a smooth ride.Deeper Tread Deep lugs bite into the ground, acting like the spikes on baseball cleats and providing more traction on slippery or soft surfaces.

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