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Furniture Defender Cat Scratching Guard

What Others Are Saying

Protect Your Furniture With Furniture Defender CAT SCRATCH GUARD

Some of the users who have already tried it out have had these to say about it

Ever since I acquired this couch cover, my furniture has been spared of the ugly scratch marks that have been in existence since time immemorial

I can now breathe a sigh of relief because of my furniture being assured of safety from scratches.

My visitors are now spared of the ugly marks that have been the order of the day all along

The couch cover is very durable and scratch-resistant. It is thus a very worthy purchase indeed!I like the fact that it is flexible and pliable enough for easy use

Best Couch & Furniture Protectors For Cats In 2021 Reviews & Top Picks

We all love our cats, but nothing tears up furniture faster than a pair of sharpened cat claws. That isnt even counting wear due to kneading and the potential build-up of fur. When everything is taken into account, our cats can do quite a bit of damage to our furniture! Luckily, there is an array of couch and furniture protectors that are designed to fend off the damage caused by our furry friends. Of course, not all protectors are made equally. Some of them hardly protect couches and furniture at all. We reviewed the best furniture guards & cat-proof couch covers here so you can choose an option that actually works.

Couch Guard The Cat Claw Protector Pinless Self

In case youre looking to use see-through plastic scratch protector guards on something like leather, wood, glass, and thus are looking for a way to get scratch guards to stick without upholstery screw-pin fasteners, these adhesive types of protector pads are the way to go. Usually, the glue adhesive on the back isnt sticky enough to damage the furniture pieces youre placing them on, but do read recent reviews before you purchase anything. Even if a company traditionally has wonderful reviews, you never know, sometimes products are changed slightly out of necessity or to make a higher profit and so youll want to make sure people are happy with the most recent outputs, especially as anything too sticky could screw up whatever youre placing on more than the scratches themselves.

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Approved By Cat Lovers

Impressed with results and very clean look

Adhesive works so well that I only used the pins when rounding the corners. The pins are clear and barely noticeable. Great product.

Awesome product!!

LOVE these, they are keeping our new couch from getting torn up! Would buy again and again!

Great product!

Put these on my new recliner to protect it from the damage my cat did to my sofa already. Working great!

So much more than expected

My cat has been pouting all morning because he canât get on his back and ride along the bottom of my ottoman like a tram train or something.

If you have cat’s, this is a must have.

Wish I found these sooner. They work perfectly.

High quality shields

The shields are thick and high quality and they come with some handy pins that secure the shields in place.

Every cat owner needs this!

This product actually worked to stop my cat from scratching my brand new sofa, while looking pretty decent.

Buy this, you won’t regret it

I really like this product! I was able to peel it off when I put in on unevenly and stick it back on. Itâs rigid enough that it isnât hard to line up, or messy!

Laminet Wall Shield Pet Scratch Guard

4PCS Cat Scratch Furniture Clear Premium Heavy Duty ...

Now, if your cat is scratching up the wall, youre likely going to have a lot more limited options when it comes to what to do especially if you dont want to damage or screw or nail anything into your wall. These Laminet wall shields are a great solution, as they come with little Velcro branded circular pads that stick onto the back of the scratch guard and onto the spot on the wall where your cat likes to scratch. Because they are fastened with Velcro, theyre easily removable and replaceable, and as said before, dont damage your wall at all. A great idea, in my opinion.

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Roliat Cat Furniture Protector

  • Simple set up
  • Will attach to many surfaces
  • Shatterproof
  • Flexible material
  • Strong & thick
  • May come unstuck with time without pins
  • If pins are used it will stick a hole in your furniture
  • Material is reflective and reduces the visual appeal

What I appreciate about this Roliat cat furniture protector

This protector from Roliat is another offering that is just simple to set up. No tools are required to get up and running . It will also attach to many surfaces, not just leather. This is including wood, glass, etc.

This material is strong and thick. It is deemed as shatterproof, meaning it can deal with the impact of your kitty. It uses non-toxic plastic to make it safer to use.

If you have furniture with slight contours and curves, I mean, which furniture doesnt? Then, you will be happy to know it is a flexible material, which makes this easier to deal with.

In summary, if you are looking for a protector that is simple to set up, is flexible and uses non-toxic material, then this one sounds great for you.

What I do not appreciate about this Roliat cat furniture protector

With this protector, you have the option to use pins to hold it in place, or just use the adhesive to stick it down. If you opt for the latter, you may notice that, in time, it may become un-stuck.

However, the trade-off is, if you opt to use the pins, is that it will require pin-pricks in your precious leather furniture, which you may not love, are you with me?

Cat Clawing Up Your Crib Try These Furniture Cat Scratch Protectors

October 26, 2018 –

There are quite a large number of places cats can and often do scratch up in a household, and their top pick is not always the couch.

Some cats prefer scratching up mattresses, dining room chairs, or even walls. Its not unheard of for a cat to go so far as scratching up doors, though its certainly less common than a cat taking claws to rugs or sofas.

No matter where your cat is currently scratching, if the end result is something youre not pleased with, there are measures you can take to minimize or completely rid yourself of your cats poor scratch location choice. And Im absolutely not talking about declawing here. Nor do I think its necessary to fit your cat with temporary nail caps like Soft Claws that cover a cats sometimes viciously sharp nails. These work, and very well, at protecting furniture all while being extremely inexpensive, not altering the incredibly healthy feline scratch behaviour itself, and typically not being at all detrimental to a cat, but in my opinion, they can still be problematic, as if either an outdoor or indoor-only cat accidentally gets lost outdoors, he or she wont be able to climb up trees and fences, let alone hunt, to maintain survival and eventually find his or her way back home.

What am I talking about then, if not declawing and not cat nail caps? Training your cat to stop scratching up furniture .

You can easily do all of the above with a variety of different furniture protecting optoins:

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Your Thoughts On Cat Scratch Guards

What do you think of cat scratch guards? Would you ever use one in your home? Have you?

What types of spots does your cat like to scratch in? Which type of scratch guard do you think works best for that spot? Do you have any more ideas on protecting furniture, walls, doors, & more from cat scratches?

Cant wait to hear your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Elises Favourite Tip

One of the most frustrating problems Ive had to deal with as a pet parent is staying on top of my cats desire to play. While this is typically hard to do, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves make the job one heck of a lot easier.

The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & kick sticks. I have a slew scattered around the house, so when my cats get bored, even if Im busy or not even home, my furries are able to actively play.

Things To Consider Before Buying This Product

Cat Scratch Guard – Furniture Protector

A couch cover safeguards the external surfaces of valuable furniture such as sofa sets, beds, and resting couches from unnecessary rubbing and friction by cats and other household pets.

This product is ideally suited for the lovers of cats and other household pets but who are also keen on keeping all their furniture in the very best shapes and conditions at all times. It may not mean much, and is hence unsuitable for, persons who do not keep any household pests. Such persons ought to purchase ordinary furniture covers instead.

The following are some of the factors to consider while shopping out for a suitable couch cover:

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The Best Products To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture

  • If your cat has a habit of destroying your furniture, there are some handy products that may help deter them from scratching your sofa, table, and chairs.
  • We rounded up the best products to deter your cat from scratching, including a furniture guard, scratching post, and deterrent spray.

Scratching is a completely natural, healthy behavior for cats. It’s not something they do with a mind for destroying your furniture. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens sometimes.

While you can’t and shouldn’t stop your cat from scratching altogether, there are some products you can use to minimize the damage to your furnishings. A couch scratching post, for example, can give your cat a scratch-friendly surface or a stand-alone scratching post might fulfill their need for scratching elsewhere. Other options include furniture scratching guards to protect upholstered furniture and cat deterrent sprays.

We’ve rounded up our favorite products that will deter your cat from scratching your couch and other furniture.

Prices and links are current as of 8/03/20. Added additional retailers, edited slide copy, and added related guides.

Couch Guard Cat Claw Protection

Scratching for cats is a routine job. Most of the time cats scratch to get rid of old dead claws. Claws are used for the protection of cats from other harmful creatures or animals. That is why cats keep their claws sharp and new.

Scratching any surface in a cats life is a very important process. By scratching their stress levels also drops. Sometimes cats scratch in anger too. To prevent important furniture items cat owners use furniture cat scratching guard. This will not only help to save the furniture but also keep furniture look like new for long period.

Neglecting pets is not a good thing to do. Pets are members of the family and they can not be treated as taken for granted. Pets deserve love and attention. Sometimes to get attention cats to do something which makes their owners angry.

Not always cats attention-seeking works. So they just start doing scratching more and more in the house. There are many luxurious and important things in the house that can be destroyed completely by cat scratching. Sometimes owners just their cats claws but this thing does not work for a long time.

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Viiler Cat Scratcher Pad Velcro Backing Table Chair Couch Leg Wrap

I didnt actually know these types of products existed until I started researching the types of things out there that work as scratch guards for this post.

If youve got a cat who likes to scratch chair, table, couch, or sofa legs, this is probably the best bet a wrap you can easily place, take off, and replace whenever you want.

Why Didn’t We Include Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray

Cat scratch guard furniture protector  Product Mafia

Although a previous version of this guide included scratching deterrent spray, our experts confirmed that they are not helpful for redirecting furniture scratching. “They don’t really work, and they’re an aversive,” said Calder.

In animal behavior, an “aversive” is any tool or technique that uses discomfort, pain, fear, or intimidation to force an animal to change their behavior. Deterrent spray is aversive because it assaults a cat’s extremely sensitive senses of smell and taste, making them sneeze and cough.

Preventing a cat from practicing inappropriate scratching by using scratch tape or furniture guards combined with training that teaches them to love scratching appropriate toys like scratching posts or pads is a more effective long-term strategy for changing their behavior than aversive tools and techniques. “Our goal is not to scare the cat, it’s more about finding out why the behavior is occurring in the first place,” said Calder.

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Reasons Why People Love Cat Furniture Protection

Cats love to scratch on everything. Scratching is like everyday work for cats. They like to scratch when they play with things. They scratch things to show their power to other cats. Scratching a lot causes huge disasters in the house. All the costly furniture will lose its shine and value.

There are two main ways to get the scratching stop. First, you can teach or train your cat not to scratch on the furniture. Additionally, provide them something on which they can do scratching. Secondly, you can buy cat claw defenders for your furniture. Here you dont need to train your cat to where or where the cat can scratch or not.

The Best Scratching Post To Protect Furniture

Nothing is worse than buying a new couch just to have it destroyed by sharp cat claws. To protect your investment, you have a few options, but providing your cat with a scratch-friendly surface is a simple and effective way to keep your furniture from being destroyed. Our top pick for the best couch scratching post is the Sofa-Scratcher Cat Scratching Post & Couch Corner.

Available in a wide range of color options to match any couch, the Sofa-Scratcher is designed to encourage healthy scratching but not at the expense of your furniture. This scratching post fits around the corner of your couch, sliding under the leg for stability and it’s tall enough to give your cat a good stretch. Covered in woven sisal fabric, this post is highly attractive to cats and it will hold up against your cat’s claws much better than your couch would.

A detailed review from Haus Panther describes the Sofa-Scratcher Cat Scratching Post & Couch Corner as attractive and modern-looking in addition to being highly effective. The ultra-thin base fits under the sofa leg to keep the unit firmly in place while your cat scratches away.

Pros: Provides an alternative scratching surface, made from woven sisal fabric, ultra-thin base slides under leg for stability, tall enough to encourage stretching, available in a wide range of colors, works for most couches and sofas

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Made In Usa Furniture Defender Cat Scratch Deterrent Is How To Love Your Pet By Protecting Your Upholstered Furniture Stops Scratching Cats 2 Guards Per Package

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Laminet Thick Crystal Clear Heavy

11 Inch Cat Scratch Guard Furniture Protector

Just want something that plain works? A run-of-the-mill clear plastic couch cover that you can throw on as a temporary measure while youre out of the house, or even while youre in the house, but waiting for emergencies to pass, that can prevent both claws and spills?

Laminets heavy-duty sofa cover seems like a solid bet. These particular furniture covers come in a variety of different sizes, fit for armchairs, recliners, love seats, sectional sofas, and more. If you try these out and find they work perfectly, but need furniture protectors for more than simply sofas or couches, keep in mind that Laminet provide clear plastic furniture proctors for tables and dining room chairs as well.

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