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How Much Is A Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat Price

How to Care for Norwegian Forest Cats – Grooming Your Norwegian Forest Cat

Its sky high! This is the typical statement if one would describe the price of a Norwegian Forest cat. But then, its worth every cent of the amount if you are going to take a closer look at this breed of felines. The price speaks of the features of these cats.

Looking closely, this is one of the oldest domesticated cats and perhaps one of the most, or maybe the most beautiful cat breed. It is familiar to many as Weggie, Skogkatt, Norsk Skogkatt, or Norskskaukatt. The names speak of the place where this breed was born in Norway. Being waterproof is one of the distinguishing features of Norwegian Forest cats. They have multiple layers of fur that make them stand the snow in cold places.

Did you know that the Norwegian Forest Cat Club was established to rescue the remaining species of this breed? This happened because of they almost extinct during World War II when most of them were killed. Consequently, the Vikings were the first breeders of these cats 2000 years ago. These cats have a connection to history.

They mature slowly, but these cats can last up to 14 to 16 years of age. So a family can get to enjoy the presence of a cute cat at home for such a long time.


Get The Cat Food Portions Right

Norwegian Forest Cats are big cats with big appetites. You have to not only feed them high quality food but also the right amounts.

When they are kittens, feed them about cup of cat food every day divided into two or three meals. However, when they are fully grown you should increase this to to ½ cup of food two times a day.

Factors That Influece The Cost Of A Norwegian Cat

The higher demand for the cats made the price tag a bit more steeper in the market. So you can expect to pay a higher price for the cat than usual.

The demands are in no way slowing down, and it is showing no sign of stopping. Norwegian Forest cats are also known to be very nice pets and very useful these are the qualities that lure most people on to this cat. Different factors will play a role in deciding the price for the cats.

Normal lineage of bloodline cost

One of the factors being the lineage of the cat, if the Norwegian Forest cat has a normal bloodline, then they will get sold for $900 and $1,200.

Premium lineage of bloodline cost

A Norwegian Forest cat with a premium bloodline will cost from $1,200 to $4,000. Depending on many factors, the price can change from the low end of the bar to the premium cost. Lineage is one of the key factors that play a major role in deciding the price for the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Getting the cat from a reputable breeder with credentials is the best decision you can take if you want to get a healthy cat.

The price will not stay consistent, the demand for the cat always shafts the price up to and down. Make sure to keep an eye on the price tracking to get the best deal in the market. Make sure to choose the cat that you want to have rather than getting the most expensive one since they will be used for different purposes for someone who wants a cat just as a pet.

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Level Of Care By The Breeder

There are many other costs of care that go into raising a kitten that end up inflating the final price you pay. But its all for good reason those vet visits, food and toy purchases, vaccinations, genetic tests, etc. are all necessary to raise a healthy, well-adapted kitten.

Recognizing that a higher cost is a sign of a high quality breeder is important because there are plenty of backyard breeders out there enticing buyers with ultra-low prices. Any Norwegian Forest Cat that is being offered for under $400 is a big red flag, and could mean the cat has not been properly cared for, is being sold much sooner than they should be as a kitten, or theyre not even a purebred Norwegian Forest Cat.

Some things that go into the cost of a purebred cat from a breeder are:

  • Regular examinations and a clear bill of health by a licensed veterinarian
  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • All necessary vaccinations up to date
  • Deworming
  • Food to help you transition

Whats The Price Of Norwegian Forest Cat Kittens

Feline 411: All About Norwegian Forest Cats

The price of a Norwegian Forest Cat will vary based on a few different factors, like the color of each kitten, the pedigree lineage of each parent, and whether theyre bred as a show cat or a family pet. You should expect to pay somewhere between $500-$1,500 for your new kitten. Some breeders will even travel to Norway and import their breeding stock from there, and these kittens may be even more expensive.

While you might see kittens advertised for what seems like a bargain price, dont be sucked in without first doing your research. You may end up with a mixed breed kitten thats simply being advertised as a Norwegian Forest Cat or a non-health-tested kitten, which can lead to expensive vets bills.

Its important to take the time to find a reputable breeder who can answer all your questions.

  • Whether you can meet both parent cats
  • Meeting the litter of kittens in person
  • Any health tests carried out on both kittens and parent cats
  • References from previous clients

If a breeder cant answer those questions or is unwilling to let you visit their facilities, we caution against trusting them to provide you with a healthy kitten.

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Do Norwegian Forest Cats Live In The Wild

Longhaired cats that shed water with ease are much more adapted to the colder, northern climate. For centuries the Norwegian forest cat was exactly that. It lived in forests, and was only a popular figure among farmers who valued its hunting abilities. Wild cats can still be found on some farms in Norway to this day.

So Youre Thinking About Gettinga Norwegian Forest Cat

AppearanceNorwegian forest cats are a natural breed, meaning that they evolved over time through natural selection, and not through human-led breeding programmes. This means they have adapted to meet the demands of their northern homelands, and have very dense, waterproof coats to protect them against often harsh weather conditions. This coat, along with their large, muscular bodies and full, swishing tail, is what gives them the wild look that makes them such favourites with pet owners.

Norwegian forest cat personalityPerhaps luckily for us, the Norwegian forest cats personality does not live up to its wild history or appearance. They are sweet, gentle and a little shy around new people but also very friendly and sociable after you win their trust. Once comfortable, they enjoy human companionship and thrive in a family environment. They also get on well with other pets and children even younger ones, as they have the good sense to make themselves scarce if things get too boisterous!

Norwegian forest cat vital statisticsNorwegian forest cats are large with robust, muscular bodies males can weigh 4.5-7.5kgs, and females 3.5-5.5kgs. Properly cared for and fed a good diet that meets their nutritional needs, Norwegian forest cats can expect to live for 14 to 16 years.

Norwegian forest cat health problemsNorwegian forest cats are generally very healthy cats because they are a natural breed they suffer few of the hereditary problems that other breeds face.

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The Difference In The Tails

Both the Maine Coon cat and the Norwegian Forest cat have long, fluffy tails that are their pride and joy. Both the Maine Coon cat and the Norwegian Forest cat have thick, full, plume like tails are as long as the cat’s body.

The Norwegian Forest cat’s tail is more tapered with full and flowing hair. The Maine Coon cat’s tail tapers to a more bushy end.

How To Satisfy Your Wegies Taste Buds

Norwegian Forest Cat 101 – Learn EVERYTHING About Them!

Make sure that the food you get for your cat meets the guidelines of the American Association of

Feed Control Officials. Following the requirements will ensure that your cat is receiving the right food. It is not that necessary to stick with marketing terms like ânatural,â â super-premium,â âpremium,â and etc., which have no proper set definition.

And to make more sure, try asking your vet which type of cat food they would suggest for your feline friend. When youâve made your choice, let your Wegie do a cat food taste test. If your cat takes and likes it and doesnât show any discomfort while eating, then the food is an excellent choice.

However, if your cat doesnât take the food you give them, you need to provide other options. If your cats donât like the food you offered, they might lead to hunger. They might stop eating, and a high risk of liver failure or death may occur. If you ever decided to switch foods, you must bring in the new food bit by bit, in small proportion over a week. This will make it easier for your cat to adjust.

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Recurring Costs For Norwegian Forest Cats

Owning a pet isnt cheap and all the more so for these big cats. A lot of costs lie on the road ahead of you, with some of the more notable ones being vet expenses and travel expenses, as well as food, medicine, and accessories.

While you wont have to spend money on a shelter for your cat as you would for a dog, a good carrier will come in handy when traveling by plane.

A good product should be durable and well-made, have sufficient ventilation and privacy. It also should be large enough for your cat to fit comfortably but small enough to bring in an airplane cabin, and shouldnt weigh too much.

The Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier meets these requirements and only costs about $73. Its definitely a superb investment for your Wegie.

Depending on the airline that youve chosen to fly with, a health certificate valid within a certain period of time will need to be presented. All shots should be up-to-date as well.

A USDA-approved health certificate will cost between $121 and $173, while vaccinations and additional services at a clinic like the Hayden Meadows Pet Clinic in Oregon are as follows:

  • Dental $585.00
  • Feline Leukemia Virus test $32.00
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus test $32.00
  • FeLV test/ FIV test $65.00
  • Full exam $38.00
  • Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, & Panleukopenia $32.00
  • Home Again chip $76.00
  • Stool/Fecal exam $40.00
  • Toe Nail trim $27.00

Bathe Your Cat Once A Month

I know this seems like something only crazy people would do, but bathing your cat once a month can drastically reduce the amount theyre shedding. Most cats absolutely hate water unless theyre drinking it. But Norwegian Forest cats have been known to play in the water sometimes. Now, they still may not enjoy their bath because its not on their terms its necessary to prevent excessive shedding.

If you dont want to be the bad guy in your cats eyes, paying a visit to a groomer can make the bathing process easier for you. Plus, while theyre at the groomers for a bath, they can go ahead and brush through their thick coat for you, so you only have to brush them yourself once a week.

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The Pricing Of Norwegian Forest Cats

They are handsome, you can assume the price tag will suit that factor. Norwegian Forest cats are imported directly from Europe.

They are one of the most popular breeds in the world. The number one reason why they are so expensive compared to other breeds available in the market all depends on their genes.

The genes they carry are very popular amongst breeders in the US. From Europe, importing Norwegian Forest cats will cost over $1,500. Thats the amount per kitten, increasing the amount will have you deal with more fees.

You will easily find websites that sell reputable and high-quality Norwegian Forest cats with various ages and colors of the cat breed.

The price here will generally stay between $600 to $900. The different breeds will also require their own pricing requirements. The pricing point will never stay consistent, as it always drops and goes up in the same month.

It can be very difficult for any person to get their hand on these cats. Most of them will have to be imported from Europe, as this will take the initial charge and the money they need to pay as a fee.

Why Are Norwegian Forest Cats Rare

The Norwegian Forest Cat

This breed of cat used to be native to Norway before it traveled overseas. Some say that they ventured on boats belonging to the Vikings. However, in modern day they began to receive attention after a group of breeders first entered one into a show before World War 2.

After the breed was entered into the show, breeders fought to keep NFCs in the show halls. A dedicated team of breeders created an official breeding program so they wouldnât go extinct. Nowadays, in the US, there is a devoted following to the Norwegian Forest Cat, and they are extremely popular.

Compared to other breeds, there arenât as many people breeding Norwegian Forest cats. This is the reason why they are so rare and often cost a lot of money to buy. It is even rarer to find this breed to adopt from a facility. Most of the time they will be an older cat which someone gave up.

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Best Cat Food For Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest cats are fluffy, beautiful, and playful cats that can make any house a home. Deciding to adopt one of these cats is just the beginning of making important decisions regarding your new furry friends life. So, youre getting ready to welcome your new Norwegian Forest cat into your home but arent sure what to feed them. There are hundreds and hundreds of types of cat food online and in brick and mortar stores, making it harder to know what the best food for your furry best friend is.

Feeding your Norwegian Forest cat the best food for them will not only keep their bellies full but can improve their overall health and even reduce shedding. Before you purchase just any cat food, take few minutes to consider what food works well for this cat breed.


How Long Does It Take For A Norwegian Cat To Reach Its Full Size

One perk of going for the Norwegian Forest feline is that you will get to enjoy his kittenhood far longer than the other cat breeds out there. It has been estimated that this kitty will take about 5 years to reach his full physical maturity!

This would mean that he would continue retaining his playful personality and kitten-ish nature. Hell exhibit great levels of energy and thirst to explore his surroundings. However, his little playtime will eventually turn into a sort of hunting training that the breed is well-known for.

On another note, it is most vital to get to know the cat breed that you are aiming to have. Kittenhood is a vital stage for all cats requiring all owners to provide them with complete & balanced meals to prevent growth stunts. If a Norwegian cat owner who isnt knowledgeable about the length of her cats kitty stage switches to an adult cat food after just a year, this might cause growth complications to her pet.

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Norwegian Forest Cat Lifespan

The average lifespan of the Norwegian Forest Cat isnt much different from that of the traditional domesticated cat, although it is a bit narrower and a bit longer. While an indoor cat is generally expected an age of between 10 and 15 years, wegies tend to live between 14 and 16 years.

Two factors that mute the lifespan of this breed are their genetic predisposition to heart and kidney diseases. Glycogen storage disease type IV is more common in this breed than in the average cat but although it can be lethal, its important to remember that its still very rare.

Pet Norwegian Forest Cat Price

NORWEGIAN Forest Cat Vs SIBERIAN Cat – Best Ways To Identify Them

Pet quality means the kitten may have certain visual flaws which are mostly only relevant inside the show ring that will prevent the cat from being shown.

But the kitten is perfectly sound in all other ways and has a great temperament to be a pet cat.

Not surprisingly, the Norwegian Forest cat price the breeder charges will be higher for show quality kittens.

If you are seeking a pet Norwegian Forest cat, be sure to let the breeder know this and ask if the price is lower.

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Do Norwegian Forest Cats Like To Play In The Water

Norwegian Forest cat has a water-resistant and thick coat, which keeps their body warm and dry, and sometimes they would swim. They are also known to catch fish from streams or lakes.

These cats likes to play in water, this brings them back to their roots- hunting in the wild forest of Norway. Until today they still got that instinct and their affinity with water.

Buyers Guide & General Care Tips

Purchasing and owning a legendary kitty like the Norwegian Forest Cat definitely entails more than what youd typically do when browsing online or window shopping for pets.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that youre amply prepared in choosing the right kitty for you:

  • Take your time finding a registered and reputable breeder.
  • Be wary if a kitty is being offered at a price that is way below the expected amount.
  • Learn more about the kittens parents and history before making a decision.
  • If possible, check the living conditions in the cattery to ensure cleanliness.
  • Be on the lookout for possible temperament issues.
  • Make sure that you have all the right equipment before you bring a new cat home.
  • Research local vets in the area so that you know where to bring your kitty during emergencies.
  • Get yourself mentally prepared to handle the energy of a Norwegian Forest cat.
  • Buy a good stainless-steel comb or brush to help with daily grooming.
  • Wegies are very particular about their hygiene, so make sure the litter box is clean at all times.
  • They also have a tendency to roam outdoors, so keep a sturdy boundary in place.
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