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Do Cats Like To Be Held

Your Cat Had A Bad Experience

Is Garfield an Exotic Shorthair? Do Exotic Shorthair cats like to be held?

Speaking of adopted cats, many kitties that came from shelters often have negative experiences. Felines that have been neglected and abused are often aloof when it comes to physical contact. They feel like being held or picked up will be followed by a painful experience. learn here how old do you have to be to adopt a cat

For these cats, youd want to take things easy and slowly. Let the kitty come to you in its own time and manner. You have to build the cats trust that you mean no harm to them.

While cats have short memories, negative and bad experiences remain ingrained in their minds. One time, Ive got the chance to talk to a pet trainer, and he mentioned something about cats not forgetting abuse. I somehow proved this during my volunteer work at a local shelter.

What Is The Correct Way To Pick Up A Cat

The best way to pick up a cat is by holding him around his chest and ribs.

When you pick up your cat, you should lift it from his around his ribs. Do not grab the softer part of his stomach, his tail, the back of his neck, or his legs.

Quickly but gently lift your cat, and either place him where you want him or hold him firmly in your arms. 

Cat Not Used To Being Picked Up

One of the biggest reasons that ragdoll cats dont like being picked up is because they arent used to it.

They are creatures of habit. When their owners to pick them up, they have no choice but to look for their own way out.

Since they were raised to be able to look for a place where they could go and be alone with their owners, their natural instinct is to come to them whenever possible.

And since they cannot be trained to go to their own litter boxes or the kitchen table or anything like that, they just arent very happy when people pick them up, even though they may try to get away.

Can Siamese Cats Also Bite

Its true; Siamese cats can often indulge in compulsive behavior. This can include love bites, which may not be intended to hurt, but often do, particularly from a kitten whose teeth havent been worn down yet. Siamese cats should also be monitored for pica, a disease that causes them to suck on wool and eat non-food items, including clothing. Often, this behavior is a plea for more attention. 

Here are 10 reasons your Siamese cat might be biting. The article also shares helpful ways to deter your cat from biting such as getting them toys, giving them more time, or knowing when to back down. 

Her Tail Twitches When She Sees You

You can tell a lot about a cats mood by their tail. When cats are particularly happy, they will hold their tail up high with the tip of their tail twitching slightly. Just make sure they arent swishing their tail back and forth quickly, which indicates agitation rather than contentment.

If your cat approaches you with her tail held high, twitching the end ever so slightly, she is happy to see you. Cats are happiest when they are near their favorite people.

Cats can be just as affectionate toward their owners as dogs.


How Do I Make My Cat Want To Cuddle

Do you want to raise a cuddly cat? If so, the following tips may help:

  • Let them be. Sometimes, giving your cat the time and space to adjust will do the trick. Many rescue cats appear cold and distant at first but become clingy after a few months. Taking it easy and being patient will pay off.
  • Be the good guy. Reward your cat with treats whenever it approaches you. This way, you associate physical touch with something positive.
  • Dont start a staring contest. Staring your cat straight in the eye will appear as if youre challenging him. Instead, give slow blinks. In cat body language, slow blinks are a sign of trust, affection, and feeling safe.
  • Keep it calm. As much as possible, keep your interactions with the cat calm. Dont try to roughhouse them yet if they dont want it. Observe the cats behavior and let the kitty dictate the mood of the situation.
  • Be the one to feed the cat. If you want to win your cats affection, be the one to feed it regularly. This will forge a close bond between you and your pet. learn here how to force feed a cat

Best Places To Pet A Cat

First of all, do not swoop down on a cat youve just met. Certainly dont just grab them.

Remember that, just like dogs, each individual cat is bound to have personal preferences. With that said, there are a few spots on their bodies where most cats seem to enjoy being petted.

See if your cat prefers one of these petting locations:

  • Under the chin: Simply take your index finger and stroke the bottom of the chin.
  • Between the eyes: This is a pleasant petting spot for many cats. Use one finger to lightly stroke from the top of the nose, up between the eyes to the top of the face.
  • The base of the tail: It might sound weird, but this area of the back could turn out to be your cats most-loved place to be petted. Try petting on the back just above where the top of their tail joins the cats body.
  • Behind the ears: Best petting spot for cats? Quite possibly. While some like a little light ear scratching, others enjoy a more vigorous scratch.


Just as with puppies, the earlier you begin handling your kitten, the better.

Pick them up, gently play with their paws and clip their nails. Check their ears and mouth.

Doing all these things will make it easier when you have to medicate or even bathe them later. More important, it will go a long way toward socializing them.

Cat Has Been Mistreated

Another reason that these cats dont like being picked up is because they have been mistreated a lot.

As humans, we are taught that the best place to find things is in a box or in the corner of a room.

We are taught to find things in the dark and in the corners of things. Since cats are not very keen on these things, they are often times confused by us picking them up.

Cats dont like to be picked up if they feel as if they are being mistreated. If your cat is trying to escape, it will feel more secure when you pick it up.

It is also important to remember that cats dont really care what their owners think about them. If they were treated well, then there would be nothing to complain about.

However, since humans dont treat cats very well, the cat is very likely to show his/her displeasure by jumping or moving its legs and trying to get away.

Now that you know what the reasons why your Ragdoll cat doesnt like being picked up are, its time for you to start training it to be on the floor and take more walks.

If you want to learn more, just click the link below.

You can learn how to train your cat so that he/she will learn to sit, lay down, and stay on one leg as well as other new behavior.

With some patience and time, your Ragdoll cat will become very comfortable with you, and you will see that its happy and contented.

Cats cant be trained to like getting picked up, because they have a natural instinct for self-preservation.

What Makes Siamese Cats So Friendly

Cats REACT To Being Held Like A Baby

Siamese Cats were one of the first recognized Asian cat breeds. As far back as the 1300s, pictures of Seal Point Siamese cats appeared in volumes of poems and stories. Eventually, they were traced to their native country of Siam . These creatures were so beloved there that they became known as The Royal Cats of Thailand.

Siamese cats are highly intelligent, ranked among the smartest cat breeds. Because of this, these exemplary felines could likely sense how much humans wanted and adored them. In their early development, they were also played with and frequently exercised by their owners, building their need for stimulation. As they grew into domesticated animals, Siamese cats quickly came to rely on humans for their development, and became quite grateful in the process! 

The Siamese cats needs include a great deal of affection. They bond very strongly with their owners and also with visitors and even strangers. Their desire for love and companionship is so intense that Siamese cats have a higher risk than other animals of suffering from separation anxiety. Their extremely social nature means they do best in families with another pet or in homes where their owner is home most of the time. 

Additional considerations

The breeds high level of intelligence has led to its love of affection. With that comes other things to be aware of: 

Report This Adsigns That Your Cat Isnt In The Mood For Cuddles

  • Your cat seems anxious and stressed out
  • Your cat is irritated, which can be signaled by an angry, switching tail
  • Aggressive behavior such as scratching and biting
  • Your cat runs away
  • Hissing, growling, or meowing.

Your cat may have different signals and react in different ways. You should be aware of your kittys personality. This way, you can communicate with your cat and not cause undue duress. If you arent sure of your cats mood, use caution.

In any case, you should let your cat decide whether curling up beside you or in your lap is the right choice. Persian cats are quite affectionate and will most likely want you to hold and cuddle them.

Signs That Your Persian Doesnt Want To Be Held

Even if your kitty is the cuddliest creature in the world, there are certain times when even she wont be in the mood to be held. When and if this happens, you should respect your cats choice and leave it be.

Otherwise, your kitty may become frightened and even scratch or bite you in self-defense. In the worst-case scenario, your Persian may injure itself trying to escape from your arms.

Dont try to hold your cat if you notice any of these signs:

  • Your cat seems anxious and stressed out
  • A cat is irritated and not in the mood to be picked up
  • Aggressive behavior such as scratching and biting
  • Your cat is trying to run away
  • Hissing, growling, and loud meowing

Keep in mind that all cats are different and yours may react in a different way. When in doubt, dont push your luck and let your cat be, until she is in the mood to be held.

Be sensitive towards your cat and let her make the ultimate choice. But considering this is such an affectionate breed, your Persian will most likely come to you and demand to be cuddled and held.

Are Male Cats More Affectionate

The truth is that your cats affection level boils down to its unique personality. It rarely has anything to do with its gender. I used to have a female cat before, and shes a total sweetheart. Meanwhile, my kitty Watson is also affectionate, but he wants his space respected.

Take note that the cats upbringing has a lot to do with its friendliness. If you raise the kitten in a calm, nurturing, and well-socialized environment, it will become a docile adult cat. Learn here why does my cat bring me things

Can Siamese Cats Get Anxiety

As I had mentioned briefly, a clingy Siamese can be a great indicator that something much bigger is at play. 

This may seem like a reach, but felines can actually develop anxiety and depression if theyre feeling neglected. Due to the amount of attention Siamese cats crave, it isnt uncommon for these kitties to feel anxious. 

I found out very quickly that my Siamese didnt like me being away from home for too long. 

I have had other breeds in the past, and it was almost like they didnt realize I was even gone. When I came home, they looked at me as if to say Wait, you went out?

When it came to my Siamese, not only did I have neighbors expressing their concerns over the loud and constant meowing, I could just tell he felt upset. So, I quickly changed my schedule to ensure I wasnt away for long periods of time. 

If you suspect your Siamese is suffering from anxiety, its time to give them some extra loving and care.

Other signs, apart from clinginess, to look out for: 

  • Sleeping too often. 
  • Being more vocal than usual.
  • Signs of aggression and antisocial behavior.
  • Destructive behavior
  • Overgrooming.

If your Siamese is still showing signs of anxiety after youve dedicated more time to them, its a good idea to take them to the vets. These could all be an indicator that something bigger is at play.

Other Demands Of Birman Cats Apart From Being Held

Now that we have established that Birman cats do enjoy human warmth, companionshipand like to be held.

I think it is important to discuss other personality quirks and likes of a Birman cat.

Because any particular breed isnt just described by their dominant behavioral trait.

Cats are these complicated mixtures of genetic memory, specific breed characteristics, general cat behavior and some behaviors that belong to just your cat and are a part of their individuality.

That is why all cats are cute and curious at the same time.

But lets keep our discussion specific to Birmans today.

Here are a few other traits and demands that Birman cats have.

Finally Find A Cat That Fits Your Lifestyle

All cats have different personalities. Sometimes, it’s possible to ad0pt a kitten or cat with a certain kind of personality. Nold says humane societies and rescue centers work with cat behaviorists to evaluate cats’ personalities. “Share what you’re looking for the center you’re adopting the cat from, ” Nold says.

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Are Maine Coon Cats Good Pets

Maine Coon cats make wonderful pets. They are not only great cats, but they are also among the best pets available. They are quite affectionate, excellent with children, and grow very devoted to you and your family, but they preserve an independent demean so as not to irritate you. Maine Coon cats that are aggressive are quite rare; they are the gentle giants of the cat world.

  • Maine Coons are a family-friendly breed They enjoy a good sleep on your lap, but they dont require a lot of your time or attention. Maine Coons, in general, are unfazed by dogs, strangers, children, or other animals. Theyre a calm, collected species.
  • Communicative  While many cats meow to get food or attention, Maine Coon cats make delightful little sounds that sound more like birds than giant cats, such as cheeps, trills, and chirps.

How Do I Correctly And Safely Hold My Birman Cat

Quick Tip of Day: How To Hold A #Kitten

Like in any other situation in which youre dealing with an animal, respecting them and caring for their health and safety has to come first. Before you can spend time with your Birman cat, why not learn the proper way to hold her?

It can help you avoid any accidents that might injure your cat, and it can also prevent you from doing anything that might get you bitten or scratched.

These 7 Easy Steps Will Teach Your Cat To Enjoy Being Held

A cat who is comfortable being handled is a more cooperative patient at the vet, more pleasant around house guests, and easier to evacuate in emergencies. Heres how you can teach your cat to become more comfortable with being held.

Step 1

Find a suitable reward for good behavior, and have it handy for each step. Some cats respond well to wet food or treats, and others simply enjoy being brushed or petted. Cats can even be trained with a clicker. Every time you complete one of the following steps, give her a reward.

Step 2

When your cat is relaxed and content, gently pet her with long, slow strokes from the head to tail. Carefully, put your hand under her chest. If she squirms, you might have your hands too far back towards her belly.

Step 3

Once you are certain that your cat is comfortable with one hand under her chest, place your second hand on the other side.

Step 4

After shes become accustomed to being held with either the right or left hands separately, try placing both hands under her chest and lift her front paws off the ground by only an inch.

Step 5

With her front legs off the ground, use one hand to touch each of her four paws individually.

Step 6

Lift your cat about a foot off of the ground with two hands under her chest. Then, switch to holding one hand under her chest with the other grasping her hind paws.

Step 7

Slow and Steady


Dooley Held by April by aprilandrandy on Flickr

How Do You Bond With A Siamese Cat

This breed is famous for their devoted attachment to their human, and bonds to them for life.If you are this lucky chosen one, your cat will act as a second shadow, following you around everywhere you go. If she tries to follow outside, order a leash shell be amenable!

Just like this leash I found on Amazon. The is an easy-wearing harness that is simple to put on and take off with 2 snap side-buckles and 4 straps. It is also adjustable to allow a just-right fit for your clingy feline friend. Just click the link to order one for your Siamese cat!

Instead of chasing a toy mouse or sparkly ball, shell lead you right to her favorite toy and insist you play with her. This feline is quite dependent on interaction with their human family.  So if you burn the midnight oil at the office, this might not be the best fit for either of you. 


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Males tend to be more affectionate, while the female shows her love in more subtle ways. Male Siamese cats like to be held and cuddled, while their sisters prefer to show their love by being close to you.

Take my Batman for example. Batman is a very sweet and gentle boy.  He listens for me to come home from work and runs to the door as soon as he hears me come in.  


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