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How To Make The Cat Litter Not Smell

How Skoon Helps You Avoid Unwanted Cat Smells

How to Make Litter for Odors : Here Kitty, Kitty

If you really want to keep odors at bay, then pick up Skoons disposable kitty litter box. Fill the litter box two inches deep with litter and then maintain it daily by scooping out solids and stirring the pebbles to maximize absorption. Youll know when its time to dispose and replace the litter because the pebbles will turn an off-white color. As for the box itself, it can last about two to three weeks per cat. The real advantage here is that you dont have to deal with litter box liners or any smells that settle in over time, the major problems youll find with other litter boxes on the market.

If you want to give your kitty a cleaner, better cat litter option, get started with Skoon. We offer a variety of non-clumping scents, ideal for kittens and multi-cat households.

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Be Sure To Scoop The Box Daily

Dont be shy about scooping regularly. It will make your cat, your company and even you quite a bit happier, especially over the long haul. Keeping a litter box clean prevents already smelly items from becoming even smellier with time. Scooping at least once a day, but maybe even twice, especially if you have multiple cats sharing one box, is a great first step to alleviating some of those lingering odors that may be infiltrating your home.

The Enzyme Cleaner Method

Enzyme cleaners are commercial cleaners designed to get rid of pet smells. They work by breaking down odor-causing molecules in urine, feces, or vomit. Many can be used on several surfaces including carpets, couches, litter boxes, and hard surfaces. There are several different brands you can try out and theyre easy to find in your local supermarket or hardware store.

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Covered Boxes: Good Or Bad

There is much debate surrounding a cat litter box with a cover. On one hand, a covered box provides extra odor protection as the covered box contains cat odor in the small space usually blocked off with a door. This protection limits the smell from the litter tray spreading throughout the house and is visually appealing.

Using a covered box could be the perfect way to get rid of cat litter smell in an apartment if youre in a small space without room for the smell to dissipate.

Cat owners against covered boxes argue that it contains foul smells inside the box, which makes the experience of using the box more unpleasant for cats, possibly deterring them from using it.

Many covered boxes come with detachable lids, so if using a covered box is something youre interested in, we suggest giving it a try to see how your cats react to it. If they dont respond well, remove the lid. Otherwise, enjoy not looking at your cats waste. Many covered boxes come with a filter to assist with trapping odors.

Establish A Litter Box Maintenance Routine

Remove Stinky Cat Litter Odors With These 4 Simple Solutions

You should make cleaning the litter box into a routine. Cleaning the box “whenever” just won’t work. If you’re around to clean the litter box three times a day on the weekend but then cannot clean it at all during the week, that’s not good enough for your cat’s needs. What you should aim for is a consistent routine that includes regular cleaning of the box at fixed intervals.

Consider the following questions –

1. How long does it take you to clean the litter boxes?2. At what times can you regularly clean the boxes? Mornings? Evenings? Or maybe it’s the middle of the day?3. Can other people help you out when you’re not available?

Based on the answers, set up your routine, focusing on what times each box gets cleaned up every day and who will do the cleaning .

Tips for effective litter box maintenance –

  • Use a good scoop. It will help you clean the box quickly and more efficiently.
  • Keep the tools of the trade nearby. Have your scoop and plastic bags ready.
  • Stock up on litter and make sure you always have enough for topping up the litter box.

Once you set up a routine that’s right for you and your cat, cleaning the litter boxes becomes much easier. You have to put less thought into it and can just work as part of your regular daily routine.

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One More Thought About Litter

The best and least smelly litter box option is the one that works for your cat. Be sensitive to his preferences and keep him happily using the box. You might prefer a covered box, with a pine-scented litter and a scented deodorizer, all tucked away in a corner of your dank basement, but if your cat starts using a corner of the living room instead to do his business, no one is going to be happy.

Add Deodorizers To The Litter Box

Between cleaning the litter box, to boost the power of your litter to fight odors, add commercial cat litter deodorizers to keep foul cat smells at bay. Many store-bought deodorizers work like carpet cleaners by absorbing moisture and odors to keep the box smelling fresh longer.

If you cant find any deodorizers in the store, try mixing baking soda into your cats litter. Some deodorizers also come in spray form that you can spritz into the litter box to mask the cat litter box smell. If you add any sprays to the box, do so after a deep clean and before you add fresh litter.

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Wash The Tray More Often

Most modern cat litters afford some degree of skimming or scooping, negating the need to completely swap out the litter every day.

This scooping is great because it makes it easier to manage the litter tray and it also makes it more affordable than having to keep dropping three inches of litter in the tray. However, you should still be replacing the litter every week or so, and when you do, use this as an opportunity to rinse out the litter tray with warm soapy water.

Ensure it dries fully before you add more litter, but this will help get rid of any stubborn and caked-on stains. If you are having a particular problem with litter smell, increase the frequency at which you clean the litter trays.

Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Refill Pellets

How To Eliminate Litter Box Odor in Your House

This simple traditional pellet litter gets rave reviews for its innovative odor-control system. Designed to work with the brands litter box system, this litter allows cat urine to pass through to a scented, odor-controlling absorbent pad in the bottom section of the litter box. Scoop solid waste daily, then slide out and replace the pad every week.

What we like about it:

  • Low-maintenance

This clay cat litter from Chewys in-house brand, Frisco, reduces ammonia to absorb odors and works fastbefore the smells spread. Free of fragrances, this litter is a good choice if you or your cat need to avoid perfumes.

What we like about it:

  • No added perfumes or scents
  • Quick-clumping litter

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Does The Placement Of The Litter Box Matter

No one wants a litter box sitting in the middle of the kitchen, or in the middle of anything for that matter! We like to tuck our litter boxes in the laundry room, or in an unused basement bathroom, and in corner that gets little human foot traffic.

But these are almost always the worst spots for a litter box in terms of odor control. Litter boxes need to be placed where there is air movement to keep odors from stagnating.

Your cats preference also needs to be taken into consideration with regard to placement of the litter box. Litter boxes need to be put where the cats like to go. Just because you’d like the box to be in the attic, doesn’t mean your cat will be comfortable going there to toilet.

Most cats enjoy well-lit, comfortable , quiet , places with constant access to toilet.

If you have a multi-cat household, the box needs to be placed where a cat using the litter box can see other cats coming and going.

(If you have a new kitten, read this post, “How to litter-train your new kitten.”

Why My House Doesnt Smell Like Cats

Whenever friends learn that I live in a tiny studio apartment, they always ask how I can stand living with a cat, Doesnt he make it, well, stink? I always explain that unless weve been gone an unusually long period of time, we dont notice a litter box smell in our apartment. If we do, its a sign that we need to scoop, pronto!

Even if your cat is as small as adoptable Zorro, you need to take proper care of the litter box.I might be lazy about putting away my own laundry or personal clutter, but Im never lazy about Tobys litter box!

I used to be. When I first became Tobys cat mom, I knew very little about cats and how to care for their litter boxes. I hadnt grown up with one, but my roommate had so I followed her example. My roommate kept her cats covered litter box in a closed closet with a cat door. I thought the smell was inevitable. However, I soon got sick of the stink and developed a new routine.

Now, Tobys litter is scooped at least twice a day. Dr. Stephanie Janeczko recommends at least once or twice a day in her article Cleaning the Litter Box: How Often Is Best. Given Tobys size and our apartments lack of ventilation, twice a day as a minimum works better for us. Here are a few other things we do to control the scent:

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Tips To Make A Stinky Litter Box Smell Fresh & Clean

What you Need to Know About Cat Litter

Stinky litter box trouble? A foul-smelling litter box isn’t fun for you or your cat.

That’s why your cat’s litter box needs the same attentive consideration you give your homes other bathrooms. After all, your kittys olfactory senses is 14 times stronger than yours, meaning a litter box that smells fine to you might cause your cat to turn up his nose and walk away.

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How To Control Litter Box Odor

*Featured image curtesy of Litter-Robot.

Every cat parent knows that a stinky litter box is the worst part about having a cat. We love our fur babies, but their bathroom habits not so much. But, there are a few simple things you can do to control litter box odor and make this not-so-glamorous chore a little better.

Just because you have a pet catdoesnt mean that your home has to smell like one. Here, we share seven of our favorite tips for controlling litter box odor, from changing the way you scoop to making sure the kitty litter is as fresh as a daisy.

Don’t Use Litter Liners

They basically cause a number of negative feedback loops.

Most of what really needs to be scooped out of the litter box is at the very bottom. Litter liners make it impossible to scoop the bottom of the box because you will tear holes in the liner, defeating the purpose.

Since you cant scoop the litter box people tend to throw all of the litter away. Usually, everything will be thrown out once a week.

Throwing away so much causes people to buy really cheap litter, which smells awful after just a few days.

Although litter liners seem like they might make your life easier, they cost more and usually make you deal with the smell until you throw out all of the litter.

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How To Keep The Litter Box From Smelling

Cats are cute and all, but their stench certainly isnt. Lucky for you, cat odor can often be controlled with the right cat litter, litter box set-up and cleaning schedule. The root of the problem often lies in the kitty litter itself, which is why its so important to find the best cat litter for odor control clumping and non-clumping cat litters, depending on your cats needs and preferences. But once you lay the foundation, its crucial that you, as their caretaker, maintain everything so it looks nice and smells fresh.

Trust us, having cats doesnt mean that your cats litter box has to smell up the whole house. With the right system in place, you can prevent odors from happening in the first place and when the inevitable moment happens, youll know exactly what to do to get rid of them for good.

Consider everything you need to know about how to keep any unwanted cat odors at bay, including the reason why it happens in the first place and what you should do when its getting out of control. Plus, find helpful tips on choosing the best cat litter for odor control, ranging from classic clay options to Skoons Diatom pebbles that change color when the litter box needs to be cleaned.

Ways To Reduce Your Cats Litter Box Odor

How to eliminate cat box odor – 5 tips to fix that smelly cat box

As adorable as our cats are, sometimes the present they can leave in their litter boxes can even make our neighbors wonder whats going on! If youre looking for ways to control the odor from your cats litter box smell then youve come to the right place. Try the following tips to reduce the litter box smell:

  • Clean your cats litter box every day: The simplest and most effective way to manage the odor from your cats litter box is to clean the box at least once a day. Regular scooping and cleaning will drastically reduce the odor.
  • Wash the litter box every few weeks: In addition to regularly cleaning your cats litter box, you should wash the entire box thoroughly with soap and water every few weeks. Be sure to protect yourself from any bacteria by wearing gloves and avoid cleaning the litter box in the sink with your kitchenware. After you wash the litter box, replace with fresh litter.
  • Keep your cats litter box in an area with ventilation: A great way to manage the smell of the litter box is to place the box near a window or exhaust fan so that the smell can dissipate. Avoid placing the litter box in a confined area or the odor can linger for weeks.
  • Add baking soda to the litter: Surprisingly, baking soda is a great all-natural deodorizer that is both safe for cats and can help manage the litter box smell. By mixing a little bit of baking soda with the litter, you can help absorb any urine odors also.

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The Reason Why Your Cats Litter Box Smells So Bad

Its simple, really: A litter box is a cats version of a bathroom. Unlike the ones humans use, cats have no way of flushing something away and wiping themselves clean. That means that the odor will continue to build up over time until its addressed.

Its also important to consider that cat urine is very different from humans. In fact, its said to be five times more concentrated, which, uh, could be the reason why it has such a pungent odor. An average cat also goes #1 in the litter box roughly five times a day, which means that strong scent will be multiplied over time. Note: If you notice a particularly strong or strange odor, it may be a sign of a more significant cat health issue, including a urinary tract infection. If thats the case, take your cat to the vet to be sure.

Changing Your Cats Food

Just like how what humans eat affects our waste, the food you buy for your cats affects their poop. Although many pet foods seem the same, their formulas and the nutrients they provide to your pet can contribute to the smell and consistency of your cats waste.

If you recently switched to new cat food and noticed a severe change in your cats poop, their digestive system may be reacting negatively to the change. Giving your cat time to adapt may fix this however, the food may not be a good fit for your cat. Contact a vet to find the best food for your cats digestive health.

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Putting Litter Boxes In The Right Place

Having enough litter boxes in your house is essential to minimizing cat odor, and so is having boxes in the right place. Litter boxes are bound to smell bad, and where you place the litter in your home may explain why it has an offensive odor.

If you leave boxes near the entrance of your home, its going to be the first thing you smell when you walk in, giving the impression the entire house stinks. Additionally, litter boxes stuffed into narrow spaces may worsen because the odor has nowhere to go.

If you have multiple boxes, experiment with relocating one of them to another spot in the house to see if it helps make the space smell better.

Leave litter boxes in open-air areas where the air circulates and carries the scent away, especially during warmer months when you open the windows. It also helps to leave litter boxes near air fresheners in your home to help mask the smell.


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