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Make Your Cat Into A Pillow

Why A Custom Cat Pillow

Transform a Sweater into a Comfy Cat Pillow

When you are too lonely, customizing a cat pillow can relieve your loneliness When your cat is too lonely, customizing a cat pillow can accompany it to play with him When your cat is lost or passed away, customizing a cat pillow can accompany you When your child likes cats but is allergic to pet hair, customize a cat pillow to accompany your childs childhood.

We’re Your First Choice For Personalized Bombay Cat Pillows

Our team has designed and developed thousands of personalized gifts. We all love cuddling with our pets. One way to do so, even if they’re not around, is by ordering a custom bombay cat pillow.¬

Our pillows can feature up to three pets, and can go on either a plain or patterned background. Add some decor to your living room by throwing one of these bombay cat pillows on your couch, or have it be a sweet addition to your bed set-up. If you really want to spoil your¬ pup and up the cuteness factor, you can let them use it in their crate for comfort.

Or if you know a bombay cat lover who likes to embellish their house with cute reminders of their pet, a custom bombay cat pillow would be a terrific gift to get them for their birthday, an office secret Santa, or a holiday. Their custom bombay cat pillow will be a fabulous splash of color on their couch or bed and is so plush – perfect for hugging or laying their head down on.

Personalised Cat Shaped Cushion


Turn your awesome cat photos into a custom made personalised cushion shaped like your cat!

Simply upload a photo of your cat or kitten and our design team will transform them into a high quality, super soft, custom shaped pillow of your pet.

The perfect gift for any cat lover to treasure and remember them forever.

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Diy Cat Beds You Can Build Today

Cats love to sleep, snooze, and nap. They can turn almost any surface into a bed. In fact, they will often turn their noses up at the cat bed that you do buy and opt for something else completely.

Below are 16 DIY cat beds that are made using crochet, upcycled wood, or even an old cardboard box and a t-shirt. Most require little equipment and few accessories, and if your cat does ignore it, you can always repurpose it as something else and find an alternative DIY cat bed to try.

We Make Sure Our Pet Pillows Are Durable Cuddly And Awesome

Cat pillows. I want to figure out how to make these.

Our pet pillows are hand-made with the highest quality materials and super soft plush. We professionally apply the exact image you send us to a solid white pillow shaped like your pet. All you have to do is send us a picture and well make a one-of-a-kind keepsake pillow, so you can cuddle your pet whenever you want!

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How To Make A Decorative Embroidered Cat Pillow

Supplies you will need to make your cat pillow:

The free template to make this hand-embroidered pillow is available in my resource library along with a bunch of other great prints and patterns. All you need to do is fill out the form and check your inbox for a welcome email with the password in. Click here to get in > > > > FREE LIBRARY ACCESS

* * *

Materiales que vas a necesitar para hacer tu cojin:

La plantilla está disponible en mi biblioteca de recursos GRATUITOS junto con un montón de otras impresiones y patrones geniales. Todo lo que necesitas hacer es completar el formulario y revisar tu correo donde recibiras un email de bienvenida con la contraseña. Haz clic aquí para ingresar > > > > ACCESO GRATUITO A LA BIBLIOTECA

You first need to print the cat face pattern. I pinned the sheet on the cushion and stitches though bothbut that wasnt the best option. The paper break in tiny pieces hard to remove and the last stitches was a pain to make as a large part of the template was falling apart.

So instead of messing around as I did, report the cat design on the fabric. Apply white chalk on the back of the sheet, place the pattern on the fabric, drawing facing up, and pass over the lines with a pencil.

The chalk will leave marks on the black fabric and the cat face will be transferred.

* * *

> > < < <

Custom Cat Shaped Memorial Pillow For Pet Owners From Your Cat Picture

Valentine’s Gift Christmas Gift for Cat Lovers.Custom Cat Photo Pillow, Cat Shaped Pillow, Cat Memorial Personalized Pillow, Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

  • Special personalized cat pillows to highlight the cat’s vivid image.
  • These custom pillows are the cuddly companions that replace your cat when he or she happens not to be around. Taking your custom cat photo pillow when you travel or sleepover away from home so you can feel like they are still by your side.
  • The personalized cat pillows also make great throw pillows for the bedroom, guest room, nursery, car interior, or living room.
  • For any cat owner or cat lover, a personalized cat photo pillow makes a terrific gift idea for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions.
  • All you have to do is choose a favorite high resolution cat picture or cat picture plus name, send it in and then let us do the rest.

great giftfor kids, mom, dad, gramma, and all pet loversMake your pet into a pillow today! As custom mothers day gifts.DOUBLE SIDED OPTION:Note: Having trouble uploading your photo?

Cat Memorial, Custom Cat Pillow, Best Cat Lover Gifts, Perfect Gift For Family Members, Grandparents, Friends, Loved Ones, Colleagues.

1. Make sure the photo is taken in good lighting, outdoor and daylight is best2.Try to take the photo at eye level with your pet, you pet don’t need to be looking at the camera

Step 1. Choose options/upload photos for the first product and click “Add to Cart”

Product Image Disclaimer

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How To Make It

  • Lay sweater on the floor, front side down.
  • Tuck pillow inside the sweater, pillow-case style.
  • Pull sleeves back into sweater so they lay flat on the pillow inside the sweater.

    This bed is lightweight and easy to move. Be sure the sweater is clean but that it keeps your scentit’s just like snuggling up with you! This test kitty loved it so much, she tried to sleep on the materials before the bed was assembled.

    Diy Cat Bed From An Old Pillow:

    Pillow Cat Cake Topper Tutorial – How To Make – Gabby’s Dollhouse Cake Decorating Video

    For our cat bed, we used fleece fabric and a bit of trim from my stash and an old pillow the kids happened to find at a neighborhood garage sale a few weeks back.

    If you dont happen to have any pillow forms lying around, or you can use a bed pillow just shorten the width with your sewing machine if you want a square pillow.

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    Pillows For Every Special Someone

    Whether you’re creating a personalized bombay cat pillow for a new nephew, creating a customized pillow for your friend, or need a personalized pet pillow to celebrate your childÄôs birthday, we’ve got you covered.¬

    Our team offers creative, dynamic, and customizable pillows that allow you to celebrate the special people in your lives.¬

    You can choose from a variety of different styles, including:

    • Bombay Cat pillows for children
    • Bombay Cat pillows for babies
    • Bombay Cat pillows for friends
    • Bombay Cat pillows for motherÄôs and fatherÄôs

    No matter what style pillow you want to create, we’ll help you to customize it so that it truly celebrates the special people and creatures in your life.¬

    Enticing Your Cat To Sit On Your Lap

  • 1Turn off distractions. Before taking steps to bond with your cat, you should consider turning off any distractions that may scare or startle your cat. By turning off distractions, youll help create an environment in which you and your cat will be able to bond.
  • Place your phone on silent.
  • Turn off your TV or music.
  • Inform your family, friends, or roommates that youd like your home to be a calmer environment for an hour or so.XResearch source
  • 2Let your cat come to you. After youve created a calming environment, you should sit down somewhere and let your cat come to you. This is important, since lap cats are defined by the fact that they want to be around their caretakers.
  • Pick a place that is comfortable for you and your cat. A comfy spot is important, since comfort often translates to your ability to relax.
  • Read a book or otherwise engage in a quiet activity.
  • Dont chase your cat down. Chasing your cat down will only alienate them.
  • Allow your cat to leave, if they want to leave.XResearch source
  • 3Provide positive reinforcement. A great way to enhance a bonding experience with your cat is to make it double rewarding for them. By providing a reward for sitting on your lap, youll build a positive association for your cat.
  • Give your cat a treat when they sit on your lap.
  • Consider stuffing your pockets with catnip or some other treat or scent that your cat likes.
  • Pat or rub your cat in a way that they like when they sit on your lap.
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    Setting An Inviting Tone

  • 1Stay calm. One of the best ways to train your cat to be a lap cat is by providing a calm presence. By being calm, youll signal to your cat that you wont harm or threaten them. Make sure to:
  • Relax and try to not be tense.
  • Avoid breathing quickly. Try to take slow and deliberate breaths. Fast breathing will signal that youre nervous, and your cat may avoid you.
  • Dont move quickly. If you make sudden movements, youll scare your cat.XResearch source
  • 2Maintain positive body language. In order to get your cat to be a lap cat, youve got to maintain positive body language. By maintaining positive body language, youll send the signal to your cat that youre nonthreatening, youre a positive force, and youre someone they want to be around.
  • Dont interact with your cat when you are angry or visibly unhappy.
  • Avoid standing in a threatening manner. Dont cross your arms, hunch over, or have a tense posture.
  • Hold an inviting or open stance. Make sure your arms are open, and your back and shoulders are upright.XResearch source
  • 3Avoid staring at your cat. The way you look at your cat will set the tone of your interactions. If you stare at your cat, youll signal that youre either a predator or youre trying to intimidate them.
  • Dont hold your glance on your cat for more than a few seconds.
  • Depending on your cats demeanor, it might help to avert your eyes if your cat is approaching you. Looking away will signal that youre not a threat.XResearch source
  • Who Is The Pillow Designed For

    How to make a DIY cat pillow

    This pillow is designed for pet lovers of all ages and is also frequently bought as a special keepsake!

    Viewing My Background

    Once the artwork starring your pet is completed you will be able to see your pet on all backgrounds and choose which you like best!

    What If I Don’t Like My Artwork?

    Our artists will work with you to create designs that you love with unlimited free revisions. But, if you don’t love your artwork, we will refund you completely before printing any designs.

    To get the best results we recommend using a picture of your pet sitting or standing up in portrait mode. Don’t worry though, we will help you find the best photos for your personalized artwork!¬

    Shipping and Production Time

    After you finalize your order and approve your proof, we will put orders into production in one business day.¬

    Products are custom printed on demand and orders typically take 2-3 weeks, factoring in design and proof time.¬


    • 100% polyester – includes pillow case AND insert
    • Machine-washable case

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    The Best Gift For Pet Lovers

    The clarity of your image on the pillow will directly reflect the quality of the photograph provided. Please submit the highest resolution image possible for the best results.

    • Choose a clear, non-blurry image that is not too dark
    • Don’t cut off body parts in your photo – we use the images as they are, so if you cut off your cat’s paw, it will also be cut off on the pillow

    Approve Your Artwork And Pick Your Background

    YouÄôll receive your designs and can request as many revisions as youÄôd like! Once your artwork is approved, you can then pick the perfect background. We have backgrounds in everything from holiday-related, to foods, to solid colors and phrases. You will be able to display not only your pet’s personality but also yours with these background choices.

    We currently provide a variety of 10 solid colors, 10 custom text, 10 pop culture backgrounds, 10 floral prints, 10 snacks, 10 mosaic prints, and 10 holiday themes. These background prints are great for anyone’s style and personality.

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    Simple Quilt Folded Into The Pocket Becomes A Pillow For A Bedtop Or Corner Of A Chair Or Sofa

    Only the pillow pocket top was pieced to have

    some quilting look, but the quilt itself was entirely one piece on each side-simply quilted and then pillow pocket added.

    More Examples:

    Used the design for simple quilting through the minky backing…

    then folded into the pillow pocket becomes:

    More complicated you can combine embroidery with your quilt and quillow making-

    The minky side had embroidery-the other side was Ravens Polar Fleece….

    Another: Antique classic cars, trucks, pickups and motorcycles embroider combined with Redskins Polar FleeceTotally Minky on Minky Quilted and made into Quillow with accompanying Tote to carry it and a matching separate pillow Totally Applique on cotton-minky on back and folds into a pillow–examplePUGS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN

    Cat Turned Into A Pillow To Sleep Long Doll Girl Plush Toy Gift

    PlushCraft Cuddly Cat Pillow from The Orb Factory
    • PP cotton pads are made of skin-friendly silk and soft plush for better skin texture. It is very soft and has good elasticity. It feels like you are hugging the cloud and let you enjoy your life.
    • This cute soft plush toy is the perfect gift for loved ones, friends, family, children’s birthdays, New Year gifts and holidays. No one can reject the Kawaii seal.
    • Suitable for hugging and decorating. It provides detailed design and realistic colors to make you have a good mood
    • As a home decor, make your home full of love and warmth.
    • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, meeting all your requirements and will definitely satisfy you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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    What Is A Custom Cat Pillow

    Custom cat pillow means to make a cat pillow, through a picture of a cat, and then print it on the pillowcase, and fill the pillow with cotton, the cat pillow is made! The cat pillow is a different shape and has a high degree of customization. Use your cat’s photo to make a custom pet pillow. It is very popular for those who love cats.

    Thursday February 18 2021

    Simple Quillow Sewing- Refresher

    A quillow for every chair-sofa-bed… get cozy

    A. Quilt…. A top- A bottom and something in between— can be quilt batting or layers of cotton.

    The three pieces become a sandwich and a few stitches, whether ties or stitching through the sandwich of fabric-make it a quilt.

    B. Quillow – A quilt that folds into a pillow

    Simple 3 step or get complicated theme quilting


    pocket was turned inside out so quillow folds naturally into the pocket

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    How To Take A Picture Of Cat Shaped Pillow

    1. Make sure the photo is taken in good lighting. outdoor and daylight is best 2. Try to take photos with your pet at eye level, your pet does not need to look at the camera 3. Try to take photos at close range so that we can see the unique features of your pet 4. Take a photo of your pet without any other animals, one pet per photo 5. Make sure the photo is not blurred.

    How To Customize Fabric Colors On Weaveup:

    DIY Halloween Cat Pillow

    Pick a color, any color.

    I fell in love with the particular shade of blush on this ceramic French press. To get the hex value for the color I uploaded the url into Image Color Picker.

    Just paste the url, click take image, and then click on the color that you want. . The hex value will be displayed on the left.

    Head back to WeaveUp and click customize design for any fabric.

    Do you like my super professional circles? Nothing but the best for you guys.

    Select a color on the right side, and paste the hex value of your new color.

    Obviously now it looks pretty funky! So keep adjusting more colors until you get a more cohesive look.

    To get coordinating colors, keep pasting your new hex value, then drag the pickers in the color wheel and slider around.

    This way you can easily keep all your colors in the same tonal range.

    Keep going until you are happy with your design, then click finish customizing.

    And your brand new design is ready to be ordered!

    This is such an easy way to perfectly match colors across different prints so if you fall in love with a hue in one pattern, you can apply it across designs, resulting in a cohesive look.

    Its still a good idea to order a swatch of your design before ordering the final yardage, because all screens display color a little differently. That way youll know that the color you want is printing true.

    Ok now that you know how to make the most out of WeaveUps fabric designs, its time to learn how to make a cat pillow!

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