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Amoxicillin For Cats No Prescription

How Do You Administer Amoxicillin For Pets


The primary ways to administer amoxicillin at home are via capsule or liquid drops. Most types of amoxicillin for fish need to be dropped into the water. Consult your vet on the dosing.

If your pet does not take medication easily, you can hide a pill in a pill pocket. This drug can typically be administered with or without food. You may also want to reward your dog with treats or dog toys to distract them after a dose. Cats appreciate toys and treats, too.

It is critical to always give antibiotic regimens exactly as prescribed. If you accidentally miss a dose of amoxicillin for pets, ask your veterinarian how to proceed.

How Should Alphamox Oral Suspension Be Taken

Make up your Alphamox Oral Suspension by following the instructions provided. Add 80 mL purified water to make up 100mL and shake well to form a suspension containing 250 mg/5mL. Before taking each dose, shake the bottle again. You can take your Alphamox Oral Suspension with or without food. The dose you take depends on what you are being treated for and your doctors recommendation, which is usually 250mg every 8 hours, but for severe infections may be increased to 500mg. For children the dose given should be 25 mg/kg/day in equally divided doses every 8 hours, which may be increased to 50 mg/kg/day for severe infections. You should continue to take your Alphamox Oral Suspension 250 mg/5mL for as long as recommended by your doctor, and complete the full course prescribed is complete, even if you feel better, otherwise the infection may not clear completely or your symptoms may return.

What Does Amoxicillin Do For Cats

As a bactericidal antibiotic, amoxicillin works to kill bacteria associated with upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and more.

As a bactericidal antibiotic, amoxicillin has the ability to kill certain kinds of bacteria causing infections.

In kitties, it may be used most often for upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, skin infections, or infections resulting from a bite wound or injury.

Amoxicillin works by binding directly to certain parts of the cell membrane of susceptible bacteria, inhibiting development of the cell wall and making the bacteria unstable, thus killing them.

Its very important to note that amoxicillin is not effective against viral infections, a common cause of upper respiratory conditions in cats. Therefore, its always important for a vet to decide if use of an antibiotic is warranted.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Cat Eye Infections

When your cat has an eye infection the symptoms can affect just one of your cat’s eyes or both. In many cases cats initially show symptoms just in one eye but the infection soon spreads to the other eye. In cases where your cat’s eye infection is the result of an upper respiratory infection, your cat may also show cold-type symptoms such as nasal discharge and sneezing.

Common signs of eye infections in cats include:

  • Whites of the eye may turn red
  • Watery eyes

Azithromycin Oral Antibiotic

Topical Corticosteroid Drops & Ointment


Interferon alpha-2b

Are There Any Potential Side Effects


Common side effects include gastrointestinal effects such as lack of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. Serious side effects include allergic reaction characterized by skin rash, fever, facial swelling, or difficulty breathing, incoordination while walking, or prolonged lack of appetite .

This short-acting medication should stop working within 24 hours, although effects can be longer in pets with liver or kidney disease.

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Over The Counter Antibiotics

Over the counter antibiotics for common cat conditions should be purchased from a pet store or in the pet section at drugstores, unless your veterinarian advises otherwise. Giving your cat certain types of human medications such as Pepto-Bismol, Tylenol, and Advil can be toxic.If your vet prescribes over the counter medication, it will likely be one of the following depending on the condition:

  • Kaopectate
  • Vaporizers
  • Diphenhydramine

Your veterinarian will recommend a dosage amount based on your cats weight. For example, the typical dosage for kaopectate is one teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight and roughly 12.5 milligrams of diphenhydramine is safe for cats.

When it comes to parasites in cats, the number of over the counter medications is endless. The type of medication will depend on the parasite and the severity of the condition. Again, you should never attempt to treat your cats condition on your own. A veterinarian can make a formal diagnosis and recommended the best treatment path for your cat. Prescription medications are usually more effective, but if your veterinarian says its ok to use an over the counter treatment, he might recommend Drontal Feline, HeartgardPlus, Panacur, Revolution or HomeoPet Worm.

These medications may be purchased at pet stores, through online pet stores, or directly through the manufacturers.

No Rx Prescriptionfrom Your Local Vet Is Required

Amoxicillin is a moderate-spectrum antibiotic for cats and dogs belonging to the class of penicillin. This medication inhibits the growth of bacteria by preventing the cell wall formation of the bacterial cells. Amoxicillin should be used only to treat bacterial infections and not for viral and parasitic infections. The usual dose of amoxicillin in dogs and cats is 5-10 mg/lb every 12-24 hours. Amoxicillin is currently available both as drops or capsules.

Amoxicillin and doxycycline are always the same med, there are not separate versions for cats and dogs. Veterinary Amoxicillin and doxycycline may be labelled “For dogs only” because they have never actually gone through the FDA approval process for cats. Many medications commonly used in veterinary medicine fall into this category. This does not mean they are less safe or less effective. Veterinarians routinely prescribe these meds “off label” or “extra label” for cats.

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Active Ingredient Per Tablet

100 mg of Amoxicillin

ACTION: Amoxicillin 100 exhibits a bactericidal action against sensitive organisms during the active multiplication stage. It works by the inhibition of the biosynthesis of cell wall mucopeptides.

INDICATIONS and CLINICAL USE: Amoxicillin 100 is indicated in the treatment of infections due to susceptible strains of microorganisms causing the following infections in dogs and cats: Gram-negative:E. coli, P. mirabilis, Pasteurella spp., Salmonella spp.Gram-positive: Streptococci , Penicillin-sensitive staphylococci, Corynebacterium spp., Clostridium welchii.

UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS: Pharyngitis, Sinusitis, Tonsillitis and Tracheobronchitis.

LOWER RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS: Bronchitis, Bronchopneumonia and Lobar pneumonia.


Since it does not resist destruction by beta lactamase , it is not effective against beta lactamase producing organisms particularly staphylococci. All strains of Pseudomonas, and most strains of Klebsiella, Serratia and Enterobacter are resistant.

The possibility of superinfections with mycotic organisms or bacterial pathogens should be kept in mind during therapy. If superinfections occur , Amoxicillin 100 therapy should be discontinued and appropriate measures instituted.

Periodic assessment of renal, hepatic and hematopoietic functions should be made during prolonged Amoxicillin 100 therapy.


When Should Alphamox Oral Suspension Not Be Used

How to give liquid medication to cat? Giving Mythos Clavamox drops (Antibiotic for Gingivitis)

You should not use Alphamox Oral Suspension 250 mg/5mL if you:

  • are allergic to amoxicillin or any other beta-lactams antibiotic, including cephalosporins, or any ingredients in Alphamox Oral Suspension
  • are pregnant or are breastfeeding, without discussion with your doctor
  • have kidney disease
  • have had infectious mononucleosis
  • have phenylketonuria as Augmentin Oral Suspension contains aspartame, which is a source of phenylalanine
  • are taking medicines that interact with Alphamox Oral Suspension including probenecid and allopurinol , oral contraceptives , tetracycline antibiotics

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Our Final Thoughts On Pet Meds Without Vet Prescription

We understand that vet bills are high, and most pet meds come with hefty price tags. Luckily, there are a few pet medications you can purchase without a veterinary prescription and at lower prices.

While we do not suggest you should always take OTC drugs over prescription medications, it is comforting to know that there are suitable alternatives for certain situations. Since this article is purely informative, please consult with your veterinarian before using an OTC product for your pet.

Do Not Have Amoxil Amoxil 500mg If You:

When you buy cheap Amoxicillin you must know how to use it

  • are allergic to amoxicillin or penicillin
  • have ever had an allergic reaction to any antibiotic. This can include a skin rash or swelling of the face or neck.

Do not have Amoxil if any of the above apply. If you are not sure, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse before having Amoxil.

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What Are Pet Antibiotics

Pet antibiotics are medications that may be prescribed by a veterinarian when your dog or cat has a bacterial infectionlike an ear infection, urinary tract infection, or skin infection. They can also be used to prevent infections from setting in during a high-risk situation, like after a large wound or during abdominal surgery. But dont run to the medicine cabinet just yet. Like with humans, using an antibiotic on a virus is ineffective.

Before you can decide if antibiotics are necessary, its important to understand whether theres a bacterial component to the infection at all, says Georgina Ushi Phillips, DVM, a veterinarian based in West Chapel, Florida.

While that can sound obvious, conditions like upper respiratory infections may have bacterial or viral componentsand, in many cases, a combination of both, Dr. Phillips explains. If the infection is only viral, not only are antibiotics not warranted, but they can actually contribute toantibiotic resistance among certain types of bacteria.

If your veterinarian determines that an antibiotic would be effective, the next step is to determine what pet antibiotic is most effective, since most antibiotics dont treat specific conditions, but rather types of bacteria.

To ensure veterinarians are good stewards of antibiotics and prevent resistance, I recommend either culturing or using appropriate first-line medication, says Michelle Burch, DVM, a veterinarian based in Decatur, Alabama.

A Brief History Of Antibiotics

Amoxicillin for Dogs Cats Generic (brand may vary)

Alexander Fleming developed the first antibiotic in 1928. It was penicillin, which makes this an important medication. Today it isn’t used as commonly. Fleming discovered penicillin growing as a mold in Fleming’s laboratory. It ended up saving the lives of many soldiers in World War II after Fleming discovered that the mold killed certain bacterial cultures.

Developed for humans to take, antibiotics are used in most species of animals. These types of medicines are still saving lives today. Some, like amoxicillin, are bactericidal, which means they kill the bacteria. Others stop the bacteria from growing, making them bacteriostatic.

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You Cant Buy Antibiotics Over The Counter Can You

In yesterdays post analyzing the Food and Drug Administrations report on sales of antibiotics for use on farms in 2014, I noted that almost 99 percent of the antibiotics sold for agricultural use are sold over the counter, that is, without a prescription.

The FDA is attempting to change this, via an updated rule called the Veterinary Feed Directive once that rule is finalized, livestock producers should only be able to obtain antibiotics once they have an order from a veterinarian. The goal here is to build more accountability into antibiotics purchase and use, because any misuse creates the possibility of resistance and there is more use of antibiotics in agriculture, by sheer volume, than in human medicine.

As often happens when I talk about this, I ran into some disbelief: people protesting that, come on, surely you cant just walk into a store and buy antibiotics, can you?

In response, I posted a picture of two pounds of aureomycin that I bought online without anyone asking me anything except my credit card number.

Up top, Ive put together a quick slideshow. The answer to the question, Is it really as easy as it seems to buy antibiotics over the counter, and to use them without anyone looking over your shoulder to make sure you use them correctly?, is: Yes, actually, it is. Click through to see what we found.

How To Safely Buy Your Pets Medications Online

Purchasing your pets medications online is simple, time-saving, and convenient. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for illegal online pharmacies to be selling falsely marketed pet meds or counterfeit products.

So, is it possible to enjoy the straightforwardness of online shopping without risking your pets health and wellbeing ? Luckily, it is just follow the tips below.

Choose a Pharmacy Approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Since 1999 there is a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites accreditation program working under the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy . The program ensures the prescription meds are responsibly sourced and dispensed. For online pet pharmacies, the accreditation program is called Vet-VIPPS .

Ensure that the Online Pharmacy is Located Within the United States. Always check whether the online pharmacy is located in the US and licensed by your state board of pharmacy. The state licensing is essential as it guarantees the pharmacy obeys federal laws of safety and quality.

Choose a Pharmacy that Requires Authorization From Your Veterinarian for Medications. Under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, online pet pharmacies cannot sell veterinary prescription medications without a valid prescription from a licensed vet. Therefore, when an online pet pharmacy sells non-over-the-counter products without a prescription, the too-good-to-be-true offer could be a scam. Never purchase from such sites.

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Holistic Alternatives And Natural Supplement Options

Holistic and natural supplements are available over-the-counter as they are generally considered safe and rarely cause any side effects. Here is a short review of the most popular and health-boosting holistic alternatives and natural supplement options for pets.

Hip and Joint Supplements. Arthritis products for dogs are one of the most frequently bought supplements for pets. They can be used both for preventing and managing hip and joint issues. We advise trying the Honest Paws Mobility Powder. The supplement contains several joint-friendly ingredients such as Green Lipped Mussels, fish oil, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine HCL, Boswellia serrata, MSM, manganese gluconate, and vitamin C.

CBD Oil. Full-spectrum cannabidiol products are used by pet owners worldwide to manage an array of issues from supporting general health and preventing arthritis pain to combating allergies and providing relief for cancer patients. Today, there are pet CBD oils, CBD treats, and CBD edibles. We recommend the Honest Paws CBD products they are human-grade, organic, hemp-sourced, and conditions-specific.

  • Helps maintain proper gut flora
  • Immune system support

What Are The Most Common Cat Antibiotics

Orbax Antibiotic for Cats

If your cat needs an antibiotic, there are some of the most commonly prescribed.

  • Amoxil : This broad-spectrum antibiotic can treat many different types of bacterial infections from ear infections and urinary tract infections to respiratory issues.
  • Flagyl : Used to treat infections of the digestive system and anaerobic infections, metronidazole can also treat several intestinal parasites as well
  • Cleocin : Most often used to treat infections related to teeth and bones
  • Garamycin : Available as an injectable or topical medication for cats, it can treat infected wounds or ear infections
  • Keflex varies by form: Broad-spectrum antibiotic thats most often used to treat skin infections
  • Baytril : Baytril is used for a wide range of infections including those related to the respiratory system, blood infections, or infection secondary to abdominal surgery
  • Vibramycin : Used to treat respiratory infection in cats.
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    Overview Of Amoxicillin For Dogs And Cats

    • Amoxicillin, also known as Amoxi-Tabs®, Amoxi-Drops® or Robamox®, is an antibiotic related to penicillin used to treat and prevent bacterial infections in dogs and cats. Amoxicillin is commonly referred to as Amoxi. It is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics in dogs and cats. Amoxicillin is available as both an oral tablet and a liquid oral suspension.
    • As with similar penicillin drugs, amoxicillin kills bacteria by inhibiting production of the bacteria cell wall. Other related drugs include penicillin G, amoxicillin and ticarcillin.
    • Amoxicillin is not effective against infections caused by viruses or parasites .
    • Many bacteria develop resistance to amoxicillin.
    • Amoxicillin is a prescription drug and can only be obtained from a veterinarian or by prescription from a veterinarian.

    What Amoxicillin 500mg Contains

    Before purchase Amoxicillin, you must read how to store

    Amoxil Vials for Injection are available in 2 strengths.

    Amoxil Vials for Injection 500 mg contains amoxicillin 500 mg.

    Amoxil Vials for Injection 1 g each contain amoxicillin 1,000 mg.

    There are no other ingredients. However, for information about sodium in Amoxil, please see section 2 Important information about one of the ingredients of Amoxil.

    The doctor, nurse or pharmacist will make up the injection before use using an appropriate fluid .

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    What Are The Most Common Dog Antibiotics

    If your dog needs an antibiotic, its likely to be one of the pet antibiotics below, said Dr. Phillips.

  • Amoxil : This broad-spectrum antibiotic can treat many different types of bacterial infections in dogs from respiratory issues to gastrointestinal problems.
  • Clavamox : Commonly used to treat wounds, urinary tract infections, and some respiratory infections
  • Flagyl : Used to treat infections of the digestive system and anaerobic infections, metronidazole can also treat several intestinal parasites as well
  • Cleocin : Most often used to treat infections related to teeth and bones
  • Baytril : Baytril is used for a wide range of infections including those related to the respiratory system, blood infections, or infection secondary to abdominal surgery
  • Garamycin : This medication treats eye, ear, and lung infections in dogs. It is also commonly in topical preparations for skin infections.
  • Bactrim : Used to treat urinary tract infections, it can sometimes cause stomach problems for dogs. Giving antibiotics with food can help to reduce this side effect.
  • Vibramycin : Can be used in dogs to treat Ehrlichia, which is a tick-borne disease, lower airway disease, and heartworm disease
  • Keflex varies by form: Broad-spectrum antibiotic thats most often used to treat skin infections
  • Taking Other Medicines Amoxicillin 500mg


    Please tell your doctor, pharmacist or nurse if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines. This includes medicines that can be bought without a prescription and herbal medicines. This is because Amoxil can affect the way some other medicines work. Also some other medicines can affect the way Amoxil works.

    If you are taking allopurinol with Amoxil, it may be more likely that youll have an allergic skin reaction.

    If you are taking probenecid , your doctor may decide to adjust your dose of Amoxil.

    If medicines to help stop blood clots are taken with Amoxil then extra blood tests may be needed.

    Amoxil may stop the contraceptive pill working. You will need to use extra contraceptive precautions, such as using a condom. If you need any advice, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

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