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Frisco 72 Inch Cat Tree

What The Users Say

Review & Update on Our 72-Inch Frisco Cat Tree

In addition to our own experience with the Frisco Cat Tree & Condo, we wanted to know what other users thought. Checking out other users reviews can let us know if we got it dud or if the product we got is true to most users experiences.

To our surprise, almost all users loved the Frisco Cat Tree & Condo as much as us. This cat house has one of the highest rankings out of all types of cat products on the Internet. It only misses five stars by a hair, making it one of the most loved cat houses on the market.

Users especially noted how much their cats love this house. Many went to the lengths of uploading pictures of their cats playing, showing just how interactive and loved the Frisco Cat Tree & Condo is by furry felines. Most users had more than one cat and made a point to note the extra-large size is perfect for multi-cat households.

More so, users were ecstatic about the price. Given the stability, durability, and features on the Frisco Cat Tree & Condo, most users noted that they thought the product is worth more than the asking price. In other words, the seemingly high price is more than fair after receiving the product, according to many users.

With all that in mind, most users love the Frisco Cat Tree& Condo, except for a few minor detail issues. Cats and cat owners alike love this product.

Armarkat Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo$79

With four elevated platforms, this 66-inch cat tree can and will accommodate many cats in the many funny positions they sleep in. The sturdy tree features a cylinder at the top so your cat can perch with a little privacy. Its eight scratching posts also provide an outlet for your cat’s nails so your furniture can remain unscathed. Win-win!Cat Tree Dimensions : 38 x 24 x 66 inches

Benefits Of Cat Trees

Every household with a cat should have a cat tree. Cat trees are essentially cat furniture that provide the enrichment your kitty needs to thrive and be happy. Theyre especially worthwhile in homes where the cat doesnt have access to outside to explore and exercise. Here are some more great reasons to invest in a cat tree.

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My Cat Loves To Claw The Frisco Cat Tree

Nugget loves to sink his claws into these scratching posts.

I couldnt care less that Nugget gets limited use out of the hidey hole and perches, because he actually uses the scratching posts. With encouragement from a little catnip spray, I got him to sink his claws into the sisal-wrapped posts, and hes been consistently using them ever since. Hell actually go out of his way to scratch the posts instead of the couch. Its pretty much a miracle.

For me, the fact that my couches are no longer the target of my cats wrath is worth the price of the cat treeand then some. I dont know what it is about these particular posts, but as long as he chooses to scratch them over my furniture, this cat tree is a winner in my book.

What Is The Sturdiest Cat Tree

Frisco 72

The Best Cat Trees on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

  • Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree.
  • Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree.
  • Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts.
  • Go Pet Club 72 Cat Tree.
  • CO-Z 4 in 1 Multi-Functional Cat Tree Condo Furniture.
  • AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock.

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What Is A Cat Tree

Fact: cats love furniture. They also love playing, hiding, and sleeping, and of course, scratching on it, especially your solid wood dressers. However, as we know, not all furniture is cat furniture, even though our cats think otherwise. Cat trees or cat towers are just that: sturdy cat furniture made just for cats to play, explore, hide, scratch, lounge, and sleep.

Cat trees are types of cat furniture that come in all different sizes and designs, but most of them include towers, condos, hanging toys, and scratching posts. Some are simpler, with a cat scratching post and a hammock, while others are more extravagant. Cat trees provide hours of entertainment for cats, satisfy their scratching instinct, and give them a retreat to relax when they need it.

What Features Are Different

  • The Frisco has a rope that hangs from the lower platform that the Go Pet Club 72 inch model does have .
  • The ramps are different. While both brands are covered with faux fur, Friscos ramp has sisal on it, whereas the Go Pet Club has little steps.
  • The condo construction of the Go Pet Club is solid on all sides. The walls for the Frisco model are fabric .

The support posts on the Go Pet Club 72 inch model were 100% sisal when we bought them years ago. With our most recent purchase, a change was made so that they have a mix of the sisal and faux fur covering the posts.

If you want 100% sisal on the posts for your cat, the Go Pet Club 80-inch model that comes in beige is still 100% sisal .

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My Verdict About Frisco Cat Tree

Frisco Cat Tree & Condo is well made, super soft, easy to assemble and provides cats with areas where to play, rest, chill, scratch or hide. Its ideal for multi-case households because it functions as a playground for your feline friends, increasing the fun even more with hanging mouse toys and string rope. This cat tree has 10 scratching posts and 2 scratching ramps so your cats dont need to share their scratching areas there are plenty for all. I definitely recommend this cat tree. My cat Sophie loved it.

For more information of Frisco cat tree & condo, click on this link and enjoy free shipping with .

Goughnuts Tug Dog Toy

CHEWY UNBOXING | Building Frisco 72 inch cat tree

The GoughNuts TuG dog toy has a figure-eight design crafted out of natural rubber that is sure to elevate you and your pups tug-of-war playtime. The two handles make it an ideal toy for tuggingyour dog can grab ahold of one ring while you safely hold other side.

This dog toy is a great option for a holiday gift because it is meant for interactive play with your canine companion. Not only does he get a new toy, but he also gets to spend some quality playtime with his favorite human.

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The Refined Metropolitan Faux

This cat tree and condo doubles as an elegant conversation piece and an all-around nice item of furniture. With five raised platforms, the cat tree comes in at 62 inches tall. It features removable cushion coverings that can be either plush or sisal scratch pad, depending on the color you choose. The sturdy frame of this cat tree makes it great for multi-cat homes.Cat Tree Dimensions : 31 x 15 x 62 inches

A Note About The Ramps

We didnt use the ramps as intended.

The stock photo below of the Go Pet Club 72 shows the ramps going from the floor to the 1st level and then from the 1st level to the 2nd level.

In our past experience, the cats did not use the ramps. So, this time around, we used the ramps to connect the cat towers . Doing this helped make the towers a bit more sturdy.

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Armarkat Faux Fur Cat Condo$72

This two-story cat condo is a compact and cozy addition for any home. Your cat can hide, nap, or play on top of or inside of the two separate condos, which are lined with comfy fleece. One side is covered with sisal rope and features a dangling toy. At 32 inches, the cat tree packs a lot of punch for something its size.Cat Tree Dimensions : 15 x 15 x 32 inches

What Are Frisco Cat Trees

Frisco 72

The Frisco brand was developed exclusively for the popular online pet store and is kind of the Amazon Basics of Chewy.

Like the Amazon equivalent, Frisco makes pretty much everything you can think of, from kitty litter and carriers to toys and, of course, trees.

The brands packaging is a good indicator of its overall mission: its fun, fresh and feisty- just like your feline!

While well talk specifics under each Frisco cat tree review, there are a few FAQs that we can answer right away.

Like I said, this will keep me from repeating the same thing over and over.

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Many Size And Color Options

Easily one of our favorite features of the Frisco Cat Tree & Condo is how many size and color options it comes with. Regardless of your homes size or color decor, you will be able to find a Frisco Cat Tree & Condo that matches perfectly.

As for the sizes, the Frisco Cat Tree & Condo ranges from compact to extra-large. The compact design has low profile trees that only stand 30 inches high. Going up a size, the medium condo is multi-level and is 60 inches high. Next, the large Frisco Cat Tree & Condo comes with three tiers and stands at 69 inches tall.

The tallest version of the Frisco Cat Tree & Condo is the extra-large size. It comes with three or more levels and multiple dangling toys. It is over 70 inches tall. For review purposes, we primarily look at the extra-large size.

Additionally, there are step options. These steps are great for lounging cats who want easy access to a couch, window, or something else just slightly out of their reach. These steps arent like the other Frisco Cat Tree & Condo options, but it is something to consider if your cat likes hanging out by the window.

More so, the Frisco Cat Tree & Condo comes in many color options. The extra-large condo comes in six colors, including cream, gray, brown, black, blue, and cheetah. Its relatively rare to find a kitty house and play area that comes in this many color options.

The Platforms And Apartment Are Quite Small

“Um, mom? I don’t think I’m going to fit.”

If I had taken the time to read any of the critical reviews on this cat tree, I would have seen that one of the most frequent complaints is that despite it’s height, the condo opening are ledges are fairly small, something we discovered quickly after it was assembled.

I wouldnt consider Nugget a large cat, but I guess hes bigger than average at around 12 pounds. That said, he can barely fit into the kitty condo, and while he can sit on the perches, theyre not big enough for him to lie down. However, the whole unit is incredibly sturdy, and I never worried about it tipping over as he climbs around on it.

I will say I actually like the fabric the tree is covered in. The faux fur is plush and soft, and it looks really high-quality, so it’s not an eyesore like other cat trees.

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Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo$80

This 51-inch tall cat tree is a vertical safe haven/play room for your kitty. With five different scratch posts, four levels, three perches, two cat condos, this cat tree offers it all. Great for multiple cats, the tower is a solid budget option for a mid-size cat tree.Cat Tree Dimensions : 30.5 x 26 x 51 inches

Once The Tree Arrived I Was Able To Assemble It Myself In Less Than An Hour Following The Ikea

Setting Up Our New Frisco 72″ Cat Tree!

Frisco cat condo. Best Outdoor Cat Condo. Its easy to tell why. Standing at 52 inches tall complete with a penthouse perch on top it really is like a classy.

It has everything your kitty needs to play scratch and lounge. SUPERJARE Cat Tree Condo Furniture with Scratching Posts Plush Cozy Perch and Dangling Balls Multi-Level Kitten Tower 47 out of 5 stars 1270 6999 69. Prevue Pet Products Premium.

Who Should Buy a Cat Condo. We have several options of Frisco cat toys with sales and prices youll love. Thats one private condo two top percheseach with a removable machine-washable bolstered perch coversisal wrapped scratching posts and three built-in toys for some batting fun.

Available in multiple sizes Harley and Lola review the 28-inch. Find the deals you are looking for. This Frisco cat tree is the perfect distraction.

We have amazing deals on Frisco from all around the web. Frisco 68-in Faux Fur Cat Tree. 99 8999 8999 Get it as soon as Mon Jun 7 FREE Shipping.

The baseboard of the Frisco 72-inch cat tree is the largest of all Frisco trees. This 3-Minute Quiz Will Find the Best Pet Food for Your Pupand You Can Save 60 On Your First Order. The material of which all parts are made baseboard perches ramps and cat houses is strong particle board covered with soft plush material or faux fleece if cream color.

The ultimate all-in-one hangout spot for felines it features platform perches at various heights for a shift in. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree. What are Frisco Cat Trees.

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Feandrea Cat Tree Tower Condo

For smaller spaces, kittens, or older cats, this 19-inch-tall tower will be just enough of an adventure. The base of this structure includes a kitty condo for prime-time naps, two completely wrapped sisal posts for scratching purposes, and some of the softest material your cat has ever felt. A perch sits at the top of this cat tree, allowing for maximum visibility of the house, while a dangling furry toy waits ready for playtime all the time.

Best Comfy: Tinwei Cat Tree Scratching Toy Activity Centre

Another cat tree that has it all is this one from TINWEI. It measures 25.98 x 16.14 x 35.43, and it comes in a gorgeous bluish-gray hue that will fit in seamlessly with your living room decor. Covered in a soft faux fur that is comfortable and warm, it is large enough to comfortably hold more than one kitty. With three platforms and 4 levels for your furry bestie to overlook their kingdom from and jump to and from, this cat tree will be a great choice for active cats and kittens that want a bit more interaction from their special place in the house. In addition, there are several scratching posts covered in durable sisal rope to keep those claws sharp and trimmed, as well as a few strategically placed toys: dangly rope and ball hanging from platforms, and a tantalizing ball on the coil that will move when smacked .

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The Refined Feline Lotus Microfiber Cat Tree$400

The sleek, minimalist design of this tower might make you think of an art piece before a cat tree. At 69-inches tall, this cat tower provides many different places for your cat to lounge and nap. It is a lot taller than it is wide so it can fit into just about any room. It’s available in mahogany, smoke, and espresso so it will complement many decors.Cat Tree Dimensions : 20 x 20 x 69 inches

How To Assemble The Frisco 72

Frisco 72

The assembly is relatively easy because all parts are labeled with a number that you need to identify in the diagram of the instructions . The diagram is intuitive and easy to follow.

All the panels come with pre-drilled holes that make it easy to screw the parts together. The cat houses come as a whole piece and dont need assembling, they only need to be screwed to their base.

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Price Value And Durability

For a cat house, the Frisco Cat Tree & Condo certainly is expensive. If you are on a budget, this isnt necessarily the number one choice, though you probably shouldnt be looking for tiered houses at all if you are on a budget. After all, its much easier to find an affordable one-level cat house.

With that being said, it has an amazing price value. Because of the numerous perches, toys, and napping areas on this house, it is a cat house, jungle gym, and toys all wrapped into one. Even though it is more expensive up front, you sure do get your moneys worth because of how many features it comes with.

Not to mention, the price value is even more worth it because of how durable the model is. All the parts are constructed really well and made from durable materials. This ensures that your Frisco Cat Tree & Condo will last a long time, helping you get your moneys worth even more.

To put all of this together, the Frisco Cat Tree & Condo is expensive, but it is worth the price. Because it has so many cat toys and features wrapped into one, the price is incredibly fair. In fact, the brand could easily ask for more money because of its numerous features. Plus, it will last a long time, ensuring that you arent wasting your money on a product that breaks overnight.

How We Chose Our List

The internet is great for many things, but it can lead to indecisiveness when shopping. With the entire world of cat trees at our fingertips, it can be challenging to determine which will be the best for our needs.

To bring you the best cat trees for large cats, we had to do a lot of research on what cats love and what attracts cats to cat trees in the first place.

We sifted through many different product review websites and pet supply stores to make a mega-list of the markets best options. From there, we narrowed down the list by considering both the rating and number of customer reviews of each large cat tree. Reading others thoughts on the product helped us decide whether it was worthy of a spot on our list.

Next, we looked at the engineering of each of the trees. Were they stable enough to hold a large cat? How wide are the bases? What materials were used in construction? Do they come with anchor kits to attach the trees to the wall?

Finally, we tried to determine which trees would be an attractive choice for cats. Did they have toys attached for entertainment? Were there cat condos for sleeping and relaxing? How high were the perches?

What we were left with was this list of the eight best cat trees for large cats. They pass our high standards, so we think even the most prim, proper, and fussy kitties will like them too.

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