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How To Stop My Cat From Peeing On Clothes

They Have A Troubled Past

Why Is My Cat Peeing on Clothes? How To Stop It

Adopting a cat is a wonderful thing, but it also means that you cannot be so sure of their past. Some cats are put through some horrible treatment by past owners, and it is never so easy to know the extent of this.

Past trauma can lead to troubling behavior, and the rough past and mistreatment by old owners could lead to your cat having a behavioral issue when needing the toilet. Instead of using a litter box, which they might not be used to, they might act out or just think it is normal to pee on clothes and elsewhere.

With some love and patience, and maybe even help from a professional or a cat trainer, you will be able to work through this and hopefully get your cat used to a litter box.

What Should I Definitely Not Do

First, you should definitely not clean your cat pee couch stain with ammonia. As Kitty Pee Chemistry 101 informs us, ammonia is a major component of cat pee smell.

Sometimes we can fight fire with fire, but we cant fight ammonia with ammonia.

The other problem with ammonia is that when cats smell it, theyre actually more likely to go to that area in the future and re-use it as a DIY litter box. Whatever you do, put the ammonia away.

Next, dont wait. Cat pee odor becomes stronger the longer you leave it. Its not always easy to figure out that theres a cat pee problem until you smell it, but if you know your cat has peed on your couch, acting fast is crucial.

Its a great idea to buy an enzymatic cleanser in advance so that you have it ready to go the moment you need it.

The Litter Box Might Be Too Dirty

Cats like a clean and tidy litter box and most cats will cover their poop. But if it doesnât get cleaned out regularly, your cat will tell you about it by peeing on your clothes.

Avoid this behavior by regularly scooping out the litter box and cleaning it thoroughly by taking out the old litter and scrubbing with non-scented soap about once every two-four weeks. Your cat will appreciate this and show it by not peeing on your clothing.

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Your Cat Is Marking Territory

Cats can suddenly decide to mark their territory, seemingly out of nowhere to their owners. This is often not so random and can be caused by a few different factors.

One reason they might be marking their territory is that there are other cats in the house, and they are competing for space. It could also be that your cat is spraying urine around the house to attract a mate, and just so happens to do so in front of you and on your clothes.

One way to prevent this behavior is to neuter and spay your cats. This will reduce the urge for them to mark their territory with urine, and reduce the urge for cats to spray their urine in order to attract mates.

Give Your Senior Cat Extra Tlc

How to stop a cat from peeing and pooing in any clothing item that she ...

For cats with arthritis who may have trouble getting around, place at least one litter box on each level of the house where they spend time so they can avoid climbing stairs, recommends Barnes. You can also purchase a low-profile litter box or cut a square in the litter box so the cat doesnt have to climb in.

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Responses To Why Is My Cat Peeing On Laundry

  • Hi my daughters cat Maya is 2 she got fixed about a year ago. We rescued her. She was healthy got all her shots bloodwork. Emote she got fixed she would per all over my daughters clothes. We figured once she got fixed it would stop. And it did. Until today. She went to grab her jeans off the floor and maya had peed on them. Shes healthy has nothing wrong with her. I know its behavioral but cant put my finger on it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thank you so much

  • Hi, I was just reading your response to the cat pee blog. Did you ever find a remedy for your cat peeing on clothes? I am about to get rid of my cat if I cant figure this out. Its driving me crazy!Thanks,

  • The most common reason cats are brought to shelters is for this issue, its often medical behavioral or an issue with the litter box. Please dont do that do your baby. If your having these thoughts you might not be as emotionally invested in your pet as you think you are. If so rehoming her might actually be in the cats best interest. Its our jobs as pet owners to care for them through thick and thin, and to dive deep and figure out whats going on. If your kid was wetting the bed we wouldnt get rid of them.

  • Clean Mess Up Correctly

    Cats have an incredible sense of smell and use it to navigate the world. Even after washing your clothes again, your cat might still be able to smell its scent on them. Therefore, it will assume that is somewhere they can pee and will keep urinating here again and again!

    As such, cleaning urine up properly is essential. Usually, an enzyme cleaner for cat urine should be your go-to as this breaks down the odors and eliminates them for good. However, while this is a great thing to use if you want to get cat pee out of a couch, you dont want to damage your clothes!

    Instead, use an enzyme detergent and one pound of baking soda to remove the stains and odors. Other people recommend running one washing cycle with a cup of white vinegar, then a second cycle with regular detergent. This helps to break down the urine and remove it for good.

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    How To Stop A Cat From Peeing On Clothes: 7 Easy Steps

    Updated on By MrBossCat Team

    Cats are adorable and lovable creatures indeed. Most of the time, theyre also very clean and hygienic. However, cats do misbehave occasionally and there is nothing more frustrating than realizing your cat has peed on your laundry, especially the clean pile thats waiting to be put away!

    I went through a short period where I kept catching my female cat peeing on my stuff. Shed pee on anything soft and comfortable such as clothing and blankets. It was extremely frustrating and pretty gross, so I did a lot of research on how to stop a cat from peeing in the laundry basket. And I fixed the problem!

    I realize I am far from the only pet parent thats had to deal with a cat peeing on blankets and clothing. Therefore, I decided to share my findings with you so you can also put an end to this frustrating behavior. Keep reading for my eight easy steps on how to stop a cat from peeing and why they exhibit this behavior in the first place.

    Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Clothes

    How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Peeing Everywhere – The Easy Way

    Before we discuss how to stop a cat from peeing on your clothes, we need to understand why they do it. Only then can we cut the problem at the source and truly solve the issue.

    Here I discuss six different possible causes, which can be divided into medical and behavioral issues. Pay close attention and see which you think could apply this will make it easier to find a solution that works the first time around.

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    How To Stop My Cat From Peeing On My Clothes

    Cat spraying has been the number one reason why some people surrender their kitties to shelter. This is because cat pee has that pungent smell that you may never be able to remove from fabrics.

    Now, if your cat has developed the habit of peeing on your clothes, you need to come up with a plan to stop her. This article is going to highlight some of the reasons why and how to stop a cat from peeing on your clothes.

    Before we go on, it is important to highlight the importance of understanding cat behavior. Given that cats originally lived in the wild, domestication forces them into the world of confinement. This does not necessarily mean that you have locked her in a cage. It means that we confine them in our houses.

    However, we have been able to understand cat behavior and thus we are able to live together in harmony. Luckily for us, we have also been able to identify some of the ways that we can use to curb the behaviors that we do not want.

    Let us quickly outline some of the reasons why your cat might be peeing on your clothes

    Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell

    Coming home to a house smelling of cat pee because your cat soiled your fabrics can be very frustrating. However, the smell is not only irritating to you but it will motivate your cat to keep coming back. This is especially if your cat has been peeing on the clothes in an effort to mark.

    The very first step you should take is to remove the smell from your house. Note that cat pee smell is almost impossible to get out of fabrics. You may, however, use the strong enzymatic cleaner to remove the smell. Alternatively, consider disposing of the ruined clothes, or get them out of the house. This will reduce the chances of your cat getting back to pee once more.

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    Do Cats Pee Out Of Spite

    Letâs address the revenge myth first. We wonât discuss whether cats are or are not vengeful creatures, as it would require a separate article to prove that they are not.

    The more important fact is that cats do not find their urine disgusting like we do. Also, they have no idea that caturine can be used as a tool of revenge.

    Your cat does not possess the reasoning powers required for spite or revenge. They would have to know that if they pee on your bed, it will upset you. Further, they would have to connect their past action with your reaction to it in the future. Our cats arenât vengeful villains, out to even a score with you. They are four legged fur babies. Simple and lovable.

    In this article, you are going to learn why cats pee on your beds, shoes, clothes, and personal items. As a loving cat owner, youâll also learn how to stop your cat from peeing on your things.

    Baking Soda And Vinegar

    How to Stop a Cat From Peeing on the Bed â Salty Canary

    Vinegar, while a bit smelly itself, works to remove the lasting odor of sprayed cat urine because vinegar is an acid that neutralizes the alkaline salts that form in dried urine stains.

    A solution of one part water and one part vinegar can be used to clean walls and floors. Proponents say that the vinegar smell subsides after a few days, taking the urine smell with it.

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    The Ultimate Guide To Eliminating Cat Pee Smell

    When your cat starts urinating outside the litter box, the smell can be difficult to get rid of and nearly impossible to mask.

    Whether your cat pees on the carpet, a piece of furniture, bed linens, or your clothes, its important to neutralize the odor to prevent your cat from becoming a repeat offender. Cats often return to a spot where they have previously urinated if the odor is not eliminated.

    Its also important to determine the cause of this behavior, which could be a sign of a health issue or stress.

    Here is your ultimate guide to eliminating cat urine smells and determining why your cat is urinating outside the litter box to begin with.

    Cat Urine Gets Worse With Time

    Cat urine thats outside the litter box is usually unnoticed until it becomes a problem.

    After a while, the bacterium in the urine decomposes and gives off an ammonia-like odor thats characteristic of stale, old urine.

    In the second stage of the decomposition process, the urine emits mercaptans, which are compounds that give skunk spray its characteristic bad smell.

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    How To Clean Up Cat Urine

    Cleaning up cat urine properly is incredibly important. There are certain things within a cat’s urine that will attract them back to the same spot time and again. This means they will often keep re-marking in the same spot.

    There are various dedicated anti-urine sprays and cleaners which do a great job of not just removing the odor of cat urine, but also destroying the chemicals which will attract your cat back time and again.

    Another option, if you dont want to purchase a dedicated cleaner, is to use is biological washing powder. Mix this with a bit of water and then really scrub the area and allow it to soak in. What will happen is the enzymes in that biological washing powder will help break down all of the things that are attracting your cat back to that area.

    Manage Your Cats Stress Levels

    Good Way to Stop Cat peeing on The Floor

    Given that stress can lead to a cat peeing everywhere, its beneficial to keep his anxiety at bay. Investigate and correct potential stressors, whether its originating from another pet or person or is tied to a recent move or inadequate resources.

    Another option is to use a pheromone diffuser, says Barnes. This is a synthetic pheromone that is anti-anxiety to cats. The diffuser should be in the room the cat spends the most time in.

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    How To Stop A Cat From Urinating In The House

    This article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years. This article has been viewed 55,488 times.

    Most cats learn to use the litter box without much training. However, sometimes a cat might have issues urinating outside his litter box. This can be caused by stress, the location of the litter box, the type of litter, or an underlying medical condition. Figuring out the cause of your cat’s litter box problem and proceeding accordingly can help eliminate the problem.

    Removing Cat Urine Smells From The Subflooring

    Urine can often soak through the carpet and into the subflooring, leaving a stain and a stench that cant be lifted with carpet cleaner and elbow grease.

    If you have pet odor that will not go away despite your best carpet-cleaning efforts, neutralize the scent by using an oil-based, stain-blocking primer on the subfloor beneath the carpeting. Replace the padding as well as that area of carpet.

    Here a few easy steps you can take to remove the cat pee smell from a cushion.

    1. Soak the Area in Water

    Soak the affected area of the cushion with water. Blot up as much of the cat urine as possible with a towel.

    2. Soak the Area With an Enzyme Cleaner

    Then soak the cushion by very slowly, pouring the enzyme cleaner on and around the affected area.

    3. Let It Sit Before Blotting With Towels

    Let it sit for 15 minutes, then squish out as much of the excess enzyme cleaner as possible before blotting with towels.

    4. Let the Cushion Dry

    If possible, leave the cushion outside as long as possible while it dries. Since cushions take days to dry, lay aluminum foil down before putting the cushion back, then put a second layer of foil over the top of the cushion to discourage your cat from peeing on the cushion again.

    Mattresses require almost the same process as cushions.

    1. Soak the Area in Water

    Soak the affected area of the mattress with water. Blot up as much of the cat urine as possible with a towel.

    2. Soak the Area With Enzyme Cleaner

    3. Let It Sit Before Blotting With Towels

    5. Rewash

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    One: Blot The Cat Pee

    • If the stain is still wet, start blotting ASAP to prevent it from setting. Do not scrub, which would drive the smell into the fabric. Press down with a paper towel or a clean white cloth, soaking up the pee until the spot is no longer wet. Youre trying to remove as much of the urine as possible before moving to the cleaning process.
    • If the stain has dried, go to Step Two or straight to the instructions for combating cat pee smell, below.

    Peeing Everywhere Means Take Your Cat To The Vet

    Why Is My Cat Peeing on Clothes? &  How To Stop It

    If your cat is peeing everywhere, its time for a visit to the vet. This behavior isnt normal, and kitty is signaling that something is wrong. Cats are great at disguising tremendous pain from humans, but peeing outside the box is definitely something you will notice and take action on.

    Your veterinarian will help you unravel the mystery of why your cat is peeing everywhere. The vet will likely check your cat for a urinary tract infection, bladder infection, kidney issues, diabetes, or a few other possible causes. Only a veterinarian can diagnose whether theres an underlying medical reason, so if you see your cat peeing outside the box, get out the cat carrier and bring her in.

    The good news: if it is a medical cause, medications and sometimes dietary changes can get kitty feeling better soon. And most of the time, once the underlying condition is treated, cats resume their normal litter-trained habits.

    If all of the medical tests come back clear, the pee problem may be behavioral or psychological.

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