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Kit Kaboodle Cat Food Review

An Overview On The First Five Ingredients

Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food | Chewy

Ground yellow corn

As you might expect, this ingredient is simply yellow corn that has been ground into meal or flour. As with any other corn ingredient in cat food, this is a very controversial ingredient. Cats are obligate carnivores and do not receive much of any nutritional value from plant based and grain based ingredients. While its true that cats will eat the stomach contents of their prey in the wild, which usually includes plant based products, it is only consumed in small amounts and doesnt really add any health benefits. Usually, this ingredient can be found in lower priced cat food because it can be used as a very cheap filler to help make your cat feel more full. However, since corn is a rather difficult to digest, many cats may have problems with this food. In addition, corn is one of the most well known food allergens for cats. While your cat may not suffer from corn allergies, it is a very common problem and one of the big reasons why this ingredient is so controversial.

Corn gluten meal

Meat and bone meal

Soybean meal

Animal fat

So Whats The Secret To Identifying Bad Cat Food

When choosing cat food, you should rely on a combination of reading labels and shopping by brand. Label literacy is fundamental. Learning to intelligently read labels puts you ahead of the vast majority of the cat food consumer population.

Once you know what youre looking for in a food, you can start to think about brand reputation. When you know that you can trust the company youre buying from, youll feel more comfortable feeding your cat food from that company.

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Looking For A Cheap Cat Food That Your Cat Will Love

My cats have had problems in the past with puking up certain cat foods so we have tried several different ones. We started with Purina Cat Chow Indoor formula but they really puked that up. We switched to Friskies Indoor formula and they loved it but it just got a little too expensive for my liking. Then we switched to Meow Mix which is great but again getting too expensive. We then found this cat food one night at Walmart. We decided to give it a try because it was so inexpensive. We took it home and fed some to our herd of cats. They DEVOURED it…we have been buying ever since. So not only does this keep your cats happy but it can keep you happy by keeping more money in your wallet.Quality of IngredientsI don’t like the idea that cheap cat foods are made of corn meal or other things that aren’t really good for pets but not everyone can afford the good stuff made of real meats.Flavor SelectionThis only comes in 2 flavors but my cats LOVE both the original and the Indoor formula. I can buy either and they are happy for a week.


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Package & Kaboodle Dry Cat Meals

In line with the bag, Package & Kaboodle Dry Cat Meals is hen, liver, turkey, and ocean fish taste. Nonetheless, there arent really a lot of these precise elements within the cat meals. The primary ingredient is floor yellow corn. That is only a low cost filler that doesnt supply a lot dietary worth. Its low cost, although, which permits the corporate to maintain its costs so low. The subsequent few elements are low-quality plant merchandise as properly, together with corn gluten meal and soybean meal. Each of those are excessive in protein. Nonetheless, cats arent good at absorbing vitamins from crops. Subsequently, whereas they elevate the protein content material of the meals, your cat is probably going unable to get a lot from these few elements.

Lastly, meat and bone meal is the fourth ingredient. Whereas it is a type of meat, its pretty low high quality. You dont know what meat it comes from. It may actually be something. If it was one thing high-quality, the supply would have been listed. Subsequently, its protected to imagine that this meat is probably going one thing that you justd somewhat your pet not have.

There are different meat elements on this meals, although. As an example, hen by-product meal is included. This isnt as low high quality as meat and bone meal, however its nonetheless on the low-quality facet. Issues like turkey by-product meal and fish meal are included as properly.


  • Low in protein

Bha Bht And Ethoxyquin

Purina Kit &  Kaboodle Indoor Dry Cat Food, Indoor, 13 lb ...

These chemical preservatives have been linked to organ disease, cancer, and skin problems. Its easy to avoid BHA and BHT by selecting foods preserved with mixed tocopherols .

Ethoxyquin is more stealthy while its often not added to pet food itself, it can sneak a ride in with fish meal.

Because of the risk of dangerous preservatives entering the food at various points on the supply chain, its important to choose a transparent, communicative company that closely monitors their suppliers.

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Purina Kit And Kaboodle Cat Food Review


When you are thinking about giving the appropriate nutritious food for your kitty, you need to know the proper information about cat foods.

Purina Kit and Kaboodle Indoor is an adult cat dry food. It provides your cat with a variety of tastes in their daily food habit.

To fulfill your kitty needs you can give this dry food to your cat. This dry food gives your kitty an enjoyable food experience every mealtime.

This Purina kit and kaboodle indoor adult dry cat food review will help you to inform you of everything you need to know about thebest dry cat food buying guide.

If you are in the position to pay money for, this article will ease you to the precise pay for a situation and depart you feeling pleased with your comfy choice.

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My Kitty Really Love His Kit N’ Kaboodle

Kit N Kaboodle was a great choice that I made for my cat. Smokey Joe is 10 years old and rather picky on the food and treats that he is. I had tried several other before finding Kit N Kaboodle and instantly, Smokey Joe started eating this food, like there was no tomorrow. I have found that Kit N Kaboodle is very easy for Smokey Joe to digest and does not leave much odor. I would rate Kit N Kaboodle with a 5 star and would be happy to tell other people about this product.


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What Different Customers Are Saying

The evaluations of this meals are combined. Some individuals reported that their cats had been wholesome on this meals. That they had shiny coats and loads of power. Others claimed that their cats usually vomited this meals or started to realize extra weight.

Not each cat goes to reply to meals the identical manner. Many cats will act simply tremendous on low-quality meals, solely to develop a persistent well being situation later. Different cats react instantly to meals that doesnt sit properly of their abdomen. Typically, cats might vomit as a consequence of different issues, like an underlying sickness.

In lots of of those evaluations, its not clear precisely why the cats had been vomiting, nor do we all know if the meals was really wholesome for the opposite cats. For that reason, all these evaluations have to be taken with a grain of salt. We dont know if different elements had been concerned in affecting the conduct and well being of the cats.

There have been just a few those who reported that their cats wouldnt eat it. As a result of the kibble is all totally different sizes and flavors, some cats might pick the items that they like and go away the others within the bowl. This may be annoying and sometimes results in a lot of the meals not being consumed.

Nonetheless, different choosy cats liked it. Like with most cat meals, it appears to be largely cat-dependent. Some cats completely love this meals, whereas others dont prefer it.

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General Mills Cat Food Brands

Hopefully, by now youre seeing a trend.

We have major corporations that make junk food for humans. And theyre also making junk food for our cats.

General Mills, a cereal company, owns all Blue Buffalo products.

At this point, it should come as no surprise that a cereal manufacturing company also owns cat food companies.

Many of these products contain high amounts of cereals and grains.

Also, think about it like this

All companies say that their cat food is the best. But why are there so many brands within the same company?

If it was truly the best, they wouldnt need to create 7 different brands, right?

***important Before You Read***

At the end of the day, YOU are responsible for your cat. And YOU have the option to feed or avoid whatever you want.

Just like these manufacturers have the option to produce these brands.

Additionally, cats are sensitive to dietary changes. If you decide to change your cats food, transition cat food slowly.

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What The Ingredients Really Say

The ingredients say a totally different story.

Corn, more corn, and soybean make up the main ingredients. Can you believe it? For meat-eating cats!?

Why arent these ingredients listed on the front of the bag?

The turkey and ocean fish are listed on the ingredients after salt. SALT IS 1%!!! Its absolutely crazy how they can list these ingredients on the front of the bag when theyre almost non-existent on the ingredients list.

The liver we find on the front of the bag isnt significant either, and its not even liver its liver flavor.

This food is basically corn and soybeans with food colorings to trick you as a clueless consumer into thinking this food is good for cats.

Youve heard about food colors being bad, right? In Kit & Kaboodle cat food we find RED 40, YELLOW 5, and BLUE 2.

We find phosphoric acid in the food, something we find in high carbohydrate or rubbishy foods which arent using ingredients appropriate for cats. Its a way of getting the pH back to a suitable range so as not to harm your cat, but youre still feeding colored-corn and soybeans to a carnivore.

It would be wrong for me to ignore the meat content in the food. Thankfully there is some, mostly in the form of meat and bone meal, ambiguous animal fat , and chicken by-product meal, but my guess is this is very poor quality meat. Probably the leftovers thrown out the back of the factory down the road which gives you prime cuts for your dinner.

Good Foodfor Most Cats

Purina Kit &  Kaboodle Dry Cat Food, Original, 22 lb. Bag ...

The food was probably good, very good even. My cats loved it, but it caused problems. We have 5 cats that we fed it to. One cat ended up with a discolored red stool. This isn’t a medical problem, just surprised us. If he had continued eating it, it would have been fine. He would just have had the discolored stool because of the dye in the food. We had another cat that developed diarrhea shortly after starting the food. We went to the vet, and they asked if we had started a new food. When we said yes, they suggested trying another food they’ve already had. Once we switched back, and stopped giving them the kit ‘n kaboodle, the diarrhea, as well as the red stool, went away. We haven’t gone back, & neither problem came back. While I wouldn’t tell someone NOT to get this food, I would suggest to them to keep their eye on any changes in their pets, with ANY food change. It was a great food, and my other cats loved it. It just gave them problems we weren’t wiling to put up with.Quality of IngredientsThe ingredients seem fine. My cats seemed to like this food, even though it caused them problems.Flavor SelectionAlthough it caused problems, my cats really enjoyed the food. They would get excited to eat it, & ate quite a bit, so I know they liked it. 🙂


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My Cat Loved This Food

My cat has always been very hard to find the right cat food that he would eat. Every time he would eat he would get sick and throw up which made me so sick to have to clean up after him. I don’t know why he would do that. So I would switch his cat food again. When I bought the Purina Kit & Kaboodle I didn’t think he would like it but he went to the food bowl and ate it like there was nothing else left in this world. He ate this cat food and didn’t throw up afterwards. I was so happy and my cat seemed to move around more and seems so much happier. He started gaining weight and became a very fat cat from this food. I will never buy anything but this Purina Kit & Kaboodle again.Quality of IngredientsI think that it had a lot of different ingredients that allowed my cat to really enjoy it and not get enough of it.Flavor SelectionThe flavor must have been the best taste that my cat had ever had he never left the bowl till the food was completely gone. He was a very fat cat.


Other Ingredients Of Interest

Chicken by product While this ingredient does provide a high amount of meat protein, this meat source is considered to be of lower quality than many other meat sources. Chicken By-Product is produced through a process of cooking, drying and separation of fats and proteins from animal carcasses. It contains a combination of meat including lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, blood, bone, necks, undeveloped eggs and intestines. Usually, by-products are the left overs that cant be used for human food consumption. The greatest fault of this ingredient is the same trait that makes it so affordable and so commonly found in pet foods. The unpredictability of what might be included.

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Where To Buy Kit & Kaboodle

Kit & Kaboodle is available from Amazon using the link below, but if you go to Amazon, buy something else!

Ingredients of Kit & Kaboodle :

Ground yellow corn, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, meat and bone meal, animal fatpreserved with mixed-tocopherols, chicken by-product meal, animal liver flavor, phosphoric acid, salt,choline chloride, turkey by-product meal, ocean fish meal, taurine, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride,MINERALS , VITAMINS , DL-Methionine, Red40, Yellow 5, Blue 2.

A History Of Recalls Coverups And Scandal

My Cat Eating Kit, n Kaboodle Cat Food

Some cat food brands are plagued with problems. Some facilities have done poorly in FDA inspections. Others have been implicated in crime. Recalls can happen to the best cat food brands, but good brands always handle them gracefully. In contrast, a bad cat food brand becomes even worse when things go wrong. Instead of issuing a recall and being frank about what happened, unscrupulous brands attempt to cover up the problem.

Secondly, recalls shouldnt happen more than once every five years. If your cat lives for fifteen years, and you continue to feed them they same food, they could be exposed to a recall three times or more. Thats gambling with your cats health.

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Who Makes Package & Kaboodle And The Place Is It Produced

Package & Kaboodle is owned by Purina. This firm owns many alternative manufacturers with a wide range of totally different names. Whereas it has cheap cat meals, it additionally makes just a few high-quality choices as properly. Its higher-quality meals choices are sometimes fairly good. Nonetheless, the cheaper choices often arent nice on your cat.

Most of Purinas meals is presently made in the usA. In truth, it claims that 99% of its meals is made in the USA. Lots of its elements are sourced from the usA., although not all. Whereas it claims that its meat typically comes from USDA sources, this doubtless solely applies to its dearer manufacturers, not Package & Kaboodle.

All its distributors do have to fulfill particular necessities. Nonetheless, these tips arent made public.


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