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How To Paint A Cat Face

Kitty Cat Face Painting Final Touches

Face Painting and Makeup : How to Make a Cat’s Nose & Whiskers With Makeup

Because the white flower petals seemed to disappear in the white background I decided to outline them with a small brush and some blue to make them more visible.

With a blending brush, I faded the muzzle lines a bit and the lines at the inner corners of the eyes .

Finally, I added some small white whisker dots and some whiskers to my kitty face paint design.

My girly kitty cat face painting is finished!

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Read our Professional and Beginners guides for a complete look into everything you need to know about face painting!

Tips For Creating Cat Faces

No matter what type of cat face you’re creating, follow these tips to help make it a success:

  • Start on the interior of the face and move out to the edges, blending different colors as you go.
  • Highlight the areas around the mouth and nose with white, even for darker cat faces, to allow detail to show through
  • Always use a thin liquid liner or face paint to go back in for the whiskers so they stand out clearly against the face paint.

Doing A Grumpy Cat Design

  • 1Use white paint for the center of the face. Begin with white paint or white, creamy eye shadow. You will use this to create the white streak down Grumpy Cats face and around his eyes. Start in the center of the forehead. Paint a streak that is about an inch wide down your face until you reach the bridge of your nose. From there, it should get wider. The white paint should cover your nose, inner cheeks, jaw, and lips.XResearch source
  • You can use a white lipstick for your lips instead of paint.
  • 2Apply brown paint or bronzer to the rest of the face. Cover the rest of the face with a light brown paint or golden brown bronzer. Make sure it doesnt run into or blend with the white paint. Since Grumpy Cats eyes are darker than the rest of the face, you can use a darker color or apply the paint or bronzer heavier around your eyes.XResearch source
  • 3Paint on a light pink nose. You can use light pink paint or lip liner. Its okay if you have covered your nose in white paint. The light pink paint or lip liner will cover the white paint. Cover the tip of the nose and nostrils with the paint. Bring the paint just below the nose to create a point, similar to a cats nose. You can mix the paint with a light brown at the point for a more realistic look.XResearch source
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    Make Up Tutorial Instructions

    Using the sponge applicator, paint pink around the eyes, nose and top lip area. Dab and fill white on forehead, sides of face and down nose.

    Paint whiskers around top lip, leave a gap down the centre. Add white under the eyes and down sides of nose and eyebrows.

    Add more white fleck details around eyes. Paint and fill in nose with blue.

    Paint blue line down centre of top lip and along top lip, turn up at the ends and add dots.

    Add blue lines under white lines and around eyebrows. Use pink to add highlight details on forehead and nose.

    Tidy up lines by going over with pink. Finally, add whiskers with black.

    Painting A Basic Cat Face

    Pin by karolina mallqui on Face Painting
  • 1Prepare the person. Have the person whose face youre painting sit down on a comfortable chair, stool or, other seat. The seat should be at a height that you can reach with ease. If the person has long hair, put it back in a ponytail to make sure that the hair stays out of their face.
  • 2Begin with the cat ears on the forehead area. These are fairly standard. Draw two triangles on the forehead with the chosen color. Draw a smaller pink triangle inside to represent the inner ear area. Color in the inner ear triangle with the face paint, making it completely pink XResearch source.

    The color and shape may change slightly depending on the type of cat youre painting.


  • 3Design the nose. The nose is usually a simple black shape that covers the tip of the nose and the nostrils. There are, however, several options for the nose. Two of the options are: XResearch source
  • Option one: Draw an upside down triangle on the tip of the nose. Even up the sides after drawing it, then paint it in completely. It is usually black or pink, but the color can vary, depending on which face paints you have.
  • Option two: Paint around the nostrils. Paint the chosen color for the nose just above the nostrils, continuing to paint the chosen color up the bridge of the nose. Add some black just above the nostrils. Finish by drawing a straight line from the nose base that extends down to the lip.
  • You could also try a combination of both of these suggested options.
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    Defining The Ideal Shape

    After putting on the base, I outlined the ears with a blue and white split cake using a small angle brush . I tried to pay attention to the shape of the strokes and the shape of the outline in total. It is more beautiful when the strokes are not all the same size and the outline is not simply straight.

    Using a 1-inch flat brush, I then outlined the forehead and cheeks with a beautiful green split cake combination from Silly Farms Arty Brush line, called Aussie Mermaid. Again, I watched the size of my strokes, trying to gradually diminish the size of the strokes from the center to the sides of the forehead and from the top of the cheeks to the nose on the cheek area.

    Symmetry is extremely important in these types of designs, our article 7 Steps for Symmetrical Face Painting Designs will help you achieve a flawless result.

    Paint The Kitty Cat Nose And Muzzle Area

    I painted the nose and muzzle area with black and softened the nose with a blending brush. Next, I painted the lower lip with a metallic dark green and added light blue glitter .

    To tie everything together I outlined the whole design in black, with a small round brush . I gave my kitty face paint a black eyeliner and girly eyelashes and added some dots between the cheeks and the muzzle.

    Tip: Check out our 5 Tips for Crisp Lines in Face Painting blog post and learn how to achieve stunning results with your linework.

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    How To Paint A Cat

    Getting a pet portrait just right can be tough. It takes the use of different pictures as well as observation of the subject. The Art of Painting Animals provides tips and tricks on how to perfectly paint your feline friend in acrylic.

    A beautiful tabby cat named Tabatha is the subject of this painting. Whenever I paint a pet portrait, I ask for multiple of photos taken at different angles and different times of the day. Viewing several photographs taken in different lighting helps you judge the colors you need for your portrait.

    Color Palettealizarin crimson bright green burnt sienna burnt umber cadmium red cadmium yellow flesh tint Mars black Paynes grey quinacridone maroon raw sienna raw umber titanium white ultramarine blue yellow ochre

    Step 1 After working out my composition, I sketch a closeup of Tabathas face onto the canvas. I mix cadmium red, alizarin crimson hue, quinacridone maroon, and flesh tint to create the vivid red background color. Then I use a wide, flat hog-hair brush to paint in different directions, achieving a mottled yet blended effect. Next I outline her eyes and nose with Mars black and put a base color of bright green on her eyes.

    Step 4 Next I paint the midtone area, using yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, and cadmium red. I refer to the photograph as I work to ensure I place the markings in the right places.

    How To Face Paint A Cat References

    Cat Face Painting Tutorial

    How To Face Paint A Cat. paint the cat in black using a small round brush. Add some strokes in between.

    Another interesting thing about kids is how they try to mimic what they see, especially if they find it interesting. As a beginner, you may not need singular colors in larger amounts, but some colors get used far quicker than the others.

    Blend your shading color along the edges of the cats face and down its nose. Browse 491 cat face paint stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images.

    Blue tiger kitty face paint tiger face paints face. paint the cat in black using a small round brush.

    . Add some strokes in between.

    Cat makeup kid costume cat. Another interesting thing about kids is how they try to mimic what they see, especially if they find it interesting.

    Cheshire cat face paint face painting. As a beginner, you may not need singular colors in larger amounts, but some colors get used far quicker than the others.

    Easy cat face painting with metallic gold and chunky. Blend your shading color along the edges of the cats face and down its nose.

    Face paint a cat face day of the dead girl cat nose. Browse 491 cat face paint stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images.

    Face painting kitty cat girl face painting cat girl. Cat face paint easy kids.

    Face painting cat face painting designs. Cat looks are among the most popular face paint designs.

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    Childrens Cat Face Paint Tutorial

    This adorable cat Make-Up tutorial is a great way to bring plenty of fun to any kids party.

    This quick and easy childrens face painting tutorial is perfect for adding the finishing touches to any kids fancy dress. The bright pinks, and blues are fun and exciting, however, you can experiment with other colour combinations too! Let them discover their wild side and complete the costume with cat ears, tail and collar, and theyre ready to party! Alternatively, the deluxe midnight cat costume comes with a cute dress, cat ears, and a cat tail! Finish the look with a Smiffys Cool Cat costume Our easy to follow step by step videos will help you create the ultimate transformation. Visit for more information on our face paints. Smiffys Make-Up FX are professional standard face and body paints that are simple to apply and easy to remove. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and complying with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations you can be sure of a product that is safe and easy to use.

    Start With The Basics Then Get Creative

    This was just a tiny sampling of the designs you could choose from to create a cat face painting on a child. From the simple to the complex, they all look good once you master how to design the nose, whiskers, and mouth of the cat. Get those down, and it’s very easy to go from there and add your own little touch of creativity to the look.

    Now you can do your ownno more relying on the skills of someone in a paint booth at a fair! No matter what design you and your child choose, it’s a great win for everyone involved. No one tires of cat face painting as a Halloween costume or at a festivalit’s a classic!

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    Cat Face Paint Made Easy

    By | Submitted On August 02, 2010

    How to Paint a Cat Face on a Child

    All kids can enjoy getting a face painting of a cat, the only difference is the paint colors you choose. Little girls will want their cat face paint to be pretty and sparkly, and boys might want a more fierce looking cat. Begin the kitty face painting with an application of the main color over the center of the face. The face paint should extend above the eyebrows for pointed cats ears, and down in a mask shape at the lower edge.

    Now use black face paint to draw on cat ears. You will also use the black paint to define the cat face at the sides and draw on some fur on the lower cheeks and between the cat ears. Add more color to the cheek area if your main kitty face paint color is white or pale. If you used a dark color for the first application of paint, add some white paint over the child’s top lip. You can then dot on some whisker holes with black paint on a fine brush.

    To create a cat’s mouth, draw a black line from nose to mouth and another along the top lip. The finishing touch to this cat design is a generous application of face glitter.

    Cat Face Painting for Older Girls / Women

    Alternative Cat Face Paint Ideas

    You don’t have to limit your kitty face painting to a domestic cat design. Why not consider a big cat such as a lion, tiger or leopard? If you are an experienced face painter, you could even try to copy the colors and markings of the family cat!

    < 5> draw The Mouth And Chin

    Fantasy Face Painting: Plaid Kitty Cat Face Painting

    There is a single line running under the cats nose, which leads to the mouth.The mouth and chin will be drawn to be smaller.

    The beard grows from the bulge between the nose and mouth.Depending on the deformity and your preference, you may be able to omit it, but if you want to draw the beard, the width of the shoulder Its best to draw about 3 strands on each side of the picture, about the length of the picture.

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    Simple And Easy Cat Face For Your Child

    We’ll start off with some easy designs for those less experienced at face painting. As you can see in this first example, it’s extremely simple to design a cute cat face.

    This face painting includes almost all the basic features of a cat. The only thing you could say is missing is the ears .

    Look how easy it issimply add:

    • A set of wavy lines over the eyebrows
    • “Cat eye” makeup, accomplished with a line drawn to the side of each eye
    • Three lines on each cheek for whiskers
    • Three dots above the top lip
    • A nose colored black
    • A straight line going from the nose to the top lip
    • A soft touch of black on the lips to make them appear like those of a cat

    Best of all, I would bet it took no more than five minutes to complete this cat face, which really looks cute on the little girl.

    Add a cat costume, and she’s ready to go in no time.

    Here’s a full cat head painted on a little boy.


    How To Face Paint A Cat

    Draw & paint the cat then i drew the cat with pencil.Draw an ear above each eyebrow, fur over the childs cheeks, and the bottom of the cats face along the childs upper lip.Female hand with a brush paints the face of a child before the holiday.From halloween to costume parties and face painting events, a cat face is a universal favorite.

    How to paint a cat with face paint.Im always trying to update my designs, experimenting with different shapes, colors, embellishments.If youre hoping to experiment with face paint but dont want to drop too much cash, this simple creatology set, which is recommended for kids 6 and up, will help satisfy your curiosity.It comes in 12 different colors and a simple skinny paintbrush.

    Learn how to paint a cat face from face painting expert emma sadler in this howcast video.Paint whisker pads on the top of the lip leading to the centre of the cheeks.Photograph of a child with painted cat face on white background.Rainbow cat face painting is feeling excited.

    See more ideas about cat face, face painting halloween, face painting.See more ideas about cat face, halloween makeup, face painting.See more ideas about face painting designs, face painting, cat face.See more ideas about face painting, cat face, kitty face paint.

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    Ideas For Cat Jack O Lantern Faces +free Pumpkin Cat Face Stencil

    I have provided you with lots of pumpkin cat carving ideas but you can easily mix it up a little. You can use star or heart shaped eyes for a starry eyed cat, or love heart cat as I like to call them. I like the spooky cat face carving shown in the video below.

    Please feel free to copy my cheeky pumpkin cat carving . I know its not perfect but I had a seriously sore hand so had to take shortcuts! I would class it as one of the easy pumpkin carving ideas.

    Another idea is to paint this little guy black! We all know witches have black cats at Halloween so if we turned this dark we could say it was the witches Jack O Lantern.

    In fact you could always paint it black and then add eyes and a mouth in white paint if you want a no carve idea for your Pumpkin Cat. I have tons of cool painted pumpkin ideas in my locker for little kids!

    Not A Fan Of Pumpkin Cat Carvings But Still Want A Pumpkin Cat

    How to Paint a Cat | Face Painting

    If you love the idea of having a pumpkin decorated as a cat this year but do not want to do any carving you need to try and paint one! Yep I have a great one over on my list of best painted pumpkin ideas but I also have some other ideas too.

    You can always do a partial painted pumpkin and a partial carving! How about painting your pumpkin black, after all most Halloween cats are this color, then you could carve out some eyes and whiskers. You could attach black cardboard ears onto the pumpkin.

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