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Nutro Max Adult Cat Dry Food

Nutro Natural Choice Senior Indoor Cat Dry Food

Nutro Max cat food haul from Amazon!

As cats age, their nutritional needs can change. What cut the mustard when they were a youngster might not satisfy their requirements in their senior years. Nutro Natural Choice Senior Indoor Cat Dry Food has been specially formulated to meet the exact needs of your aging pet, delivering an outstanding quantity of premium protein to prevent muscle loss, along with essential nutrients like taurine to support heart health and antioxidants for healthy immunity. Best of all, its formulated in a tasty recipe thats guaranteed to perk up flagging appetites.

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Nutro Max Dry Cat Food

Nutro MAX Cat food offers simple and complete nutrition at a great value. It promises to deliver natural nutrition for maximum health.

Aside from chicken meal or fish meal as protein sources, it also has tomato pomace, cranberries, and blueberries that are rich in antioxidants. It is enriched with omega-6 fatty acids, as well as fish oil, chicken fat, sunflower oil, and soybean oil for healthy skin and coat.

2. Nutro MAX Adult Dry Cat Food Roasted Chicken

This roasted chicken flavored dry food is tasty as it is nutritious. It offers a complete and balanced meal with protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It includes natural fibers such as ground whole wheat and brewers rice for healthy digestion. It also has chicken meal, corn gluten meal, chicken fat, and Menhaden fish oil among other ingredients.


Kitties love it. A lot of kitties seem to love this roasted chicken flavored dry food. Even known finicky eaters like Nutro MAX Adult Dry Cat Food. Some cats who usually only eat wet food have even been converted.

Affordable price. Many customers are confident that they get great value from Nutro MAX Adult Dry Cat Food Roasted Chicken. Their pets get high-quality, tasty, nutritious food at an affordable price with this particular brand of dry food.


Based on our review, the Nutro MAX Adult Dry Cat Food Roasted Chicken is an overall good quality cat food at an affordable price point. Its flavor is a hit among a lot of kitties as well.

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Nutro Dry Food For Cats

With more and more people looking for raw food substitute for their cat, dry foods seem like a great idea. Nutro max dry cat food mostly in form of biscuits or dry cereal as well as much-preferred choice by cat owners. Lets take a look at the few advantages that dry cat foods have to offer.

  • Dry foods offer easy storage. Therefore, its much better to store dry cat foods for a longer time.
  • Cat foods that are dry are much cheaper and moderately priced in comparison to all other types of foods.
  • Though dry food creates a little mess however, this makes it easier to clean up after your cat finishes eating.

Nutro Max Dog Food Reviewed

Nutro Max Adult Chicken Dry Cat Food

If the Nutro Max formulas were so well-liked by consumers, why did the company choose to discontinue these products? Sadly, we dont have the answer to that question its possible that only Nutro itself really knows why.

With that said, learning a bit about Nutro and its discontinued line of Max dog food formulas can help you decide on the best alternatives for you and your canine companions.

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Has Nutro Ever Been Recalled

Yes. A market withdrawal was issued for certain packages of Nutro Apple Chewy Treats in because of the possibility of mold contamination.

In , Nutro announced a voluntary retrieval of certain bags of Nutro Ultra and Nutro Natural Choice puppy food because melted plastic pieces had been found in the production run. The cause was a workers plastic hat. No pieces were believed to have entered the products themselves. Only 3 SKUs reached retail stores. These were delivered to a small number of PetSmart and Petco stores, the press release noted.

Some dry cat food products were recalled in May 2009 because of incorrect zinc and potassium levels. The mistake was blamed on a production error by a U.S.-based premix supplier. The products had been distributed both within the United States and to a handful of other countries.

And in , as part of the massive Menu Foods/melamine recall that shocked the country, various cans and pouches of Nutro Natural Choice, Nutro Ultra and Nutro Max dog and cat foods were recalled because of potential melamine contamination.

2019 Heart Disease Investigation

We also want to alert readers to the fact that, in late , the FDA identified Nutro as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats. None of those 16 brands have been recalled as part of the agencys ongoing investigation, though. Most, but not all, of the pet foods are grain-free and/or dry dog food formulations.

2002 Pentobarbital Investigation

Nutro Grain Free Adult Natural Dry Cat Food Duck & Potato Recipe

As PetCareRX notes, if your pet suffers from symptoms like poor coat condition, excessive itching, or inflamed skin, a grain allergen could potentially be at the root of their problems. Nutro Grain-Free Adult Natural Dry Cat Food Duck & Potato Recipe Natural Cat Food is 100% grain-free, containing everything your cat needs to keep them in excellent health and absolutely nothing that could detract from it.

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Contains Some Cheap Fillers

The ingredients found in Nutro foods are, generally, good quality and serve a purpose. The foods are primarily meat-based, which is also good, and most of the lines are species-appropriate. However, some of the foods do contain inappropriate fillers, such as alfalfa meal. Alfalfa meal is most commonly found in horse feed, and it is only added to food because it is cheap and readily available. It is a source of protein, but meat-protein is considered much higher quality and more beneficial.

Which Types Of Pets Is Nutro Cat Food Best Suited For

Nutro Dog Food | Chewy

Nutro has a broad range of cat foods. They sell adult foods that are suitable for general adult cats. They also sell grain-free recipes, although these are mostly wet foods. They also have many foods that are geared towards kittens or seniors, as well as those for sensitive stomachs and to assist in controlling hairballs. As such, there is likely a range of Nutro cat food to suit your cats stage of life and nutritional requirements.

Discussion of the Primary Ingredients

Nutro produces a varied range of foods. Different lines and different flavors contain different ingredients.

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Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food White Fish

With whitefish as the number one ingredient, Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food is primely positioned to deliver all the protein your cat needs for strong muscles and healthy, lean body mass. Other than the fish, there are a plethora of high-quality ingredients on offer, including natural fiber from whole grains for healthy digestion, omega 3+ 6 fatty acids from flaxseed for a healthy coat and skin, and pre-and probiotics from beet pulp for a healthy gut. As an added benefit, the formulas fat and calorie content have been carefully controlled to keep your indoor cat from packing on the pounds.

Has Nutro Cat Foods Ever Been Recalled

Yes. In 2009, some dry cat food products were recalled due to incorrect zinc and potassium levels. In the same year, a voluntary recall was done for three types of dry dog food due to possible plastic contamination from a workers hat. No plastic pieces were found in the food.

In 2007, Nutro was included in a wide-range pet food recall due to melamine. During this time, some Nutro products were manufactured by Menu Foods, who imported wheat gluten from China that have been contaminated with melamine.

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Nutro Wild Frontier High Protein Grain Free Pate Wet Cat Food

As its name suggests, Nutro Wild Frontier High Protein Grain Free Pate Wet Cat Food has been designed to imitate what your cat would naturally eat in the wild. At least two sources of quality protein go into each convenient, single-serve pack, satisfying your cats instinctual desire to hunt and keeping them lean, mean machines. As an added benefit, the formula is 100% grain-free, making it a great option for cats who struggle to digest gluten.

Nutro Cat Food Review Summary

Nutro Max Adult Salmon Dry Cat Food
  • Overall CatFoodDB has reviewed 22 Nutro cat food products.Together they average 7 / 10 paws,which makes Nutro an above average overall cat food brandwhen compared to all the other brands in our database.
  • The 15 reviewed wet foods scored on average 7.9 / 10 paws,making Nutroa significantly above average wet cat food brandwhen compared against all other wet food manufacturer’s products.
  • The 7 reviewed dry foods scored on average 5 / 10 paws,making Nutroan average dry cat food brandwhen compared against all other dry food manufacturer’s products.

At CatFoodDB, we calculate two scores for each product, each represented from 1 – 5 paws.The first score represents the quality of the ingredients in the product.The second score represents our analysis of the product’s published nutritional information.The 2 ratings are then added together to give each product a final score between 2-10 paws.For more information on our cat food analysis techniques, please .

Please note that CatFoodDB may earn a small commission on purchases made via links on this site. Thanks for your support!

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Nutro Wholesome Essentials Hairball Control Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken

For long-haired cats who suffer from hairballs, a formula thats been specifically formulated to tackle the problem is a great investment. The special natural fiber blend in Nutro Wholesome Essentials Hairball Control Adult Dry Cat Food is designed to tackle the formation of hairballs, making those days of clearing up unsavory little packages a thing of the past. Asides from the fiber, you can expect a food thats packed with protein for healthy muscles, rich in omega-6 fatty acids for a shiny coat and trouble-free skin, and essential antioxidants for a strong immunity.

Where Is Nutro Cat Food Sold

Nutro is sold in pet specialty retailers, big box stores, and more. Its available in the United States and Canada with distributors in Australia, South Korea, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Taiwan, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, and Portugal.

You can buy it online on Amazon, Chewy, Pet360, Petco, Petflow, PetSmart, PetSupermarket, and

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Nutro Grain Free Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food

Made with real poultry, fish, or shrimp, this Nutro cat food are completely grain-free. It comes in twin packs of 2 single-serve containers. You can save the unopened half for your kittys next meal.

Perfect Portions has two variants: Cuts in Gravy, and Paté. Both variants come in different flavors.

3. Nutro Grain Free Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Turkey Recipe

This grain-free wet food is made of high-quality turkey sourced from Nutros trusted network of farmers and suppliers. It also contains chicken liver, farm-raised chicken, and pork plasma. The gravy is made even tastier with turkey broth.


All meat, no filler. Customers love that their cats are getting real chunks of meat with every twin pack of Nutro Grain Free Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Turkey Recipe cat food. There are no grains, corns, or other by-products. Its all good solid meat in delectable gravy that kitties love.

Good-sized portions. The portions in twin packs are just the right size, according to numerous reviews for this Nutro cat food. To some, the amount of food and liquid per pack are perfect as a treat, but not as a meal. Some feel however, that the portion is the right amount for their cats evening meal.


Plastic packaging. While the twin packs are convenient compared to splitting the contents of one can in half, many are concerned that the amount of single-use plastic that goes into every box does not help the environment.



Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Salmon & Brown Rice Dry Cat Food

NUTRO ULTRA Adult Dog Food – Natural, Grain Free review

The Wholesome Essentials Adult Salmon and Brown Rice recipe is a dry cat food that lists salmon and chicken meal as its primary ingredients, followed by brewers rice, pea protein, and whole brown rice as its next ingredients.

Brewers rice is a lower quality grain which, itself, is considered lower quality than meat or another ingredient. It is low quality and inexpensive filler. Pea protein is similarly low quality and boosts the foods protein ratio without really offering benefit to the cat.

The Nutro Wholesome Salmon and Brown Rice food boasts 33% protein and it does contain additional, chelated minerals, but it also includes alfalfa meal and dried plain beet pulp which are lower quality ingredients that would ideally be replaced by meat ingredients in a premium food.

Calorie Breakdown:

The Nutro Perfect Portions Natural Wet Cat food is a wet food designed for adult cats of all ages. The actual ingredients do vary on the flavor you buy, but taking the salmon and tuna recipe as a guide, its primary ingredients are salmon, chicken, chicken liver, pork broth, chicken broth, and tuna.

The food also contains carrageenan, which is another controversial ingredient. This ingredient is controversial because it is believed to cause inflammation and toxicity in animals.

Calorie Breakdown:

While it shouldnt cause your kitten harm or lead to illness, there are better quality foods out there.

Calorie Breakdown:

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Which Is Better: Dry Vs Wet Food

When the choice is between wet and dry food, mostly people opt for dry food for their cats only because it is a little more economical in price. Moreover, nutro cat food in shape of dry can easily stored for a long period of time without having to worry about expiry.

Wet food, on the other hand, has its fair share of advantages as well. Researches reveal that wet food is at least 2 x times more beneficial for the bone and muscle health of cats.

The conclusion hence is very simple. Both dry and wet cat foods have their own highlights. It is important to remember that you need to feed your cat variety so that it does not bore with the same, monotonous food every single day. Moreover, the best way to decide which the best dietary choice for your cat is to ask the vet for a recommendation. The doctor will be able to guide you in accordance to the bodily needs of your cat and this will help you to decide in a better way.


What Users Are Saying About Nutro Cat Food

Here is a sample of what others are saying about Nutros cat food range:

  • AllAboutCats Some Nutro canned foods stand out as exceptionally species-appropriate, meat-rich foods that meet the nutritional needs of obligate carnivores.
  • FriendlyClaws Nutros dry food is solid but unexceptional, and its Wholesome Essential line represents the best choice.
  • Amazon See what other genuine cat owners are saying about Nutro cat foods, on Amazon. Click here to read their reviews.

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Who Makes Nutro Cat Food And Where Is It Produced

Nutro Cat Food was first formed in 1926 when American businessman John Saleem bought a British pet food manufacturing company and renamed it Nutro Products. The company has undergone several changes in ownership since then but was bought by Mars in 2007. It has remained under their ownership since and joins a long list of other pet food brands including Whiskas, Royal Canin, Sheba, and Iams.

All Nutro Cat Food is produced in the USA. Their dry food is manufactured in North Carolina and California while their wet food ranges are made in Ohio, Arkansas, and South Dakota.

Weight Management In Cats

Nutro Max Cat Adult with Salmon Flavor Dry Cat Food, 16 lb ...

Food plays an important part in weight management. Your choice of which pet food to give your cat determines whether your pet becomes obese, loses weight, or gets the proper weight for his breed and age. A balanced nutrition is a must, and we emphasize quality trumps quantity all the time.

Overweight kitties tend to lose interest in activities such as playing. Lack of exercise leads to more weight gain. This puts them at risk of developing health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, urinary stones, and numerous conditions.

Weight gain can be attributed to several factors such as age, breed, gender, and medical conditions. Older cats are prone to weight gain because they are less active. Some cat breeds are more likely to become overweight than others.

Females are also more prone to weight gain compared to males. Occasionally, a medical issue is the underlying cause for a cats weight gain. Spayed and neutered felines are also more likely to become obese because of their sedentary lifestyle.

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Nutro Dry Food Nutrition Review


The first ingredient in Nutros dry cat foods is chicken, whitefish or salmon, depending on the flavor of the food. This looks great, but the ingredient is listed including its moisture content. If the ingredient was dehydrated salmon or salmon meal for example, it would appear much lower on the ingredient list. The real first ingredient in all of Nutros foods is chicken meal, which is listed second on the ingredient list on all of their dry cat foods.

After the meat, Nutros Wholesome Essentials line has brewers rice as the second ingredient. High levels of carbohydrates are required in dry cat food in order to give the kibbles structure, so it is expected to see rice so high on the ingredient list. However, rice has been split into two types of rice in order to appear lower in the ingredients. Further down the list we also find whole brown rice. This is somewhat deceptive and gives the impression that the food has a higher meat content than it does in actuality.

The Wild Frontier line of dry foods is grain-free, so they use a combination of other carbohydrate sources which are found lower on the ingredient list. These include split peas and tapioca.

The Wild Frontier cat foods include soybean oil, which is very high in omega-6 fatty acids. This can quickly throw off the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio and is a point of concern in the ingredient list in any cat food.



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